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Happy senior elder father grandfather and young adult granddaughter grown daughter talking bonding drink tea sit on sofa, loving 2 two generations family embracing enjoy friendly conversation at home
Young inspired woman standing on her terrace, enjoying drinking tea, watching views of sunrise landscape and scenery. People at home. Peaceful morning.
farmer woman inspects the tea fields and selects best teas by examining tea leaves for the light. Selective focus on girl agronomist. Organic smart farming and digital farming in the tea industry
Portrait of satisfied woman drinking tea on kitchen. Attractive lady enjoying cup of coffee at home in slow motion. Smiling woman holding cup of tea in hands at morning
Attractive peaceful dreamy woman holding cup enjoy favourite tea drink morning invigorating coffee beverage while sit at desk in modern living room before start work. Break, pause, daydreaming concept
4K Young beautiful Asian woman farmer in blue dress walking in nature at tea plantation farm field in springtime. Female hand touching and stroking fresh green tea tree plant leaves in summer morning.
Happy young family couple relaxing talking laughing holding cups drinking coffee tea sitting on sofa together in living room, loving husband and wife bonding enjoying pleasant conversation at home
Woman Holding Steaming Cup of Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP. Unrecognizable Girl hands with a mug of hot drink indoors. Cinematic light. Lens Flare.
Relaxed young woman using a smartphone and drinking coffee from a mug while sitting on the sofa. Millennial girl spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Gorgeous young woman in the house holding and drinking a cup of tea near the window smiling looking outside feel happy
Attractive young woman with cup of tea or coffee using smartphone while sitting on couch. Beautiful girl relaxing while chatting on mobile phone.
4k Young Asian woman using hand touching and stroking tea plant leaf while walking on tea plantation farm. Pretty girl relax and enjoy walking in nature on agricultural field in fresh summer morning.
Happy family in Dubai . Artistic digital sun flare in the background
Multiethnic woman doing budget and counting money at home, girl checking dollars to pay utilities bill late at night. Young latin people reviewing invoice, planning family business and filing taxes
Happy small adorable preschool baby girl sitting on floor carpet, playing tea ceremony game with affectionate young father, imagining drinking from toy cups together in living room, feeling playful.
Closeup smiling couple drinking tea at home together. Happy woman bringing cups of tea for husband in living room. Portrait of joyful couple taking coffee break on sofa in slow motion.
Close up young african american woman stand on balcony looking out over city drinking a cup of tea or coffee touch sun. Relaxation,travel, interior, apartment. Slow motion
Closeup business woman looking laptop computer in home office. Smiling girl drinking tea near notebook indoor. Close up happy businesswoman smiling to laptop camera at remote workplace
A teenage girl is covered with a blanket, her fever, headache, flu.
Portrait young Asian lady barista waitress holding coffee cup feeling happy at urban cafe. Asia small business owner girl in apron relax toothy smile looking to camera stand at counter in coffee shop.
Relaxed middle aged mature old mother and young adult daughter talk drink tea on sofa. Happy 2 two generation women family chatting. Mom and grown child enjoy trust friendly honest conversation
Silhouette of Happy young hipster woman drinking coffee at sunrise. Girl taking a sip of coffee or tea from wooden eco cup on warm summer evening sunset in big city. Natural beauty pretty woman
Woman Drinking Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION. Girl with a steaming cup of hot drink turning pages of a paper book. Cinematic Autumn aesthetics.
Happy muslim family spending weekend time at the park in Dubai
Shot of young african american woman stand on balcony looking out over city drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Relaxation,travel, interior, apartment. Slow motion
Side portrait of pensive girl standing by window with cup of tea slow motion. Young woman drinking hot coffee looking outside at autumn landscape copy space. Loneliness depression solitude concept
Happy latin woman drinking coffee on the beach at sunset enjoying flavor in slow motion
Young woman using laptop computer at kitchen. Portrait of business woman watching news at laptop screen and drinking coffee at home workplace. Female professional working notebook at home
Woman with a cup of coffee or tea goes to the balcony to admire the sunset
Happy young adult daughter grown granddaughter visit old senior grandpa elder father relax talk sit on sofa in living room, 2 two generation family grandparent and grandchild bonding drink tea at home
Happy muslim family spending weekend time at the park in Dubai
Young pretty Caucasian woman flipping pages and reading a fashion magazine while sipping hot drink and resting on the cozy sofa at home. Pandemic, epidemic, protection, coronavirus, quarantine
muslim arab family drinking tea
Pretty young woman on balcony drinks cup of coffee or tea watching a beautiful urban view and enjoy relax breathing fresh freezing air of summer. slow motion
Happy latin teen girl looking at laptop laugh relax with cat on couch at home. Smiling young hispanic woman watching movie holding computer having fun with pet drinking tea sit on sofa in living room.
Close up of young woman pouring tea into cup on domestic kitchen. Attractive lady drinking tea at home. Cheerful woman preparing tea for breakfast at home in slow motion
Portrait of Asian woman drinking hot coffee smiling look at camera at cafe restaurant close up face. Happy with coffee.
High angle slowmo of father, mother and daughter sitting together on couch with their legs wrapped in blanket. They are watching movie on laptop and drinking hot tea in their cozy cabin on winter day
Multiracial friends sitting at table in cafe drink coffee or tea spending free time weekend together chatting laughing share eating pizza gathered in pizzeria public place, telling jokes anecdotes hav
Waitress girl justifies itself to customers clients for mixed up order, low-quality drink cold tea or coffee beverage, hysterical man talks with waiting staff complains about long poor service concept
Female hands click the phone in the morning in the kitchen. Girl sitting at the table drinking tea from a cup of di looks at the phone close-up of hands.
Happy woman with beverage admire view from window, super slow motion 240fps
A young Barista Girl Makes delicious coffee. Coffee shop worker with a modern hairstyle, Fashionable Barista, Modern gir
Happy mother and daughter eat dessert and drink tea together at cafe having fun. Playful kid girl licking ice cream smearing to mom nose laughing have positive emotion. Medium shot on RED camera
Girl drinking coffee / tea and enjoying the sunrise / sunset in garden.
Young Asia female barista serving take away hot coffee paper cup to consumer standing behind bar counter at cafe restaurant. Owner small business, food and drink, service mind concept.
beautiful young asian woman drinking coffee at home enjoying relaxed morning looking out window planning ahead thinking contemplative female in trendy apartment
Young woman is choosing tea in food store, her husband and son are helping her looking at products and talking. Buying food and drinks in supermarket concept.
Attractive young woman with smartphone and cup of coffee in hands outdoors. Descends the stairs in park, walking in downtown. Strolling while having Weekend. Wears casual clothes. Social Media.
Woman drinks tea a cup, and relax on terrace at home in autumn rainy day. Health care, authenticity, sense of balance and calmness. Work from home. 4K Video
Young Caucasian woman enjoying a drink with the straw. Drinking cola or soda pop with a straw. Close up portrait shot.
Muslim girl in a turban a llittle biting and fondly eating a cream cheese spread. Muslim girl child. Cheese bread eating concept.
Woman enjoying the train ride through Sri Lanka tea plantations
Happy young hispanic latin teen girl watching movie on laptop holding computer, laughing, drinking tea, playing cuddling with cat relaxing having fun sitting on sofa at home in cozy living room.
Young woman in eyeglasses reading book, covering cozy plaid, sitting in armchair at home
Happy beauty Asia youth lady hold cup of tea or coffee stand over isolate yellow empty space background looking at camera feel fresh and dreamy relax give sign presenting advertisement smile excited.
Sunny day good looking guys meeting some friends in park two charismatic ladies with a large smile they socializing and enjoying the time together
Happy diverse young friends chatting laughing at coffeehouse meeting, multicultural cheerful people group talking sit at cafe table drink coffee tea together, multi-ethnic friendship and fun concept
Peaceful millennial woman relaxing seated on comfortable cozy couch hold cup drink tea or morning coffee reading interesting book enjoy favourite literature. Free time, pastime and home hobby concept
Hispanic teen girl watching movie tv series, social media channel online on laptop relaxing on sofa with cat. Young latin teen girl woman using computer drinking tea enjoy weekend in cozy living room.
Woman drinks tea, and relax on terrace at home. Rain, fresh air. Social distancing, stay at home. 4K Video
Beautiful young Asia lady barista working with coffee machine in coffee shop. Two small business owner Korean girl in apron making coffee by coffee machine with friend at counter in urban cafe.
Attractive smiling happy cute woman drinks aromatic coffee in the morning on the balcony
Camping above the clouds, attractive young woman relaxing and enjoying beautiful afternoon outdoors
Happy young lady is drinking coffee and looking out of window sitting in cozy cafe alone smiling relaxing. Happiness, drinks and modern lifestyle concept.
A cute young woman is typing on her laptop computer during breakfast in a cozy room at home
Close up hands of couple holding cups with hot tea at winter days. Coffee in the hands of a girl and a guy at xmas date. Freezing weather and warm hugs. Love concept.
Asian woman wearing chinese traditional dress on a boat at Ban Rak Thai village, Mae hong son province.
Pretty girl looking at camera and smiling.
Satisfied Muslim young lady in traditional black hijab relaxing with hot mug of tea on couch. Beautiful Saudi female enjoy weekend at home having positive emotion. Shot on RED Raven 4k Cinema Camera
Slow motion of happy friends men and women celebrating event in cafe clinking coffee cups laughing having fun together. People and celebrations concept.
Aerial shooting from flying drone of a woman worker is collecting tea leaves on a large plantation in Thailand. Top view of young female traveler in sun hat is standing on a field with coffee brushes
Detailed macro shot of female face drinking hot tea indoors slow motion. Unrecognizable woman with make-up holding cup of coffee close up no face. Lips lipstick facial beauty cosmetics
Girl in light hotel apartment with full length windows. Side view woman in white bathrobe lying in bed and have breakfast on small table-tray, enjoying coffee at morning time
slow movement of young wife walk in cooking place at home. charming asian woman holding cellphone and cup of coffee leaning on wood table in kitchen. female enjoy morning tea and using mobile phone
Attractive girl looks out the window at cosy flat. Portrait woman sitting near the big window holding red mug. Lady wearing in white pajamas sits in chair looking on the street and thinking.
Young women are eating desserts and drinking coffee in cafe talking having fun enjoying leisure time and meeting with friends. People and happiness concept.
Close up of Asian woman sitting on bar counter and drink black coffee in the morning at coffee shop. Confidence female holding coffee cup and drinking scented hot coffee. Small business owner concept.
Asian mix race woman enjoying cup of coffee or tea drinking warm beverage at home. Young girl relaxing with morning drink in hands looking through window enjoying and dreaming
A man in the kitchen while having breakfast and sipping tea or milk in the cup sends a message or calls with the tablet and smiles. Concept of: social network, message, technology.
Woman drinks tea, and relax on terrace at home. Rain, fresh air. Social distancing, stay at home. 4K Video
Group of young asia camper friends sitting in chairs by tent in forest. Teenager girl traveler relax and talk on a summer day at campsite. Outdoor activity, adventure travel, or holiday vacation.
Side view of woman in pajamas drinking coffee in morning and looking out window, slow motion. Greenery on background. Girl relaxing and enjoying
Young Woman in a restaurant Sitting on a Couch with Green Screen Smartphone in Vertical Mode. Girl Using Smartphone, Browsing Internet, Watching Video Content, Blogs. POV.
Happy woman drinking coffee and admire view during sunset by window
Young woman sitting at hotel cabin terrace looking on cinematic nature landscape in sunrise light. Happy tourist enjoying beautiful morning view and dreaming at trip. Contemplating Monument valley 4K
Serene carefree young woman drinking warm tea, breathing fresh air at home. Relaxed calm lady holding cup relaxing sitting in chair indoors. Smiling girl enjoys good morning feels stress free concept.
Diverse colleagues talk during break in office kitchen. Indian ethnicity woman communicates with workmate hold coffee cups enjoy pleasant conversation, discuss project. Good relations at work concept
Sick pretty asian girl suffering with flu, drinking hot tea and warming up with blanket on sofa. Cute Chihuahua dog. Human and pet health care. Stay at home. Coronavirus.
Young Woman Enjoying her morning coffee or tea, Looking Out the Rainy Window. 4K DCi SLOW MOTION 120 FPS. Beautiful romantic unrecognizable girl drinking hot beverage at cozy home. Rainy Day Mood.
Hipster Girl Reading Book With Hot Drink In Comfortable Cozy Sweater. 4K.
A close up shot of a young attractive woman/ female taking a sip of coffee or tea from a coffee mug standing outside in the balcony
Close up hands of hiker tourist traveler man with compass looking for map route, traveling on mountain, Active lifestyle hiking enjoying vacation travel tourism adventure landscape nature. Travelling
Woman Holding Steaming Cup of Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP. Unrecognizable Girl hands with a mug of hot drink indoors. Cinematic light. Lens Flare.
Woman relaxing on balcony holding cup , drinking coffee or tea.
A hardworking and optimistic girl talks on the phone, smiles broadly, while typing on the laptop keyboard. Dressed in a bright orange blouse, hair caught in a bun, in the lotus position on the park
Happy muslim family spending weekend time at the park in Dubai
Happy muslim family spending weekend time at the park in Dubai
Asian children cute or kid girl smile with happy eating food with iced tea for breakfast or lunch and watch cartoon on smartphone because nomophobia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD
Couple of woman meeting in modern room. High angle view. Coffee break.
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