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Affectionate happy old adult woman grandmother and cute adorable small kid granddaughter make heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait
Happy cute affectionate adopted little kid girl hugging foster care parent mother with eyes closed, adorable small child daughter embrace mum cuddling enjoy tender sweet moment concept, close up view
Adorable infant baby girl daughter playing patty cake with african mom at home. Happy mixed race family mother and cute little boy son learning funny game having fun enjoying sweet moments together.
Loving african young mommy hugging soothing adorable sweet baby boy lying in bed. Smiling caring mixed race mother and cute little infant child girl cuddling in bedroom. Mum and child tender moments.
Loving tender african american young mum holding adorable cute baby girl daughter embracing kissing small kid. Happy affectionate mixed race mother cuddling with infant child boy son standing at home.
Pretty smiling child daughter embrace mom look at camera. Happy beautiful family young adult single mother foster parent and cute kid girl hug cuddle enjoy sweet tender love concept. Close up portrait
Happy carefree mother and cute small child daughter tickling laughing having fun lying on sofa and playing, smiling mum enjoying bonding cuddling hugging spending time with little funny kid at home
Happy cute african and caucasian small girls stepsisters or friends having fun playing together in kitchen. Two funny mixed race children dancing, jumping, singing in kitchenware microphones at home.
Beautiful happy mother and little cute daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love, cherish, family bonding, donation sign, adoption and custody concept
Active funny young adult parents mum dad playing with two children give small cute kids piggyback ride at home. Happy family of four enjoy weekend lifestyle game having fun in living room together
Happy family young dad lifting cute little kid daughter up fly as airplane having fun enjoying weekend sunny morning in bed, carefree adorable small child playing with parent father in modern bedroom
Close up above view loving mommy holds hand of her newborn while baby sleeping lying on bed during healthy day nap. Cherish, mothers love and care, protection of children, adoption, babyhood concept
Head shot close up affectionate loving young mixed race mommy enjoying tender moment with sweet african ethnic cute little infant kid son. Happy biracial mother spending time with laughing small baby.
Caring young parent mom supporting tired upset teen school child daughter having difficulty with education learning at home. Mum comforting sad teenage girl encouraging helping with studies concept.
Cute adorable funny little kid daughter tickling caressing young mum kissing on cheek playing on sofa at home, happy family mother and small child girl wear crown enjoying bonding having fun on couch
Happy family young mom having fun tickling small funny kids son daughter laughing together on couch, mother playing with little cute children at home relaxing cuddling sit on sofa in kitchen room
Cute small  kid girl in headphones using funny editing application on digital computer tablet, enjoying cool video or photo content in social network, playing online games, communicating distantly.
Happy mixed ethnicity family laughing, cuddling at home. Positive afro american mother, caucasian father and diverse kids daughters hugging on sofa together. Interracial parents and children portrait
Mommy I can fly. Happy Indian mother older sister lying on back on cozy sofa having fun with little kid lifting excited child boy in air on outstretched legs. Active mom play airplane with small son
Two funny adorable mixed race children girls holding glasses drinking tasty clean pure mineral water showing thumbs up looking at camera, recommend daily children healthcare morning hydration concept.
Affectionate family cute adorable funny little kid daughter embrace kiss young mom lying relaxing on bed, happy loving mother and small child girl enjoy bonding hugging having fun playing in bedroom
Happy family of four portrait, young adult foster parents mother and father bonding with funny cute school children kids son daughter laughing look at camera posing together on couch in modern home
Funny happy cute boy preschooler playing plane game laughing having fun with young adult mother, happy mum lifting little child up fly enjoying family leisure airplane game relaxing on couch at home
Happy funny beautiful family of four bonding laughing relaxing on comfortable bed looking at camera, cheerful young parents with cute little kids daughters lay in bedroom in morning, closeup portrait
Cheerful family mother and adolescent child having fun at home. Happy young adult mum tickling funny cute teen daughter enjoying playing lifestyle game, embracing and laughing lying on bed together.
Carefree loving family adult dad hold cute little kid son pretend superhero plane having fun lying on floor, happy father lifting small child boy up flying enjoy lifestyle playing funny game together
Portrait of happy lovely family with little kids sit on couch smile look at camera. Young parents rest on sofa hug preschool children spend weekend at modern home. Upbringing, happy parenthood concept
Happy elderly mom and daughter make a heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait.
Happy beautiful mother and little 10s adorable daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love and cherish of mom and kid, donation, sincere feelings concept
Loving affectionate african american family mom and cute little child daughter embracing bonding together, happy mother, parent hugging small kid girl cuddling enjoying tender moment connection
Little cute focused multiracial kids girl wearing aprons, learning making dough for pastry with affectionate loving mixed race parents, interracial family involved in hobby together in modern kitchen.
Happy relaxed older adult granny embracing preschool child granddaughter cuddling bonding rest on couch at home. Affectionate 2 two age generations family grandparent and grandkid enjoy time together
happy family construction house concept. man holding home a paper house in his hands at sunset silhouette sunlight. lifestyle life symbol ecology video
Worried loving african mother holding hand comforting upset little bullied kid daughter crying talking give support or apologizing, mom foster parent helping small child with problem sit on bed
Happy bonding family of four sitting on couch, smiling father holding mobile phone, taking selfie. Excited couple posing for photo with children siblings or holding online call with grandparents.
Happy small adorable preschool baby girl sitting on floor carpet, playing tea ceremony game with affectionate young father, imagining drinking from toy cups together in living room, feeling playful.
Concentrated playful little preschool kid child daughter wearing medical hat using stethoscope. Pretending to be a doctor nurse, listening smiling mommy breathing deeply, lying in bed at home.
Caring single parent young mother babysitter hug happy cute little preschool child girl kid daughter hold learn read book fairy tale story bonding enjoying family lifestyle hobby at home sit on couch
Cute excited child girl play plane game fly in fathers arms spend leisure time with parent at home, happy dad lifting little kid daughter up bonding together lounge on sofa enjoy lifestyle activity
Adult mother volunteer holding hands of kid girl close up view. Foster care parent protect small child daughter give hope love care support concept. Children patient health donation charity adoption
Sad preschool kid son sulking thinking of family conflicts sit turn back to unhappy dad, punished scolded little upset guilty child boy stubborn behavior in bad relationship with father concept
Happy full family having fun preparing pastry together at home. Smiling african dad whisking mixture in bowl while joyful little children adding flour, cooking homemade baking together at kitchen.
Head shot caring young african american mother lifting small kid daughter, comforting crying infant baby at home. Loving affectionate mixed race mum cuddling soothing little toddler child son.
Happy african american family mom with teen daughter hugging laughing looking at camera, cheerful black mother embracing child teenage girl cuddling having fun feeling love and bonding, portrait
Happy interracial couple teaching little mixed race daughters preparing fresh healthy food in modern kitchen. Smiling multiracial family involved in cooking with adorable small diverse children.
CIRCA 1954 - Anthony Eden, Georges Bidault, Vyacheslav Molotov, and John Foster Dulles meet to discuss the reunification of Germany.
CIRCA 1951 - John Foster Dulles and acting Secretary of State James Webb facilitate the signing of a peace treaty with Japan.
paper house in hand silhouette at sunset. insurance mortgage home market concept. handmade paper house in the sun lifestyle at sunset silhouette. dream of home accumulation symbol
Loving happy young woman and cute little girl boy makes heart shape gesturing. Family love concept, smiling looking at camera.
Worried young mum comforting solacing upset crying teenage daughter at home. Caring parent adult mother consoling depressed adolescent child, talking to teen girl giving love, advice, support concept.
Loving young adult dad and cute preschool child son talking playing dinosaurs toys sit on warm floor, happy single parent father helping little kid explain paleontology having fun at home together
Two little girls run down street to female teacher in black, three people happily hugging. Children meet foster mother in yard, family concept. Business woman meets daughters after school lessons
Happy Foster Family. Adorable Small Child Son Embrace Adoptive Daddy Cuddling Enjoy Tender Sweet Moment. Affectionate Little Kid Boy Hugging Father With Eyes Closed. Child Boy Hugging Foster Father.
Smiling little cute diverse primary school girls studying with african american female teacher at home. Pretty young biracial foster mother helping two small mixed race daughters with homework.
Little adorable girl sits on mommy laps laughing enjoy playtime at home. Indian woman play with cute preschool 6s daughter, spend weekend together feeling love and connection. Happy motherhood concept
Close up portrait loving mother cuddles little daughter, family sit on sofa touch noses feel unconditional love show devotion, express caress. Caring mom, adopted kid, Mothers Day celebration concept
Happy mother giving dance lesson to smiling cute adolescent daughter at home. Overjoyed teen girl dancing to favorite energetic music, having fun with joyful mom indoors, family activities concept.
Caring young mother children psychologist hold hand talk comforting sad kid girl child daughter help with problem give psychological support in trust honest conversation at therapy session concept
Aerial flyover View Of buildings in Silicon Valley, San Francisco
Portrait sad cute african child orphan offended afro american ethnic small girl black mixed race toddler 7 years kid looking at camera upset facial expression suffering from loneliness discrimination
Tender loving african young mother kissing bonding with cute small baby girl daughter lying on bed. Happy caring mixed race mum and funny adorable infant child son playing having fun in bedroom.
Loving single mother embracing kid daughter looking away. Young smiling foster care parent mum hugging adopted child girl sitting on sofa dreaming of good future enjoying sweet moment of love concept.
Playful family young mother and cute adorable child daughter playing peek a boo game, happy mom cover face with hands peeking having fun laughing with little kid girl relaxing on sofa at home
Caucasian young mother with baby little girl talking hugs spends time together at home, loving mom woman babysitter cuddling kid toddler infant newborn child tickles, motherhood love and childhood
Happy cute little mixed race children chopping fresh vegetables for vegetarian salad at wooden countertop. Smiling caucasian girl preparing food with adorable biracial foster sister in modern kitchen.
Children freedom. Peace day. Kid rights. Adoption hope. Little girl child silhouette with bird shadow hand gesture on flying seagulls projector free space sand beach background.
Smiling young adult asian mum piggybacking little cute child daughter hugging mother from her back playing laughing in bed, small adorable vietnamese kid girl embracing mommy having fun in morning
little child with mother and father throw coins of money at pig, happy family saving savings in piggy bank, childhood dream concept, little baby's home money, financial wealth savings, investing cash
Confident leader young african american man 20s wear orange t-shirt point index finger camera on you motivating encourage show thumb up like gesture isolated on plain yellow background studio portrait
Close up happy african mom and daughter cuddling seated on sofa. Loving parent hug 6s daughter express love, showing caress. Little girl feels grateful embrace new mum. Adoption, Mothers day concept
Caring happy young adult dad embracing small preschool child son having trust conversation cuddling sit on sofa, loving father enjoy talking with little kid boy enjoy honest communication concept
Love of mother. Close up of affectionate caring mom hand hold caress small palm of little sleeping infant baby kid. Tender loving mum protect help support comfort beloved child from first days of life
Happy affectionate family single mum and cute little child daughter embracing bonding laughing together, young mother foster parent hugging small kid girl cuddling enjoy tender moment of love at home
Young african mother lifting cute baby boy or girl having fun at home. Happy family single mixed race mum and funny little infant child playing, hugging and cuddling together enjoying sweet moments.
Caring single parent adult dad teach focused concentrated preschool child son reading book learning education fairy tale story bonding spend free time enjoy family lifestyle hobby at home sit on sofa
Funny faces of young mother and cute preteen girl daughter cuddling looking at front web camera of smartphone shooting video blog. Two sisters elder and younger hug pose for hilarious selfie together
Smiling faces loving mature mother young daughter posing for selfie video portrait making heart of fingers. Happy female grownup child join hands in love symbol with aged mom look at camera. Close up
Little Black girl teach young adult mommy older sister nanny to dance disco feel music rhythm at cozy living room. Smiling millennial mom try to repeat dance moves after tween daughter on warm floor
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers come home when the Korean War ends. Secretary Dulles meets with other western leaders, including Winston Churchill.
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles meet Premier Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev
Happy family cute preschool daughter and dad having fun tickling laughing lying on sofa together. Carefree young adult father playing with small child girl at home enjoy funny game in living room.
Little boy washing dirty dishes. Child cleans crockery while doing cleaning at home. Dad's little helper. Housework for kids.
Sincere young mother embracing cuddling little preschool daughter. Happy 30s mom feelings thankful to small kid girl for birthday 8 march international woman s day congratulations, holding flowers.
Loving happy african american family young adult mum and cute preschooler mixed race child kid daughter laughing cuddle having fun sit on sofa look at camera enjoy sweet moment play at home together
Young mother sitting at the desperate computer sitting on the sofa feels uncomfortable at home with her naughty little son bouncing on the sofa. Slow motion video.
Aerial flyover View Of buildings in Silicon Valley, San Francisco
Happy loving family or four laughing hugging cuddling relaxing on sofa, affectionate adult parents and cute little kids children daughters having fun embracing bonding enjoying tender moments at home
Smiling multi-ethnic children eating ice-cream and having fun together on family summer vacations
Cheerful young full family with small preschool daughter holding cushions having fun together in light cozy modern living room playing fight with pillows, laughing enjoy active weekend at home concept
Side view of caucasian woman and mixed race daughter looking at each other isolated over blue background. Close up of adoptive mother and preschool girl cuddling
Unhappy young girl sitting at desk, suffering from pressure while doing homework with mother at home. Angry mom scolding stressed daughter for bad school results, parent and children conflict concept.
Happy full family kneading dough, having fun together at home. Smiling married couple playing with joyful little kids siblings while making homemade bakery, enjoying spending free time in kitchen.
Young loving Indian mom talking to little 6s daughter seated together on sofa at home. Preschool kid and mother having warm, trustworthy conversation, good relation. Understanding, family bond concept
Energetic laughing Latin foster mom European adopted kid daughter enjoy funny pillow fight on big cozy bed mess have fun together. Joyful mother child girl play hilarious combat on soft firm mattress
Caring young affectionate loving african american father playing toys with little cute biracial child daughter, sitting together on floor in modern living room, talking chatting communicating at home.
Latina mother caucasian daughter diverse family play funny active game on sofa in living room, loving parent tickling adopted kid girl express caress, bonding and love. Fun and leisure at home concept
Cupertino, San Francisco, California, US. Circa 2019. Apple Park is the corporate headquarter of Apple Inc. It was designed by Norman Foster and it is nicknamed the Spaceship. Shot on Red weapon 8K.
Head shot happy small mixed race friends playing online mobile games or using funny apps on smartphone together indoors. Addicted to tech diverse little children foster sisters having fun at home.
Glad and positive woman mom sitting on comfort couch inside bright light living room with her glad and excited son. They looking at tablet together, making wide beaming smile and clapping in palm
London / England - September 3 2020: The British Museum reopened after being closed because of the pandemic, coronavirus, COVID-19. People walking and being welcomed back.
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