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Stressed young man in glasses suffering from muscles tension, having painful head feelings due to computer overwork or sedentary working lifestyle. Tired employee overwhelmed with tasks in office.
Pages Of Calendar Flipping Through Slowly
Teen boy looking out car window. Summer trip with family. Boy is dream. Happy boy traveling with family. Dream kid. Happy family traveling by car. Smile of kid in car window
Young curly-haired African American girl sitting on steps outdoors nervously looking in her bag for keys, wallet or smartphone. Mixed Race black woman worried anxious scared because she lost things
Sad middle aged woman sit alone feel depressed lonely. Upset mature single lady thinking of health problem divorce solitude. 50 year old female suffer from melancholy loneliness mental disorder
Stressed nervous inexperienced businesswoman designer speaker preparing speech feeling afraid scared worried before performance reading papers preparing business speech, public speaking fear concept
Woman confused thinking seeks a solution, paper card with question mark on her head. Doubtful young female studio shot blue background. 4K ProRes HQ codec
Faucet in bathroom with running water tap, it pours water. Hand keeps turning off water before start brushing teeth. Save and protect environment. Ecology concept.
Fun confused shy shamed young asian woman girl 20s in pink clothes look camera bit lips spreading hands say oops i am sorry isolated on pastel purple violet background studio. People lifestyle concept
African woman working on laptop feels stressed about system virus, important data loss, outraged with website mistake, close up. Slow and stuck computer, malware, broken device, need repair concept
Facepalm, sorrow emotions. Upset worried brunette woman slapping hand on face and expressing regret, blaming herself for troubles, feeling helpless. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Emotional stressed unhappy young businessman in eyeglasses looking at laptop screen, feeling anxious of getting email notification with bad news, dismissal notice or dissatisfied with bad device work.
A smiling happy office corporate woman female girl using sticky notes for brainstorming session with male man colleague employee worker. A businesswoman leader planning with business partner.
Worried upset senior old adult male doctor feels depressed regrets medical malpractice sitting alone in office. Desperate sad elder surgeon thinking of grief, suffering from burnout or guilt concept.
Thoughtful confused senior grandpa feel worried alone at home think of memory loss forgotten information, elderly old man look away anxious about dementia alzheimer disease mental problem concept
Stressed frustrated businessman wearing glasses suffering from headache at work. Exhausted tensed worker coping with migraine, emotional stress concept feeling pain sitting at office desk with laptop.
Strawberries rotting, getting spoiled, mold growing timelapse
Upset tired old mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure sit on bed
A happy mother hugs her twin daughters sitting on a bed in a hotel, with a large suitcase next to the bed. A family with twin children stay at the hotel in the summer.
Burning Toast Pops Up In Toaster
Sad unhappy mature male retiree sit on couch alone look at window with spring view feel abandoned depressed suffer of weakness ageing retirement problems. Upset elderly man grieving about passed youth
Fuzzy-Headed word cloud on a white background.
Remembering 911, Patriot day, remember september 11. We will never forget, the terrorist attacks of 2001
Thoughtful man looking around. Forgetful male scratching head, trying to remember something.
A man is assembling a brain model from puzzles. Treatment of memory and Alzheimer's disease.
Unhappy young man in glasses reading email with bad news, feeling stressed of getting bank loan rejection or dismissal notice, dissatisfied with mistake or having financial problems, working at office
young beautiful woman on street in town in summer looking for your keys, lipstick or something in handbag outdoors.
Middle age handsome grey-haired man thinking about question, doubtful expression
Mental Fog word cloud on a white background.
Patriot Day with Twin Towers and phrase We will never forget. USA Patriot Day banner. September 11, 2001.Twin Towers of the World Trade Center Patriot Day design. September 11 attacks, 9.11 Animation
Facepalm, sorrow emotions. Upset worried blonde woman slapping hand on face and expressing regret, blaming herself for troubles, feeling helpless. Studio shot isolated on blue background
3D rendering of Australian and New Zealand flags waving with poppy wreath commemorating ANZAC day, lest we forget, looping, with alpha
Old man's memory loss. An old woman trying to remember something and write in a notebook
Fun confused shamed elderly gray-haired bearded man 50s wears yellow shirt look camera spreading hands say oops ouch oh omg i am so sorry isolated on plain pastel light blue background studio portrait
Close-up of woman's hand touching beautiful blue forget-me-not flowers. Feeling the wonderfull world through the skin. Tactile sensations
Fun animation of a man having problem with his computer
Forget-me-not flower macro with bright green leaves in the rays of the sun. Blue flowers on a green background. Blooming flowers nature background. Closeup of Myosotis sylvatica, little blue flowers
Forget-me-not flower macro with bright green leaves in the rays of the sun. Blue flowers on a green background. Blooming flowers nature background. Closeup of Myosotis sylvatica, little blue flowers
A freelancer working on a computer plastered with notes, reminders, stickers. On the monitor green screen, chroma key.
Man picked leather wallet leave the house.
Hand male hold grab leather bag money on wood table background.   Slow motion.
Forget-me-not flower macro with bright green leaves in the rays of the sun. Blue flowers on a green background. Blooming flowers nature background. Closeup of Myosotis sylvatica, little blue flowers
Sticking Markers To Calendar For Don't Forget Important Dates And Plans
A man goes to sleep after a hard day.
9.11 Patriot Day Illustration Concept with lettering, "We Will Never Forget". Suitable to commemorate the tragedy, memory of the people with white smooth animation banner and american flag
Forgetful holding hand to hair, touches head forgot something important regrets about mistake feels stressed, bad memory absent-mindedness, facepalm disappointed, slapping forehead, oversight
Attractive blonde girl lies on the flowers of forget-me-not. Female hand touching forget me not flowers spring events, wonderful world nature beauty meadow.
Alzheimer Memory loss video and brain aging due to dementia and alzheimer's disease as a medical icon of a group of  autumn fall trees shaped as a human head losing leaves on a white background.
A man tries to eat a hotdog but forgets that he has a face mask on due to COVID. Silly eat fail. Group of diverse friends, in the park. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k.
A senior elderly woman on a couch suffers dementia or Alzheimer's and can't remember something. Shot in 4K UHD.
Female notices smoke from oven, running to the kitchen. Cooking fails, burnt oven. Shot on RED Helium 8K
Light blue forget me knot flowers
Tired stressed worried middle aged mature 50s business woman suffering from chronic headache, burnout stress, feeling migraine pain touching head. Mid age fatigue and menopause headache concept.
Exhausted tired adult woman with blond hair doing facepalm gesture, shocked and depressed with stupid situation, ashamed with mistake, loser. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
A pretty forgetful blonde in a yellow sweater is trying to find something in her pockets, but can not do it in an isolated studio on a purple background
Unhappy young business lady looking at computer screen, feeling confused by failure. Frustrated millennial woman reading email with unpleasant news, stressed by mistake or having problem with device.
Sad upset ashamed tired young brunet man 20s wears white t-shirt put hand on face facepalm epic fail mistaken omg gesture isolated on pastel light blue background. People emotions lifestyle concept
Desperate man digging through jacket pockets, lost passport, money, wallet, docu
Slow Motion Man approaches a his car, pulls the door handle, realizes that he forgot the keys and leaves annoyed
Confused clueless puzzled man thinking deeply about something scratching head looking at you. I forget where I put my keys. Studio shot.
Portrait of beautiful tired woman massaging her temples to relieve headache in domestic room. Charming female freelancer having a migraine , massaging her temples to forget about constant headaches.
Beautiful small blue forget-me-nots on background of green leaves under natural light. Rain water drops are falling over flowers forget me not, slow motion, macro, close up. It's raining. Flowers sway
A young man immitating forgetfulness against a black background. Close-up Shot
Frustrated dark skinned woman with curly hair does facepalm gesture says oh no I forgot regrets doing something wrong disappointed by her failure uses headphones poses against purple studio wall
Miserable depressed dramatic bearded guy in jeans shirt crying and wiping away tears, experiencing loss defeat, feeling lonely and desperate in his grief. studio shot isolated on blue background
Pink forget me not flower close up stock footage
the lit passport of the Russian Federation. passport on fire. documents to burn
disappointed young businessman in elegant suit hearing bad news, touching forehead and worrying, nodding in a negative manner on pink background in studio
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Amnesia and memory loss. the old woman does not recognize the place of residence
Strawberries rotting, getting spoiled, mold growing timelapse
Close up on beautiful purple forget me not flowers moving slowly in the wind.
Male notices smoke from oven while wathcing TV with his dog, running to the kitchen. Cooking fails, burnt oven. Shot on RED Helium 8K
Woodland forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvatica) flower closeup.
Confused puzzled worried young african american man 20s years old in casual yellow t-shirt posing isolated on pastel pink background in studio. People lifestyle concept. Looking aside spreading hands
Girl contemplating near question sign on blackboard, solution of complex task
Red poppies in the field Memorial day banner with silhouettes of soldiers and poppy flower
Confused surprised woman waking up in unfamiliar place on bed near sleeping stranger, drinking too much, morning after party, feeling worried about one night stand sex, sexually transmitted diseases
Brain Power (Loop)
Confused shy shamed young woman of Asian ethnicity 20s wear yellow t-shirt look camera spreading hands say oops ouch oh omg i am so sorry isolated on plain pastel light pink background studio portrait
A man makes a date stamp in the calendar. Planning a vacation. Birthday. Close up. Marketing the date on the calendar, closeup.
Myosotis close up. In the northern hemisphere they are colloquially denominated forget-me-nots or Scorpion grasses.
Aurora, Ontario, Canada November 10 2019 Remembrance day service with Canadian soldiers at cenotaph near Toronto
Nervous and awkward business man about to be interviewed on camera in a studio forgets his lines.
Angry millennial male in glasses hold prepaid card look on pc screen feel mad annoyed get payment rejection after entering wrong password. Worried young man overspend money on electronic bank account
Animated illustration of world trade center building make September 11 icon. Suitable for patriot day memorial event.
Children's beds in kindergarten of a ruined house in the abandoned city of Pripyat after the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Conceptual video about child missing or kidnapping
Iron smokes and burns on shirt on Ironing board
Close-up young unhealthy sad guy massaging temples suffering from headache unhappy depressed arab man have strong painful feeling migraine stressful condition difficult period of life chronic fatigue
Face palm, disappointed slapping head due to mistake, oversight or epic fail, headache in studio, forgetful model remembers do importent task, keeps hand on forehead, remembering important forgets
Young indian man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job.
Three Dimensional Clapperboard that Claps out the takes. A great animation to use as part of a fun movie to cut between all those shots where the actor fluff's their lines or fall over the scenery.
A Forgetful Man Acting Surprised
Unskillful slovenly housewife soiled during cooking dessert in the kitchen
Amnesia and memory loss - asian older man wearing reading glasses is through all the drawers and he forgot something
Lovely happy brunette young woman looking at camera with regret sadness, crying hard and hiding face with tears in hands, desperate emotions, depression. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Close up woman hold pencil writing new appointments important information in organizer. Female making notes in personal paper planner. Create wishes, planning future to-do list, so not forget concept
Confused nervous millennial mixed race indian woman looking at computer screen, feeling stressed of reading notification with bad news, getting bank loan rejection or dismissal notice by email.
Myosotis close up. In the northern hemisphere they are colloquially denominated forget-me-nots or Scorpion grasses.
My fault. Depressed frustrated girl in casual outfit slapping hand on forehead gesturing facepalm, blaming herself for mistake, feeling sorrow regret shame. studio shot isolated on yellow background
Dissatisfied curly haired woman keeps hand on forehead regrets doing something wrong shakes head looks confused dressed in casual orange sweater isolated over blue background. Negative emotions
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