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The playground is closed, close-up, swing moves
Pan across classified text documents and top secret censored information files. Leaked papers of covert activity and operations of military, army or government agencies. Close up of sensitive info.
Children's playground is closed. Focus on yellow caution tape due coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. No children on the Playground is allowed. Ban on children 's playgrounds. The fight with virus.
Serious girl stretch out her palm to camera says stop abortion, close up. Community participant anti domestic violence, racism racial discrimination. Struggle for women rights, social problems concept
Beijing, China, time lapse view of the ancient Forbidden City palace complex during summer. The Forbidden City is one of the most visited tourist attractions in China.
Time-lapse shot of the Taihe Gate in the Forbidden City in Beijing
a high fence with barbed wire and spotlights. border fence.
HAZELDONK, NETHERLANDS – 6 MAY 2020: Europe infrastructure and transportation issues due to coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, huge traffic jam of cargo trucks at Dutch Belgian border crossing
A wide angle of a prison and watchtower, last sun rays penetrating through the fence minutes before sundown and patrol vehicle is passing.
Close up of a police officer's hands writing a traffic ticket
fence prison strict regime silhouette barbed wire. illegal immigration fence from refugees. illegal immigration concept prison prison fence lifestyle
Barbed wire on the background of the gray sky. Illegal immigration concept, prison lifestyle, imprisonment, restricted area.
Beijing, China - Mar 16, 2018: 4k video of Forbidden City in Beijing
Group of multiethnic business people in meeting wearing face mask in conference room during covid19 pandemic. Business workers discussing strategy while wearing masks keeping social distancing.
Attention sign with digital glitch effect.  Warning caution board
Chisinau, Moldova - March 27, 2020: Empty blaocked children playground in residential area during quarantine by reason of coronavirus AKA covid-19 virus threat. State of emergency declared in Moldova
Marijuana cannabis hemp plants in a large indoor growing facility. Shot in 4k slowmotion
Zoom Animation Close Up Of The Viewfinder On A Microscope to the Bacteria

slider view crime scene where detective hands with blue gloves put the gun as evidence of the crime in the plastic bag of scientific evidence to be delivered to csi
Police red and white tape do not cross blocking city street at night - police patrol car with sirens flashing lights in background - demonstration, protest or crime scene - blurred background or bokeh
the Forbidden City of Beijing
A movement shot of empty lane closed shops and art work graffiti about coronavirus awareness is drawn on the wall in slums during lockdown amid coronavirus COVID19 epidemic pandemic in India
Outdoor restaurant tables with barricade tape in Hamburg Germany during the coronavirus lockdown.
Beautiful curly hair woman standing over red background with open hand doing stop sign with serious and confident expression, defense gesture. No more violence against women. Abuse. 4K.
closeup of white powder poured into the lab into a test tube
Suspicious white van drive fast on road at night doing illegal trafficking, transportation- Illegal activities, stolen and hidden merchandise
Sad lonely child near the closed playground because of the quarantine.A girl with long blonde braided hair staying alone near empty fenced showground without children.COVID-19 lockdown social distance
CIRCA 1930s - Scenic views of the Great Wall of China and other architecture in Beijing.
Chernobyl nuclear power plant, aerial view. Landscape top view of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Sarcophagus covers a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl destroyed by a nuclear explosion.
Serious afro american family parents with little daughter child kid girl standing looking at camera putting palms in front of them making refusal prohibition disagreement stop gesture, keep distance
3D Halloween skulls rotate 360 degrees in this seamlessly looping video background. The skulls are isolated on a transparent background.
Alcohol deprives us of willpower, it gives a false sense of relaxation and freedom. A man is struggling with alcohol addiction. He's sitting in front of a bottle of whiskey and holding a glass of whiskey.
Epic green Chinese Imperial guardian lions. Forbidden city Beijing capital of China. Emperor palace. Old Asian culture. Beautiful summer day, Blue sky. Cinematic 4K.
High barbed wire fence around prison or secret military base, detention facility
Side wiev of person by hand turns old key in the keyhole of antique wooden cabinet
boundary fence on sunset animation looped
1-3 aerial twist panaramic birds eye view above Davie and Bute rainbow sidewalks in downtown Vancouver's Gay Village Coimmunity on a sunny afternoon with COVID-19 barriers on streets for safe walking
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, toned video. Territory contaminated by radiation near the Chernobyl NPP. Environmental pollution by radiation. Radioactive contaminated environment. Exclusion Zone 1986.
Hand scissors to destroy cigarettes, Stop smoking concept: "WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY" on MAY 31,
electricity safety sign on the pole next to the transformer. yellow sign lightning danger high voltage concept electricity. triangle high electricity. safe working with electricity energy
The corner tower of the Forbidden City or Imperial City
Security camera behind iron fence with restricted area and keep out placard against sunset sky. CCTV cameras looking at fence with barbed wire and monitoring private area and forbidden zone.
Close up of Beautiful female Model standing in the Foreground, making sign of Quiet. Silence sign making with Fingers. Rises her finger to her Lips. Glamorous woman with nice Appearance.
Building without windows behind a barbed wire fence
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - A low aerial along the U.S Mexican border wall fence.
Slow Motion Tracking Wide Shot of Empty Soccer Football Field through Chainlink Fence on Hot Sunny Day
Zoom out: Forbidden City at Sunrise,China Beijing. The Forbidden City has over 14 million annual visitors.
Barbed Wire Border Fence Silhouette Red Sky at Dusk Timelapse Barbed Wire Time Lapse
Jiangxi Nanchang River on both sides of the Pavilion of Prince Teng
USA - Mexico boundary - May 22, 2016: U.S.A. - Mexico Border, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez Border
Accident avoided car stopping nearly before hitting a motorcycle with two riders
No icon with alpha.  Can use this clip for background or overlays on your image, video project.
Male forefinger waving in rubber glove
Snake twists around an apple
Real surveillance cameras captured and recorded the two robbers enter the house.
A man takes an Apple lying on a woman's hand. Exchange, kindness, care and love. The girl holds the Apple and gives it to the man.
Portrait of an African woman showing Stop hand gesture. Isolated on white background.
A serious young asian man wearing casual clothes saying NO while crossing his hands standing isolated over dark blue wall background in studio
stop sign animation motion graphic video with Alpha Channel, transparent background
Dissatisfied brunette man with bristle in shirt showing stop sign with outstretched hand and saying no, don't show me this, deny reject concept. indoor studio shot, green background, chroma key
Timelapse. Beijing Landmark, The Forbidden City(Palace Museum) Jiaolou at Sunrise,China.
Realistic looping 3D animation of the scratched grimy chain rendered in UHD
Filling syringe with heroin from a spoon
Close up fat man takes a cigarette and smoking on a day. Slow motion shot
Man writing no smoking sign on backbround
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - The American flag flies over the U.S. Mexico border wall in the California desert.
Slow-motion video. A group of children, friends of boys and girls, play on the playground in the park. Children have fun in the park, hanging on their hands like monkeys
The robber carried the money bag and run away.
Largest square Tiananmen Square famous public space. Centre of Beijing China. People enter to Forbidden City. Sunny Summer day. Aerial view from above. Road traffic. Assent
a drug dealer offers the drug in a dark place. drug trafficking concept. face is not visible. close-up.
Beijing,China - March 21,2015:Tourists visit the Forbidden City in Beijing,The Forbidden City is one of the most visited tourist attractions in China.
Stoplight. Traffic lights work in a big city at a crossroads. Slow motion.
Close up of man driver in mask talking to guard in booth. Security employee wearing safety mask writing down information about male in car before opening gates for entrance
X Mystery Frontier Transition Background/
4k animation of a dynamic shining transition background, with X shape ease in and light rays shimmering
Stripper in panties walks around pole on stage of night club. Slow motion
man breaks a cigarette to quit Smoking
The man pushes the glass of whiskey away from him with a confident movement of his hand. With this gesture, he indicates that he will no longer drink alcohol.
Forbidden zone behind a lattice fence with barbed wire. CCTV security cameras monitoring the restricted area. Should keep out of the military secret zone which is closed for outsiders, 3d animation.
Cannabis, marijuana and hemp products on court table with judges gavel. Illegal crime concept.
KOLKATA /INDIA - OCT 2020 : A man spraying disinfectant in the road in Kolkata for protecting from Corona virus
a drug dealer offers the drug in a dark place. drug trafficking concept. face is not visible. close-up.
A displeased young asian man wearing casual clothes covers nose with hand and showing stop gesture isolated over dark blue wall background in studio
Zoom out of men in hoodies hacking government systems from secret post with brutal man standing at entrance in night
Rolled used after drug using US 100 dollar banknote is falling on black glass table. Drug abuse. Cocaine or heroin powder and cash money on black background. Addiction and substance abuse concept
White drug powder is arranged with credit card. Addict male hand is chopping with bank card crack cocaine on black table. Addiction and substance abuse concept. Man fixes white drug with card
Cooking heroin in a spoon. Drug abuse and opiate addicts.
Male hand gesturing no sign isolated on white
DUTCH BELGIAN BORDER – 6 MAY 2020: Belgian police officer wearing gloves checks documents and identity card of driver passing border with the Netherlands, temporary travel restrictions Europe
Chain link fence and blue sky behind them. Slowly moving along iron fence boundary of the jail restricted area or wall of the military camp. Loopable 3d animation concept of freedom restriction.
CIRCA 2019 - highlights of U.S. president Donald Trump touring the border wall with border patrol agents.
Cannabis bloom, marijuana field  Organic grow of cannabis for medical use. slow motion
Beijing,China - September 24,2020:Tourists are visiting the Forbidden City.The Forbidden City is the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China,It is a world cultural heritage.
Empty children's playground in a public park in Szentendre, Hungary. European deserted street.
Gimbal, steadicam smooth 4K shot.
Emotional video-portrait nodding not approvingly beautiful young girl. Blue-eyed brown-haired lady angrily disagrees and looks into the frame
Aerial view at night sculpture in the southern courtyard of the Forbidden City palace complex in central Beijing, China. View of the light show at night.
Portrait of Caucasian millennial business man sitting in modern office contemplating insidious plan, looking with cunning at camera. One 30s guy professional successful boss bad human going to do evil
Male addict injects a syringe into a vein. Takes a blood sample. Heroin or meth. Social degradation, self-destruction of narcomaniac junkie. Real blood clip footage.
Forbidden city Beijing capital of China. Emperor palace red internal garden. Old Asian culture. Beautiful summer day, Blue sky. Cinematic
Close up of text being blacked out and censored with a marker. Censoring info or sensitive and confidential material in government report file. Police or military written text removed for publication
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - April 7, 2020 : Swing set abandoned and locked due COVID-19 coronavirus alert closure, all parks amenities, including, playgrounds, are closed. Yellow caution tape wrapped.
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