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ears of wheat on the field a during sunset. wheat agriculture harvesting agribusiness concept. walk in large wheat field. large harvest of wheat in summer on the field landscape lifestyle
agriculture. girl farmer in rubber boots walks along a country road near a green field of wheat grass. farmer worker goes home after harvesting end of the working day feet in rubber boots agriculture
agriculture environmental protection. farmer hand touches pouring sunflower plants low on black soil. farmer hand checks the crop in agriculture. planet protect eco concept
The hand of a farmer, male worker touches the green leaves of wheat. Growing organic food in the countryside. Hand farmer on wheat sprouts. Farmer in a green wheat field inspects the harvest
beautiful bamboo forest, renewable sustainable energy resource. tropical and alpine climatic zones of Africa, Asia, and America. essential material for people living in poverty in developing countries
agriculture. smart farming technology. close-up of farmer walk feet in boots with digital tablet walk on green field of grass wheat at sunset. farmer walk agriculture concept
Morning Sunrise Shine Through Wheat Ears on Field. Close-up Macro 4K
farmer transplant rice seedlings in rice field
Back view: A male farmer walks along the road along the fields of corn, in his hand carries a tablet
Poultry farm. Chickens for fattening on a modern poultry farm. Lots of chickens in the hangar. Feed and drink chickens. Modern agriculture.
Hands of farmer putting colorful vegetables in a box. Agriculture worker examining organic local crops from farm - agriculture concept close up 4k footage
Agriculture. Senior farmer walks through green field with harvest box. Agricultural business concept. Farmer with harvest box. Senior farmer walks across green field. Agricultural business.Agriculture
farmer hand. man farmer working in the field inspects the crop wheat germ natural a farming. business agriculture harvesting concept. farmer hand touches green crop wheat germ agriculture industry
agriculture farm. green field of early wheat at sunset sunset sunlight movement. green grass sways in the wind beautiful green wheat field agriculture farm concept
Agriculture. Farmer in a green field, holding fertile soil in his hands. Farmer checks the fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer and young green plants. Fertile black soil. Farmer in the field
Agriculture and technology. Agritech. Environment. Communication network.
Silhouette family farmers working in a wheat field at sunset. Young parents with their daughter in a wheat field. The concept of organic farming and family business.
Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination
Close up of old hands harvesting picking up olives on a sunset, sun shining trough the leaves.
farmer transplant rice seedlings in rice field
Aerial view of Carrot harvesting using mechanized harvesting equipment on a agricultural land.
 Tasty ripe grapes hanging on branches close-up. Autumn harvest grapevine in farmland.
Meat production, aerial above grass-fed angus beef cattle in meadow, farm and sunset in distance
Aerial Drone Shot of Sunny Wineyard at Sunrise.
Young farmer walking in a soybean field and examining crop.
agriculture irrigation of corn. agriculture irrigation corn field farming in the usa
Aerial drone shot of cows grazing on pasture, landscape
Poultry farm for breeding chickens and eggs, chickens pecking feed, close-up, ranch hens, hen
Milk white goat chews green grass in the field, full udder with milk, food for little kids, livestock raising on the farm, farming, walking pets on the ranch, healthy goat concept
old farmer walking down the wheat field in sunset touching wheat ears with hands - agriculture concept 4k
old senior man farmer with digital tablet working in field smart farm in a field with wheat. agriculture concept. working in field harvesting crop. old senior farmer is engaged in farm agriculture
Old man farmer in front of the camera closeup touching some ear of wheat he enjoying the time his big children man and lady walking on the background analyzing the harvest of this year
farmer transplant rice seedlings in rice field
Farmer agronomist in field wheat at sunset. Ecoculture farm. Senior farmer, business owner looks in tablet in field wheat. Senior agronomist with tablet in hands. Farmer agronomist checks eco-crops
Cow eating grass on the farm. Close up of a cow eating fresh green food in a barn. Organic cattle breeding. Black and white cows in a farm cowshed eating green grass
The farmer is holding a biological product of potatoes, hands and potatoes stained with earth. Concept biology, bio products, bio ecology, grow vegetables, vegetarians, natural clean, fresh product.
Front view of a farmer on a red tractor plowing the dusty arid soil. The farm car is followed by hungry birds. Agribusiness in the spring
Cows Feeding in the Farm. Eating Hay in cowshed barn. Modern Dairy farm. Milk production. Livestock, Agriculture industry. Animals in the barn. Feeding calves in animal husbandry. Cows farm.
Growing Plants Timelapse Cress Salad Sprouts Germination Healthy Food Concept
Farmer  in Hat in Young Wheat Field and Examining Crop. Aerial View Man Walking Through Wheat Field. Wheat Field Farmer Walking Landscape Nature Agriculture Growth Drone Footage Man Sky. 4K UHD
Drone Shot Above Fields of Wheat, Rural Midwestern Farm at Sunset
agriculture. farmer hands planting seeds. business a plant agriculture concept. farmer hands is planting seeds in the suburbs beginning of the seasonal agricultural work garden. business agriculture
Woman farmer walks through a wheat field at sunset, touching green ears of wheat with his hands. Hand farmer is touching ears of wheat on field in sun, inspecting her harvest. Agricultural business.
Oven baked whole potatoes with seasoning and herbs in metalic tray. Roasted potatoes in jackets. Top view. Close up.
Morning Sunrise Shine Through Wheat Ears on Field. Close-up Macro 4K
Poultry farm. Lots of chickens in the hangar.
agriculture. farmer a hands are lowered plant cultivation plant. business ecology agriculture gardening concept. farmer hands are planting soil with a plant. eco agriculture life concept at sunset
agriculture environmental protection. farmer hand touches pouring sunflower plants low on black soil. farmer hand checks the crop in eco agriculture. planet protect concept
Modern White Delivery Van Driving Through on Bridge. Postal Auto Delivery Product Service. Concept Cargo and Supply. New E-commerce Deliver. Fast Electric Carrier Van Driving on Highway Side View Shot
Agriculture. Farmer hand in a field at sunset. Farmer touches green sprouts with his hand in fertile soil. Farmer hand soil and ecology. Green sprouts in fertile soil in the field. Agriculture concept
Orange Cows on Farm. Red cows eating hay in the stable at cowshed. Dairy cows on dairy farm, agriculture industry, farming and animal husbandry concept.
Young male farmer man in rubber boots, shirt walking through vegetables growing green field of wheat at sunset spring, Farming Agriculture harvesting food farmland ground concept rear view 4 K slow-mo
Cautious young man apiarist removing a honeycomb with bees for examination. Experienced beekeeper. Apiculture business. Nature production.
Rice seedlings planted in the soil of paddy fields. Clear and clean water is flowing. Japanese agriculture and food culture. Spring and fresh green season. Growing up in the sun. Green and brown
Aerial Drone Footage: Beautiful Agricultural Plantations. Farming Fields of Vegetables, Vineyards, Olive Trees and Soybeans. Massive Industrial Scale Growing of Eco Friendly Food Growing
Olive tree in sunset. Beautiful fresh olive on the tree. Green vegetable
Green leaves of soy bean in hand. Slow motion
Aerial view of Downtown Nashville and Broadway Street.
Aerial view of wheat harvest. Drone shot flying over three combine harvesters working on wheat field
Busy honey bees laying eggs and brood care inside honeycomb hive. Bees life cycle. Bee colony. Close-up shot. Insects.
Cows in the Barn Running Toward Camera. Milk Industry, Cow House, Livestock, Animal Farm, Close Up
Milk is poured into a milk glass on a blue background.
Farmer inspects his crop of potatoes hands stained with earth.
Agriculture. Farmer works in green field, holding fertile soil in his hands. Farmer work in fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer work with fertile black soil. Farmer in green field
CIRCA 1947 - In this animated film, a mouse drugs and kills a cat so his family can safely get cheese, but the cat's ghosts come back to haunt him.
Poultry farm. Chickens for fattening on a modern poultry farm. Lots of chickens in the hangar. Feed and drink chickens. Modern agriculture.
Front-View Camera Follows Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Driving on a Highway. He's Speeding Through Industrial Warehouse Area with Sunset in the Background. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Farmer man with digital tablet in hand walks along a dirt road between agricultural fields of sunflower and corn at sunset, slow motion. Harvest inspection
Young white chickens and roosters walk free-range and peck grass. Poultry farming, home farm.Domestic birds.Organic farming Concept.
Farm worker with clipboard showing cowshed with dairy cows eating hay to agricultural engineer in white coat using laptop. Two men walking down aisle between stalls and talking
Cinematic footage of an arabian family spending time together at home. Lifestyle concept about people wearing emirates traditional clothes
Dairy farm with milking cows eating hay in barn. Industrial modern breeding cattle
smart farming. man farmer a picks lifestyle potato crop slow motion video. agricultural harvesting concept. male commoner in red neck rubber boots during harvest
Vet or agricultural scientist in white coat and with tablet computer giving instructions to farm worker standing in farm cowshed and looking at dairy cows eating hay in stalls, side view
Agriculture and technology. Agritech. Environment. Communication network.
Flooded young crops of winter wheat in autumn. Field on a farm with rainwater
Poultry farm, chickens sit in open-air cages and eat mixed feed, on conveyor belts lie hen's eggs, chicken
Ripe juicy bunch of red grapes on a vine. Sunset rays and lens flare. Harvesting season. Growing Organic Grapes. Vineyard in autumn
Close-up harvester machine cut wheat crop in rural field. Agriculture food production. Combine harvesting, collects ripe wheat grains. Wheat harvest. Sunset, sunrise golden hour.
a close-up of vibrant green young corn plants, seedlings on dark brown fertile, moist soil. Corn field, warm spring day, growing corn in an agricultural field
agriculture. Farmer girl in a walk on a green field with box. business natural food agriculture concept farmer walk home after harvesting at sunset. farmer healthy food walk agriculture concept
Handshake of two farmers on the field
Corn field, flight over the cream of corn stalks, excellent growth, good corn harvest, ripening of the corn field.
farmer agronomist monitors the corn harvest. Aerial photography. Top view of a corn field. A farmer agronomist in a green corn field checks organic products. Agricultural products of farm corn
Ripe rice in the countryside farm,autumn harvest season.the ear of rice sways in the wind.
Poultry farm. Chickens for fattening on a modern poultry farm. Lots of chickens in the hangar. Feed and drink chickens. Modern agriculture.
Harvested fresh olives in the hands of farmer, Crete, Greece.
Agriculture. Farmer hand with fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer hand with fertile black soil. Green plants. Farmer in green field holds fertile black soil in his hand. Farmer and agriculture
The process of making traditional cheese round closeup. Dairy production farm workers. Hard goat cheeses, bri, suluguni. Delicious food. Milky store business. Healthy nutrition. Sunny background. 4K
Harvesting on the wheat field Combine and Tractor Agriculture Machinery Technology Food Modification Crop Farming Concept
Agriculture. Leaves of corn in sun at sunset. Corn plantation.Green leaves of plants in field. Farm of maize plants.Agriculture concept. Maize plantation at sunset.Green leaves on an agricultural farm
Male farmer working in the field at sunset. Authentic video, young farmer holding box full of fresh harvested vegetables. Copy space farming concept. Small local business, coronavirus crisis. Earth
Close-up of combine transferring freshly harvested corn into tractor-trailer for transport to the silos, slow motion
Close up ear of rice swaying by wind in rice paddy. Hom Mali rice field located in countryside of Thailand. Ripe ear of rice to be harvested soon. Hom Mali grain in paddy field concept. Slow motion.
Wheat harvest. Wheat harvesting shears. Harvester machine harvesting golden ripe wheat field on an agricultural field at sunset in summer from close up. Agriculture food production. Industry concept.
Dairy products - milk, cheese, cottage cheese on the background of cows in the barn
Close-up slider shot of light yellow ripe spikelets of oats
old senior man farmer with digital tablet working a in smart farm field. agriculture concept. farmer working in field harvesting crop farm. old senior farmer is engaged in smart farming agriculture
A group of farmers are discussing in the field, using a tablet. Two men and one woman. Team work in agribusiness
Brown and black cows eating fresh green grass in stable on sunny day. Cow feeding in cowshed. Ecologically friendly farming business. Livestock insurance. Summer season. Organic healthy nutrition. 4K
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