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Diverse Multi-Ethnic Team in Office: Indian Female and Black Male IT Programmers Working on Desktop Computer. Specialists Creating Software. Engineers Developing App, Program. Shifting Rack Focus
Cinematic Close-Up Of Heart Rate Monitor In Hospital
Autonomous robot lifts shelf and moves it off screen in automated warehouse. Seamless looping close-up shot. Automated warehouse of the future concept. Realistic high quality 3d rendering animation.
Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States
Row of autonomous robots start moving shelves with cardboard boxes in automated warehouse. ¾ tracking shot. Automated warehouse of the future concept. Realistic high quality 3d rendering animation.
Baby Reaches for Faucet Water Rack Focus to Face. focus on baby's hand reaching under stream of water from the faucet then racks focus to the baby's face in awe of the water
Close Up Portrait of a Cute Young Teenage Multiethnic Black Girl in a Dark Cozy Room at Home. Young Female Wears Glasses that Reflect School Homework from Her Laptop Computer Screen in Them.
Pregnant Caucasian woman watching ultrasound
Rack focus of mature male scientist inspecting sample of cell meat in Petri dish while working in modern laboratory
Rack focus of tense sportsman looking at camera with smoke around on black
Mother rolling ball on floor for crawling baby daughter / Bluffdale, Utah, United States
Smiling happy mature senior African American black woman in her home pointing at the camera rack focus from her face to the tip of her finger
Older black woman closing her daily pill dispenser after filling it with her prescription medicine as a reminder to remember to take her drugs - rack focus from person to organizer
Rack Focus And Zoom On The Sign For A Scary Victorian Era 'Mental Hospital' (Psychiatric Hospital)
Rack focus of anonymous craftsman pushing buttons on remote control unit while cutting polystyrene block with robotic arm milling machine in workshop
Rack focus of crop guy rendering 3D animation of walking robot while creating videogame on computer in evening at home
Close up rack focus on notice at store front stating closure from the COVID-19 virus during lockdown.
Male Owner Of Shoe Store Using Digital Tablet
Rack focus of crop painter taking photo of colorful portrait of African woman behind workbench in illuminated workshop
PNC Park Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Bats
A close up pull focus shot of a student using a mind map to revise.
Madrid , Spain - 05 22 2021: The to be or not to be monologue from Hamlet
Rack focus of snow falling in backyard, looking out through window blinds.
Moon Shines Through Dead Tree In Winter Night
Soft focus shot of clothing dress rack with hangers and outfits. Young pretty girl tries to chose fashionable trendy hipster look for going out to social event
Panorama of modern small minimalistic classic luxury white and grey kitchen interior, rack focus technique, utensils or silverware drawer are pulled out
School Cafeteria Rack Focus Across Empty Chairs
Father Teaching His Daughter About Organic Apple Juice Making Process. Rack Focus Shot. Healthy Food Concept. Father and Daughter in an Apple Orchard Talking About Natural Apple Juice.
Row of autonomous robots start moving shelves with cardboard boxes in automated warehouse. Tracking shot. Automated warehouse of the future concept. Realistic high quality 3d rendering animation.
Supermarket Aisle Slow Motion. Slow motion of a shopping cart in the supermarket aisle with products and people
Rack focus Tropical coconut palm leaf reveals rocky mountains at distance in Palm Springs, city in the Sonoran Desert of southern California
Lesvos, Greece - 04 16 2019: Old man refugee camp fixing his shelter in bleak conditions Moria Camp WIDE PAN SHOT
Soft sun beams shine through pine tree needles air macro close up slow motion rack focus. Morning sunshine illuminates coniferous forest bokeh motion background. Calm meditation conscious being sample
Lots of Juniper Berries at a Gin Distillery. Blue berry used in making craft gin, distillation, pull focus
Medium close up shot of astronaut walking on the Moon
Rack focused shot of attractive female teacher in eyeglasses leaning on table in classroom, smiling and explaining something to women in hijabs and arab man while giving English lesson
Close-up and slow zoom with a slight tilt up and a rack focus of orange and yellow sunny spring superbloom wildflowers with a mountain horizon in the background - Los Angeles, California
A low angle close up pull focus shot of a student making notes to study.
Rack focused shot of female radio host sitting at mike and having conversation with male guest sitting nearby
Panning shot of children arriving for start of class in elementary school / Provo, Utah, United States
Supermarket Alcohol Aisle Tracking Shot Slow Motion. Slow motion of a supermarket cart in the supermarket liquors and Wines, dolly shot.
Hospital Laboratory: Black Female Medical Doctor is Working on Computer Analysing X-rays on Screen. African American Physician Working on Disease Prevention Treatment. Closeup Rack Focus Over Shoulder
Manali, India - circa 2022: Rack focus shot of snowfall in front of North Portal of the Atal Tunnel between Leh Manali highway at night. Focus changes from the snowfall to the gate of the tunnel.
CU R/F Doctor examining scan of hand for damage and disease / High Wycombe, Bucks, UK
Hand with Arabic teapot pouring tea into cups. Pool in background. Gimbal, rack focus
Portrait of happy and pretty young woman smiling and looking at camera while working in call center. Rack focus on multiethnic group of female customer service representatives talking on the phone
Rack focus of mature man in glasses and cap blowing off sweeping dust from block of polymer plastic during work in modern workshop
Rack focus shot from monitors to astronauts getting ready ready for a flight
Empty School Hallway Lockers Rack Focus
Close Up Portrait of a Cute Young Teenage Multiethnic Black Girl in a Dark Cozy Room at Home. Young Female Wears Glasses that Reflect School Homework from Her Laptop Computer Screen in Them.
Close up of the bare bright copper wire on the spool, Rack focus
Newspaper being printed in printing press
Rack focus from lush, green river bank to rushing water in background, bokeh - 4K
Modern drone flying in air near male contractors with remote control and laptop on bridge construction site
Close up of children eating their packed lunches together at infant school, rack focus
Diverse Group of Professionals Meeting in Modern Office: IT Programmers Use Computer, Talk Strategy, Discuss Planning. Software Engineers Develop Inspirational App. Rack Focus Computers to People
NATURE - Wood anemone flowers next to a stream, Sweden, slow motion focus pull
Crime scene tape closeup, police tape Do Not Cross outdoors, rack focus, shifting focus
Close up of a golf ball putt dropping into the hole.  It shows the golf ball with an alignment marker to help the golfer line up the shot.
Apeldoorn, Netherlands - 04 17 2021: Focus pull shot, close up of plant to couple next to lake in Veluwe, Netherlands
Pregnant Caucasian woman watching ultrasound
Pensive old man studying and reading school books with a group of young college students in public library. Rack focus from woman to elderly person writing as senior student continuing education
Baby Crawls Toward Rack Focus Low Angle Slow Motion. Baby crawls toward the camera in slow motion smiling and laughing in a white room
Hooded stalker stalking apartment from a distance at night,rack focus.A hooded ominous figure stalking a residential building at night
Medium shot of a director using his light meter and giving instructions on a film set
Refugee tents within olive grove Moria Camp
Rack focus, hiker climbs stone steps edged with moss, Kumano Kodo Japan
Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States
Concentrated young male in goggles and headset shooting pistol while standing near trainer in gallery
Rack focus to a spooky full moon on a foggy night
Rack focus of unrecognizable artist shooting creative portrait of black woman during work in illuminated studio
asian farm hydroponic business female Scientists walking and checking green tiny plants in greenhouse with female business owner or customer with rack of plants
Cannabis bud on black rack focus to chunk of hash
Medium shot of the duplex door. Rack focus.
Soft rack focus portrait of young woman make photo adjustments on old vintage analog camera. Amateur photographer, travel blogger or social media influencer creates digital content
Handheld, forwarding shot of barbells sitting on rack inside a large gym. Selective focus.
Slow motion rack focus of woman and men playing guitars in nightclub / Provo, Utah, United States
Handheld shot with rack focus woman in face mask teaching class and asking question. Group of middle school children also wearing face masks raising their hands
Teamwork In Diverse Office: Smiling Project Manager Talks with Happy Disabled Woman with Prosthetic Arm to Working on Computer. Professionals Create e-Commerce Software App Solution. Static Rack Focus
CU Woman stroking sleeping dog / Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Large wired internet datacenter storage. ASIC miners on stand racks mine bitcoin in server room. Cryptocurrency mining equipment on large farm. Supercomputer blinking with lights. Defocus bokeh lights
Bearded man glares at camera, face full of anger and rage, rack focus
Portrait of beautiful premature newborn baby while yawning and looking around during treatment in incubator in intensive care unit at maternity ward.Dolly shot. Rack focus.
Machine pouring batter in baking pans on a food factory’s production line with shallow rack focus
Shot from behind Asian girl in kimono waving a hand fan with fireworks in the background at a Japanese festival. Camera pans up and focus goes from girl to fireworks in 4K
Man on top of mountain raise hands up success slow motion shallow dof. Strong male silhouette holds hands up expressing inspiration reward determination achievement concept in Alps destination Europe
Late at Night In the Corporate Office Meeting Room: Executive Director Leads Hard Negotiations with Businesspeople. Over the Shoulder Bokeh Rack Shot
Texas live oak lush leaves yielding acorns. RACK FOCUS
Transparent gel is falling onto a glas plade in a laboratory with a slow focus rack to a test tube
Focus rack showing some flowers of the castle Herren
Chiemsee garden and the old architectural building in the
background on a sunny day in summer
MMA Cage or Fight Ring with Rack Focus and Cheering Crowd - 3D Illustration - Shallow DOF
young black woman and man in a vintage clothes shop, looking at t-shirts
Close Up And Rack Focus Of Female Bookkeeper Using Calculator
Zoom in rack focus shot of male doctor in protective face shield and mask talking to young mother visiting pediatrician with little daughter recovering from coronavirus disease
Winegrower holding red wine grapes in his hands. Rack Focus. Closeup
Moving Mechanism Of A Vintage Pocket Watch, macro, rack focus
HD footage of a 4 engine jumbo jet plane landing in silhouette against an orange sunset sky, followed by a defocus / camera blur out.  Jet engine audio included.
Portulacaria afra (elephant bush, dwarf jade plant, porkbush and spekboom in Afrikaans) is a small-leaved succulent plant in Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa.
rack focus footage of postal envelope with customs declaration sign
Girl dancing 1980's retro style
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