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Car driving along a dirt road in a dense pine forest. Arial follow footage 4K.
Large mammal, male brown bear (Ursus arctos) marking its territory by rubbing its back against tree in taiga forest in Finnish nature
Beautiful Northern Lights Animation. Green Lights Aurora Borealis in Norway, Canada, Finland, Iceland and Sweden.
Polar weather and blue starry sky on a cold night. Fantastic motion Background in 4k.
Aerial view of Helsinki, Aerial view Helsinki city skyline .Finland
Aurora borealis Northern Lights Simulated Night sky milky way galaxy starry sky time-lapse from the shining stars Aurora borealis Northern and jungle at night under starry stars.
Aerial, drone shot towards Aurora Borealis, the Northern lights above the Pallastunturit mountains, in Pallas-yllastunturi national park, winter dawn, in Muonio, Lapland, Finland
Realistic real time (not timelapse) colorful aurora borealis (northern lights) dancing over trees in Alaska
Beautiful landscape in aerial drone shot. Forest woods and calm tranquil lake. Fat white clouds mirroring on water surface.
Aerial view overlooking a road, in middle of snow covered trees and snowy forest, on a dark, cloudy, winter day - Top down, drone shot
Flying above snow covered trees on a cloudy day giving an iconic aerial view of winter wonderland in Pallas-Yllastunturi National Park, Lapland Finland.
Aerial view of Helsinki, Aerial view Helsinki city skyline .Finland
Aurora Borealis Green fluor Northern Lights and silhouette man watching. Winter landscape with polar weather in Arctic, Norway,Canada,Finland,Iceland, Sweden. Starry night sky scenery background 4k
Aerial View of the Forest in Finland. Beautiful nature of Finland.
Following a boy walking in a forest, gimbal shot
Aerial view shot of Helsinki, Finland
couple running on a wooden pier and jumping into the lake after the sauna in summer white night in Finland.
Aerial view of of islands on a blue lake Paijanne. Blue lake, islands and green forest from above on a sunny summer evening. Lake landscape in Finland
Aerial drone footage of the Lapland forests during the harsh polar winter. Icy trees.
Timelapse of the East highway on the summer evening in Kalasatama neighborhood of Helsinki, Finland.
winter landscape with classic wooden house during hard snowfall at Norway countryside
Helsinki foggy morning, Aerial, tracking, drone shot, katajanokka cityscape, colorful sky and fog clouds, over the tervasaari island and the sea, at sunrise, on a sunny and misty autumn dawn, in
A team of sled dogs pulling a sled through the wonderful winter calm winter forest. Riding husky sledge in Lapland landscape
A timelapse of the magnificent night sky. The Milky Way glowing on the dark sky. Billions of stars twinkle. Dark silhouettes of the trees stretch to the sky.
HELSINKI, FINLAND - JAN 06, 2019: "Massless" Exhibition - immersive interactive graphic digital installations by Japanese artists TeamLab at Amos Rex Museum. Visitors enjoy the new modern digital art.
Finland Map A large group of people form to create a Finland map. 4K Video Animation.
Airplane landing gear takeoff and retraction in Finland passenger window view
The girl travels by train and looks out the window, she waves her hand.
Aerial view shot of Helsinki, Finland
Norther Lights with stars in motion in Norway at night. High quality FullHD footage. Motion background of Northern Lights in night sky.
Dolly View Nordic Summer Cabin And Sunset Over Lake, Nordic Vacation Scene
Realistic real time (not timelapse) aurora borealis (northern lights) dancing over trees and lake in Alaska
Time-lapse shot of tree shadows moving in a Finnish spruce forest with mossy ground.
Aerial view Helsinki Finland. Urban cityscape on the shores of the Baltic Sea in winter with frozen sea and old architecture, churches and houses.
A woman going cross-country skiing on a frozen bay in Finland on a frosty sunny day. Steadicam Tracking Shot.
Helsinki cityscape with Helsinki Cathedral, South Harbor and Market Square Kauppatori , Finland
Helsinki , Uusimaa , Finland - 06 10 2020: Suomenlinna Sea Fortress Helsinki Finland Drone Shot At King's Gate Sunrise 4K
Helsinki, Finland - September 20, 2020: Aleksanterinkatu street in the center of Helsinki. The most famous street in the city. The trams moving on the street. The timelapse video.
Turku, Finland - August 6, 2021: View on Turku Castle (Finnish: Turun linna) in Finland. Medieval building in the city of Turku in Finland.
Aurora sea Landscape night light and boat 4k
Husky dogs dragging a man on a sled, snow falling on them, on a cloudy, winter day, - Slow motion shot
Drone footage of an island in the frozen sea during sunset. Suomenlinna, in Helsinki, Finland.
husky sled through winter snowy forest in Finland
Aerial view of the railway in the center of Helsinki in Autumn evening. Amazing aerial hyperlapse video of Central Helsinki, Finland.
Drone pull back slow motion shot of beautiful birch trees by sunrise.
Tours in Helsinki. The European Union. Sunset sky and clouds and Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral with colourful buildings. Helsinki, Finland.
Flight above the tops of lush green trees at the forest , Drone Footage Top down the of pine treetops in a dense forest
Porvoo.Finland-December 12.2020: Closer view of the old red wooden houses next to the river in Porvoo Finland with calm moving aerial shot in late autumn of the local architecture
Video Game Playing Fortnite from epic games Closeup Footage. Playing popular game with big tv screen. 24th February 2019. Finland, Espoo.
Turku, Finland - August 6, 2021: Aerial circle view on Turku Castle in Finland.
Arctic Fox in a winter scene
Dogs harnessed by dogs breed Husky pull sled with people, slow motion, Video loop
Autumn color forrest, Cinema 4k aerial view over colorful autumn trees, towards lake and fjeld tunturi, on a sunny and rainy fall day, near pallas-yllas national park, Lapland, Finland
4K Aurora Borealis over a glacier lagoon lake
Autumn color forrest, Cinema 4k aerial rising view over colorful autumn trees, towards a tunturi fjeld mountain, on a sunny and rainy fall day, near pallas-yllas national park, Lapland, Finland
Establishing Aerial view of Helsinki, Helsinki Cathedral, Finland
Aerial view of Helsinki, Aerial view Helsinki city skyline .Finland
Aerial view around a windmills, sunny summer day in Finland - panoramic, circling, drone shot
Moving backwards over sunny and snowy taiga forest in Riisitunturi National Park, Finland.
4K Drone Video Dolly Shot Over a Small Island Filled with Trees and Houses In Oulu Finland
Aerial view of Helsinki, Aerial view Helsinki city skyline with cars, traffic and old town .Finland
Finnish Flag Seamless Smooth Waving Animation. Fine flag of Finland with Folds. Symbol of the Republic of Finland. Loop animation, 3D render, 60fps. Possible Lossless deceleration by 2 times at 30fps
Helsinki.Finland-August 30.2021: Beautiful aerial shot of a highway in Helsinki Finland. Cars driving on the road. Sunset in the background. Drone slowly moving backwards.
Landscape of the forest-tundra and the sandy river bank, bird's eye view.Arctic Circle, tunda. Beautiful landscape of  tundra from a helicopter.
Finger Frame. Woman folding her hands in frame with sunset on a Midsummer night on a forest lake in Finland
VANTAA, FINLAND - DEC 5, 2021: New modern renovated terminal at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, with architecture by classical Finnish design style at night.
Helsinki, Finland 08/01/2020 Nokia 3210 Iconic Mobile Phone From 1990's Spin Close Up With Black Background. Vintage GSM Cellphone Device
Black woodpecker, Dryocopus martius on a Pine trunk and flying away in Northern Finland.
The sun setting in the sky in Lake Saimaa in Finland. Saimaa is a lake in southeastern Finland.Near the Russian-Finnish border.geology video
Following a group of kids walking in a forest, gimbal shot
Aerial view of beautiful blue lake and green summer forest in Finland. Blue sky. Top view. Sunset landscape.
Closeup of sunlit moss covered in snow, in the forests of Scandinavia - dolly view
Person running in city. Woman on a morning jog. Following slow motion back view. Fitness runner training. Sunny sky with clouds at sunset or sunrise. Jogger on dock by the lake. Sport motivation.
Seamless aurora boreal is phenomenon animation. Northern or polar lights footage. Spectacular landscape. Forest silhouette on the front. Night starry sky. Solar wind atmosphere effect. 4K loop clip
2018 - U.S. President Donald Trump holds a  press conference with Russia Federation Vladimir Putin following their summit in Helsinki, Finland.
Lake view at sunset, afterglow in the sky and reflection of trees by the lake in the water, Jakobstad in Finland
Beautiful autumn Finland nature landscape. Flying above river, swamps, mixed forest, green spruces and yellow regular trees. Aerial shot, 4K
Mature couple canoeing on a forest lake in Finland. Active retirees enjoy outdoor sports. Sportive elderly people having fun at the nature.
Helsinki, Finland - June 12, 2020: The FABULOS Project - testing self-driving bus in city street in Pasila district.
Aerial over a winding forest road in Finland, during sunset - descending, drone shot
Sailboat in archipelago, Cinema 4k aerial view away from a sail boat, in uusimaa saaristo archipelago, on the gulf of finland, on a sunny evening dawn, in Raasepori, Finland
Espoo, Finland - January 11, 2021: Aerial hyper-lapse of Iso Omena shopping center and Matinkyla neighborhood.
Oulu / Finland - August 31 2020: Aerial drone view to Market square Oulu, Finland
Autumn color forrest, Cinema 4k aerial tilt view over colorful autumn trees, revealing fjeld tunturi mountains, on a sunny and rainy fall day, near pallas-yllas national park, Lapland, Finland
Northern or polar light Time lapse 4K video. Bright realistic Aurora Borealis. Spectacular landscape. Tree silhouettes on the front. Scandinavian forest. Night starry sky. Solar wind atmosphere effect
Scene of reindeers in autumn in Lapland, Finland
Slow motion close up shot of a wet sauna. Splash water on hot stones
Finland. Flying over lakeland and forest after sunset. Aerial shot, UHD
Map of European Union with flag, top view. Formed by individual regions falling from top to bottom on a white background. Alpha Animation
Aerial view of a SUV driving in polar woodlands, dark, winter day, in Lapland
Seamless loop of Finland flag.
 Arctic. Image of the Arctic. View from space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA, ESA
Helsinki Aerial, Finland
TURKU, FINLAND - August 2019: Aerial view of Swan of Finland sailing ship and the skyline of Turku in Finland
Animations of spectacular Bright realistic Aurora Borealis landscape. Time lapse clip of Polar Light or Northern Light in the night sky. The movement of the star sky on the background
Aerial view over snow covered trees, sunset, in Lapland - rising, drone shot
A beautiful sunset at the Gulf of Finland. Russian natural seascape. Saint-Petersburg twilight on a seaside. Golden hour waves ubder storm clouds.

Winter landscape of snowy mountains with starry night sky and green polar lights in the background. Scene of Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. High quality animation. Tourism and travel
Top-down aerial view of the excavator loading soil on a dump truck in winter
HELSINKI, FINLAND - MAY 25, 2018: Young woman in automated remotely operated bus in Helsinki. Unmanned public transport on street.
Turku, Finland - November/2019: Aerial timelapse of cranes, machines and people building a huge cruise ship in Meyer Turku Shipyard. DCI 4K shipbuilding time lapse.
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