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Futuristic concept of engineer using hologram panel scanning farm land. Drone analyzes the field. Smart agriculture animation, internet of things. Industrial revolution. Future technology
Agriculture drone fly to sprayed fertilizer on the rice field. industrial revolution. agriculture technology.
Growing plants in timelapse, Sprouts Germination newborn plant
Asian parents and newborn baby. Child rearing concept.
Farmer hand holding leaf of cultivated plant. Hands holding pile of arable soil. Agriculture, gardening or ecology concept.
Close up of male hands touching dry ground in an agricultural field, Soil, cultivated dirt, earth, ground, Organic gardening, agriculture. Nature close up. Environmental texture, pattern. Mud on field
Humus, fertilized soil, compost soil. Man hands holding compost, organic soil, natural fertilizer. Agriculture and fertility concept
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Shot by camera from microscope lens  in vitro fertilization. embryologist performing sperm Injection, ivf icsi. 4 k video
Mid adult couple expecting a baby while husband caresses the belly of his pregnant african woman. Happy father hands on expecting mother's baby bump while embracing her on couch.
agriculture. smart farming technology. close-up of farmer walk feet in boots with digital tablet walk on green field of grass wheat at sunset. farmer walk agriculture concept
Flying Smart Agriculture Drone. Artificial Intelligence. Drone Scan Agriculture Farm. Agriculture Innovation. Farming Field Industry. Analyze the Field. Professional Vehicle Aircraft.
smart farming innovation, agriculture drone fly spraying fertilizer on green rice field in countryside of Thailand, agricultural industrial technology, slow motion
3D Animated Immune Cells Destroy Cancer Cells
Close up of farm specialist worker pulling out freshly picked carrots and showing at camera. Summer vegetable growth. Production of natural food. Agribusiness.
Aerial shot of combine loading off corn grains into tractor trailer. Agricultural machines working in farmland during harvesting. Farming concept. Top view
Beautiful realistic animation of a 8 week unborn in the womb. Intricate workings combined with a shallow depth of field provide a soft but detailed tone for this artistic shot. It has many application
Pregnant african woman with elder son visiting gynecologist. Afro-american kid looking at screen while doctor examining mother and checking belly with ultrasound
Couple holding newborn baby in maternity hospital after childbirth. Cropped shot of nurse giving infant baby to happy mother lying in hospital be and father sitting near
Agriculture. A farmer hand water green sprout. Green seedling in soil. Agriculture concept. Water drops, life of young sprout. Sprouted seed in fertile soil. Farmer hand waters young seedling in soil
Close up and slow motion of a hand gently touching the loam soil with small twigs and dried leaves as the farmer checks the condition of land for gardening.
3D Animated Immune Cells Destroy Cancer Cells
Aerial view of farming tractor spraying on field with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides at sunset. Farm machinery spraying insecticide to the green field, agricultural natural seasonal spring works.
Flying smart agriculture drone in sky rural aerial helicopter agros copter farm farming field industry landscape meadow nature plant professional vehicle aircraft harvest innovation slow motion
Hands putting a beautiful seedling in soil. Close-up shot of planting. Ecology concept. New life concept.
White Big Greenhouse with Vegetable. Rows of Plant Cultivated Inside a Large Greenhouse Building. Growing and Collect Goods for Commerce Sale. Cultivate and Selection Vegetables in Glasshouse Farmland
Smart digital agriculture technology by futuristic sensor data collection management by artificial intelligence to control quality of crop growth and harvest. Computer aided plantation grow concept.
agriculture farm. green field of early wheat at sunset sunset sunlight movement. green grass sways in the wind beautiful green wheat field agriculture farm concept
male farmer working watering plants growing in garden, aerial view. Harvest bio products fresh vegetables. organic farming, agriculture. small local produce, irrigation. authentic real video
Agribusiness - Pivot irrigation used to water plants on a farm. Smooth movement, circular pivot irrigation with drone - agriculture
Agriculture. Farmer in a green field, holding fertile soil in his hands. Farmer checks the fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer and young green plants. Fertile black soil. Farmer in the field
Asian child girl with mud dirty hands holding young seedlings in recycled fiber pots in the garden.Concept of child love in environmental conservation.Slow motion shot.
Ivf, In Vitro Fertilisation Through A Microscope, Medicine close-up 4K
Hand giving synthetic fertilizers to accelerate plant growth, close-up.
farmer hand. man farmer working in the field inspects the crop wheat germ natural a farming. business agriculture harvesting concept. farmer hand touches green crop wheat germ agriculture industry
Growing Plants Timelapse Pea Sprouts Germination
Hand of boy watering a young plant tree growing on fertile soil in the morning light, Slow Motion. Conservation of Natural Resources. Planting the trees, protect nature, sustainability, sustainable
Cinematic close up shot of mature farmer is seeding with his hands vegetables in soil full of green nutrients and fertilizers on countryside agricultural bio and eco farming cultivation field garden.
Food Waste. Compostable Food Scraps, time lapse.
Domestic waste for compost from fruits and vegetables.
3d rendering sperm fertilize with ovum 4k footage
Aerial view of farming tractor spraying on field with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides at sunset. Farm machinery spraying insecticide to the green field, agricultural natural seasonal spring works.
apple tree spraying with a tractor
agriculture irrigation of corn. agriculture irrigation corn field farming in the usa
Pest Control Service. Spray Fumigation for Weed Control. Men in Protective Suits with Respirators Spray Toxic Pesticides, Pesticides and Insecticides on Plantations. Industrial Chemical Agriculture.
Hand of male gardener holding and touching organic soil from the plastic bag for checking the quality before planting. Natural fertilizer and compost. Agriculture and cultivation concept.
Agriculture. Farmer works in green field, holding fertile soil in his hands. Farmer work in fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer work with fertile black soil. Farmer in green field
Agriculture. Farmer hand in a field at sunset. Farmer touches green sprouts with his hand in fertile soil. Farmer hand soil and ecology. Green sprouts in fertile soil in the field. Agriculture concept
gardener soil fertilize near young sprouts, application of fertile soil with humus compost, organic fertilizer for garden, seasonal work, close up rear view, slow motion
Aerial view of autonomous self-driving tractor with autopilot spraying mineral, nitrogen fertilizer or pesticides on an agricultural field. The agricultural vehicle uses sensors and a GPS signal.
compost bin with organic waste, biodegradable material, organic recycling concept. food waste, greenhouse gas emissions.
Cinematic authentic shot of young woman making surprise and showing positive result of pregnancy test stick to her future child father in living room at home. Both are happy and hugging with affection
Farming tractor spraying on apple fruit garden with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides. Spraying chemical insecticide or fertilizers to blooming orchard trees, agricultural works. Aerial view top
Excited young woman wearing pyjamas sitting on bed at home looking happy after positive result from home pregnancy test - shot in slow motion
Honey Bee Brood. Brood care. The Birth of a Bee. Worker bee emerging from cell. The Honey Bee Life Cycle.
field of ripening wheat against the blue sky. Spikelets of wheat with grain shakes wind. grain harvest ripens in summer. agricultural business concept. environmentally friendly wheat
Male farmer holding young tree plant in hands, drought landscape on the background. Climate change, lack of fresh drinking water, deforestation. Ecology concept, environment.
Strawberries growing under green houses in southern France.
Preparing syringe pen for Egg freezing. Woman doing mature oocyte cryopreservation, FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) stimulate the ovaries to produce more eggs, initial process fertility treatment.
Bees inside the beehive. Honeycomb close up. Bee colony in hive macro. Honey in combs. Organic Beekeeping (or apiculture)
Agriculture, beautiful aerial image of machines spraying soybean plantation in the open field with circular motion - Agribusiness.
Side view: Farmer holding ground in hands close-up. Male hands touching soil on the field. Farmer is checking soil quality before sowing.
Aerial view of farming tractor spraying on field with sprayer, herbicides and pesticides at sunset. Farm machinery spraying insecticide to the green field, agricultural natural seasonal spring works.
Human sperm under the microscope, macro view through the microscope at Petri Dish with many spermatozoa, 40x magnification
time lapse. Cilantro seeds germinate in the ground. Microgreen, growing seedlings at home. Farm products, healthy nutrition. Organic food.
Chemical plant. Phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers are transported on a conveyor belt. Mineral fertilizers balls.
Drop of Water - Slow Motion
Mineral fertilizer in hand. Fertilizing soil with mineral fertilizer
Ripe ears of wheat on the field during sunset
In Vitro fertilisation process through a microscope. Laboratory procedure with an egg cell, needle injection. Artificial insemination. 3D animation. Color aberrations. Close up medical footage in 4K
Aerial View of Rural Farm affected by Spring flooding featuring Farm house, silo on dry ground, livestock, green fields, brown flood water, covered roads
A female egg under a powerful microscope is fertilized by a sperm cell. Under a microscope, a sperm is injected into the female ovum. birth of children. Conception of a child. Syringe and sperm
The bee is dying. A dead bee macro. The death of honey bees and environmental pollution by pesticides: The honey bees as biological indicators. Beekeeping (or apiculture). Bee colony in hive
Agriculture. Ripening crops under the warm sun. Wind sways thick barley in a field creating waves. A cereal field for making bread. A large crop of grain. Agricultural business.
Worm crawling and bug in freshly dug up soil. Insects close up. Macro shooting, camera slowly moving on slider. Dolly shot. Invertebrate life.
Agriculture. Farmer hand with fertile soil. Agriculture concept. Farmer hand with fertile black soil. Green plants. Farmer in green field holds fertile black soil in his hand. Farmer and agriculture
Compost Bin with food scraps, grass cuttings and dry leaves.
Growing Plants Timelapse Cress Salad Sprouts Germination Healthy Food Concept
Aerial drone shot of a farmer spraying soybean fields
Close up woman hand gently touching young tea leaf, Planting the trees, protect nature sustainability, agriculture environmental health, caring for mother earth, new start beginning of new chapter
Female Reproductive System with Nervous System and Urinary Bladder Anatomy. Animation concept. Digital hologram 3d model.
Human embryo is slightly moving his head on an ultrasound display
Mint Herb Growing up from Ground in Slow Motion and Macro - Top View
Bee bread: the bee pollen stored in the combs. Inside the Beehive - A honeycomb, wax cells with honey and pollen. A honey bee colony close up, beehive, beekeeping
Panning shot of fresh water flows from cascade over the rocks through green plant under sunlight in fertile forest. The abundance of tropical rain forest with small river and lush foliage vegetation.
Time lapse footage of a pea seedling growing out of the fertile dark soil into a small plant
Agricultural research institutes and greenhouse building. Include soil plot, plant, plantation in field. To studying, testing, improving crop and development with  science, technology. In aerial view.
Time lapse footage of a pea seedling growing out of the fertile dark soil into a small plant
Close up of a smart agriculture drone flying in sky.  slow motion
Drone scanning farm, Analyze the field, Smart agriculture, 4K size movie, internet of things. 4th industrial revolution.
agriculture environmental protection. farmer hand touches pouring sunflower plants low on black soil. farmer hand checks the crop in eco agriculture. planet protect concept
Walking in the yellow wheat field in summer
Fresh honey in a honeycomb close up. Organic beekeeping. Organic Honey Bee Farm. Rural beekeeping
Honey bee view while fly and collect pollen from flower,animal insect wildlife
Peas Beans Germination on Black Background. Timelapse. 4K.
Soil, Agriculture, - Farmer hands holding and pouring back organic soil.
Agriculture. Collaboration of farmers in the field. Man's hands are holding green sprout. Young germ of a green plant. Agriculture concept. Teamwork of farmers. Hands plant green grass in the soil
Happy pregnant woman visit gynecologist doctor at hospital or medical clinic for pregnancy consultant. Doctor examine pregnant belly for baby and mother healthcare check up. Gynecology concept.
field of ripening wheat against the blue sky. Spikelets of wheat with grain shakes wind. grain harvest ripens in summer. agricultural business concept. environmentally friendly wheat
Person’s hand squeezes ash from the burnt grass in the palm of his hand and it scatters in the air, close-up view in slow motion. Hand of girl in a black sweater crumbles ashes after fire over field.
Spray ecological pesticide. Farmer fumigate in protective suit and mask lemon trees. Man spraying toxic pesticides, pesticide, insecticides
Scientist studying sample of soil in field, closeup
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