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At Home: Happy Couple Play with Their Dog, Gorgeous Brown Labrador Retriever. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tease, Pet and Scratch Super Happy Doggy, Have Fun in the Stylish Living Room. Slow Motion
Woman petting cat on sofa in living room. Female owner stroking grey kitten close-up. Furry pedigreed pet relaxing and purring. Little best friends. Happy domestic animals at home.
Cinematic authentic shot of happy woman presenting new member of family cat to her curious pet labrador retriever dog while having fun together on carpet in living room at home.
Father, Daughter, Son Play With Loyal Golden Retriever, Dog Tries to Catch Water from Garden Water Hose. Smiling Family Spending Fun Outdoors Time Together in Backyard. Golden Hour Sunset. Slow Motion
A touching moment between a pet and its owner. A fluffy grey cat kisses its owner on the nose while sitting in her arms.
Back view of female enjoying beautiful summer sunrise pet lovely happy dog outdoors, incredible viewing park nature place sunset pleasant moment of owner with puppy, healthy lifestyle concept
A large young female Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) runs directly against the camera. Slow motion video. Road covered with a snow, snowing.
Happy young woman is dancing with pet dog sitting on window sill in cafe having fun enjoying music and animal. Modern lifestyle, people and youth concept.
Mother meditating with daughter while active energetic child son playing, calm young mom doing yoga exercise at home for stress relief relaxing with naughty little kid. 4k video footage slow motion
Dad with daughters in a tent at home. Dad imitates a owl.
Side View of Young Woman Sitting at Table and Petting Her Dog While Making Video Call. Attractive Girl Video Chatting, Smiling, Laughing, Talking. Online Communication Concept. Slow Motion Shot
joyful smiling attractive young woman hugging cute corgi dog and taking selfie with pet using phone
Attractive young lady is reading book sitting on windowsill in the house together with adorable puppy. Large window, green plants, nice interior is visible.
Young hispanic latin teen girl student, young woman remote worker using laptop working studying online from home office sit on sofa with cute cat pet doing freelance distance work in sunny cozy flat.
Beagle dog female owner caress stroking her pet lying on the back on natural stroking dog on the floor and enjoying the warm home atmosphere.
Close up horse hooves step ground at sunset. Dust and smoke swirls. Slow motion. Slow motion. Equestian sport and active lifestyle. Animals concept.
corgi puppy dog jump and give high five female owner at home. Avki cute pet training. concept paw, obedience, friendship. woman teach animal command. togetherness at apartment. stand up, raise
Chickens eating grains on free range farm with green grass, Chicken in Farm Organic
Cinematic close up shot of happy woman is caressing and kissing her pedigree Labrador Retriever dog while having fun together in a cosy bedroom. Concept: love for animals, friendship, happiness, pets
Rear view: Adorable young girl running with her cute dog in the autumn forest in warm sunny day, slow-motion
Berlin , Deutschland / Germany - 08 15 2019: Berlin, Germany, 09 August 2019 - Fridays For Future demonstration in Berlin. Students protesting for climate justice after school holidays. Student protes
Roe deer, capreolus capreolus, forages and looks around the misty meadow in the early morning. Unconscious female wild animals with orange fur grazing on the hay field in summer.
Red deer in the natural environment, wild animal, close up, Cervus elaphus
Young woman wearing warm sweater is resting with a cat at home.
Close up. A portrait of a labrador dog being caressed by a teen girl. View of hands and a dog. Green grass background. POV
gray chicken stands, walks and cluck on a green screen. natural sound
Girl is working on a black laptop on sofa and big cat is laying on her lap. Work from home. Stay home. Coronavirus quarantine
Aerial drone shot of cows grazing on pasture, landscape
Snorkeling lovely asian girl and turtle are swimming together. Freediver and contact with animals. The footage was shot with a professional underwater camera in super slow motion mode.
Cow Dancing CG fur. 3d rendering, animal realistic CGI VFX, Animation Loop, composition 3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Young woman feeding dog from hands in living-room, golden retriever eating treats. Handler exercising happy puppy labrador. Female animal trainer giving food lovely pet.
Mallard duck (Anas Platyrhynchos) in the morning mist. Wildlife scene from nature
female turkey head appears on the green screen and then disappears from the screen.
The dog golden retriever is looking in camera on gray background. Closeup portrait  of white retriever dog smiling in studio
Two blonde female equestrians, mounted in fast brown horses, one with a mark of a star on its leg, as they sway their beautiful mane with the wind, amidst a lush forest, tall trees, and grass
Unrecognizable woman with pet dog sitting indoors at home, using laptop.
Rider comes out of the stables holding his horse for a guide, out of the stables at sunset . Animal care. Concept of horses and people.
Close up of professional female dog walker or dog sitter is enjoying walk with group of playful purebred pedigree Golden Retriever outdoors for make them training and exercising in green park.
Young American young woman is exercising on carpet floor yoga with cute dog at apartment interior avki. Beautiful woman is doing stretching exercise and smiling, adult pet is nearby in bright room
Happy young adult girl sitting on cozy sofa enjoying playing with small cute pet dog in apartment
Portrait of smiling young woman kissing doggy in a field. Dog lover stylish girl wearing sunglasses hugging her doggy during they walk. Concept of friendship and hipster lifestyle
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Young happy asia people girl smile enjoy with cute dog unbox snack food post mail sit relax at home comfort sofa couch in omni channel fast send parcel via online sale pet shop store e-commerce order.
Side view of happy asian girl sitting on the lawn face to face playing with her golden retriever dog outdoor in the autumn park people happy joyful doggy lifestyle with pet dog lovely animal together
White dog takes a bath. The man washes the animal. High quality 4k footage
Roe deer, capreolus capreolus, doe feeding and looking around on misty meadow early in the morning. Unaware female wild animal with orange fur grazing on hay field in summer nature.
Joyful girl and guy taking selfie with corgi dog having fun making funny faces showing hand gestures thumbs-up and v-sign. Youth and technology concept.
Dogs Dance, realistic CGI VFX, 3d rendering, Animation Loop,  composition 3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip With Alpha matte.
A happy smiling couple man and woman are petting and hugging a dog while sitting in the car trunk
Strong female runs legs close-up young woman on beach on sand dress splashing water dog, rejoices against blue sky at dawn summer Happy beautiful woman walking pet slow motion Lifestyle Tourism Travel
Female of Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) sits on the branch in the humid forest of Monteverde National Park. Costa Rica
A young beautiful female vet inspects a white horse. Love, medicine, pet care, trust, happiness, health. Damage to the leg, knee, sprain. Pain, suffering an old horse. lameness.
Mother duck crosses the road with ducklings. Summer motherhood scene. Family concept 4k
Young happy woman train her border collie dog in snowy winter forest. Doggy wrap itself in blue scarf. Best friends play and having fun. Joyful game and tame. Purebred dog get ready for exhibition.
Pretty young girl blogger is taking selfie with purebred dog outdoors in city park cuddling and fondling beautiful animal. Modern technology, loving animals and nature concept.
Female Scuba Divers swimming with Green Sea Turtle. Coral Reef and crystal blue water. Shot full frame on a Sony A7III on the Great Barrier Reef. (Scuba Diving)
Aerial photography of cows. Dairy farm. Cattle on green field. Cow farm. Aerial photography of cattle in green field. Herd of cows. Dairy production farm. Aerial photography of herd of cows on farm
Authentic close up shot of a cute little girl with a jockey helmet is caressing and kissing a white pony horse at riding stable with a sunshine.
Several red, farm chickens eating some corn in the countryside. Farming and Pet Concept
Woman and daughter sit on sofa opening parcel, happy kid take out of box fluffy toy bear play with mom at home feels glad by received surprise, family use express delivery, e-commerce services concept
At Home: Happy Couple Play with Their Dog, Gorgeous Brown Labrador Retriever. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Tease, Pet and Scratch Super Happy Doggy, Have Fun in the Stylish Living Room
Dry feed Scottish cat. Close-up shot, a female hand pours cat food into a bowl, a cat eats food from a bowl.
Meeting humpback whale, enjoying freediving and snorkeling underwater world, giant whale in the deep sea.
Bright sunny Morning Canicross exercises. Female runs with his beagle dog and happy smiling slow motion footage
Cinematic authentic close up shot of young happy smiling woman is caressing and kissing with affection her lovely Labrador Retriever dog while having fun together on carpet in living room at home.
Young woman making selfie with dog in living-room, animal trainer taking photo with golden retriever, using smartphone. Having fun together with lovely pet. Happy puppy labrador posing.
Wild Snow Leopard Climbing Mountain
Antelope Island, USA with bison herd crossing road in state park near Great Salt Lake City in Utah in slow motion panning
Archaeological Digging Site: Two Great Paleontologists Clean Newly Discovered Fossil Remains of Prehistoric Dinosaur. Archeologists on Excavation Site Discover New Species Skeleton
UFA RUSSIA - 05.09.2021: Match on a horse in a polo club. Two riders riders make a hit on a white ball on green grass. Players hit the ball a wooden stick to polo. Luxury game, slow motion.
High angle view of pretty young woman in pajamas and her adorable puppy sleeping together on bed at home. Friendship, rest and furniture concept.
Woman texting on laptop while cat walking on sofa. Female student working on computer and looking at grey kitten on couch. Furry pedigreed pet, little best friends. Happy domestic animals at home.
Peacock shaking its beautiful feathers and slowly turning, natural courtship ritual, fanned out plumage of bird, sunshine behind animal, slow motion
portrait cute dachshund dog, black and tan, in a funny red wig, hairpins, and a pink dress, lies on a sofa at home among female cosmetics and curlers, licks its lips
Incredible close footage of a polar bear - most likely female - in Spitzbergen Svalbard, Norway. Cute bear chilling on an ice shelf. Beautiful bear on a piece of sea ice. Endangered species
Animal love. Happy young woman playing with her border collie dog in snowy winter forest. Friendship of a female and a pet. Having fun together. Dogs are best friends. Cheerful puppy hugs her owner.
young woman petting lovable corgi dog sitting on bed in bedroom with modern interior.  young woman feed puppy with treat, hug and kiss. People and animals friendship concept.
Young american woman is using laptop and lying with dog on bed at home bedroom. Front view of beautiful young woman hugging with her beloved pet and looking at computer screen with smile. One
Grooming, combing a cat in the salon for animals. Doctor girl scratches the fur of a cat with a comb, hair cutting. Beauty salon for a purebred fluffy cat. Furminator trimming Scottish ticked cat
Young veterinarian standing in office prepearing dog for surgery on examination table at clinic while male vet seatting at desk with x-rays on computer. Concept pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
gray and black chickens run out onto the green screen, run from right to left
freediver apnea woman free diving in a cave underwater with nice lightning and reflection on water female diver
happy family run in field throw up their daughter. kid dream concept. daughter and parents run across wheat field near park. happy family dream of happiness. kid child and parents run in the park fun
Distance learning. Online education. School. Happy boy reading emotionally book in pajamas dog Jack Russell lying bed under blanket. Child looks dog, reads book, running finger across. Pet. Quarantine
Slow motion of lovely young asian woman playing running with her dog on the lawn outdoor in the autumn park slow motion of golden retriever puppy playing run with young woman master
Border collie doggy jump on his female owner. A blonde playing and hugging her dog by the sea during sunset. Isolation together, friendship, vacation concept. Friends forever.
woman veterinarian inspects the dog in veterinary clinic medical business love man doctor animal vet pet care examining cute exam health medicine people professional treatment check nurse canine
 female turkey from the back walks on a green screen
Wooly sheep and lambs on beautiful pasture, lambing season in New Zealand. Cute domestic animal, wool production
cute gray fluffy cat feeds four kittens. High quality 4k footage
A slow motion footage of a female hummingbird taking off and chase the male away from a pink flower
Three friends wearing protective face mask with two cute pet dogs spending time or socialising together outdoors. A group of young male and female hanging out amid Corona virus COVID 19 epidemic
Dogs join a happy young female for a walk through the park in the summer afternoon. Sun is shining through the trees.
Close-up of female groomer cutting paw of purebred curly dog Labradoodle by haircut machine for animals at table in grooming salon. Woman pet hairdresser doing hairstyle. Shooting in slow motion.
Young beautiful female walking with siberian husky dog on the beach. Woman runs and plays with husky dog
Video with noise. fantasy woman princess rider sits astride, stroking neck black horse. Enjoy winter nature green tree, animal. Long clothing red vintage cloak medieval cape. Hood on redhaired head
Smiling lady taking free time with her dog. Woman relaxing in the nature with her little dog. Scratching her back. Dog licking her owner nose. Close up
Lazy domestic animal chilling on a girl's hands. Girl is working on a black laptop on sofa and big cat is laying down nearby. Homework, freelance. Work from home. Stay home. Coronavirus quarantine
Panning shot of two beautiful female equestrians, traveling in a narrow road, mounted in coffee-colored horses, running fast while its beautiful mane swinging with the wind, amidst a rich forest
boy dog lie on a green lawn and play. child hugs the dog. dog licks nose
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