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Door opens and a bright light flooding a dark room. Can be used as a concept of new innovations, future and hope, new beginning or a win of a fight for freedom
Traveling slowly through an ice cave and exiting the other side onto a beautiful ocean scene.
a group of friends talk about how boring it is to stay home
Classic design door opening to green screen, chroma key
3d render, blue room, bright white light shining behind the opening door, flight forward, entering inside the doorway. Modern minimal concept. Opportunity metaphor.
3d animation of white clouds floating through the opening door inside the empty blue room, surreal dream concept
Person opens the door, close-up, blurred background. Lights behind the door
Two football players are walking along a dark tunnel to the football field. View from the back
Luxury classic door opening to the white background. 4k, Animation with green chroma key.
Doors Opening in the Dark Room to the Bright Light. Right Choice Concept. Beautiful 3d Animation Moving Into Central Doorway. Alpha matte . 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160.
Man silhouette walking in a dark tunnel. Underground, post apocalyptic view. Exit and depression concept. People authentic video. Depression caused by coronavirus, quarantine, COVID 19. Human health
Door opening and bright light flowing into dark room. Can be used as illustration for hope and freedom, future and new beginning and other optimistic concepts
Classic door opening to the white background. 4k, Animation with luma matte.
Businessperson Turn Off the Lights Living Office Room Thru the Entrance Door
Empty Downtown LA Streets Inner City 4K 48FPS SLO-MO
Enthusiastic teacher high-fiving students exiting doorway from classroom / Provo, Utah, United States
fictional empty corridor with lights turning on sequentially. 3d rendering.
Blue luxury classic door opening to the bright light. Animation with luma matte.
Long empty corridor of a large building, towards the exit. Passage through a long empty corridor to exit direction. First person view
4K Empty highway in Barcelona, Spain, during coronavirus pandemic and state of alarm in April 2020
Statistics of business concept. Finance chart. Financial planning. Data analysis.
Cowboy boots with spurs walk towards barn exit 4K
Singapore, Singapore - Feb 6, 2020: Asian people walk and use escalator at MRT subway underground station. Public transportation, Asia everyday city life, or commuter urban lifestyle concept. Tilt up
Hand open wooden door on a green screen
F-16 military american jet fighter taking off for tactical training flight. Fire exits from super sonic engines.
Top view of labyrinth garden. Unique, mysterious place. Aerial view of geometrical, green maze.
ROME, Italy – March 28, 2020: Aerial drone flight from the Colosseum over an almost empty Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome during the Covid-19 epidemic shutdown.
Six friends chatting by pc, talking about pandemic. Frienship at Corona Virus Time
Man silhouette back going to the light at night. Male silhouette going to bright light. Man silhouette walking to light in the darkness. Man open door light in dark. Escape concept
Pink doors opening to the white background. 4k, luma matte included.
Classic doors opening to the white background. Animation with luma matte, 4k
Tokyo, Japan-04 February, 2020: Aerial of people at Shinagawa Station. Japanese business men and women walk to work. Passengers walked of world's busiest transport hub with daily usage.
shine of an open door in a bright room
Masked Team of Armed SWAT Police Officers Exit a Black Van Parked Outside of an Office Building. Soldiers with Rifles and Flashlights Run on a Street Filled with Smoke.
Cross symbol animation on white background, Wrong Symbol in Motion graphic.
Entrance to a modern building automatic door slow motion push in forward camera movement
Sensual Female Hand Opens Door to Luxury Apartment Or Hotel Room. Woman Slowly Walking Inside.
The giraffe chews the grass. Curious giraffe on the background sky.
3d render. yellow blue room with opening door. Modern minimal concept. Opportunity metaphor.
Hospital corridor. Be admitted to a hospital. Entering the hospital urgently on a stretcher. 4K.
ROME, Italy – March 28, 2020: Aerial drone flight on the Via dei Fori Imperiali showing an ambulance heading toward the Colosseum in Rome during the Covid-19 epidemic shutdown.
Looking out the window of the subway while another subway zooms
Silhouette of man walking in tunnel to the light. Concept of afterlife
Young lovely multiethnic couple leaving store together with purchases. Happy diverse husband and wife walking out of modern mall with shopping bags
Hedge maze in city park. Labyrinth in the bushes. Beautiful summer in town, green trees. Woman is walking through a maze - 4K Drone Footage
A man takes a chrome shiny door knob and opens a modern beautiful glossy white door with a black glass insert and then closes it. Closeup. Shallow depth of field
Driving car in a tunnel
Skydiving. Young woman is jumping out of a plane. Slow motion.
Back view of group professional skydivers going to the plane
CIRCA 1963 - Activists sing and clean up as Martin Luther King departs at the outset of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Man is walking to the end of the tunnel. Light at the end of the tunnel.
Skydiver is jumping out of a plane and falling. First person video.
Tandem skydiving. Two guys are flying in the sky.
cave diving underwater couple scuba divers hand in hand exploring caves and having fun ocean scenery sun beams and rays background
Closeup shot of man opening glass door and entering room and then leaving closing door-handle. Business life concept. man walking through door. 4k
Moving Through the Abstract Spaceship Tunnel to Opening Gateway. 3d Animation with Alpha Mask. Beautiful Futuristic Interior of Spaceship with Opening Door to White Light.  4k Ultra HD 3840x2160.
Soul Leaving Human Body Spirit Ghost Levitating Out of a Human Corpse Astral Projection Remote Viewing Out of Body Experience Full HD 1920 X 1080 Version 2
Abstract open door to universe. Lines appear. Cyberpunk neon door background concept. Pink violet neon. Hologram led laser door. Flight forward, entering inside the doorway. 3d animation, 4K
Chatting by zoom. A group of friends talk about how boring it is to stay home
Authentic close up shot happy carefree exited smiling couple in love is having fun and enjoy chain swing carousel riding together in amusement park at night.
Business people entering and exiting the company, people are wearing a medical mask to protect from coronavirus and to stay healthy.
Olympic and Pico Boulevard Highway Exits Sign on Highway 405, Los Angeles, California USA, Driver POV, Slow Motio
3d render, blue room, yellow bright light behind the opening door. Modern minimal concept. Opportunity metaphor.
Dark Mystic Stone Tunnel. Light at the end of the round cave. Looped video.
Elevator door opening, embarrassed couple of colleagues exiting, caught flirting
Slow Motion Video of Man walking in Tunnel to the Light
CU, 4k: Young mother leads her daughter by the hand, along the business center. They enter the elevator.
asian woman leaving home to work and locking door of apartment. white house with green front door; traditional house design. security safety lock concept.
Crowd business people leave the office rooms. Legs of crowd people leaving the office rooms
Doors opening. Right choice. Alpha mask
People go to light in the fog. In long tunnel. The crowd is moving into the distance. Throng goes in one direction.
Mysterious world. Way to paradise. Lens Effect tilt shift. 3D rendering
Sofia, Bulgaria - 23 May, 2019: People escape to fire exit stairs during terrorist attack danger in arena hall
cave diving underwater scuba divers exploring caves and having fun ocean scenery sun beams and rays background
Man standing in the front of an opening light tunnel, opportunity concept
Glowing door in fog night forest. Light portal. Mistic and magic concept. Realistic 4k animation.
red and green light on subway turnstile. persons apply electronic touch card, people pass through opened doors. metro metal wicket control panel, paying for entrance
Coronavirus protection. Young employee and boss wearing medical masks walking out of elevator and discussing business over digital tablet. Infection spreading prevention measures
Dade County , Georgia , United States - 08 10 2021: Welcome to Georgia sign by interstate 59 highway in Dade County. Aerial on summer day. Mountains in distance.
Slow motion locked-down rear view of silhouettes of four men in black suits confidently walking away from camera towards exit of parking lot.
Double doors open. Animation with luma matte, 4k
Hipica Horse Race Start Sport Animal
Driving car in a tunnel
Businessman standing at an opening wall that reveals the Earth, motivation concept
Tracking inside a long dark gloomy corridor, tunnel past the small windows to the old ajar doors with glass inserts. Concept of horror.
European Union and British Union Jack flag flying together. A symbol of the Brexit EU referendum
Moving Through the Dark Corridor with Many Opening and Closing Doors to the Bright White Exit. Business and Technology Concept. 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160.
F-16 military jet fighter taking off for tactical training flight. Fire exits from super sonic engines.
3d animation of the maze with a red ball that destroys the walls moving forward and goes beyond the maze. The idea of original, non-standard solutions. A maze in the noise, freedom in the light.
Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands - 23-01-2021 Intersection infrastructure near Piet Hein Tunnel crossing hyperlapse timelapse dutch infrastructure tram cars pedestrians cyclist.
Aerial Drone View of a Modern Luxury White Electric Crossover Driving on Urban Road during a Cloudy Day. Battery Powered Car Exits a Bridge on a Highway. Futuristic SUV with Autopilot.
Green screen shot of a giraffe looking to the camera while eating stops few seconds blinks one eye and continues eating.
Double Doors Open. Animation with Alpha Matte
Opening gates with clearance
a man opens the front door
Wind turbine renewable energy offshore park during sunrise camera closing in 4K 3d illustration
Silhouette of person walking in tunnel to the bright light.
Engineer in the construction helmet and antiviral protective mask inspects a building or object reconstruction. A gradual exit from the quarantine mode.
Tracking shot of businessmen and businesswomen in suits exiting elevator and walking towards their office
St. Petersburg, Russia - January 8 2021: Contemporary room corridor. Modern light lobby interior. Point of view - walking down a hotel hallway. Empty Corridor in a Mysterious Hotel. Orange warm light
On Feb. 5, 2020 in Jinan, Shandong, China: After the outbreak of new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, staff in protective suit at Jinan Railway Station is taking temperatures of incoming passengers
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