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Young happy smiling cheerful Indian latin guy Hispanic high school college university student standing in classroom campus laughing looking at camera. Headshot close up portrait.
Young Female Computer Science Engineer Looking at Big Screen Display Showing Global Map with Data Points. Telecommunications Technology Company System Control and Monitoring Room with Servers.
Nurse explaining diagnosis to disabled senior woman in wheelchair. Assistant wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus in hospital waiting area.
Medical assistant with visor and face mask against coronavirus looking at camera in hospital waiting area. Doctor consulting senior man in examination room.
Doctor makes an MRI scan for a patient in a clinic. The girl lies in the MRI device. Magnetic resonance imaging in the study of the human body. Modern technologies in medicine. Examines lungs
Doctor in a protective mask and glasses examines a woman with a flashlight. Pandemic threat, coronavirus threat. Covid19
Young female caucasian doctor make notes listen to african american father of little ill child son patient tell complaints, black dad with kid boy visit pediatrician talk at appointment consultation
close up of asian male technician in sterile coverall holds wafer with gloves that reflects many different colors and check it at semiconductor manufacturing plant
Female doctor pediatrician using stethoscope listen heart of happy healthy cute preschool kid boy give high five to child patient at medical visit with dad in hospital, children healthcare concept
Close up young indian woman working on computer, using touchpad, typing corporate message, communicating with clients. Millennial hindu girl student doing homework university assignment on laptop.
Focused young indian woman college university student doing homework assignment using laptop computer typing studying e learning on pc technology sit at home desk, distance online education concept
Multiracial college university students group study together prepare project make notes, happy diverse young people team write essay summary learn in teamwork do creative research homework in library
Focused african black male student using laptop search information internet course study online e learning in app typing on computer make notes write essay prepare for test exam sit at library desk
Friendly Female Doctor with Tablet Computer Explains Mammogram Procedure to a Topless Adult Female Patient Undergoing Mammography Scan. Healthy Woman Does Cancer Prevention Routine in Hospital Room.
Stressed young woman checking bills, taxes, bank account balance and calculating expenses in the living room at home
Tomograph, Patient on magnetic resonance imaging, medical examination
CIRCA 2020 - New York coronavirus Covid-19 patients are treated at the Javits Convention Center during the pandemic epidemic outbreak.
Medical technology concept. Remote medicine. Electronic medical record.
Surgeons examine patient organ using augmented reality holographic headsets. Doctor analysis health status interacting with virtual interface. Animation of digital liver appearance. Future medicine
Hospital Ward: Friendly Black Head Nurse Uses Stethoscope to Listen to Heartbeat and Lungs of Recovering Male Patient Resting in Bed, Does Checkup. Man Getting well after Successful Surgery
Smiling male professional doctor plastic surgeon handshakes female patient agree on surgery. Happy physician in white uniform shake hand of woman at medic checkup visit, medical service trust concept
Hospital Ward: Friendly Male Nurse Talks with Elderly Patient Resting in Bed. Doctor Uses Tablet Computer, Does Checkup. Old Man Fully Recovering after Successful Surgery. Modern Bright Clinic
Two doctors, man and woman in protective masks in a dental clinic, serve the patient girl. Work Dentist. Healthcare and medicine concept. Steadicam shooting.
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Physician talking to senior patient, putting data in tablet, home consultation
Exhausted or sick upset school student studying alone feeling headache writing difficult assignment at home. Tired depressed bored teenage girl worried about problem in children education concept.
Tomograph, Patient on magnetic resonance imaging, medical examination
Young indian girl student studying at home reading compendium notes in exercise book using laptop computer for online self education doing creative coursework research homework assignment sit at desk
Attractive pensive thoughtful woman sit at modern homeoffice desk working remotely, writing on laptop compare information with copybook written text, do freelance online job, study, workflow concept
Man hand and white electric tonometer on table for measuring blood pressure Healthy concept. Measurement of pressure and pulse. Hypertension and hypotension
Afro-american doctor woman welcoming patient, covering face with medical masks, consulting in the office. Doctor appointment. Coronavirus. Pandemic.
Asian doctor measure heart rate by stethoscope on little kid patient on bed in recovery room. Man and woman wearing mask having examination on girl during covid pandemic. Young nurse talking to child.
Pregnant Caucasian woman watching ultrasound
Woman doctor examining contagious patient in protective mask, healthcare
CIRCA 2020 - New York coronavirus Covid-19 intensive care doctors and nurses at workstation at the Javits Convention Center during the pandemic.
A female surgeon examines an X-ray of her leg with colleagues in the operating room. Her colleagues black and European surgeons are discussing an operation plan
Authentic shot of a happy smiling little girl is playing doctor with her mother on a sofa in living room at home.
Young veterinarian standing in office prepearing dog for surgery on examination table at clinic while male vet seatting at desk with x-rays on computer. Concept pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
Middle Aged Bearded Senior Project Manager Walks to a Big Screen with Neural Network. Professional Computer Data Science Engineer Work in a System Control and Monitoring Telecommunications Office.
Happy hispanic ethnic young woman university teacher, smiling latin girl college student, professional tutor looking at camera laughing standing in classroom in front of whiteboard. Close up portrait.
Disabled senior woman in wheelchair talking with nurse that wears protection mask against infection with coronavirus. Patient and medical staff in waiting area. Doctor in examination room.
Female patient is undergoing CT or MRI scan under supervision of two qualified radiologists in modern medical clinic. Patient lying on a CT scan bed, in protective mask moving inside the machine.
Excited overjoyed indian girl student open envelope reading good news in paper admission letter at home, happy euphoric young woman holding mail notice celebrate loan approval get new job scholarship
Smiling mature kind woman nurse doctor talking to happy disabled old elder man, happy female therapist cheering taking care of senior patient giving support and medical assistance in retirement house
Medical technology concept. Remote medicine. Electronic medical record.
woman veterinarian inspects the dog in veterinary clinic medical business love man doctor animal vet pet care examining cute exam health medicine people professional treatment check nurse canine
Professional team of dentist and nurse working on patient teethcare using dental x ray scan, stomatology equipment and computer at dentistry clinic. Orthodontists with medical tools
Young female doctor in white coat working on laptop in modern hospital office room, therapist typing on computer consult patient online, makes research, noting, takes useful information from internet
Pregnant Caucasian couple watching ultrasound
Blurred with Nurse Practices and patients waiting to see the doctor at the hospital examination room in the scene
In the Hospital, Friendly Female Doctor Checks on the Sick Male Patient Lying in Bed, He Reports His Complaints . They Have Friendly Chat and Hope for Swift Recovery. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Asian female patient coming to examination room and consult health problem to male doctor sitting in room. Medic man, woman wearing protective surgical face mask preventing covid virus pandemic.
CIRCA 2020 - New York coronavirus Covid-19 intensive care patients are treated at the Javits Convention Center during the pandemic epidemic outbreak.
Pediatric woman doctor interacting with sick patient giving high five during clinical consultation in hospital ward. Child lying in bed wearing oxygen nasal tube waiting for medication treatment
The doctors are examining the Asian female patient Who lay down on hospital bed, had a disease of Covid-19
Young woman nurse caregiver holding clipboard consulting old elder man, female doctor therapist in uniform sit on sofa at home hospital with senior patient during medical visit doing health checkup
Private hospital reception area during global pandemic. Doctor with visor against coronavirus inviting man in his office for examination. Disabled senior woman with walking frame
Team of adult and young doctors discussing over medical report in modern meeting office room of the hospital against a large window. Concept of team of doctors working together at the clinic.
Closeup of an elderly woman and nurse, with medical face masks on, look at at a computer screen in a bright home living room.
Pregnant woman taking consultation in the clinic.
Woman lying on the CT or MRI scanner during machine imaging her body, lights up infrared rays and female patient passes through the circle, crane shot from down to up, room interior, active scene.
Technician servicing an hot-water heater. Man check equipment of the boiler-house - thermometer.
Cute funny kid girl patient sit on couch with mom talking to male doctor, small preschool child with parent visiting pediatrician doing medical checkup laughing having fun at medical consultation
Asian medical team doctors nurse examining and checking Asian elderly male patient, health care staff take note on clipboard and pressure check with conversation in hospital.
Experienced caucasian adult doctor with white beard and grey hair are siting at desk and studying patients reports, against large window in modern office room of the hospital. Shooting in slow motion.
The suspect was arrested at the investigation, interview to find out the truth, the thief was caught by the police come to the dark room,Thailand people
Caucasian doctor therapist checking thyroid throat touching neck of elderly female patient in the hospital room. Healthcare specialist. Medicare. Treatment. Doctor checkup.
Senior Doctor Thinking About Diagnosis and Consulting Tablet Computer. His Office is Bright and Modern. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
NEW YORK - CIRCA 2020 - New York Covid-19 intensive care patients are treated at the Javits Convention Center during the pandemic epidemic outbreak.
Concentrated asian young woman in glasses using computer for studying and writing in the evening at home. mixed race asian chinese model.
Exhausted tired woman in labor gives birth to child, maternity ward pushing hard, young mother screams writhing in pain during childbirth in hospital, professional medical care of doctors, pregnancy
Man discussing with nurse at hospital reception wearing face mask against coronavirus. Doctor and senior man in clinic examination room during covid epidemic. Woman in hospital waiting area.
Identifying the rapid decline of the patients pulse in the emergency room. Monitoring system examines the patients pulse in the emergency room. Emergency patients heartbeat is slowing down. Pulse.
Beautiful curly girl in yellow sweater, holding pet at doctor's appointment at veterinary clinic. Dog stands on examination table while female vet in form with statoscope examines it.
slow motion close up shot of man's hands holding a pen and clipboard as he taking notes with an interior background. inspector during home inspection.
Futuristic Medical Ward with Sick Patient Lying in Bed and Doctor using Gestures and Augmented Reality Interface. Doctor Looks at Brain Scans and Medical History of the Patient. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K.
African american pediatrician nurse writing healthcare treatment during recovery examination in hospital ward. Hospitalized sick child resting in bed recovering after medicine surgery
Caring old female doctor pediatrician talk to school child girl make notes in clipboard listen to little patient sit on sofa with mother tell complaints at medical checkup appointment consultation
Senior Doctor Thinking About Patient's Diagnosis and Typing on a Tablet Computer. His Office is Bright and Modern. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
In the Hospital, Portrait Shot of Topless Multiethnic Female Patient Undergoing Mammography Screening Procedure. Healthy Adult Caucasian Woman Does Cancer Preventive Mammogram Scan in Radiology Room.
Asian young dentist wearing face mask, using medical instruments for oral care treatment. Assistant sitting beside, using suction machine. Medical service occupation and health care in dental clinic.
asian male technician in sterile coverall holds wafer that reflects many different colors with gloves and check it at semiconductor manufacturing plant
Blurred with Nurse Practices and patients waiting to see the doctor at the hospital examination room in the scene
Professional female doctor neurologist working with brain MRI scans on a computer at her personal desk at hospital. 4K UHD
Focused young indian woman working on school project with caucasian friend on computer. Happy diverse girls studying together in library. Mixed race students preparing for exams, writing notes.
CIRCA 2020 - New York coronavirus Covid-19 intensive care patients are treated at the Javits Convention Center during the pandemic epidemic outbreak.
Girl, her mom and the dentist in the dental office, the stomatologist examining and consulting, daughter curious and docile
Asia smart people or latin sme owner sit on desk table at home look at camera enjoy read e-mail on digital tablet, smart wireless wifi 5G in money trade, smile happy female typing write search data.
Assistant controls a cardio surgery in front of monitors in a control room. In an operation room a surgeon makes manipulations with a patient.
Cute three year old boy using magnifying glass as a toy to examin his toy lying on wooden floor.Cute little kid, playing at home, in the living room, with toys, looking them with magnifying glass.
Medical team of three adult and young doctors examining X-ray scan together in the consulting room of the hospital. Concept of team of doctors working together at clinic. Tracking shot in slow motion.
Offshore oil and gas business, production operator logging data and adjusting corrosion inhibitor pump to optimize flow for maintain gases and crude oil quality then report to control room by radio
Cute adorable little preschool kid girl wear white medical uniform holding stethoscope listening sick toy teddy bear patient, smart small child playing hospital game as doctor pretend nurse concept
A patient moving out of mri scan machine
Close up portrait of female veterinarian holding dog and kissing it while waiting for owner after examination at clinic. Vet sitting in medical suit. Concept pets care, veterinary, healthy animals.
Asian doctor measure heart rate by stethoscope on little kid patient on bed in recovery room. Man and woman wearing mask having examination on girl during covid pandemic. Father taking care of child.
Man sitting in living room do finance analysis holds sales slip heap of receipt feels frustrated worried due lack of money, small business entrepreneur bankruptcy financial problems, overspend concept
3d Rendering of Doctor's Office
Doctor explaining meeting topics by previewing on a green screen monitor in hospital conference room. Team of doctors with diverse ages brainstorming looking at mock-up display with green chroma key.
Young mom play with cute little daughter at home, preschool girl use medical tool toy set treats her mother, enjoy playtime express care and love. Future profession, vocation and health-care concept
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