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Rays of light falling to the empty dark classroom. The camera panning behind rows of desks and chairs. Teaching class without students during a break. Abandoned school. Disturbing mood.
Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
In Elementary School Class: Portrait of a Brilliant and Cute Black Girl with Braces Writes in Exercise Notebook, Smiles. Junior Classroom with Diverse Group of Bright Children Working Diligently
Caring Teacher Explains Lesson to a Classroom Full of Bright Diverse Children. In Elementary School with Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning Science, Whole Classroom Raising Hands Knowing Answer
In Elementary School Class: Enthusiastic Teacher walks between Rows of Bright Diverse Children, Explains Lesson. Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning New Stuff. Side View Tracking Shot
A little girl schoolgirl with a school backpack and a book runs through the park to school. Educated kids. Happy girl with a school backpack and a book rushes to school. Happy kids running to class
Afro american kid girl school pupil wearing headphones studying online from home watching web class lesson or listening tutor by video call elearning on pandemic isolation. Children remote education.
Back to School, Online learning, distance lesson, education at home, technology for schoolboy, business conference. Children doing homework at home
rear view of elementary school kids running on the grass
Indian nanny spend time in modern cozy home with little boy. Loving caring mother play with preschooler son with dinosaurs, construct tower use wooden bricks set. Child development, playtime concept
Group of multieracial schoolchildren interacting using gadgets laptops for programming at robotics engineering class. School science classroom of futuristic technologies. STEM education concept.
Young mother with siblings daughters together running towards sun having fun in city park garden. Family run on green grass at background of trees during summer sunset. Motherhood childhood concept
schoolgirl goes to school through the park along the path. kid dream concept. people in the park. schoolgirl goes school in the park education. schoolgirl walk after class with a backpack and book
African kid child girl holding digital tablet talking with remote teacher tutor on social distance video conference call elearning online virtual class. Children learning at home, over shoulder view.
Elementary School Science Classroom: Enthusiastic Teacher Explains Chemistry to Diverse Group of Children, Little Boy Mixes Chemicals in Beakers. Children Learn with Interest
Yellow school bus. Top down birds eye aerial of kids children and students as they run and enter at bus stop. Public education transportation theme.
Elementary School Physics Teacher Uses Interactive Digital Whiteboard to Show to a Classroom full of Smart Diverse Children how Generator Works. Science Class with Curious Kids Listening Attentively
little girl kid with a backpack and a textbook runs hurrying to school. fun education concept. little schoolgirl with a backpack runs to the school building. child running with textbook back view
Elementary Classroom of Diverse Bright Children Listening to the Teacher Giving a Lesson. Everyone Raises Hand Knowing the Right Answer. Brilliant Kids in School Learning Science, Creative Thinking
Group of children, teacher with face masks outdoors at school after covid-19 lockdown.
Elementary School Classroom: Enthusiastic Teacher Holding Tablet Computer Explains to a Brilliant Young Children How Wind Turbines Work. Kids Learning about Eco-Friendly Forms of Renewable Energy
Cheerful father and son playing baseball at yard
Female student hand using digital tablet at desk in school classroom. Closeup african american girl doing class work on tablet computer. Afro kid arm searching internet online during lesson
Cute indian latin preteen girl school kid child pupil wearing headphones raising hand distance learning online talking to camera at virtual lesson class by video conference call at home, webcam view.
Lovely elementary age girl with pigtails painting sun on window glass with paintbrush and yellow paint at home. Positive little artist drawing on window, expressing her imagination and creativity.
Young asia boy student wear headset headphone with computer laptop videocall talk present online e-learning class study with teacher, social distance learn language at home, homeschooling concept.
A male teacher in protective face mask standing by chalkboard in front of children in the classroom. pointing at posters and explaining math lesson while working in school during covid-19 outbreak.
Smiling smart indian latin preteen school girl pupil studying at home sitting at desk. Happy cute hispanic kid primary school student writing in exercise book doing homework, learning at table.
shot of A young girl is teaching a group of Indian Asian primary school children or kids sitting and studying together using a laptop in an indoor classroom setup. learning and education concept
Children with face mask going back to school after covid-19 lockdown, greeting.
Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
Young father checking homework helping cute school child daughter with studies sit at kitchen table. Adult parent or tutor explaining kid girl distance learning at home. Private education concept
Rays of light falling to the empty dark classroom. The camera moves ahead passing by rows of desks and chairs. Teaching class without students during a break. Abandoned school. Disturbing mood.
Young asia student remotely learn online at home in coding robot car and electronic board cable in STEM, STEAM, mathematics engineering science technology computer code in robotics for kids concept.
Happy cute small african kid girl vlogger talking to camera at home recording vlog for social media blog, video conference calling virtual friend having online meeting sitting on couch, web cam view.
Multi-ethnic group of children and their Caucasian female teacher in a classroom during a lesson, raising their hands, one girl sitting in wheelchair, slow motion. Education at an elementary school.
Pan across empty classroom in school or university - chairs and desks without anyone sitting vacant room elementary or high school during day off or summer break vacation - no students - camera move
Elementary Pupils Raising Hands To Answer Question As Female Teacher Reads Story In Classroom
Happy indian latin girl school pupil distance learning, studying online at virtual class with teacher tutor by video conference call, watching tv lesson on laptop computer at home, in classroom.
A bored schoolboy boy lies on a desk and looks at a pen. A sad boy 10-12 years old sits at a desk with a notebook, lazily scratches a pen. Portrait of a pupil
Elementary School Science Classroom: Teacher Educates Smart Little Schoolchildren who Work on Personal Computers, Learn Programming Language for Software Coding.Schoolchildren Getting Modern Education
Group of cheerful children with face masks running on corridor, back to school concept.
Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States
Child studying homework math during his online lesson at home, social distance during quarantine. Self-isolation and online education concept caused by coronavirus pandemia
CU, Slow motion, Back view shot: Student runs home from school
Cute funny african kid girl talking to friend, sister, mom or distance teacher during online virtual family chat videocall meeting by video conference call using pc computer sitting at home desk.
Happy family mom and daughter go hand in hand. A woman and a girl with a backpack behind them. Happy little girl dreams of school. Dreaming little girl goes with mom to school for the first lesson
Cute kid hiting a basketball ball. Boy practicing shooting a basketball.
Old mature grandma nanny teaching cute small preschool granddaughter learning reading ebook on digital tablet. Two generation family grandparent and grandchild using pad device tech on floor at home
Cute small elementary reopen school pupil african american kid child girl wearing face mask looking at camera standing in classroom. Children safety for covid protection, headshot close up portrait.
Group of diverse students in school building discussing in group study class. Elementary pupils are wearing a face mask while brainstorming. Covid-19 school reopen concept.
Protons colliding, abstract animated background. Elementary particles  emitting.
Asian little girl taking online class. Education technology. EdTech.
Shot of a group of happy and adorable primary school children wearing uniforms with backpacks walking through a rural village lane. school re opening, learning, and education concept.
Teacher back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown, disinfecting desks.
Side view of young Black woman sitting in room of her elementary-aged son, helping him packing backpack for school, boy getting toothache suddenly, mom hugging him
Cute small 6-7 years kid daughter learning writing with young mom tutor. Adult parent mother teaching school child girl helps with homework studying sitting at home table. Children education concept
School kids counting with fingers at an elementary school
life with disabilities, boy with downs syndrome studying mathematics with her teacher sitting at desk in classroom at elementary school
Modern Empty Kindergarten Classroom Interior
Caucasian female teacher standing in a classroom with arms crossed, looking at camera and smiling, with her pupils sitting at desks in the background, in slow motion. education at an elementary school
Joyful child girl waving hands painted in Ukraine flag colors and say hello outdoor at nature background, focus on hands
two little asian children boy and girl playing outdoors blowing soap bubbles with parents watching from behind.
Enthusiastic teacher high-fiving students exiting doorway from classroom / Provo, Utah, United States
Little asian girl creates movement for mechanical robotic hand in school laboratory. Educational Technology Concept.
Elementary Classroom of Diverse Bright Children Listening to the Teacher Giving a Lesson. Everyone Raises Hand Knowing the Right Answer. Brilliant Kids in School Learning. Teacher Over the Shoulder
Teachers feedback behavior and peer acceptance talented children with special educational needs are intimately connected social interaction in elementary inclusive school tutor and students.
Little black girl with face mask in class puts hand sanitizer on her hands. COVID-19 pandemic. Children back to school after coronavirus lockdown.
Dubai , United Arab Emirates - 09 19 2018: Teacher Wearing Hijab Teaching Arabic Language To Elementary Students In The School
Happy kid eating a sandwich outdoors at school. Healthy school breakfast for the child. Hungry kid eating outside on the background of the school. Street fast food. Food for lunch. A delicious burger
Elementary School Computer Science Classroom: Over the Shoulder View of a Kid Using Laptop to  Design 3D Game, Building Level in Strategic Roleplaying Video game
Young woman working in school helping multiethnic children make toy cars, learning about mechanics, stem. Asian school teacher assisting elementary students in science classroom
Elementary school kids chasing football in a field
Two Muslim girl is studying online via the internet on tablet in living room at home, Asian elementary school children watching computer tablet. Concept of education at home. Close-up on the face kid
Close up view of mother and daughter walking hand in hand together at street. Mom taking her elementary graded kid to school. Concept of family relationships
Curly masked schoolgirl pulls his hand up, ready to answer. Children in the class after quarantine coronavirus covid-19, back to school, post-quarantine life, new normality
Cute primary school age girls of mixed race ethnicity studying together. African and caucasian sisters or friends doing homework writing exercise distance learning. Diverse children home education.
Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
Portrait of happy child with face mask going back to school after covid-19 lockdown.
Indian latin preteen girl school kid child pupil wearing headphones distance learning online looking at web camera at virtual remote lesson class by video conference call at home, webcam view.
Group of cheerful children going home from school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
Video of happy caucasian female teacher explaining lesson on laptop to diverse pupils. school education and teaching profession.
Interior of a modern empty preschool classroom
Group of diverse students in school building checked and scanned for temperature check. Elementary pupils are wearing a face mask and line up before entering into classroom. Covid-19 school reopen.
Happy Asian little girl smile on the face, Asia child hold book and backpack while standing in interior home. Portrait of a kid looking to camera. Concept backpack to school
Pretty primary school girl wearing headphones distance learning at home. Focused cute kid listening audio lesson studying at table, doing homework. Children remote education on quarantine concept.
mom and daughter go to school. happy family education concept. schoolgirl with mom and daughter go hand in hand to school on footpath in lifestyle the park. little girl with a briefcase time to study
Motion to the left showing empty school classroom with chairs under desks. Concept for pandemic.
Cute child girl wearing headphones studying online in mobile app by video call with remote teacher, tutor. School kid holding phone doing homework using application, watching class learning at home.
Young Indian woman and little preschooler cute son play colorful wooden bricks sit on warm floor in modern living room. Children development, babysitting job, leisure games on weekend at home concept
Elementary School Physics Teacher Uses Interactive Digital Tablet to Show to a Classroom of Smart Children how Renewable Energy and Wind Turbines Works. Science Class with Kids Listening Attentively
Happy indian latin preteen girl school pupil wearing headphones raising hand distance learning online at virtual lesson class with teacher tutor on laptop by video conference call studying at home.
Close up of loving father wearing medical mask on his son face while sending him to school. Boy with backpack giving high five and running while man in suit standing and watching
A little schoolgirl with a backpack and a book goes home through the Park. Rear view. A child hurries to the Playground after school. A happy kid plays in the Park after school.
The teacher in the classroom explains a new topic to students. Masked children, post-quarantine life, new normality after lockdown, coronavirus covid-19. Back to school
little kid video calling using laptop at home in the evening with school teacher
Smiling mixed race female driver of school bus waving goodbye to elementary age kids going to school. Diverse schoolboys and schoolgirls taking turns leaving yellow bus arriving to school
Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors
Cute smart primary school child girl learning writing doing math homework sit at home table, adorable pretty little preschool kid studying alone making notes, children elementary education concept
Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
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