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Portrait of young woman eating chocolate at home kitchen. Beautiful female person biting chocolate at modern apartment. Relaxed girl enjoying dark chocolate indoors in slow motion.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Almonds Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
cookies homemade,cookies rotate, piece biscuit chocolate on black
Eating brownie with fork. Taking bite of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and raspberries
Pouring chocolate sauce on a chocolate brownie dessert. Close up of biscuit cake. Shot in slow motion with RED camera..
Blonde boy eating Easter chocolate bunnies with dirty face at home on blue kitchen. Happy kid celebrating Easter with colored eggs and chocolate bunnies.
Chocolate pouring on vanolla ice cream scoops. Serving homemade vegetarian ice cream in a bowl with berries, nuts and chocolate syrup
Super Slow Motion Shot of Hazelnuts Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Eating chocolate cake. Taking ]bite of moist delicious chocolate cake with a fork
chocolate candy set. Box of chocolates close-up .assorted chocolate sweets.Chocolate candies set in an open box. top view. sweet dessert.
Young woman mouth eating chocolate ice cream
Moving and disappearing chocolate chip cookie on blue background, stop motion. 4K. Abstract colorful animation. Food, eating concept
Close up, Scooping chocolate chip ice cream by the spoon. Texture of ice cream texture after scooping.
Closeup view of funny dirty small girl after eating chocolate. Brown lips and teeth. Child licking fingers.
Closeup Scooping ice cream cookies & Cream, Food concept, Blank for design.
Group of Beautiful Asian woman friendship eat tasty cake and dessert on the table in cafe together. Female girl friends talking and enjoy eating sweet bakery and beverage in restaurant with happiness
Candy sweets background. Assorted colorful mixed candies. Colorful delicious sweets turning top view.
Cookies with pieces of chocolate fall on the table and crumble. On a black background. Filmed is slow motion 1000 fps.High quality FullHD footage
Extra close up of sensual girls face enjoying sweet chocolate bar with closed eyes slow motion. Macro detailed portrait of young woman tasting cocoa dessert indoors at home. Teeth protection concept
Eating caramel cheesecake. Taking bite of caramel cheesecake with fork
beautiful women eating ice cream on beach girl friends enjoying delicious soft serve relaxing on warm summer day 4k footage
Box of chocolate bonbons hard to resist. Hand trying to take pieces, other hand hitting it to avoid and guard the sweets. Trying to resist temptation, regulating impulses
Cookies with pieces of chocolate, rotation.
Chocolate sauce pouring on belgian waffles. Sweet breakfast food, unhealthy eating. Sugar food
Close-up freshly picked cocoa beans falling from the bottom up onto flying cocoa powder. Concept of fresh cheeky chocolate flavor for desserts. Slow motion
Happy woman enjoy chocolate bar in slow motion. Model girl with chocolate posing on camera on yellow background. Portrait of young woman eating dark chocolate bar
Dark chocolate chips spill out on the brown background. The backdrop for confectionery, candy shop. The pile of tiny cocoa candies. Delicious toppings for cookies or biscuits. Sweet temptation.
Portrait young Asian lady barista waitress holding coffee cup feeling happy at urban cafe. Asia small business owner girl in apron relax toothy smile looking to camera stand at counter in coffee shop.
cute little girl eating cookie dipping biscuit into hot chocolate enjoying delicious treat at home in kitchen
Sweet breakfast. Woman eating desserts in cafe - cakes, macaroons, tarts with berries. Female hand take a piece of pie. Traditional english afternoon tea pastries in luxury hotel. Close up
slow motion of eating chocolate chip cookies
Ice cream Chocolate Chip in waffle cone isolated on blue background, Front view Food concept.
Taking bite of cheesecake with fork. Eating cheesecake
The boy eats chocolates at home in the kitchen. Junk food, childhood concept. In room.
Closeup Slow motion Surface ice cream chocolate background, Front view Food concept, Blank for design.
Cheesecake with chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce pouring over slice of classical New York Cheesecake decorated with strawberries
Stop motion footage of a milk chocolate Easter egg wrapped in gold foil being slowly unwrapped and eaten bite by bite until there is nothing left. White background with copy space available
Cheerful african american father and daughter eating snack in living room, Happiness family concepts
women 's hands apply chocolate nut cream on a slice of freshly baked bread close - up. home cooking breakfast zoom in
Man eats a chocolate chip cookies in a cafe
Concept of Easter egg hunt. Cute chocolate Easter bunnies and eggs are hidden in green grass on the backyard. Traditional candies while spring celebration. Happy Easter. Joy. Gift. Funny game for kids
Chocolate bar with melted dark chocolate dripping over dark brown background. Confectionery concept backdrop. Melted premium chocolate flowing. Sweet dessert. 4K UHD video, slow motion
sneaky teenage girl eating chocolate spread from jar in kitchen enjoying delicious treat cheeky teen indulging in unhealthy snack at home
Women refuse to eat cake chocolate and choose to eat green apple. Diet for Healthy women and strong bodies. Cake have many of fat . diet concept.
Close-up portrait of cute child boy eating a tasty candie closing eyes in satifaction enjoying leisure activity. Sugar addiction concept.
Chocolate. Chunks of dark chocolate rotate on dark background, rotate. Gourmet dessert ingredient. Confectionery, confection concept. 4K UHD video
Indecisive doubtful girl makes decision fighting with herself count calories choosing between healthy raw organic vegetable food and high sugar rich dessert candies, dieting or eating disorder concept
Woman breaks chocolate bar. Hands breaking, cracking dark milk chocolate. Person chef chocolatier snapping apart pieces of sweet chocolate for melting and making sweets desserts. Slow motion
African woman sitting in kitchen at home and eating tasty chocolate bar. Nodding head with smile.
Molten chocolate, slow motion, 4k  choco dropping and splashing forming a beautiful crown splash
Stop motion sweet doughnut with filling. Half-eaten food., in the context of. On a pink background.
Two plates of waffles. A girl pours chocolate sauce over Belgian waffles. Sweet Belgian waffles with berries. White and gray dishes on a wooden textured kitchen table. A girl in a beige apron prepares
Chocolate falling in chocolate sauce. Slow motion.
beautiful women eating ice cream on beach girl friends enjoying delicious soft serve relaxing on warm summer day 4k footage
The child eating a Belgian waffle with a chocolate view. daily life dirty stain for wash and clean concept
Vegan carob chocolate smoothie with superfood toppings. Eating healthy smoothie bowl
Closeup Scoop ice cream chocolate out from container with a spoon, Food concept, Top view Blank for design.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Raw Chocolate Chunks Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Candy sweets background. Assorted colorful chocolate candies. Colorful delicious sweets turning top view.
Cute and funny Puppy french bulldog chewing food
Young woman opening chocolate bar in studio. Portrait of happy girl eating chocolate in slow motion. Portrait of fashion model eating chocolate bar on yellow. Close up of pretty girl eat sweet food
Man biting and eating chocolate bar. Close up of lower half male face, eating sweet food
Grinding cacao beans using a rolling pin and stone surface to make chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico. Extreme close up, slow motion.
Liquid dark chocolate in bowl. Female hand mixing melted dark chocolate with spoon. Chocolate fondue
Super Slow Motion Shot of Hazelnuts Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Ice cream Cookies & Cream scoop in waffle cone on pink background, Front view Food concept.
Chunks of chocolate and oranges flying in slow motion. Shot with Phantom Flex 4K camera.
chocolate mousse in bowl- woman eating chocolate mousse, slow motion
Eating Chocolate Cake. Taking Bite Of Chocolate Cake Zacher
Happy family sitting around kitchen table in the morning eating breakfast together and having fun
Rotating close-up shot of tasty delicious sweet buns donuts with colorful icing and sprinkles. Dessert. bakery and confectionery.
Portrait of a young hungry man eating a donut
Assorted Chocolate Candies. Chocolate Sweets. Candy Design over dark Background. Various Chocolates. Confectionery. Slow motion 4K UHD video
Ready-to-eat сhocolate muffins with crispy top on the gray background.
Chocolate tower with hazelnuts. Pieces of chocolate with hazelnuts on a black background. recipe for making chocolate with nuts
Asian father serving chocolate cake for his young lovely daughter's birthday party at home. The girl is delight and happy blowing the candle light with happiness. Celebration in family.
Melted Milk Chocolate flows from the surface on Green Screen or Chroma Key background
Funny young bearded man with long hair eating vegan milk hand made ice cream in a chocolate glaze outdoor. Green wall back ground. Urban city life. Way to cool in the heat. Dessert tasting.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring Meldet Caramel at 1000fps.
Close-up melted liquid chocolate flows, metal pastry spoon covered with flowing chocolate or brown caramel sauce stream on yellow background. Cooking sweet chocolate dessert and candies. Confectionery
Man hastily eating sweet chocolate donut. Close-up
Homemade tiramisu cake traditional Italian dessert
Little girl outdoors in the park eating a bar of chocolate biting and chewing - teeth health concept
Ripe selected cocoa beans fall from top to bottom on flying cocoa powder. The concept of the taste of chocolate and gourmet desserts. Slow motion
One of the health-care girls used a hand to push a plate of chocolate cake. Refuse to eat foods that contain Trans Fat.
Pile Of Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. - close up shot
Chocolate falling in chocolate sauce. Slow motion.
Close up of a female mouth eating vegan doughnut with chocolate icing
Melted chocolate slowly pouring over chunks of solid chocolate. Shot with RED 8K camera.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Coconut Pieces Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Decorating chocolate smoothie bowl with coconut flakes in slow motion. Healthy vegan vegetarian carob smoothie bowl
Chocolate sauce pouring on belgian waffles. Sweet breakfast food, unhealthy eating. Sugar food. Pouring syrup over waffles on plate with berries and ice-cream. Slow motion. Full hd
Cheesecake with caramel sauce. Caramel sauce pouring on slice of new york cheesecake
Woman breaks chocolate bar. Hands breaking, cracking dark milk chocolate. Person chef chocolatier snapping apart pieces of sweet chocolate for melting and making sweets desserts. Slow motion
funny little girl stealing cupcake in kitchen at home
Close up front view, unrecognizable brunette girl with big smile and white healthy teeth bites cacao chocolate macaron cookie, isolated on sky blue background
Portrait of enjoying girl biting dessert at home in slow motion. Closeup satisfied woman looking at camera with fancy cake in hand. Attractive brunette girl eating cake in home kitchen.
TOP VIEW: Eating a layer cake on a yellow background - Stop motion
Boy and girl rides cocoa chocolate. Sweet breakfast at table in the kitchen. Dirty face of child. Happy family concept. Cheerful hungry children eat chocolate. Child eat chocolate sitting at table
Child children eat sweet chocolate at table. Dirty face child mouth biting cocoa chocolate with teeth. Sweet breakfast of children at the table in kitchen. Happy kids with messy face eating chocolate
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