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Exhausted or bored young sleepy woman falls down on sofa. Apathetic tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression concept
Exhausted Or Bored Young Sleepy Woman Falls Down On Sofa. Apathetic Tired Lazy Lady Sleeping On Couch At Home Alone. Funny Girl Lying Asleep Feeling Lack Of Motivation, Fatigue Or Depression Concept
Exhausted overloaded young man in casual shirt came home after work flopped down on sofa feels like squeezed lemon. Concept of after party, tired overworked person hard day, lack of energy, breakdown
Fatigue and eye pain. Close-up of man at workplace working at computer and experiencing fatigue and pain in his eyes, rubs his eyes. Manager syndrome, insomnia, recycling concept
Funny bored at work african american businessman worker falling asleep at office desk, sleepy deprived tired mixed race male student employee sleeping at workplace near laptop feel overworked concept
Real wild brown bear sleeps on the ground.In natural habitat environment.Lazy lethargic sluggish drowsy sleepy sleeping sleep black grizzly paw claw fur giant Animal wildlife documentary film footage
Portrait of tired business man sleeping on the office table, waking up and feeling confused in the modern office.
Lazy unproductive employee sitting at desk and sleeping in the office
Tired overworked workaholic indian female employee sit at workplace desk in modern office using laptop working on deadline task, urgent project feels exhausted. Over hours job, hard-working concept
Eye fatigue. Tired woman at workplace in evening works at laptop, girl touches her head and eyes. Manager syndrome, insomnia concept
People takes parts participating at seminar workshop listens information given by trainer, close up focus on yawning employee feels bored disinterested during presentation training in boardroom office
Tired sleepy young business woman falling asleep sit at home office desk with computer, overworked lazy bored lady worker feel fatigue close eyes sleeping on hand exhausted of work deprived concept
Tired man pours coffee. Exhausted bywork bearded man at workplace pours another cup of coffee and drinking. Manager syndrome, insomnia, exhaustion, stress, fatigue, overwork, sleep disorder concepts
Lazy office worker napping in the office, the telephone rings and wakes him up
Yawing baby boy in red shirt sitting at the table and watching on tablet holds his hands near face
Cute. mature koala in closeup. dozes off as it clings to the trunk of a tree. Ultra HD 4k video with nature sounds.
Young asian man driver was drowsy. He yawned and was about to fall asleep. doze off Driving for a long time, sleep deprivation
Head shot exhausted young indian ethnicity woman falling down on cozy couch, sleeping resting at home after hard working day, relieving stress or renewing energy at home, relaxation concept.
Aged lady with gray hair sleeping in cozy hotel bed, business trip, jet lag
Black employee sleeping put head on hands during corporate seminar business training in boardroom yawning bored participants workers listen tedious coach unmotivated staff boring presentation concept
Clumsy drowsy young caucasian brunette girl pour juice into red glass out of jug, slips and fall over kitchen floor in early morning, slow motion
Tired man yawning and falling asleep while waiting for plane at the airport
Exhausted tired young boy child. Mixed ethnically diverse kid rubbbing face with hand.
Eye fatigue, manager syndrome concept. Man in workplace uses eye drops, his head thrown back. Close-up
Overworked student girl worker sleeping at desk with laptop feels headache tired. Unproductive employee mixed race woman lying on table fall asleep feeling boredom, need rest break, insomnia concept
Tired or drunk driver falling asleep at the wheel
Top view of discontent young woman has gloomy face,  has insomnia, cant get asleep late, lies under grey blanket, feels lonely.  Lady stressed because of too early wakeup, suffering from lack of sleep
Fatigue. Close-up of man at workplace working at computer and experiencing drowsiness and fatigue, he tries to cheer up and hits his face. Manager syndrome, insomnia, recycling concept
Snoring man choking out loud  and gasping during the uncomfortable night, health care concept. Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms, high angle view.
Little  boy sitting at dining table in kitchen in front of bowl with milk and corn flakes, kid feels sluggish without appetite lack of energy in the morning. Get up early, not tasty breakfast concept
Drowsy young woman yawning, sleepy inattentive, feeling somnolent lazy bored gaping suffering from lack of sleep, dressed in white shirt, isolated on pink background. Tiredness and awakening concept
Man hands assembling patient tube to cpap mask and cpap machine in white background, hd video selective focus.
Cpap installation .
Yawning donkey close-up
Head shot lazy unproductive tired young male office worker employee in glasses sleeping at workplace on table with laptop and crumpled paper documents, feeling exhausted after overtime workday.
Man hands assembling air filter of cpap machine on white background.
CPAP routine maintenance .
Close-up cute and sleepy beagle yawning curling up in bed. Adorable small hunting dog resting falling asleep.
Fatigue driving car. A man rides on the vehicle of exhaustion and falls asleep.
Tired exhausted Afro woman bored of routine work study in office at home with laptop, loses energy, lays head on hands on table, falls asleep long day at workplace, girl feeling sluggish unhealthy
Young asian business man working on his laptop on a train, in slow motion
Exhausted unmotivated young european man falling asleep on couch, feeling no energy after hard working day. Overwhelmed 30s businessman flopping down on sofa, needs rest at home, burnout concept.
Child yawning. Little boy yawns tired wanting nap
Tired businessman with laptop falling asleep in office
Overwork fatigue. Late task. Project deadline. Exhausting schedule. Tired drowsy sleepy male employee working on project using laptop nodding at night dark home office workplace.
Sad woman awake late at night, she is suffering from insomnia
Cute little asian kid girl sleeping well alone in bed adorable small child rest asleep enjoy good healthy peaceful sleep or nap girl sleeping
Young stylish Asian woman Bored hipster yawning and covering mouth with palm,posing on blue background. Drowsiness and tiredness concept.Portrait of sleepy woman opens her mouth covering it with palm.
IThe young man is yawning, drowsy. Yawning young caucasian man, showing a tired gesture, covering the mouth with his hand. ndoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
sleepy asian young woman stretching body with a yawn and reluctantly pushing back the blanket to get off bed preparing for work on Monday morning in the bedroom
Exhausted or bored young sleepy asian woman falls down on sofa. Apathetic tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression
Man hands removing tube from a cpap machine,isolated white background .
CPAP routine maintenance.
Cute and adorable beagle puppy curling up twisting on coach before sleep. Close-up of playful little dog looking around sniffing lying at home.
Tired businessman with laptop yawning in the office
Young stylish woman with tattoo yawns. Bored hipster yawning and covering mouth with palm, posing on yellow background. Drowsiness and tiredness concept.
Eye contact with drowsy Asian lion in sunset light close up. Peaceful King of beasts, the biggest cat of the world, horoscope and zodiac symbol. Amazing beauty of the wildlife in excellent HD footage.
Tired eyes. Face of young woman with fatigue and pain in eyes, she touches eyelids and bridge of nose with her fingers. Manager syndrome, insomnia, fatigue concept. Close-up
Apathetic young sleepy woman falls down on sofa. Exhausted tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression concept
Tired sleepy man drives the car through the night city
A man sleeping leaning on the yellow suitcase in the airport lounge. The delay of the flight.
Tired businesswoman with documents yawning and sleeping by desk at home
Sleepy funny businessman with curly hair dozing at work, sleeping at workplace in modern office
Sleepy driver yawns and closes eyes while driving in car. Yawning and fatigue.
Sleepy girl driving a car. Tired woman is yawning traveling a auto.
Close up Asian woman lean on couch relaxing put hands behind head open eyes looks into distance. Lazy day, admire view out the window, rented flat satisfied renter, enjoy air-conditioned air concept
Eye pain. Vertical orientation of man at workplace working at computer and experiencing fatigue and pain in his eyes, rubs his eyes. Manager syndrome, insomnia, recycling concept
Morning coffee and a sleeping girl. Coffee machine and sleeping girl. Overflowing cup of coffee
Funny Sleepy Pug Dog with gum in the eye sleep rest on floor in lazy time.
Young woman yawning on the sofa
Relaxed girl sit on bed, slowly and lazily stretch hands up and yawning, carefree weekend morning time. Slender young adult woman look to window, sunny outdoors. Bright white bedroom interior
Tired man yawning and falling asleep while waiting for plane at the airport
slow motion scene on asian kid boy stretching body and yawing while studying online on school e-learning webinar program in house for homeschool technology lifestyle concept
A woman who blinks image
Little boy sleeping on rubber ring swimming in sea. Child relaxing on inflatable circle during summer holidays. Kid floating on inflatable circle in sea
Man hands removing air filter of cpap main unit with nail files,white background,selective focused.
CPAP routine maintenance job.
Replacing Disposable filter.
Lazy overworked man yawning and falling asleep leaning head on hands, sitting on workplace and working at laptop. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Rear view mirror. Young asian man driver was drowsy. He yawned and was about to fall asleep. doze off Driving for a long time, sleep deprivation
Tired stressed overworked multi ethnic business woman falling asleep at desk, sitting at table with laptop. Depressed unmotivated asian freelancer lying on table, feeling boredom working from home
Overworked businessman checking time falling asleep at work desk. Tired male worker yawning taking nap at messy table with crumpled papers. Exhausted employee workaholic sleeping in office concept
Sleeping Asian Woman Wearing Blindfold Sleeping Mask in Airplane. Young Traveller Girl in the Morning in Plane. HD Slowmotion Lensflare.
Drowsy defocused rescue lights, unconscious state concept
Tired businessman with laptop yawning in the office during night
Tired young indian ethnicity woman coming home after hard working day, need rest, renewing energy feeling relaxed sitting on comfortable couch, enjoying lounge carefree evening time alone at home.
Attractive mature woman sleeping and smiling seeing pleasant dreams, top view
Adult gray haired woman resting in her comfortable bed after hard working day
Fatigue and eye pain. Attractive woman worker with glasses at workplace, takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes with hand. Manager syndrome, insomnia, recycling concept. Close-up
Sleepy, young woman yawning and drink by table in the kitchen
Woman sit on bed edge, stretch up hands and fall on soft blanket. Bright window, sun flash through transparent curtain, lazy weekend, relaxed morning time. Slide camera follow girl, slow motion shot
Sales manager waking up from snap in office, putting off sleep mask, yawning and starting working on his computer
Tired, sleepy man driving car, slow motion
Tracking shot of a young mixed race man on his laptop at night looking very tired but pressing on with his work
Young attractive sleepy caucasian brunette girl wakes up and sits on bed. Beam of light falls on her face in early morning, close up slow motion, warm tone
Tired bearded businessman in black official style suit feeling drowsiness, it is late and falling asleep, keeping palms together near ear. Indoor studio shot isolated on gray background.
Man yawning while driving truck on highway
A very bored and tired young businesswoman is struggling to stay awake at her desk while she is at work. As she lapses into sleep she looks around to check that her colleagues haven't noticed.
A tired student received a disappointing news on a portable computer
The mother and daughter in the waiting room of the airport sleeping on chairs
A woman with her daughter at the airport in the waiting room, spend the night and wait for flight
Sleepy, Drowsy Businessman Driving a Car. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Young caucasian student man tired and very sleepy, looking comfortable and relaxed, exhausted gesture
A montage of a very bored business team who are struggling to stay awake at their desks whilst they are at work.
Drowsy tired bearded man in formal suit need rest, yawning wide feeling sleepy exhausted, difficult wake up, having insomnia chronic fatigue syndrome. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
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