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Office Managers and Business People Commute to Work in the Morning or from Office on Foot. Pedestrians are Dressed Smartly. Successful People Walking in Downtown. Soft Focus.
A beautiful woman in a flowing dress floats under the water on a dark background, she swims to the surface of the water and comes up, creating a lot of bubbles.
Young woman arriving late talking on the phone promising to come to work soon and putting on jeans over pajamas on the go
Cute small child daughter dressed in white coat holding stethoscope listening to father patient at home, funny little kid girl playing game as doctor pretending nurse having fun with dad sit on sofa
A carefree happy smiling father and daughter dressed as superheroes are having fun to run and jump while playing an imagination game at home.
Office Managers and Business People Commute to Work in the Morning or from Office on Foot. Pedestrians are Dressed Smartly. Successful People Walking. Soft Moving Focus.
Shot of a group of happy and adorable primary school children wearing uniforms with backpacks walking through a rural village lane. school re opening, learning, and education concept.
Cinematic authentic shot of young stressed single father is trying to change clothes and dressing up his little boy son while he is crying desperate and throw tantrums.
Happy elegantly dressed couple is enjoying romantic dinner together and cheering with white wine glasses to celebrate their anniversary and timeless love at well-served table at the luxury restaurant
shot of A young girl is teaching a group of Indian Asian primary school children or kids sitting and studying together using a laptop in an indoor classroom setup. learning and education concept
Office Managers and Business People Commute to Work in the Morning or from Office on a Sunny Day on Foot. Pedestrians are Dressed Smartly. Two Businessmen Shake Hands. Footage from Above.
Stylish Businessman Legs Leisure Walking Up On Stairs On Vacation Holiday In Summer Day. Man Feet Wearing Pants And Shoes Walking Up Stair. Stylish Businessman Resting Walks Up On Steps On City Street
Girl in little white sundress creepily staring into camera, dressed for halloween. Child's ghost in haunted house - halloween costume party 4k footage
Two well dressed adorable young kids are smiling and receiving their Christmas present in a decorated house. Happy and elated cute girl and boy accepting the gift box from parents
Young woman dressed in blue swimsuit dives in to the crystal oceans water. Aerial shot of beautiful sea view and woman swims under water.
A well dressed happy bearded office corporate male executive standing outside a modern corporate building. A handsome businessman smiling and looking into the camera outside modern commercial complex
Red dressed excited girl with hat jumping, applauding, having fun, rejoices over confetti rain in pink studio. Concept of happiness, party, winning.
Calm blonde business woman dressed in classic black suit meditate in lotus position while office workers arguing and throwing papers to each other faces on business meeting at the background
Young handsome businessman who walks to electric car. He opens door and gets inside. People and transportation. Success. Wealth.
A young woman is going to a meeting, chooses clothes in front of a mirror. Hard choice routine of what clothes to wear. Getting dressed.
Funny little dog (poodle) wearing Easter bunny ears
The man in his glasses speaks on the phone fluttering the book interior design. Something is looking for. Design Business. Enthusiastic. Design, abstract. Shot on RED Epic Camera.
Close up of Young Businessman Walking near the Modern Airport. Looking at his Smartphone’s Screen. Classically Dressed. Big Glass Building in the Background. Looking Successful, Confident.
Cute little asian child girl wear medical hat playing game as vet doctor holding stethoscope listening sick dog in bed, adorable preschool korean child pretending doctor treat toy patient in bedroom
A confident corporate office woman employee in formal dress holding a coffee mug and laptop in hands walking along the street. An attractive and beautiful businesswoman outside the commercial complex.
Elegant business woman in suit talking and advertising during presentation. Full length on green screen background
Uncertain clueless woman with Afro hair hesitates about something says no and feels puzzled dressed in casual turtleneck isolated over blue background. Indecisive questioned young female poses indoor
Funny dog west highland white terrier dressed in cloak, horns, devil costume is sitting near decorated with pumpkins house, waving head. Preparation for celebration. Trick or treat. Happy halloween.
Smiling Child Boy Looking at Camera Plays Funny Game Walking on Field, Launches Toy Airplane to Fly Outdoor at Sunset. Profession Interest, Imagination Freedom, Active Childhood of Little Future Pilot
Successful diverse team of creative young people collaborating on common task and giving five for great job and good results having brainstorming.Multicultural group of colleagues discussing work plan
Positive curly haired woman smiles positively recommends using blank space indicates at upper right corner dressed in casual t shirt isolated over vivid yellow background shows direction or way
Athletic middle aged man dressed in activewear relaxing outdoors after fast jogging. Bearded man stopping to take a deep breath during morning run on street.
1915 Stone Mountain, GA. KKK or Ku Klux Klan Revival at the base of Stone Mountain. Dressed in White Robes and Hoods, Klan members Burn Crosses in honor of White Supremacy. 4K Scan of Archival Film
Portrait of young sexy playful blond girl dressed in blue hoodie standing and isolated over pink background blowing bubblegum candy bubbles and chewing gum. Woman looking at camera. 4k. Slow motion
Curious dark skinned woman asks what and nods head with agreement says thats true agrees with you smiles broadly shows white perfect teeth dressed in casual jumper isolated over beige background
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Shot of Indian Asian cheerful and close-knit family sitting on a couch talking on an online video call using laptop with great excitement at home well decorated on the occasion of Christmas eve
industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on real time monitoring system software. 4.0 concepts robotics and manufacturing
Bearded mature business man smiling on camera while standing outdoors with crossed arms. Portrait of positive male person dressed in stylish formal clothes.
Young woman getting her hair dressed in hair salon. Hairdresser at salon combing hair comb girl brunette. 4K slow motion.
A Professional Man Holding A Transparent Summer Umbrella Standing Beside A Lovely Woman Against Yellow Background - Half-Body Shot
Emotional seductive dance, man attracts beautiful blonde woman to him, lifts her leg dressed in black cabaret, grabs her thigh, buttock, erotic, sexy scene, male desire, flirtation, light girl
Mirror reflection smiling young woman choosing outfit for workday or date, feeling motivated in morning, standing in dressing room. Happy millennial lady trying on clothes, planning weekend activity.
happy boy child run with an airplane. kid silhouette play plane. happy family dream freedom airplane concept. lifestyle son kid run on wheat field at sunset holds in his hands dream toy aircraft
Close up of an elegantly dressed friends are clinking with wine glasses during a festive dinner at a well-served table at the luxury restaurant.
female corpse is sinking inside sea or river, underwater shot of woman figure in darkness and deepness
Young woman getting dressed looking in mirror. Trying on clothes enjoying herself.
A team of business partners standing outdoors and discussing an upcoming project using a laptop. A group of male and female corporate office employees interacting outside the commercial complex
Young Man Pulling a Suitcase, Talking Via his Cellphone in a Bright Sunlight. Stylish look, elegant suit. Active Lifestyle, Cheerful Mood, Positive Emotions. Business Trip, Way Back Home.
Arab businessman dressed in kandura working on laptop in modern style. Business partnership. Modern office. Islamic character.
Portrait of Young Sexy Playful Blond Girl Standing in Clubbing Dressed Wear in Pink Blue Rays Light and Chewing Candy. Lady Blowing Bubble Gum. 20s Woman Looking at Camera Closeup. 4k Slow Motion
Flight attendant serving meal to businessmen in private jet 4k
Portrait of a senior well-dressed winemaker checking the wine . Positive sommelier mixing red wine in glass evaluating color at tasting . Winemaking concept . Shot on ARRI ALEXA Camera Slow Motion .
Group of cheering fans watch a sport championship on stadium. Their team wins and everybody are celebrating this event. People are dressed in casual clothes. Colorful confetti fly in the air.
Cinematic shot of young handsome afro american successful elegantly dressed businessman with glasses is driving modern luxury car in center of the city by night.
Group of cheering fans watch a sport championship on stadium. Their team wins and everybody are celebrating this event. People are dressed in casual clothes. Colorful confetti fly in the air.
two beautiful Asian girls have fun walking down the street with their purchases after shopping , Steadicam shot
Smart dressed Business man charging electric car at charging station in residential area
Slow motion of happy young woman tourist walking in France and talking with friend via video call on smartphone using roaming.Positive traveler waving hand at front camera standing near Eiffel Tower
Concentrated playful little preschool kid child daughter wearing medical hat using stethoscope. Pretending to be a doctor nurse, listening smiling mommy breathing deeply, lying in bed at home.
Woman with belly fat getting dressed putting pants on. Overweight female trying to fasten too small trousers
Office Managers and Businesspeople Going to Work Closeup. Businessperson Legs in Shoes Walking to Office Center. Urban Business Lifestyle Background. Pedestrians Unrecognizable Person Walking in City.
Satisfied client after shopping with a bag in his hands leaves the store of branded clothing
Young woman getting dressed looking in mirror. Trying on clothes enjoying preens herself, admires and straightening her clothes and getting ready for date.
A man dressed in a funny blow-up dinosaur costume dances.
A beautiful smiling girl walking on a city street and using mobile phone while flock of pigeons flying in the background. A moving and back lit shot of an attractive woman on a smartphone smiles
Portrait of handsome confident stylish hipster lambersexual model. Man dressed in T-shirt. Fashion male posing in the street near white wall outdoors in sunglasses. He puts his hands in pockets
Group of fans watch a sport championship on stadium. People are dressed in casual cloth.
Beautiful Woman with charming Smile walking in the Street and Using Mobile Phone. Having Modern Sunglasses and wearing stylish outfit. Casually dressed Young Attractive Woman
Successful business man boss leader worker manager well-dressed guy walks on balcony terrace in company office looking at mobile phone chatting online with smartphone reads good news makes video call
Funny little child girl wear medical uniform glasses holding stethoscope playing game as doctor, happy cute adorable small preschool kid pretending medic nurse looking at camera, close up portrait
Stylishly dressed Blonde Woman having fun Outdoor in Jeans outfit. Looking Happy and Pleasant. Having Sunglasses , jumping and running in the Town. Looking gorgeous and great.
Business casual management team in boardroom meeting clapping a successful business result, Business Success Concept.
beautiful young woman getting dressed looking in mirror fresh start to new day putting on clothes enjoying morning at home positive self image 4k footage
Young handsome pensive business woman walks around modern urban area, with take away cup, dressed in colorful suit, drinking hot coffee, looking at sunlight and thinking about future, concrete wall
Group of multi ethnic young friends dressed in casual cloth having fun on lounge outdoor area on the roof of office glass building
portrait cute dachshund dog, black and tan, in a funny red wig, hairpins, and a pink dress, lies on a sofa at home among female cosmetics and curlers, licks its lips
Authentic shot of happy handsome elegantly dressed man is tasting a flavor and drinking fresh white wine poured in transparent glass on scenic vineyards background at sunset.
Commuter riding a bike on his morning travel to job. Smartly dressed active young man traveling to job in the city early in the morning. Sunrise in front of the cyclist.
Cute daughter helping mother dressed medical mask sitting on bed, trying to protect family from contagious diseases. Concept of coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic disease symptoms. Home quarantine.
Animated corporate white man dressed in a blue suit with a red tie is standing up being confused, raising his hands and shoulder to express this, while red questions marks pop out of his head
Slow motion effect, Caucasian businessman dressed in formal suit browsing network website using modern smartphone gadget. Middle aged man using mobile phone outdoors in city
Back view successful of african-american businessman walking in business center after corporate meeting
Portrait of handsome stylish hipster lambersexual model. Man dressed in T-shirt. Fashion male posing in the street near white wall outdoors in sunglasses. He looking at camera and grins
Montage of Business executive team, looking to camera, portrait
Happy funny adorable cute little preschool child boy wear white medical coat glasses holding stethoscope looking at camera playing doctor alone, children future professions concept, closeup portrait
A closeup portrait of a smartly dressed young man smiling and looking into the camera. Evening lights in the background. Blurred background
Silhouette of mature short haired man dressed in long coat with straight collar walking along dark corridor towards empty bright room with white dusty walls and big arched windows.
Businessman walking up the stairs. Climbing the steps to success. During the first morning of work. Business executive with briefcase going up the stairs. Pedestrian Businessman Walking Out Of Metro
Halloween, holiday and childhood concept. Little kids southeast asian on halloween dressed in a witch costume. funny kids in carnival costumes outdoors.
Well-dressed village school girl smiling while standing in her agricultural field. Medium shot of an Indian kid in a school uniform carrying her books and a school bag - girl child education
Cloned Businessmen (Loop).
Celebration cake. Infant, small child. Baby boy dressed in suit - white shirt and bow tie. Childhood. Children is sitting on the floor. Birthday party or holiday celebration. White and yellow balloons
Coronavirus pandemic,health care workers in protective suit mask embrace hug in hospital room,covid-19 epidemic,medical personnel staff are embracing hugging,comfort each other
Illustrated animation of raised arms and hands of multiethnic and multicultural men women girls and boys. Happy people. Diversity people. Participation.Teamwork. Different culture
4K HR professional interviewing a potential candidate for a vacancy. Close up shot.
Carnaval party. Brazilian men and woamen in costume celebrating carnival in the city. Dressed group of Brazil people having fun in parade festival. Confetti and dancing.
Brother and sister run across a pedestrian crossing. Children in medical masks run along the road to kindergarten and school.Zebra traffic walk way in the city. Concept pedestrians passing a crosswalk
Side view of young thoughtful lady with curly hair dressed casually looking through window at home. Pretty woman feeling loneliness and sadness during leisure time.
Battle Between Medieval Warriors. Medieval Reenactment. Symbolic battle between good and evil
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