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Doctor makes an MRI scan for a patient in a clinic. The girl lies in the MRI device. Magnetic resonance imaging in the study of the human body. Modern technologies in medicine. Examines lungs
Female doctor pediatrician using stethoscope listen heart of happy healthy cute preschool kid boy give high five to child patient at medical visit with dad in hospital, children healthcare concept
Young female caucasian doctor make notes listen to african american father of little ill child son patient tell complaints, black dad with kid boy visit pediatrician talk at appointment consultation
Woman Doctor in a Dental Clinic Talking with Funny Little Boy who Smiles. Work of a Dentist with Children. Healthcare and Medicine Concept. High quality 4k footage
Caring professional female doctor nurse pediatrician talk to cute preschool child boy patient hold toy sit on sofa at medical consultation, children healthcare treatment pediatric checkup concept
Female optometrist checks kid's vision using modern mobile opthalmology medical device. Hello in french on sweater
Smiling little boy wearing red nose and hugging doctor in hospital bed. Happy playful child playing to funny pediatrician at clinic. Kid joking during medical examination with physician, clown therapy
Narok, Narok County/Kenya 2-15-2016: Doctors and nurses working in busy neonatal clinic.
Nurse listens to newborn baby heart.
Caring kind professional female pediatrician consulting stroking child boy giving high five to happy healthy cute preschool patient visiting doctor with father, paediatric medical healthcare concept
Close up of african american doctor in protective mask. Covid-19 protection
Father and son communicating with pediatrician on pc at home. African man in safety mask with sick son consulting doctor online on laptop. Healthcare and telemedicine concept
Namuwongo, Uganda - 11 01 2017: Medium shot of a african woman in a red dress treating a african boy
Portrait of an Injured Young Male Patient with Blood Bruising on His Face. Injured Man with a Beard Looking at Camera while Lying on a Hospital Stretcher. Paramedic in Gloves Checks Up on Him.
Young kid child girl or boy with covid-19 at Doctor’s office hospital visit waiting on examination exam table with paper roll nervously fidgeting kicking feet wide table focused clip.
Woman Doctor in a Dental Clinic Talking with Funny Little Boy who Smiles. Work of a Dentist with Children. Healthcare and Medicine Concept. High quality 4k footage
The pediatrician will auscultize the lungs and heart of a little boy 3-4 years old. Pediatrics, home-based doctor's appointment.
Cropped shot of nurse weighting on scales newborn baby. Pediatrician putting infant on scales doing weight measuring in hospital. Healthcare and medicine concept
Happy child boy with dog in vet clinic, joyful boy have fun with beloved big mastiff dog, sit at table.
young asian male doctor making rounds examining and talking to child patient and mother in hospital ward
1950s: Little boy sits on doctors examination table. Medium shot of Doctor puts a tongue depressor in the boys mouth and examines his throat. Close-up of boy being examined. Doctor uses stethoscope.
In Doctor's Office Young Boy and His Pediatrician Consult Tablet Computer. Doctor Shows Something to His Little Patient and Boy Interacts with it.
An otolaryngologist examines the ears of a little boy close up
Back view male professional dentist doctor man shows mirror reflection to young satisfied woman patient dental clinic light office medical center with modern tools equipment. Healthy lifestyle concept
Doctor games concept. Doctor child in glasses with stethoscope examine father at home. Doctor boy in doctor uniform treat patient, game and development. Father and kid playing clinic
Pediatrician doctor woman uniform hold stethoscope annual check up toddler boy by monitoring heart pulse rate. Healthcare concept
Little african kid standing near mother having ultrasound at doctor. Afro-american man sonographer in sterile gloves examining patient with ultrasound scanner
Smiling friendly male pediatrician wear white coat hold clipboard talk to preschool kid boy patient do pediatric checkup give high five, child with mother visit doctor sit on sofa in medical office
Male Doctor Removes Plaster from a Boy's Healed Hand. Boy is Very Happy. They Do High Five.
Close up of african american doctor in protective mask. Covid-19 protection
The Doctor Examines The Child's Abdominal Pain. Healthcare Practitioner, Doctor Specialist In Medicine Providing Health Care Services Consultation Examination In Hospital Cabinet. Examination Abdomen
Doctor examine ear of little boy with ENT telescope
Close-up of a doctor examining a child's mouth and throat using a tongue depressor.ENT medicine.4k
Caucasian boy sitting on examination couch as smiling doctor checking ears with otoscope. Portrait of confident little patient undergoing medical exam in hospital indoors
Asian female Pediatrician doctor examining little cute Baby boy with stethoscope in medical room at hospital.
Smiling young female family doctor in uniform consulting little kid patient at checkup meeting at home. Friendly pediatrician giving high five to small child boy, celebrating good treatment results.
Newborn baby get examine by pediatrician hold stethoscope, pediatric doctor monitoring heart pulse rate adorable infant in clinic, pediatrician with child concept.
Little cute boy lying on hospital bed and smiling while listening to male doctor writing on clipboard
Kid doctor examing little baby boy with stethoscope in a sunny room
A child visiting a hospital
Doctor, ENT in Latex Nitrile Gloves Examines the ears, Auricle of a Teenage Boy. An otolaryngologist examines a young patient complaining of pain. A child at a doctor appointment. 4K. Close up.
Smiling healthy cute trusting child boy patient giving high five to male professional doctor pediatrician checking up kid health heartbeat with stethoscope during pediatric visit with parent mom
Slow Motion Medium Handheld Shot Of Doctor Testing Boy'S Knee Reflexes With Reflex Hammer In Medical Examination
Happy caring kind male surgeon pediatrician support encourage kid boy patient at pediatric checkup meeting, smiling professional paediatrician talk to healthy child and mom visit doctor in hospital
Young Boy is Checking His Eyesight in a Doctor's Office. room on a Boy. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Side view sad little Caucasian boy sitting on examination couch in hospital as doctor checking neck. Ill cute child in medical clinic undergoing routine checkup in otolaryngologist office
Magnetic resonance imaging, adult professional doctor performs a magnetic tomographic examination of a young asian woman, MRI, modern technologies in medicine, end of the procedure.
Portrait of a doctor examining heartbeat of the kid with stethoscope. Pediatrician examining a little boy by stethoscope. Medicine and health care concept. The view from the back.
Parent Mother is Checking Teeth and Throat of her Child Boy with Mobile Phone Flash Light Sitting at the Table with Sun Shining
Doctor using stethoscope to listen heartbeat of child sitting with father in living room. Male pediatrician in protective mask examining afro schoolboy during home appointment
Doctor is checking child - Bhachau, Gujarat - June 2018
Doctor Ophthalmologist checking boy with eyesight examination at clinic with a slit lamp
1970s: Bus driver. Woman looks in file cabinet. Doctor examines boy. Man drives tractor. Postal carrier walks with little boy. Man works in bank. Men speak in garage. Family eats at table.
Female doctor checks the health of a curly boy. Checking the lungs and bronchi with a phonendoscope. Pertussis vaccination, whooping cough vaccine
Doctor examining child in hospital. Doctor and patient. Happy cute baby at health exam. Medicine and health care concept. Heart and lungs. Happy healthy child is played by a doctor. Dad and son play
Kid doctor examing happy baby boy with stethoscope
Young female doctor pediatrician nurse wear white coat listening heartbeat exam cute little patient child boy using stethoscope on pediatric checkup appointment, children medical healthcare concept
Close up of doctor performing kidney ultrasound scan on preteen african boy. Medical specialist examining child back with sonogram equipment in clinic office
Narok, Narok County/Kenya 2-15-2016: Doctors and nurses working in busy neonatal clinic.
Young caucasian woman with baby, mother and son choosing glasses in optics store
dentist, doctor examines oral cavity of small patient, closeup part of boy of 10 years old, concept pediatric dentistry, dental treatment, correction of occlusion, oral care, caries prevention
1970s: Doctor examines young patient laying in hospital bed. Doctor gives stethoscope to patient. Boy listens through stethoscope, smiles.
An allergist or dermatologist examines red spots on a child’s face. The boy suffers from a rash, hives and itching. Food Allergy, Insect Bite, Measles or Chicken Pox
Protrait of african american female veterinarian in mask using stethoscope examining jack russel dog. Little boy in mask playing with doctor equipment and petting the dog. Dog waving tail.
Funny small preschooler boy wear medical coat glasses hold stethoscope pretend listen toy dog patient, cute adorable little smart child play hospital game as vet doctor, children veterinary concept
pediatrician doctor visits baby boy child at home. caucasian kid sitting mother's knees grey sofa living-room. female woman doctor in white uniform, examines toddler's leg and knee, asking symptoms
Close-up shot of pediatrician examines african baby boy. Doctor using a stethoscope to listen to baby's chest checking heart beat.Concept health , lung disease , corona virus covid19.
Child Patient Visiting Doctor's Office
At Doctor's Office. Well Natured Male Doctor Talks and Jokes with Little Boy and His Mother. In Slow Motion.
pediatrician doctor visits baby boy child at home. caucasian kid sitting on mother's knees grey sofa living-room. female woman doctor white uniform, examine child's throat, tongue, neck, lymph nodes
Unrecognizable boy complaining stomach ache in hospital as doctor filling in online history. Caucasian male patient and female pediatrician indoors in medical clinic. Appointment concept
Male professional dentist doctor man shows mirror to young smiling satisfied woman patient in dental clinic light office medical center with modern tools equipment. Healthy lifestyle treatment concept
Satisfied young woman patient open mouth for examining with mouth mirror fixing whitening teeth in dental clinic light office medical center with modern tools equipment. Healthy lifestyle concept
Doctor Examining Boy Ear. Doctor auscultating the ear of child with otoscope in examination room
Otorhinolaryngologist doctor examining throat of little boy using spatula in clinic. Female medicine doctor examining patient. Healthcare, medical service and insurance concept.
medicine, dentistry and healthcare concept - female dentist with kid patient at dental clinic adjusting chair
An orthopedic doctor examines the boy's feet on a plantograph, top legs closeup view. Plantography procedure on the hospital, checking flat feet on the legs. Medical examination of a teenager.
Doctor's home visit concept where likable confident friendly high-skilled respected doctor examining boy patient's breath using stethoscope,front view,slow motion
Medium shot of professional male veterinarian examining ill Chocolate British Shorthair cat lying on medical examination table while woman with 10-year-old son waiting for diagnosis
A boy plays the doctor recheck healthy for father on weekend. The boy has a dream in a doctor's career. The concept of family activities and the dream career.
Doctor Man Examine Mouth Of Small Boy
Medium long of mature Caucasian female doctor in medical mask examining Black boy with stethoscope, kid sitting on hospital bed at daytime
Doctor giving injection in arm to boy, healthy , medical concept, covid 19 vaccine disease preparing in clinic.
Animation of molecules over smiling caucasian female doctor examining boy. global medicine, science and healthcare services concept digitally generated video.
Animation of molecules over smiling caucasian female doctor examining boy. global medicine, science and healthcare services concept digitally generated video.
close-up young Caucasian woman nurse or doctor pediatrician examines baby girl puts compress on forehead on white bed. mom takes care of sick child. medicine and health, motherhood, covid-19 concept
A session of craniosacral therapy, examination of a teen boy's feet by a doctor. The craniosacral therapist touches the boy's back and checks the correctness of the spine at the hospital.
home appointment woman pediatrician child baby and mother, doctor in uniform examines with stethoscope kid's lungs, listens heartbeat, mother helping doing checkup. living room, grey sofa, boy son
Portrait of happy male doctor pediatrician listen heart of little cute child boy patient using stethoscope in hospital room. Asian female assistant writing down symptoms while physician examine kid
a dentist girl is examining the teeth of a little boy with curly hair. Hugging after the end of the examination.
Little boy having throat examination with tongue depressor. Otolaryngology. Pediatric concept
Male Doctor Checks Young Boys Throat. Nurse is Busy in the Background.
KYIV, UKRAINE - August 2021: Baby boy is at surgeon’s check-up. Female doctor examining baby’s legs and knees. Toys at the backdrop.
Doctor’s hand puts stethoscope on baby boy’s chest. Calm beautiful kid lying peacefully on the pediatrician’s table. Close up.
Pediatrician touching and feeling baby’s neck. Little beautiful child lies peacefully during doctor’s examination. Toys at backdrop.
a teenage girl with short hair carefully listens to the recommendations of the doctor after the examination.
1950s: Doctor talks to young man as they review chest x-rays in office. Boy and doctor talk in examination room.
Pretty girl wears a hearing aid. Young woman with symptom of hearing loss. Technology helps people with disabilities in their daily lives. Young deaf lady adjusting hearing aid to environment.
Magnetic resonance imaging, young woman doctor performs a magnetic tomographic examination of a boy, MRI, modern technologies in medicine.
Close-up face of ill Caucasian boy opening mouth as unrecognizable doctor checking oral cavity with spatula. Professional pediatrician otolaryngologist doing diagnostics of patient in hospital indoors
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