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Mixed age range face or multi ethnic screen group of asia people power look at camera enjoy laugh talk of Doctor worker, senior SME owner, teen college student in 5G IOT job life at home office.
Cute small child daughter dressed in white coat holding stethoscope listening to father patient at home, funny little kid girl playing game as doctor pretending nurse having fun with dad sit on sofa
Smiling young woman doctor cardiologist wearing white medical coat and stethoscope showing hands heart shape looking at camera. Cardiology healthcare, love and medicine charity concept, portrait.
Doctor in protective mask giving newborn to young mother resting in hospital bed. Happy woman taking infant baby from nurse lying in hospital ward after childbirth
Young female caucasian doctor make notes listen to african american father of little ill child son patient tell complaints, black dad with kid boy visit pediatrician talk at appointment consultation
Male pediatrician hold stethoscope exam cute little child girl patient visit doctor with mom, paediatrician listen kid heartbeat do pediatric checkup in hospital, children medical health care concept
Female doctor pediatrician using stethoscope listen heart of happy healthy cute preschool kid boy give high five to child patient at medical visit with dad in hospital, children healthcare concept
April 08, 2020. Valencia, Spain . United family clapping in the window in support of doctors and police against coronavirus
Pregnant african woman with elder son visiting gynecologist. Afro-american kid looking at screen while doctor examining mother and checking belly with ultrasound
Doctor or physician touches the child neck to check for thyroid disease, tonsillitis And check the fever, the child is happy when he knows the health check results that he is normal. child with doctor
Cute little asian child girl wear medical hat playing game as vet doctor holding stethoscope listening sick dog in bed, adorable preschool korean child pretending doctor treat toy patient in bedroom
Child Therapist helping kid to understand family problem using drawing picture of his parents. Children mental health therapy
Young adult woman daughter granddaughter holding elderly mother granny female hands as two women generations support concept, giving love care to senior people, helping older parents and grandparents
Everyday applause that became a tradition to thank all the medical staff fighting Covid-19 during worldwide pandemic
Young adult woman daughter holds elderly mother by the hand. Helping old people, supporting in difficulties, mutual assistance concept.
The doctor vaccinates a teenager girl. Female nurse in protective mask giving high five after doing vaccination with syringe to little girl in hospital room. Concept of health care, prevention.
Covid -19 vaccination. Female doctor in protective mask vaccinating child into arm. Concept of vaccination program,prevention of infectious diseases. Pandemic.
Doctor makes vaccination in the children's hands. Injection of a syringe in the shoulder close-up. 4k
Aged doctor oncologist discharging teen patient with cancer. Happy mother and bald kid talking to doctor and being discharged after chemotherapy sitting in ward
Lovely little girl and mum together with neighbours applauding for all the medical staff who working hard and saving lives during Covid-19 pandemic
Doctor taking blood sample from female child patient. Africa
Hospital Ward: Handsome Young Boy Resting in Bed with Caring Mother Visits to Support Him, Friendly Doctor Talks, Gives Advice. Happy Smiling Patient Recovering after Sickness or Successful Surgery
Family hands applauding medical staff from balcony. People clapping on balconies and windows in support of health workers, doctors and nurses during the Coronavirus pandemic
In the Hospital Midwife Gives Newborn Baby to a Mother to Hold, Supportive Father Lovingly Hugging Baby and Wife. Happy Family in the Modern Delivery Ward. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Pretty cute preschool child girl wear white medical uniform applying bandage on injured head of sick teddy bear toy patient playing hospital game pretend nurse vet doctor treat imaginary wound trauma
Young woman mom, doctor or tutor video calling chatting by web cam app with happy cute child daughter and old grandma babysitter on laptop screen. Family videocall concept. Over shoulder closeup view
It is time to say thanks to all medical staff working hard and saving lives during Covid-19 pandemic. People applauding from windows and balconies
Young woman mom video calling on laptop talking by webcam with happy child daughter and babysitter on computer screen sits at home table. Videocall, family chat concept. Over shoulder close up view
Young woman adult daughter or doctor, caregiver, medical nurse holding old man hands of senior father patient on table. Elderly people health care, support, medicare and comfort concept. Close up view
Over shoulder view of young asia parents and son talk to doctor on cellphone videocall conference medical app in telehealth telemedicine online service hospital quarantine social distance at home.
Every day people coming to the balconies to express their gratitude and support for all medical workers fighting Covid-19
mother caring for sick child lying in bed with flu measuring temperature using thermometer little boy at home with fever mom giving health care
Doctor online consultation video link. Woman in headphones with child on her knees in bedroom looks at laptop screen and talks to man in white coat over Internet video link. Close-up
Mother and newborn. Child birth in maternity hospital. Young mom hugging her newborn baby after delivery. Woman giving birth. First moments of baby life after labor.
Funny little child girl wear medical uniform glasses holding stethoscope playing game as doctor, happy cute adorable small preschool kid pretending medic nurse looking at camera, close up portrait
Beautiful doctor listens to the heartbeat of the child. A woman in a white coat, puts a stethoscope to the breast of a child, smiles and listens to a little girl. A child in a hospital ward. Close-up
Caring professional female doctor nurse pediatrician talk to cute preschool child boy patient hold toy sit on sofa at medical consultation, children healthcare treatment pediatric checkup concept
Little girl in medical mask looks through the window during worldwide virus epidemic. The girl is applauding for health workers. Celebration quarantine ending. Coronavirus COVID-19 infection concept
Woman Doctor in a Dental Clinic Talking with Funny Little Boy who Smiles. Work of a Dentist with Children. Healthcare and Medicine Concept. High quality 4k footage
Authentic shot of a happy smiling little girl is playing doctor with her mother on a sofa in living room at home.
Cute Little Girl Sits on a Hospital Bed and Talks with Friendly Woman Doctor. Children's Hospital Pediatric Ward. Top Quality Health Care. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Low angle shot of female nurse in medical uniform, hat, mask and gloves giving newborn baby to mother in dark delivery room with surgical light
Worried parent call doctor nervous of child fever. Mom touch hot forehead of sleeping boy make phone call to pediatrician. Caring mum treating sick kid at home. Family healthcare and health concept
Baby newborn first moments of life
Family applauding medical staff from their balcony. People in Spain every evening clapping on balconies and windows in support of health workers during the Coronavirus pandemic
Telemedicine concept - asian male pediatrician is listening to the family and then talking about their kid symptom on digital tablet
Immunization for children concept. Happy little cute blonde girl holding a toy and getting a flu shot not afraid of the syringe needle. Doctor injecting brave child with Covid-19 vaccine at clinic or
Female Doctor Pediatrician Using Stethoscope Listen to the Heart of Happy Healthy Cute Kid Girl at Medical Visit With Mother in the Hospital. Mother With Kid at Visiting Pediatrician.
Woman giving birth with husband holds her hand in support and obstetricians assisting. Back view of medical staff in protective uniform helping pregnant woman in labor
CIRCA 1920s - Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island are examined by United States Public Health Service doctors, in 1938.
Asian doctor measure heart rate by stethoscope on little kid patient on bed in recovery room. Man and woman wearing mask having examination on girl during covid pandemic. Young nurse talking to child.
Concentrated playful little preschool kid child daughter wearing medical hat using stethoscope. Pretending to be a doctor nurse, listening smiling mommy breathing deeply, lying in bed at home.
A doctor or scientist in laboratory holding a syringe with liquid vaccines for children or older adults, or cure animal diseases. Concept:diseases,medical care,science, anesthesia,euthanasia,diabetes
Female Doctor Pediatrician Using Stethoscope Listen to the Heart of Happy Healthy Cute Kid Girl at Medical Visit With Mother in the Hospital. Female Doctor Examining Child.
Female optometrist checks kid's vision using modern mobile opthalmology medical device. Hello in french on sweater
Senior old grey-haired woman grandmother holding digital tablet video conference calling talking with doctor or family during social distance virtual visit in online telemedicine chat meeting at home.
Portrait of nurse wearing safety mask cradling newborn in arms with young mother resting in bed at hospital ward. Happy woman relaxing in bed after childbirth with doctor holding baby
Happy pregnant woman visit gynecologist doctor at hospital or medical clinic for pregnancy consultant. Doctor examine pregnant belly for baby and mother healthcare check up. Gynecology concept.
Female tutor video calling teaching cute preschool kid girl using remote learning app talking with happy child in chat on laptop screen. Home conference children education. Over shoulder closeup view
Pediatric woman doctor interacting with sick patient giving high five during clinical consultation in hospital ward. Child lying in bed wearing oxygen nasal tube waiting for medication treatment
Asian doctor nurse pediatrician woman visiting child girl patient and empathy to the diagnosis when visit doctor. Concept of medical, healthcare, healthy family, pediatric checkup and hospital office.
CIRCA 1955 - Nurses and doctors administer polio vaccine shots to young children.
Physiotherapist and kid walking in rehabilitation center. Doctor supports a children with cerebral palsy during physiotherapy treatment. High quality 4k footage
Pediatric doctor checking up newborn baby with stethoscope in hospital. Cropped shot of neonatologist with stethoscope examining infant in pediatrics clinic
People applauding from balcony to support medical staff, health workers, doctors, nurses during Coronavirus pandemic
In the Hospital Midwife Gives Newborn Baby to a Mother to Hold, Supportive Father Lovingly Hugging Baby and Wife. Happy Family in the Modern Delivery Ward.
Mother Looks Her New Born Baby After Giving Birth. Scenic, staged shot with artists .
Happy pregnant woman visit gynecologist doctor at hospital or medical clinic for pregnancy consultant. Doctor examine pregnant belly for baby and mother healthcare check up. Gynecology concept.
Happy funny adorable cute little preschool child boy wear white medical coat glasses holding stethoscope looking at camera playing doctor alone, children future professions concept, closeup portrait
Newborn 20 minutes old in child hood,labour room in hospital
Waist-up shot of little refugee girl standing next to her mother getting vaccinated by female medical worker wearing face shield at tent city
An adorable asian little boy cooperate to do nasal swab antigen test before returning to school during Covid 19 pandemic. Coronavirus, school age children, Protective, Living with Covid, Delta, Mu.
Handsome caring positive experienced black-skinned male doctor and cute small black-skinned girl both in protective masks posing on camera in modern medical office with thumbs up
Childbirth. Mother holding her newborn baby child after labor in a hospital. Mother giving birth to a baby boy. Parent and infant first moments of bonding.
Young asian female doctor pediatrician nurse using stethoscope listening to sick little kid girl patient heartbeat on pediatric checkup appointment at home. children medical healthcare concept.
Cute funny kid girl patient sit on couch with mom talking to male doctor, small preschool child with parent visiting pediatrician doing medical checkup laughing having fun at medical consultation
Narok, Narok County/Kenya 2-15-2016: Doctors and nurses working in busy neonatal clinic.
Asian pediatrician and kid concept. Middle-aged male doctor puts the stethoscope on the back of cute worried female child patient who is holding a teddy bear with the mother standing beside.
Portrait of nurse and people with face masks, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept.
Stuttering preschool african american child girl learn speaking practice sound articulation, language teacher therapist mum teach mixed race kid having voice problem, children speech therapy concept
Close up view. The ophthalmologist examines the patient's eye
child girl in medical protective mask holding a teddy bear at sunset. concept pandemic coronavirus. covid -19 girl kid face in a medical mask with a teddy bear toy. girl during coronavirus quarantine
Gurgaon, Delhi, India - circa 2020 : Locked on shot of India families men, women, children clapping cheering form their balconies as they celebrate the contribution of essential workers like doctors
Nurse listens to newborn baby heart.
Asian family with mother wear mask daughter her for protection pandemic corona or COVID-19 close-up
young asian doctor telling mother of child test result in hospital corridors
Shot of human hands making an injection with a syringe. coronavirus vaccine
Mother holding smartphone and talking with elderly female doctor. Woman having online medical consultation while her child son lying on sofa with thermometer. Concept telemedicine.
Mother with child at doctor during virus pandemic.
Little funny kid girl dressed in medical uniform playing as doctor with mom at home, cute small child daughter pretending nurse holding stethoscope listening to mother chest having fun sit on sofa
Close-up on a Face of a Woman in Labor Pushing Hard to Give Birth, Obstetricians Assisting, Spouse Holds Her Hand. Modern Maternity Hospital with Professional Midwives. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Surgical team performing surgery operation. Doctor performing surgery using sterilized equipment. Gynecologists and midwifes giving birth. Infant in maternity hospital
Pediatrician examining little girl throat using spatula and lantern. Close up of senior male doctor checking throat of child in clinic office. Healthcare and medicine concept
Medium close-up of female medical worker in protective clothing, face shield and mask examining child at refugee camp
Young african american female doctor pediatrician talking to teen girl patient making notes in clipboard card explaining health care to black school teenager fill form at medical checkup appointment
Child Patient Visits the Doctor'S Office. The Doctor Listens to the Lungs of the Child With a Stethoscope, Speaks Caringly with the Little Girl. Comfortable Stay of the Child in the Clinic.
A female doctor is applying plaster to a child's shoulder after being vaccinated. Children wear face masks. Opening sleeves to vaccinate against flu or epidemic in health care and vaccinated concept
Exhausted tired woman in labor gives birth to child, maternity ward pushing hard, young mother screams writhing in pain during childbirth in hospital, professional medical care of doctors, pregnancy
Smiling little boy wearing red nose and hugging doctor in hospital bed. Happy playful child playing to funny pediatrician at clinic. Kid joking during medical examination with physician, clown therapy
Caring old female doctor pediatrician talk to school child girl make notes in clipboard listen to little patient sit on sofa with mother tell complaints at medical checkup appointment consultation
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