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Stressed young man in glasses suffering from muscles tension, having painful head feelings due to computer overwork or sedentary working lifestyle. Tired employee overwhelmed with tasks in office.
spinning of colorful semi-circle on white background. rainbow and pastel color concept. looping pattern.
Close up exhausted frustrated young indian woman massaging nose bridge temples. Stressed unhealthy millennial mixed race girl feeling tired suffering from migraine, panic attack, high blood pressure.
Tired young african mixed race businessman professional student take off eyeglasses massaging dry itchy irritated eyes feel eye strain concept headache fatigue after office computer work sit at desk
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Stressed overwhelmed young businessman in suit working on computer, suffering from eyes fatigue or having painful feelings. Exhausted executive manager overworked in office, burnout concept.
Running asian toddler girl comes and dad hands holding spinning little happy smiling cute daughter playing together at playground in residential area POV shot carefree family enjoying weekend relaxing
Woman loses consciousness and falls down due to dizziness and disturbance of the vestibular apparatus. Severe headache and migraine. Concept of helping people suffering from migraines and dizziness
Tired elderly 55s man sit at desk take off glasses rest from laptop work blink rubs nose bridge reduces eyestrain after long modern device usage. Vision problems, laser eye surgery for seniors concept
Sad middle aged woman sit alone feel depressed lonely. Upset mature single lady thinking of health problem divorce solitude. 50 year old female suffer from melancholy loneliness mental disorder
Set of 3 Abstracts Spiral Tunnel Animations. Hand Drawn Style with Stop Motion, Low Frame Rate Effect.
Black and White Optical Illusion Tunnel Psychedelic Stripes Lines - 4K Seamless VJ Loop Motion Background Animation
Head shot close up stressed young indian girl thinking of personal problem solution, suffering from tension head ache. Depressed worried millennial woman feeling insecure, regretting mistake.
A woman in mask stands in an empty airport, looks around, tries to navigate. Cancellation of aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic. Circular movement camera. Lockdown over Omicron variant.
young asian man, office worker sitting at workplace holding hands massages forehead and head with severe pain. Male at work with a headache. Up close face of sufferer is overloaded with sick. Closeup
Tired young Black woman worker student take short pause in online work remove glasses massage nose bridge relax with closed eyes. Female employee overworked by pc feel fatigue suffer from eye strain
Human nervous system, central nervous system, neurons in body parts, human scan 3D render
Depressed young african american woman sit in bed wake up feel stress anxiety after bad sleep nightmare dream concept sit alone in bedroom, worried mixed-race lady suffer from insomnia in the morning
Upset tired old mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure sit on bed
Frustrated stressed upset young indian woman coping with headache migraine concept feel anxiety pain pressure, mental stress, panic attack touching aching sore head at home office, face close up view
CIRCA 1949 - In this drama film, a woman faints at the sight of dizzying carousel lights on a date with her boyfriend.
Moving through rotating spiral. Hypnosis concept in minimal style. Hypnotic optical illusion. Abstract background in black and white colors. Dizzy concentric pattern. Seamless loop animation.
neon glitch eyes trippy kaleidoscope
people in the park. happy family a playing in the park in summer. dad keeps whirling son and hands have. happy family kid dream concept. fun dad and son silhouette whirling green park
Woman loses consciousness and falls down due to dizziness and disturbance of the vestibular apparatus. Severe headache and migraine. Concept of helping people suffering from migraines and dizziness
Asian elderly woman on the grass after falling down,sick senior mother fell to the floor while walking exercise because of dizziness,faint,suffering from illness,caring daughter,granddaughter to help
Overwhelmed frustrated young woman feeling tired due to computer overuse, suffering from blurred eyesight, massaging temples and irritated eyes. Stressed overworked female freelancer having migraine.
Tired overworked young african woman feel fatigue eye strain headache after computer work take off glasses, stressed mixed race female student suffer from pain in dry eyes, bad vision sight problem
Stressed frustrated businessman wearing glasses suffering from headache at work. Exhausted tensed worker coping with migraine, emotional stress concept feeling pain sitting at office desk with laptop.
Unhappy frustrated young female student stack with hard tasks, doing homework or preparing for exams on computer. Stressed businesswoman or freelancer solving difficult problem, feeling tired.
Young freckled woman lean on sofa cushions waving fan, cooling herself at hot day, reduces heat inside living room without air-condition, climate control system. Discomfort, hormonal imbalance concept
Unhealthy middle aged 60s retired woman massaging nose bridge, feeling eyes tension due to computer overwork at home. Upset mature older grandmother suffering from blurred eyesight using laptop.
Man touches temples suffering headache high blood pressure, meteopathy, tinnitus
Friendly graduates of the senior school put their hands on each other and open them against the blue sky. Sunny daylight. College Students Teamwork Stacking Hand Concept.
Abstract  space light background.
spinning and torsion and Looking up into pinery forest. Trees growing in the sky
Upset aged woman using laptop at home suffering from headache, tired senior female massaging temples having severe pain or blurry vision, exhausted elderly lady experience dizziness from computer
Asian woman feeling stress from work in the office.
Hypnosis visualisation conept - endless spiral, looped video
Indian student sit at studio apartment use pc write in copybook study long time feel tired take break take off glasses rub nose bridge to reduce pain and fatigue. Dry eyes need drops treatment concept
Tired after long usage of computer indian woman takes off glasses rub nose bridge reduces painful feelings rest sit at workplace. Overworked person, need vision correction, break from device concept
Tired senior adult woman taking off eyeglasses feeling eye strain concept. Exhausted older grandmother holding glasses massaging eyes having headache or bad vision, fatigue problem. Close up view
Unhappy stressed young woman plugging fingers in ears, feeling annoyed of noisy neighbors. Confused millennial lady covering ears, refusing hearing sound of repairment works in neighborhood.
Amusement Park Bokeh Lights at Night
Tired of glasses woman feeling eyestrain using laptop at home office, taking off spectacles, massaging dry red irritated eyes, exhausted lady having eyesight problem after long work study on computer
Cinematic shot of frustrated stressed tired brazilian woman massaging her neck, struggling with tension and suffering of headache while doing smart working with laptop from home during lockdown.
Asian woman feeling stress from work in the office.Tired business woman at workplace in office holding his head on hands feel headache.
Gray haired woman feeling sick, touching head feeling headache, risk of fainting
Man with sudden heart attack
Stressed young businesswoman taking off glasses, feeling tired due to computer overwork, massaging nose bridge, exhausted female entrepreneur workaholic suffering from blurry vision at home office.
Sick aged man holding head, feeling ache and dizziness, symptom of stroke
Close-up of an upset young woman sitting on the bed, rubs against her temple, with closed eyes suffers from headache, painful sensations, chronic fatigue, depression.
Tired stressed worried middle aged mature 50s business woman suffering from chronic headache, burnout stress, feeling migraine pain touching head. Mid age fatigue and menopause headache concept.
Head shot frustrated young woman suffering from strong headache due to computer overuse at home. Unhealthy stressed 30s lady studying remotely online, having painful feelings, overwork concept.
Young businesswoman taking off glasses while working on laptop at office, feeling discomfort and eye strain after long wearing, massaging nose bridge, blurry irritated dry eyes, eyesight problems
Exhausted blond woman in casual blue shirt taking off eyeglasses, touching temple feeling headache or dizziness, resting in car after hard working day, emotional burnout, stressful job, overworking
Stressed young business woman feeling headache migraine or eye strain working on laptop in office, upset frustrated lady suffer from pain coping with blood pressure tired of computer syndrome concept
Aerial of the ocean waves washing up on a black basalt rock in Hawaii.
Elderly man suffering from chest pain, heart attack, coronary artery disease
Portrait of tired exhausted young student female having headache sitting at workplace, health problem of creative millennial girl anxiety stress pain feeling sick migraine indoor working studying
Amusement Park Bokeh Lights at Night
Stressed woman having a headache while working in the office. Exhausted and overworked girl. Busy team in the background.
Animated hypnotic tunnel with white and black stripes. Seamless loop. 4K, UHD, Ultra HD resolution.
Spinning Astronaut. seamless looping 3d animation on a green screen, black and stars backgrounds, full HD 1080
Tired fat woman suffering eyestrain working on laptop at home. Portrait of obese young female studying at home having migraine and massaging temples sitting at table with computer
Man in 40s feeling strong chest pain, heart attack caused by stress, cardiology
Psychedelic colorful tunnel with texture. Hypnotic vortex background.
The guy pours water on his head trying to cool. Summer Heat
Concept video. Man loses consciousness and falls down due to dizziness and disturbance of the vestibular apparatus. Concept of helping people suffering from migraines and dizziness
Old gray-haired and bearded an frowning in pain, massaging temples feeling sudden acute pain, taking off eyeglasses feeling dizziness, migraine, high blood pressure, vegetative dystonia
Hypnotic spiral illusion seamless looping
4k Abstract explosive flower light pattern background,art fireworks element backdrop. 0202_4k
Bright lights flash at a fun carnival at night
Astronaut Feeling Dizzy On A Planet Far From Earth. Planet Earth On Background. Space And Technology Related 3D Animation.
Grey haired mature woman massaging nose bridge, suffering from dry eyes syndrome after long laptop use, eye strain concept, exhausted middle aged female taking off glasses, health problem
Spiraling background that makes you dizzy and sick 4k
Man loses consciousness and falls down due to dizziness and disturbance of the vestibular apparatus. Time-lapse shot of a fainting man. Concept of helping people suffering from migraines and dizziness
CIRCA 1952 - Dizzying lights and fireworks conclude a night at Coney Island.
A fast spiral motion of green elements, abstract blur headache effect.
Young unhappy sick unhealthy woman suffering from dizzy and migraine headache at home
Young unhappy sick unhealthy woman suffering from dizzy and migraine headache at home
The silhouette of a girl approaches the gymnastic hoop against the background of a flashing light, takes hold of it with her hands and gracefully rotates, throwing back her head and periodically
CIRCA 1946 - In this race musical, Dizzy Gillespie plays the trumpet with his band.
Vintage record player turning with yellow rubber duck on top spinning around.
An older man sitting under a tree experiences symptoms of heat exhaustion or possible heatstroke evident by profuse sweating as well as extreme fatigue and confusion.
Extremely tired exhausted business woman taking off eyeglasses feeling headache and dizziness, vision problems, eyes strain, overworking on laptop or pc, hot flush during periods, health problems
Close up cropped view face older woman closed eyes rub temples try to relieve strong headache, suffers from chronic migraine, feeling overworked, experiences panic attack, worry about mistake concept
Tired exhausted asian senior woman falling down on the floor while walk exercise because of dizziness, vertigo, female caregiver or daughter comes to support, help, care for her elderly mother
Dizzy Effect: Version #1 (Green Screen Animation)
Upset tired mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure by window
girl with dad summer meadow park. happy family at sunset. childhood dream little kid girl. father with child kid laugh merrily playing outside. life happy family sun glare sky. concept children dream.
Hot middle man in the park
A bearded man wakes up after a night out, feels dizzy, hangover, splitting headache. male is drinking water. A man has a hangover after a party, terrible headache.
Spiral background. rotation tech energy & flare dynamic rays fiber light background
two young funny male scientists wearing white lab coat dance around in the science lab holding glass flask with chemical inside. Concept of crazy mad scientist lab experimentation.
Anorexic girl feels dizzy, depleted by severe diets, exhausted body, starvation
Frustrated man wearing white T-shirt massaging temples suffering from migraine. Upset sick person feeling headache, having anxiety panic attack, physical exertion symptom.
Portrait of adult man losing consciousness. Businessman faints in the office.
Animation of dizzy effect with green screen affect background
Top down awesome perspective of household milk frother in black jug appliance starting up and turning around to froth white milk causing bubbles and cream in mesmerizing way. Slow motion macro.
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