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Silhouette of a sad man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide
Unhappy young man driving sitting car in city at sunlight. Feel angry stress depression. Look serious automobile. Frustrated tired. Close up. Slow motion
A young woman stands in a traffic jam and looks out through the window trying to discern the cause of the traffic jam. rush hour
Close up one woman feminist face looking at camera stand street city. People feminism face portrait closeup. Confident serious. Adult young sad girl rebel. Independent lady fight strike revolution.
mixed race frustrated exhausted businesswoman works at computer from home,young middle eastern woman entrepreneur upset stressed typing at the laptop reading bad news on social media
Head shot close up displeased young woman looking at smartphone screen, dissatisfied with bad news message, spam or scam sms. Unhappy stressed female mobile app user getting phishing link in email.
Disgusting odour. Discontent asian woman frowning face, smells something awful, feeling aversion, orange studio background
Stressed nervous young woman looking at cellphone screen, feeling frustrated of receiving message or email with bad news. Unhappy millennial female user dissatisfied with bad electronic device work.
Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone.
Worried young woman looking in mirror, examining wrinkles in eyes area. Unhappy millennial lady dissatisfied with skin condition, thinking of professional skincare products or cosmetologist meeting.
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
A girl wakes up nin bad in the morning and feels tired, lackof sleep and laziness.
angry business woman sits at the desk works from home at the laptop burst in rage,arab female businesswoman working at the computer feels furious stressed,having problems at work
Disappointed young man sitting on couch thinking looking out the window feels moral badly after quarrel fight with wife, break up or divorce marriage split, unpleasant events in life suffering concept
Serious young woman shakes finger and says no I dont need drressed in casual clothing poses against pink background doesnt like plan scods for bad choice prohibits action isolated on pink wall
Young blonde girl student wearing glasses caucasian millennial woman working studying at laptop at home online feeling abdomen pain suffering from spasm stomach ache belly abdominal diarrhea disease
Covered in warm knitted plaid stressed unhappy young woman shivering, suffering from low temperature inside, feeling unhealthy. Confused millennial homeowner having problems with central heating.
Two angry businessmen arguing in office disputing having conflict confrontation at workplace, aggressive mad male workers shouting blaming each other of problem mistake failure fighting at work
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Unhappy injured Middle Eastern footballer sitting on grass of soccer field against goal, holding knee. Millennial athlete in sportswear suffers from leg pain experiencing about injury, cannot continue
silhouette of upset businessman watching through the window at night
Stressed young woman lying on sofa, embracing belly, suffering from stomachache. Unhappy 20s girl having menstrual painful feelings, resting on sofa. Gastritis, abdominal or period pain concept.
Close-up of a young woman looking through a car window in a traffic jam in the evening. rush hour
Man showing hand gesture stop.Portrait of Young Man showing stop sign, Dislike, Rejecting Gesture, Disagree Sign, Crossing hands
Stressed young man hearing awful news at mobile phone call conversation. Unhappy entrepreneur worker looking angry, listening complaints from client talking on smartphone or having business failure.
Angry businessman breaking a keyboard on monitor in the office. man has a tantrum from a problem at work. manager freaks out and breaks the computer.
Close up portrait of hardly crying caucasian little girl without tooth. tears streaming down her face.  Real human emotions. Children face wet from tears. 4k
Close-up of a distressed woman with a toothache and her hand touching her face. The concept of dental disease
Young woman wear hat wrapped in knitted plaid sit alone shivering from cold on sofa in unheated apartment without central heating due debt. Unhealthy female feeling discomfort try to warming up indoor
Young Asian woman read bad news on laptop look desperate, feels stressed due unsaved document, important data loss, notice form bank about debt, device malware, file error, work down the drain concept
Young irritated woman trying to sleep annoyed by bad noisy room neighbors covering ears with pillow, angry girl student disturbed with loud noise problem wake up lying in bed suffer from insomnia
Man sitting with laptop received badly news feels frustrated cover face with palm looks very disappointed lost document works unsaved project, problems with device, unpleasant news by e-mail concept
Close up head shot stressed nervous young indian ethnic woman having troubles with financial operations, entering wrong payment information from credit banking card into mobile phone application.
Fun young woman 20s years old in yellow sweater isolated on red wall background in studio. People lifestyle concept. Looking camera pointing fingers herself ask say who me no thanks i do not need it
Portrait young man sitting car in city at sunlight. Feel angry stress depression. Look serious automobile. Frustrated tired. Close up. Slow motion
Man sit at table in kitchen feels annoyed having problems with laptop. System error, bad e-mail, negative news, data loss, backup battery issues, password wrong, unsaved, lost info need repair concept
Middle Aged Businessman with Laptop Shaking Head, No
A displeased young woman rolls her eyes isolated over blue background. Caucasian lady in displeasure, she is tired of situation, thinks how cant you still not understand.
Indian ethnicity woman sit at desk holding smart phone feels unhappy negative emotions upset by receiving terrible news by sms. Device damaged, lost internet connection, need gadget fix repair concept
Angry stubborn young and old women arguing having fight disagreement, annoyed senior mother and stressed adult grown daughter quarreling, family different age generations gap conflict problem concept
Sad upset dissatisfied boring young woman in white t-shirt pajamas home wear lying in bed spending time in bedroom hold mobile cell phone say no i do not need it put aside. Bad mood lifestyle concept
Young mixed race diverse compassionate people supporting desperate unhappy man. Depressed male patient suffering from bullying, sharing personal problems at psychological therapy group meeting.
The little girl in the pink dress is very angry and upset, frowning her brow and showing tongue. Bad mannered little girl with blond hair. Crying on the bed
Woman wrapped in warm knitted plaid trembling with cold sit alone on sofa suffers from unbearable cool temperature inside, shivering feels unhealthy. Central heat problems, influenza symptoms concept
Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job
Close up young mad angry displeased african man in orange basic casual t-shirt looking at camera screaming swearing expressive gesticulating with hands isolated on grey color gray background in studio
silhouette of upset businessman standing by the window at night
Sad offended teen ignoring friends apologizing for bad joke, upset depressed young woman suffering from community discrimination friends bullying gossiping, drama girl sulking for lack of attention
Upset mad asia people young girl consumer sit sofa at home open fake product order, damage post mail buy from online shopping retail store. Shock sad teen woman unbox from wrong bad shipping service.
Female doctor in white uniform sit at desk read news on laptop learn information statistics of coronavirus infected patients feels stressed, problems at work, professional failure, dismissal concept
Indian woman sit at desk work on laptop feels upset has problem with device. System error, receive bad news, data loss, backup battery issue, unsaved lost important information, need pc repair concept
Desperate indian young male employee sitting at the desk and using laptop, closing it with irritation, businessman has financial problem, holding head with frustration face expression
Back rear head shot shoulder view exhausted young indian woman massaging neck, suffering from pain or inflammation processes due to long sedentary computer work at home office, feeling unhealthy.
Facepalm, sorrow emotions. Upset worried brunette woman slapping hand on face and expressing regret, blaming herself for troubles, feeling helpless. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Close up head shot mirror reflection young man annoyed with dry unhealthy skin look, worrying about facial problems. Unhappy guy touching cheek, feeling stressed on oily skin or acne in bathroom.
Displeased dissatisfied worried nervous young woman 20s in basic checkered shirt posing isolated on pink color background studio. People lifestyle concept. Put palms on head spreading hands say oh no
Angry furious female office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure
Splashes of water droplets on the glass. Window on a rainy day.Wet glass with large drops of water or rain. Video of water droplets on a clear glass surface during heavy rain. Dripping water
Stressed senior middle aged businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry mature old lady mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure
Young woman say no by shaking head and wagging her finger, rejecting gesture, disagree sign. Emotional face expression. Close-up portrait
Young man sitting car in city use phone read bad news at sunlight. Feel angry stress depression. Look serious automobile. Frustrated tired. Close up. Slow motion
Portrait of Businesswoman saying No by Head Shake
Don't want to watch! Displeased young brunette woman in polo t-shirt covering eyes and gesturing stop, confused and shy to look at shameful content. indoor studio shot isolated on red background
Close-up of a young woman looking through a car window in a night traffic jam. rush hour
Shocked stressed young woman looking in mirror touching face checking wrinkles, worried depressed girl upset about dark circles frustrated by facial skin problem annoyed by acne pimple in the morning
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Close up of unhappy young woman squeezing nose with fingers, smells something awful, dressed in yellow sweater, girl feeling bad about bad smell, isolated over blue studio background
Unhappy young woman touching dry hair in mirror at bath room. Upset woman displeased with health hair in bathroom mirror. Hair care and treatment
Black female doctor standing by the medical office window with negative expression
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled, pensive wife looking at sleeping husband frustrated by sexual problems, difficulties in relationships, thinking of breaking up divorce
Disgust Emotion. Asian Woman Frowning Feeling Bad Smell Shaking Head In Disapprovement Posing Over Yellow Studio Background. Portrait Of Disgusted Female Smells Unpleasant Smelly Stink
Woman hold cellphone and credit card experiencing financial problem while makes transaction, feels irritated due lack of money, debit card blocking, internet fraud and scam, empty bank account concept
Close up of young beautiful black woman feeling very sad. Gorgeous girl in despair
Beautiful curly hair woman standing over red background with open hand doing stop sign with serious and confident expression, defense gesture. No more violence against women. Abuse. 4K.
Close up view of handsome man in luxurious car impatiently beeping car horn while not moving in the traffic jam, then angrily talking on the phone and actively waving his arms. Stress, trouble
Disappointed young adult businessman waiting in traffic jam getting bored using mobile phone commuting late for work. Road adventures. City transportation. Emotions.
The boy dreams of becoming a great football player.An upset child looks out the window during quarantine. The boy dreams of playing soccer with friends. Longing for the game in the stadium. Lockdown.
Happy woman finished the project, throwing papers, freedom after work, success in business. Businesswoman smiles and laughs, winner won the competition, emotions from victory. Student defended thesis
Man and woman arguing disagreeing about bad business contract, colleagues having conflict dispute about document sitting at office desk, partners shouting breaking agreement with unacceptable terms
Middle aged man having troubles with using computer, reading manual book and feeling despair, taking off his eyeglasses
Stressed mixed race woman waking up in morning, sitting on bed, rubbing lower back. Unhappy young lady feeling strong ache, suffering from fibromyalgia after sleeping on uncomfortable mattress.
Portrait of caucasian millennial blonde girl standing indoor looking at camera shaking her head negatively disagreeing then woman making enthusiastic delight expression nods in agreement saying yes
Closeup of focused young man in eyeglasses facing difficulties while working on laptop at night, pc screen reflecting in his eyewear
Indian woman sit on sofa hold smart phone read unpleasant sms, frustrated by received awful news feels upset. Broken device need repair, slow internet no connection to wi-fi, battery problem concept
Asia people young woman stress angry bored sad in wifi cut out worry work at home issue video call talk with unreliable low poor loss signal speed or error fail load buffer bad slow internet outage.
Business man getting very bad news on his laptop computer screen and feeling disappoint.self isolation, pandemic, coronavirus, covid-19, quarantine  analysis, concept, economic, sad, stress, crisis,
Baby boy tantrum. Infant toddler crying. Toddler seeking support
portrait of beautiful blonde angry woman being very unhappy hysterize and shout with tears looking at the camera because of big trouble and stress
Skincare, acne problem, puberty concept. 3d graphic video portrait of young upset woman teenager cartoon character looking at mirror popping squeezing pimple at home. Awkward age motion design footage
Confused Afro-American man asking question, shocking situation, face close-up
Sad African woman reading receiving bad pandemic news on a laptop at home. look computer screen and thinking about the problem of freelance. stressed frustrated female on white background.
Focused young businessman entrepreneur working on computer, feeling tired stressed of long sedentary lifestyle, rubbing massaging neck suffering from pain or stiff muscles, overwhelming concept.
The child looks at the roast. There is no appetite. The girl doesn't want to eat. The concept of lack of appetite
Man is shocked terrible message on his smartphone at home apartment background. Unpleasantly surprised young male reacting message on his mobile phone.
Toothache. Close-up upset woman at workplace uses laptop, she has toothache and touches her face with her hand. Tooth disease concept
Lost Teddy bear lying on swing with rain drops at playground in gloomy day, Lonely or sad brown bear abandoned lied down alone in the park,Loneliness concept, International missing children's day
The man smashed laptop with hammer. Error, does not turn on, system crash. person is upset tired stressed, depressed, sad, angry psycho. Broke computer, destroyed, crazy. office worker. unbearably
Side view disgruntled african ethnicity student girl study, typing looks at laptop screen feels dissatisfied received unpleasant e-mail message, employee made mistake in report, slow internet concept
Confused young hispanic woman unwrapping cardboard box, feeling disappointed with received wrong or damaged item, displeased with negative online shopping experience or unreliable delivery service.
Unhappy woman on bathrobe checking her hair in mirror in bathroom
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