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Disgusting odour. Discontent asian woman frowning face, smells something awful, feeling aversion, orange studio background
Red dressed excited girl with hat jumping, applauding, having fun, rejoices over confetti rain in pink studio. Concept of happiness, party, winning.
Portrait of a Handsome Man Sitting on a Couch at Home at Night, Watching Entertaining Movie on TV. He is Really Mind Blown by the Movie Plot and Special Effects.
Man showing hand gesture stop.Portrait of Young Man showing stop sign, Dislike, Rejecting Gesture, Disagree Sign, Crossing hands
Pork production industrial line, butchers in slaughterhouse cut dead pigs. Workers wash the carcasses and register each one, glue the barcode and enter it into the database. Livestock farming.
Black scorpion walking closeup
Black scorpion walking on pieces of wood. Scorpion, scorpion sting, pincers, animals.
A young woman frowns at the bad smell in the room. Spoiled air
Young woman pinching fat on chin.
Young bearded african man expressing disgust and aversion
Close up of a woman closing nose bacause of a bad smell
Bad breath. Woman covers her nose and turns away
March 28, Ukraine, Dnipro 2021. neon tiktok icon. The social network is gaining popularity. Glow icon. Fashionable social network. Youth trend
norway rats in a kitchen eating food, sniffing und running, several szenes, with audio
Neon tiktok icon. Youth background for publics. Tiktok animation with likes.January 21, 2021 Ukraine, Dnipro.
Disgust Emotion. Asian Woman Frowning Feeling Bad Smell Shaking Head In Disapprovement Posing Over Yellow Studio Background. Portrait Of Disgusted Female Smells Unpleasant Smelly Stink
Awful idea. Disgusted black woman feeling aversion, frowning face and shaking head no, orange studio background
two wild norway rats in the cupboard of a kitchen at night, two takes
Middle Aged Businessman with Laptop Shaking Head, No
Man disgust, abomination, FU, auch emotion. Bearded male teacher or businessman with glasses looking at camera and his face is distorted in disgust. Slow motion
Strawberries rotting, getting spoiled, mold growing timelapse
Pigs in the slaughterhouse. Pork. Modern meat processing plant. Butchers butcher carcasses of pork. Modern slaughterhouse animal husbandry. Farm at the meat processing plant. Pork. Slaughterhouse.
Repulsion to bad smell. Brunette girl grabbing nose with fingers, holding breath to avoid stink, awful fart gases, intolerable odor, showing stop gesture. studio shot isolated on pink background
Close up of unhappy young woman squeezing nose with fingers, smells something awful, dressed in yellow sweater, girl feeling bad about bad smell, isolated over blue studio background
Bored antisocial friends ignoring each other using their phones sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Slow motion beautiful young woman with Afro hair grimaces as if looking at something disgusting or ugly frowns face with aversion dislikes something unpleasant poses against pink background.
Slow-motion attractive stylish young 20s woman cringe from aversion, squinting, wrinkle nose, grimacing as if looking at something disgusting, very ugly and unpleasant, dislike it, purple background
Pigs in the slaughterhouse, dead pigs hanging on a hook. Modern Factory for the production of meat. Pork. Livestock raising. Farm. Pig breeding. Fatty pork carcasses hang in freezer. Warehouse. Pork
Portrait of Businesswoman saying No by Head Shake
Displeased bearded guy in jeans shirt pinching his nose holding breath, expressing disgust for unpleasant smell, bad breath, avoiding stinky odor. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
Man chef in uniform tasting disgusting sauce in pan. Portrait of bearded professional cook stirring and tasting unsavory soup in pan working in restaurant kitchen.
Businessman sweating excessively smelling bad in office at work. Hyperthyroidism concept
A young woman frowns at the bad smell in the room. Spoiled air
Eww. Close up portrait of cute little asian girl frowning her face, expressing disgust and aversion, smelling or tasting something awful, orange studio background, slow motion
Biological waste on a local landfill site.  Ecologically unfriendly way of handling biologically degradable trash instead of composting.
Young dissatisfied ethnic curly haired female model waves hand near nose feels unpleasant smell squints because of stench doesnt like something disgusting isolated over pink studio background.
 wild norway rats is coming out of the toilet and walk on the toilet seat, some scenes
Boring book. Meme woman. Disgusted education. Annoyed lady reading uninterested textbook turning desperate face laying sofa light room interior looped video.
Footage of molded bathroom and a person in professional protection suit spraying chemicals to kill the mold and fungus.
a wild norway rat is jumping into a toilet and disapear, a number of scenes
Flat gooey slimy TRANSITION cartoon style animation snot flowing in  with alpha
brown wild norway rats looking for food in a kitchen at night, several szenes, with audio
View from inside fridge of young multiracial couple feeling bad smell of spoiled meal. Diverse man and woman seeing awful smell of rotten food in refrigerator
Close up of Man's face frowning. Boy with blue eyes looking at camera. Concept of disgust, anger, skepticism. Male model with pretty blue, green, grey eyes. Slow-motion, macro extreme close-up, 4K.
Disgusted Young Man Grimacing Smelling Bad Stink Posing Looking At Camera Expressing Negative Emotions Standing Over Yellow Background In Studio. Slow Motion
Disgusted african american man feeling aversion, frowning nose, yellow studio background
a brown rat is climbing into a wooden wall, several takes
Dental displacement. Male mouth with crooked teeth and malocclusion. Crowding of teeth of the upper jaw. Orthodontics. Overcrowded teeth, abnormal dental occlusion. Teeth before install braces
Closeup Portrait Of Disgusted Senior Woman Looking At Camera And Frowning Face, Displeased Middle Aged Female Feeling Aversion While Standing Over Yellow Studio Background, Slow Motion Footage
Nice close up of fruit bats hanging from the ceiling of a cave. The flying foxes fly in and out of the frame during the daytime
4K footage. Close up cockroach family eats watermelon food on plate in the kitchen
Korean Guy Pinching His Nose Feeling Disgusting Stinky Smell And Waving Posing Over Orange Studio Background. Portrait Of Disgusted Asian Millennial Man Smells Bad Stink.
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
Red fluffy dog of the German Spitz breed has no appetite. Dog doesn't want to eat. Tasteless food. Pet refuses to eat. Dog sniffed bowl and left. Illness problems with nutrition. 4k slow motion video
Water drips from the tap into the sink with dirty dishes
Young sad caucasian man says no at home
Little girl do not want to eat vegetables and dislike taste of broccoli and spinach. The concept of healthy baby food
Hair left on the comb after brushing the hair. Hair loss problem
Sink full of dirty dishes.  Close up panning shot of many neglected dirty bowls and utensils.  Aftermath of cooking dinner in an unkempt kitchen.
wasps eating from an apple, close up, several takes, 50fps
Dislike gesture. Disgusted kid. Wrong choice. Bad idea. Skeptic disappointed young girl in blue t-shirt denying offer with thumbs down isolated on yellow copy space background.
Emoji Outrage Animated Icon. 4k Animated Icon to Improve Project and Explainer Video
Confused shocked middle aged dark haired man grabbing nose with fingers feeling disgusted unpleasant smell of dirt, harmful emissions. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Portrait of caucasian man with awful expressions on face pinching nose due to bad disgusting smell, isolated over white background. Concept of emotions
Disgusting odour concept. Discontent black woman covering nose with hand, smells something awful, orange studio background
The child looks at the roast. There is no appetite. The girl doesn't want to eat. The concept of lack of appetite
Beef being stirred in a pan on the stovetop.  Shot on a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k with a Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8.
Magic Potion Being Made Fantasy Scene
Earthworms crawl on green damp grass under a log. Live bait earthworms for fishing teeming in damp black soil. Worms plow the earth to supply oxygen.
Confused displeased young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie feeling disgust repulsion to bad smell, pinching her nose holding breath to avoid stink, fart gases. indoor studio  isolated on pink background
bad breath. disgusted woman because her partner has heavy breath
A serious business woman tearing a contract in pieces
Shaking Head to reject, no by man, Isolated on Pink Background
Bad Smell. Young Man Pinching His Nose Feeling Unbearable Disgusting Stinky Odour, Displeased Guy Frowning Anf Waving With Hand In Air, Posing Over Yellow Studio Background, Slow Motion Footage
Collage of Young People Saying no With finger gesture
A huge lazy cockroach with a long mustache sits on a thick branch of a tree on a black background. A nasty insect pest.
wild norway rat, rattus norvegicus, on a dustbin, several takes, 50fps
Woman squints because of stench something disgusting, unpleasant smell from her fridge. View from inside broken fridge
Woman squints because of stench something disgusting, unpleasant smell from her fridge. View from inside broken fridge
Woman eating salad and feeling unpleasant taste and smell, spoiled food, gmo
Young bearded african man expressing disgust and aversion
Parent helping her child perform first aid finger injury. Asian child girl has been an accident on her finger and mother making first aid on her finger injury.
A scary clown in the dark, surrounded by smoke/fog
Bearded businessman in glasses bears losses from fatigue rubs his eyes
Portrait of Man Shaking Head to Express No
Close up asian millennial woman korean girl wear casual plaid shirt looking at camera showing dislike thumb down disagreement disgust rejection sign bad attitude gesture refusal failure symbol indoors
African-American man having no appetite, eating disorder, depression problem
Cute pug dog has no appetite. The dog does not want to eat. Tasteless food. Refusing to eat. Dog went to the bowl, sniffed and walked away with discontent
Alien Fingers Dripping Slime On Spaceship
Cropped view of displeased young blonde woman becoming disgusted and grimacing while looking at the camera over gray background isolated
Dirty kitchen sink drain clogging up with food particles. Food waste leftower in draining water
young couple faced with the problem of foot odor and unpleasant smell
Young woman pinching fat on chin.
a wild norway rat, rattus norvegicus, is sitting on a pallet of wood in a garage, several takes
the cockroach runs,  alpha channel, then stops, a cycle
Footage of molded bathroom in an apartment, the shot is slightly moving down
Person wants to shake hands - another person refuses to shake with him - makes a disgust awkward or uncomfortable gesture - doesn't want to touch or have physical contact
Young indian woman very scared and afraid, desperate for something, covering mouth with hands
Scared man is frightened and afraid, funny expression
Asian women don't want to eat vegetables.
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