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Stressed young man in glasses suffering from muscles tension, having painful head feelings due to computer overwork or sedentary working lifestyle. Tired employee overwhelmed with tasks in office.
Tired Worker Overworked On Computer.Unhappy Frustrated Businessman.Office Work Overtime. Workaholic Work In Internet Deadline.Sad Tired Businessman In Office.Annoyed Overwhelmed Exhausted Stressed Man
Close up view troubled man bowing his head cover face with hands crying due life grief sorrow, personal troubles, alcohol abuse drug addicted desperate guy need help. Break up, health problems concept
Angry mature businessman sitting at desk and hitting his outdated old computer
Male upset frustrated face afro american sad angry man african guy sitting on street outdoors feels irritated looking at phone checking late time in smartphone looking around waiting for someone
Hungry young man looking for food in an empty fridge. View from inside of hipster guy in glasses opening refrigerator finding no food feeling sad and disappointed.
Crying screaming man. Depressed lost man screaming. Drama concept. Desert island.
Businessman hard working to late night and work overtime at office. Manager assigns task after timeout of work. Concept of business management, assignment job late and working overtime.
Annoyed angry millennial Black male hipster hold mobile phone feel outraged by low wifi internet signal bad connection application crash. Concerned worried young guy deal with software problem on cell
Closeup upset business man reading bad news on mobile phone at home office. Worried guy looking on phone in slow motion. Portrait of disappointed man feeling sad from negative news on couch.
Stressed senior businessman in his messy office, he is overloaded with paperwork and screaming
Young man throws up his hands.He is surprised. He does not understand what is happening
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Emotional disappointed Corporate worker gets fired and walking down parking lot at the Roof with carton box and documents with a table flower. Lost His Job beacause a mistake.
Young Shocked Man Opening Oven Filled With Smoke In Kitchen. Bad cook guy burning dinner in electric oven. Handsome male open built-in oven with burnt meal
Side view portrait hispanic business man male serious pensive dreamy face young bearded boss leader businessman tourist guy stands alone in city leaning against stone wall outdoors dreaming thinking
Disappointed young man sitting on couch thinking looking out the window feels moral badly after quarrel fight with wife, break up or divorce marriage split, unpleasant events in life suffering concept
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
Upset shocked diverse business team people worried about problem with bad contract mistake in paperwork discuss documents at emergency office meeting, sad partners disappointed in corporate failure
Camera Inside Kitchen Fridge: Handsome Man Opens Fridge Door, Looks inside and Disappointed Closes Door. Man Found Nothing for His Snack Time. Point of View POV Shot from Refrigerator full of Food
Worried young couple wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus while waiting news from doctor. Wife crying from unfavorable news during covid-19.
Man sitting with laptop received badly news feels frustrated cover face with palm looks very disappointed lost document works unsaved project, problems with device, unpleasant news by e-mail concept
Portrait of a Handsome Man Sitting on a Couch at Home at Night, Watching Entertaining Movie on TV. He is Really Mind Blown by the Movie Plot and Special Effects.
Sad frustrated business executive overwhelmed by work, he is overloaded with paperwork and answering phone calls in the office
Shocked African-American man holding a smartphone, feel astonishment with a bad news, fired from work, irritated guy looks at phone screen and does not understand what happened
Exhausted sad young man in a blue shirt holds a remote control in his hands and switches channels on TV after a hard day need some relax. Boring TV shows.
Stressed young man hearing awful news at mobile phone call conversation. Unhappy entrepreneur worker looking angry, listening complaints from client talking on smartphone or having business failure.
silhouette of upset businessman watching through the window at night
Sad Disappointed Man On Broken Car Accident.Vehicle Check Engine Oil Level.Car Engine Overheating.Open Hood Motor.Auto Failure Accident Inspection Oil Level.Frustrated Businessman Repairing Damage Car
Side view close up of a Caucasian male healthcare professional wearing a surgical cap, mask. Healthcare workers in the Coronavirus Covid19 pandemic
Girl is cry in corner. Violence against children in family. Family violence. Cry kid. Family violence concept. Girl is cry with fear. Child abuse. Sad family. Fear of child in dark. Kid cry in corner
Young sad man looks on the camera. Unhappy alone young teenager, outdoors. Closeup face of  handsome guy with sad eyes, on the nature.  Closeup  frustrated teenager face, outside
Portrait shot of sad desperate man crying during his work and usining  napkins to removing tears in the office . upset looking,Epidemic, problems, sadness, virus, coronavirus, sad, crisis,  problem
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Man sit at table in kitchen feels annoyed having problems with laptop. System error, bad e-mail, negative news, data loss, backup battery issues, password wrong, unsaved, lost info need repair concept
Angry businessman breaking a keyboard on monitor in the office. man has a tantrum from a problem at work. manager freaks out and breaks the computer.
Disappointed young man opens his refrigerator to find it empty. POV from inside the refrigerator.
A frustrated, angry, dominating male boss businessman shouting at an office corporate female employee worker. A demanding manager leader is furious annoyed as a woman colleague messed up the work.
Man with angry facial expression is screaming out loud. Close-up mouth of angry man screaming. Threat of violence.
4K Depressed Asian sad man sitting on bedroom floor with hugging the knees and looking away. Lonely sadness breaking up man sitting alone and listening music from headphone. Tired lost man being alone
Middle-aged man sitting thinking before looking up at the camera registering disbelief and surprise, starting backwards and then staring.
Focused young man freelancer in eyeglasses working on computer at home office, looking in distance searching for inspiration, creating online project, thinking on problem solution, typing email.
Young mixed race diverse compassionate people supporting desperate unhappy man. Depressed male patient suffering from bullying, sharing personal problems at psychological therapy group meeting.
Office clerk working behind a wall of paperwork: he is peeking from a hole and stamping a document, bureaucracy concept
Disappointed young adult businessman waiting in traffic jam getting bored using mobile phone commuting late for work. Road adventures. City transportation. Emotions.
Angry troubled stressed business man having problem while using smartphone
An angry and frustrated Indian female corporate entrepreneur is shouting at office colleagues during an online video conference meeting while her husband is preparing a cup of coffee in the kitchen
Young sad friends looking in empty fridge at home, view from inside. Group of multiethnic young people opening empty fridge feeling hungry and disappointed
close up of sweaty man gesturing while sitting in car and holding steering wheel
Portrait of young African American business man student freelancer sitting in office home table feeling pain in neck tired expression time to take rest. Mixed race guy suffering from ache in shoulders
Young handsom European guy brunette with long hair with a wrapped sports body looks forward smiles with an embarrassed look and covers his face with his hand from shame
Upset African man leaning on metal fence. Angry black person shaking fence
Young caucasian handsome man doubting and confused, thinking of an idea or worried about something
Friends watching sport game at stadium, disappointed with results of match
A grandfather old elderly fit man batting playing cricket disappoints when gets bowled out as the family celebrates celebrating. A happy family enjoying a holiday together in the open field garden
Young male in casual clothes is opening black wallet which is empty, looking disappointed and confused. Posing against blue background
Frustrated disappointed three generations male family old grandpa, young son father and kid grandson fans supporters hold soccer ball watch tv sad by team losing football match sport game sit on sofa
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
silhouette of upset businessman standing by the window at night
Disappointed businessman in office. Worried business man with hands on face. Upset business owner
Tired or frustrated scientist or doctor looking at the sun from lab or hospital window. Long working hours in medical facility. Fatigued or disappointed person has an idea or see hope and solution
Concentrated esportsman gamer player with curly hair and headphones leaning back on chair in disappointment after failure battle in video game match during professional tournament
Young man sit indoor talking on smartphone hearing bad news, office employee holding cellphone listen client complaints during phone conversation looking disappointed feel stressed, close up face view
Couple fighting in the kitchen, yelling at each other, man expressing aggression and violence on woman. Breaking up, cheating, divorce concept. BMPCC 4K
Handsome man checking freshness of breath. Portrait of guy smelling air from mouth in studio. Close up beautiful man holding hand at face. Male student posing on blue background
Tired frustrated business executive working late at night in the office, he is staring at the computer screen and receiving an error message
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Stressed senior couple use e-bank app on laptop check utilities, feels shocked about unpaid taxes bank debt, having conflict discuss money overspend, high domestic bills, financial problems concept
Sad man stands in the rain
Unhappy carpenter man Disappointed  with computer laptop .tired  Business Owner wood worker In Workshop
Upset dark skinned man drowned in laundry fees very upset surrounded by unfolded clothes being tired of cleaning out wardrobe. Big cleaning day. Different clothing around. Real chaos at home
Middle aged man having troubles with using computer, reading manual book and feeling despair, taking off his eyeglasses
Businessman working in the office, he reads a document and trashes it
Lonely disappointed bearded guy leaning on glass wall, receiving bad information
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
Thoughtful young african man looking through reading paper document, feeling stressed about banking loan money debt notification. Depressed biracial guy frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice.
Young man throws up his hands.He is surprised. He does not understand what is happening
Annoyed angry young couple customers clients holding papers arguing with manager having complaint on bad contract service demand claim insurance compensation meeting lawyer on legal fraud fight
Young father holding hand, stroking shoulder of little child son, asking for forgiveness, apologizing at home. Compassionate dad helping small kid boy coping with bullying, sincerely talking indoors.
Angry man with smartphone standing close to the street in the city
Portrait of young man looking confused over the news he received on his smart phone, the man showing a disappointed gesture
Elderly man sit with wife indoor feels upset, loving woman put hand on shoulders hugs him comforting, express empathy, close up. Crisis, impotence, potency health problems, incurable disease concept
Close-up of male hands, cropped shot frustrated divorced deceived caucasian man husband takes off wedding ring puts on wooden table decides to separate, breakup marriage concept, end of relationship.
Close up of serious Black couple looking at mobile phone in hand feel worried and depress people trying to solve problem working discussion together in office
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled, pensive wife looking at sleeping husband frustrated by sexual problems, difficulties in relationships, thinking of breaking up divorce
Business man getting very bad news on his laptop computer screen and feeling disappoint.self isolation, pandemic, coronavirus, covid-19, quarantine  analysis, concept, economic, sad, stress, crisis,
4K Stressed Asian businessman entrepreneur sitting on the floor thinking of business and debt problem. Depressed unemployed man worried and tired of work. Mental health and economic problem concept
Workman knocks his head against the wall. Stressed worker in hard hat stands on construction site and knocks his head against the concrete wall, self-condemnation and self-torture
Candid bored upset asia male people sit at night pub bar cafe after work party hold phone in hand read chat watch and play on app. Social addict teen man think hard look moody sad pensive at table.
Woman accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her, pushing him and yelling at him. Couple fighting at home. Breaking up, cheating, jealousy, divorce concept. Shallow DOF, Slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Disappointed man suddenly touching his chest feeling sharp pain, heart attack
Stressed shocked diverse workers team frustrated about business failure reading discussing bad news results or email online looking at laptop, depressed upset colleagues having problem with computer
Sad stressed businessman working in his office, he is sitting under a lot of paperwork and he is overwhelmed by work
Businessman in Archive Room Surrounded by Files Looking Sad and Disappointed. (Ultra High Definition, UltraHD, Ultra HD, UHD, 4K, 3840x2160)
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed cranky. domestic violence concept. kid close-up toddler roared all in tears lifestyle
Front view of a suspicious man listening to you doubting in the street
Man sitting in a front of broken car
Angry man throws a stack of documents and screams. Tired, emotional office worker yelling after analyzing the papers. High quality FullHD footage
Depressed Man Stay Sad Looking Concerned Wait Train Troubled and Disappointed (Ultra High Definition, UltraHD, Ultra HD, UHD, 4K, 3840x2160)
4K Unemployed Asian businessman standing in front of the mirror screaming and blame himself of mistake. Stressed man entrepreneur unsuccessful in business. Mental health and economic problem concept.
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