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Asian girl with autism doing activities in classroom Practice your speaking skill with your school friends. Teacher guide with autistic to develop the brain of expression. Concept Education
Young adult woman daughter granddaughter holding elderly mother granny female hands as two women generations support concept, giving love care to senior people, helping older parents and grandparents
A girl with Down syndrome blows bubbles. The daily life of a child with disabilities. Chromosomal genetic disorder in a child.
Young adult woman daughter holds elderly mother by the hand. Helping old people, supporting in difficulties, mutual assistance concept.
Reflection in mirror of mature woman hugging from back overweight teenage daughter with down syndrome. Caring mother cuddling with curvy handicapped child standing in front of full length mirror
Portrait of disabled asian boy sitting on wheelchair and looking at the camera with smile in art class with friend. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
Authentic shot of happy friendly teen girl with down syndrome showing her power with arms and smiling in camera at home. Concept of persons with disabilities, child care, healthcare, people, optimism
Multi-ethnic group of children and their Caucasian female teacher in a classroom during a lesson, raising their hands, one girl sitting in wheelchair, slow motion. Education at an elementary school.
life with disabilities, boy with downs syndrome studying mathematics with her teacher sitting at desk in classroom at elementary school
Teachers feedback behavior and peer acceptance talented children with special educational needs are intimately connected social interaction in elementary inclusive school tutor and students.
Portrait, girl with Down syndrome laughing
kid playing with toys on the floor. school bus transportation for disabled child in wheelchair. disability acceptance concept
School building ready for learning, kids and teenagers, teachers return to classroom
A girl with Down syndrome blows bubbles with mother. The daily life of a child with disabilities. Chromosomal genetic disorder in a child.
Down syndrome chubby girl doing activities together with parents in the living room at home, hugging sweet down syndrome daughter smiling with her mom.
wheelchair man. Handicapped man. young disabled man in an automated wheelchair walks with his family, wife and small child, along city alley on sunny autumn day.
Education concept. Children with disabilities are presenting information with a tablet. 4k Resolution.
Happy mom proud of her son can walking outdoors. Kid with physical disability. Video of enjoy happy love family outdoors. Lovely mom ride on swing for person with disability with her son. Happy moments
child development, cute male child with disabilities holds hand in hand girl during lesson in an inclusive school
Physiotherapist and kid walking in rehabilitation center. Doctor supports a children with cerebral palsy during physiotherapy treatment. High quality 4k footage
Sad little girl in a wheelchair in hospital ward looking at camera. Portrait of upset and lonely disables child patient sitting in wheelchair at pediatrics department
Smiling ethnic female teacher using computer and typing on keyboard while teaching adorable child with down syndrome during lesson in classroom
Close-up of teacher helping little girl with autism to decorate biscuit with glaze. Kids with disabilities decorating cookies with colorful icing during masterclass
Activities for kids with disabilities. Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs. Mom is playing with Boy with Cerebral Palsy in special chair at home.
High aerial establishing shot of school, university, college campus with brick academic buildings and sports fields, tennis courts
Portrait of Asian little illness girl sitting on wheelchair with smiling in hospital while waiting for medical service. The young kid feeling good, hopeful and thumbs up with cheerful and happy face.
Authentic shot of happy young woman embracing her teen sister with down syndrome and smiling in camera at home. Concept of love, family, healthcare, persons with disabilities, friendship.
Young father taking care of his disabled child on a wheelchair
Portrait of asian girl with down syndrome smiling and looking to camera. Little kid show her hands with colorful painted in art class. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
Asian family Mother and son with disability in a wheelchair Using Digital Tablet at home. Supportive, Encouragement, Education, Care, Coexistence Slow motion shot
Positive female helping girls with special needs to make slime during masterclass. Two girls with autism and cerebral palsy needing help and attention, socializing activity for kids with disabilities
Cinematic shot of teen girl with down syndrome using tablet for entertainment while sitting on sofa at home at night. Concept of technology, connection, handicapped, disability, online, communication
High aerial of school college university campus athletic fields, grounds and school buildings in Lancaster Pennsylvania USA
Teen wearing artists apron painting and putting brush from one hand to other at her room. Girl with down syndrome holding palette on knees while creating picture in front of molbert
blind child learns to read Braille, woman teacher watches as boy kid moves his fingers over the font
Girl with Cerebral palsy using her walker for mobility
A girl with down syndrome drawing crayon for intellectual development. Asian kid with smile face and a young teacher woman stand beside her in art class. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
Family have fun in the country
Mother holding a child with a disability boy doing thumb up, smiling. 4k, 3840x2160. HD
Asian autistic girl dancing for friend and teacher in the classroom with happy and fun. Activity of children disability to improve physical skill. Concept Learning for children with disabilities
Teacher specializing in children with disabilities helping boy with autism to make slime. Girls with psychoorganic syndrome playing slimes and looking at scared boy
Young mother taking care of her disabled child
Back view of dad with artificial leg walking with kids in park. Father going to amusement park with daughter and son during summer holiday, spending time together. Disability, family concept
Portraits of Boy disabilities on wheelchair at home. Slow motion shot
Patients waiting to be called in a crowded hospital waiting room
Autism psychologist working with child with autism with color wooden blocks. School boy with autism learning with mother at home. Kid building with wood blocks. Autism education.
Happy family with mother and disabled son spending time together at home.
Portrait smiling boy on football field. Children Down syndrome disease resulting from genetic abnormality in which extra chromosome appears in human body. Correction of vision glasses.
Handicapped woman on wheelchair and teen daughter in protective masks walking across city bridge. Mom with disability enjoying leisure together with teenage girl amid coronavirus infection outbreak
Pretty teenager girl wearing artist aprone soaking brush into paint. Adorable child with down syndrome holding art palette and painting while sitting in front of molbert in her room
Down syndrome girl slow motion in the city
Close up of man hand reading with blind braille text. Disable people
Positive female teacher squeezing shaving foam for slime into bowls of joyful kids with autism. Inclusive education for children with special needs
Girl with Down syndrome sitting at a computer at home and typing text.
Young disabled invalid handicapped woman dancing in in wheelchair on the electric cars attraction surface
Happy family with mother, father and disabled daughter spending time together in bedroom.
A girl with down syndrome painting for intellectual development. Asian kid with smiling face and a young teacher woman standing beside her in art class. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
emotional boy with downs syndrome, kid rejoices in success gives five to the mother and applauds during doing homework at room
Joyful handicapped girl with down syndrome and her mother in cone hats singing happy birthday song while taking photo on cellphone. Positive disabled child with parent posing for selfie on sofa
Patients waiting in a crowded hospital waiting room
Frustrated ADHD afflicted young religious boy scribbling angrily on paper with pencil in school then ripping up sheet and crumpling into a ball
Portrait of a baby with cerebral palsy lying on his belly and playing at home. Special needs child. Handicapped baby boy close-up.
Asian elderly woman on the grass after falling down,sick senior mother fell to the floor while walking exercise because of dizziness,faint,suffering from illness,caring daughter,granddaughter to help
Authentic macro of happy friendly teen girl with down syndrome is smiling in camera at home. Concept of handicapped, child care, healthcare,disability, people, optimism
Front view close up of happy disabled African American schoolboy sitting on wheelchair in school corridor. He is looking at camera
Young disabled woman in wheelchair with her mother hugs each other on the sand beach near the sea
Portrait of beautiful disabled girl in the arms of his mother having fun in fountain of public park at sunny summer day. Child cerebral palsy. Inclusion.
Autism psychologist teaching kid with autism emotions. School boy with autism learning with mother at home. Learning happy, surprise and upset feelings by card.
The artist in a wheelchair resorts a portrait of a little girl in nature. The young model is tired and trying to move. An artist with an easel in nature. Prores 422.
Girl on background of the flowers field
CIRCA 1950s - The first child receives the Salk polio vaccine in 1956.
Portrait of child with autism. Boy with autism spectrum disorder.
Two boys with autism playing with animals toys sitting at the table. Autistic kids learning and playing. Smiling children.
Caucasian child with disability, reduced mobility, swims, relaxes and plays with his father, a bearded man, in a pool during the summer.
Disabled child in a wheelchair relaxing outside in the park with her mother. Disabled, childhood concept.
Black girl with Cerebral Palsy walking in the park with her assistive device
Autistic boy building with color wooden blocks using tablet computer. Online assignment to pupil with autism. Applied behavior analysis for students with autism.
Close-up of disabled teen girl with down syndrome listening to music in headphones and dancing with her eyes closed in kitchen. Handicapped music lover in pink hoodie enjoying home leisure activity
portrait doctor and child in wheelchair rehabilitation therapy
Asian woman doctor checkup little girl sit on wheelchair with stethoscope in hospital , healthcare service concept
Cheerful female teacher and girl inflating slime bubble, boy with cerebral palsy looking at sister playing slime sitting next. Children with different disabilities during inclusive masterclass
Joyful children with special needs waving hands while posing on camera with self-made slimes after inclusive masterclass. Cheerful disabled and healthy kids with female teacher posing for video shot
Happy family with mother, father and disabled daughter spending time together at home.
A young asian teacher girl teaching group of asian disabled children to drawing and painting. They smile and happy emotion in art class. Education and learning concept.
Preteen girls making and playing slimes on their own while teacher helping boy with cerebral palsy. Kids with different disabilities during gaming and developing activity with other children
Beautiful girl smiling sitting in wheelchair outdoors as cheerful friends running hugging person. Portrait of joyful happy Caucasian teenager enjoying leisure in summer park.
person blind read braille book child hand reading books HD 4k
Low section of disabled female on wheelchair riding next to her daugher walking holding shopping bags. Mother with differing abilities and girl with paper bags walking after shopping, close-up of legs
Child patient in wheelchair sitting in hospital ward talking to female nurse. Medical worker entertaining and cheering little disabled girl in wheelchair
Handsome lucky cheerful small boy closing eyes of his surprised contented bearded father which sitting in wheelchair after accident and using smartphone
Happy family with mother and cerebral palsy son spending time together at home.
River fracture in a child. A little girl paints on plaster, bandages.
happy teenage boy with down syndrome dancing in kitchen having fun celebrating funny dance enjoying weekend at home
Education concept of 4k Resolution. The teacher is teaching children with disabilities to spell English words in the classroom.
Elementary age autistic boy stretching hand-made slime during inclusive master class for children with different disabilities. Kids with special needs spending time making slimes on their own
Tracking shot child rolling manual wheelchair outdoors. Unrecognizable Caucasian boy riding assistive device in summer park. Disability and childhood lifestyle.
children leisure, boys with disabilities play on maracas together with kids and teacher during music lesson sitting on multicolored bean bag chairs
Mom helping son with autism to make homework for online school. Home education by internet. Autism spectrum disorder education at home.
Happy family with mother and disabled son spending time together at home.
Cinematic shot of happy teen girl with down syndrome making video call with smartphone to friends or family at home. Concept of technology, persons with disabilities, media, friendship, new generation
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