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Close up portrait happy sincere middle aged elderly retired family couple making heart gesture with fingers, showing love or demonstrating sincere feelings together indoors, looking at camera.
A happy child embraces his father. Portrait of a happy child. Family in the sun at sunset. Education, care.
Female Hand Touching and Stroking Bark of Pine Tree in Forest. Hand Touching Old Majestic Oak Tree. Loving Nature. Harmony Calm Relaxation. Save Earth Green Planet .
Happy cute affectionate adopted little kid girl hugging foster care parent mother with eyes closed, adorable small child daughter embrace mum cuddling enjoy tender sweet moment concept, close up view
Beautiful happy mother and little cute daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love, cherish, family bonding, donation sign, adoption and custody concept
Close up above view loving mommy holds hand of her newborn while baby sleeping lying on bed during healthy day nap. Cherish, mothers love and care, protection of children, adoption, babyhood concept
Happy two male generations family wearing aprons, enjoying cooking together in old-fashioned kitchen. Smiling old senior retired man preparing lunch with joyful grownup son on weekend at home.
Young father and little 5s adorable daughter smiling looking at camera showing symbol making with fingers heart shape sign of love. Concept of blood donation and save life, volunteering, family bond
Tilt down view of bloody hand of Jesus Christ nailed to wooden cross during execution
Head shot close up affectionate loving young mixed race mommy enjoying tender moment with sweet african ethnic cute little infant kid son. Happy biracial mother spending time with laughing small baby.
Young boy praying to God. Religious Mixed race child looking at sky with HOPE and FAITH
Loving couple enjoying the time together. Careful man and his disabled girlfriend in wheelchair by the sea
Close up of loving elderly grandmother kissing on cheek little 10s granddaughter, family sit on couch hugging enjoy moment of tenderness, showing love and care, express devotion and sincere feelings
Holy bible open on the table at the garden and pages flipping due to wind blowing. Religion and faith concept.
Jack Russell stands on his hind legs, then begins to jump high. Pet in the studio on a blue background. Slow motion. Close up.
Young Curly Male Inspirational Environmentalist Walking in Forest. Nature Lover Hiking in Woods. Holding Tablet PC.Concept of Privacy and Isolation, Traveling Alone. Calmness, Harmony with Nature.
Senior man crying in wife shoulders
Portrait of happy lovely family with little kids sit on couch smile look at camera. Young parents rest on sofa hug preschool children spend weekend at modern home. Upbringing, happy parenthood concept
Happy beautiful mother and little 10s adorable daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love and cherish of mom and kid, donation, sincere feelings concept
loving mother and her son with folded hands together and closed eyes with strong faith in their hearts pray to God, before going to bed kneeling by side of bed in room
After long separation loving 35s couple reunited, wife and husband missed very much go to meet each other hugging standing indoor feeling deep love and happiness. Love and long-awaited meeting concept
Cute golden retriever dog running along sunny field
Happy young mother lying on floor carpet, lifting in air laughing sincere little child daughter, enjoying playing travel game or practicing yoga balance exercises, having fun together on weekend.
Happy young man visiting, coming to positive beautiful mature elderly mommy. Smiling millennial grownup son embracing, taking care of affectionate middle aged mother, relaxing on sofa at home.
Human take care about nature. Hand of female environmental activist gently touches tree bark in forest. Nature lover on sunny autumn day. Woman supporting nature palm trunk with green moss 4K nature
Close up portrait loving mother cuddles little daughter, family sit on sofa touch noses feel unconditional love show devotion, express caress. Caring mom, adopted kid, Mothers Day celebration concept
OROPA, BIELLA, ITALY - JULY 7, 2018: people, children and adults are sitting on a benches in a catholic old church, looking at the altar and wall paintings. Shrine of Oropa, Sanctuary, in the
Head shot caring young african american mother lifting small kid daughter, comforting crying infant baby at home. Loving affectionate mixed race mum cuddling soothing little toddler child son.
Pure love. Close up of serene tender young latina mom nursing breastfeeding little daughter watch baby suckling milk hold tiny palm. Affectionate hispanic mother lull infant girl feed kid with breast
Pujaris or Brahmins (Hindu Priests) Performing Ganga Pooja in traditional cloths during sunrise at Varanasi ghat, India (March 2019)
Full shot of a wheelchaired athlete and his trainer working out with a medicine ball
Definition: Commitment
Woman prays with her hands crossed over Bible for God blessing in dark room. Faith and love in God.Christian prayer over Bible. Woman worshiping Christian God. Catholic faith.Girl prays in an epidemic
small cute stray dog gets affection from  stranger, homeless pet with kind grateful eyes looks into camera, makes  video cry and sympathize, social video about helping animals. hand stroking sad puppy
Close up happy lovely couple faces look through joined fingers making heart shape, bloggers give to followers their love, express gratitude, St Valentines Day celebration, romantic relations concept
Close up portrait loving mom hug little children. Caring mum embrace preschool son daughter sit together on couch smile look at camera. Family celebrate Mother Day, happy motherhood, adoption concept
Little adorable girl sits on mommy laps laughing enjoy playtime at home. Indian woman play with cute preschool 6s daughter, spend weekend together feeling love and connection. Happy motherhood concept
Joyful young nanny playing mobile games with adorable small child girl, resting on comfortable sofa in living room. Addicted to modern technology happy mum and kid daughter having fun using cellphone.
Close up portrait cheerful healthy elderly married couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape symbol. Romantic relationships, eternal love, unity, happy long-life marriage concept
The little girl and her mother pray before going to bed. 4k
Close up young african american man holding female hands, demonstrating support. Mixed race spouses reconciling after misunderstanding. Biracial husband comforting wife, overcoming problems together.
Father's Portrait of father holding child girl in his hands and hugging at home. Dad cuddling and kissing with his daughter. Father's day. little girl blue eyes and blonde hair hugs dad close up
A healthcare worker of ER nurse wearing full personal protective gear or PPE because of the COVID19 pandemic tending to something or someone off screen.
Little African girl piggyback young mom smile look at camera. Pretty curly haired 10s daughter cuddling her older sister or mum express love, feeling affection pose at cam. Mother Day, bonding concept
Young female student study at home in the morning drinking tea or coffee. Christian hispanic girl with black hair reading holy book, bible. Devotional
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
Contemplative thoughtful man standing outside smiling feeling spiritual
Close up happy african mom and daughter cuddling seated on sofa. Loving parent hug 6s daughter express love, showing caress. Little girl feels grateful embrace new mum. Adoption, Mothers day concept
Love of mother. Close up of affectionate caring mom hand hold caress small palm of little sleeping infant baby kid. Tender loving mum protect help support comfort beloved child from first days of life
Mature Black Man Reading Bible in Living Room, Pan from Face Down to Book
Young father holding hand, stroking shoulder of little child son, asking for forgiveness, apologizing at home. Compassionate dad helping small kid boy coping with bullying, sincerely talking indoors.
Loving young couple bonding laughing touching foreheads relaxing together, romantic millennial man and woman getting closer enjoying moment of affection cuddling looking at each other at home
Happy young man bumping fists with joyful elderly middle aged father, enjoying chopping vegetables for healthy dinner together in kitchen, preparing vegetarian meal, cooking domestic food indoors.
Smiling faces loving mature mother young daughter posing for selfie video portrait making heart of fingers. Happy female grownup child join hands in love symbol with aged mom look at camera. Close up
A Bible holy man or prophet kneeling in prayer
Funny cute french bulldog dog with bunny ears lies wrapped in warm yellow blanket on sofa at home and misses its owner waiting for him. Good boy pet. Abstrect idleness, quarantine, inaction, humility
Two elderly people old spouses standing in living room dancing, loving husband holds hand of beloved wife while she spinning around couple enjoy life together on retirement feels happy healthy concept
Young worried girl standing with fingers crossed for good luck and wins isolated over red background
Closeup portrait of a young woman praying sincerely with folded arms at home or indoors. Sincere prayer of a Caucasian girl or female in the church with closed eyes alone. close up at home in the room
religion, portrait of young woman with boy who believe in God and read Bible book near bed before sleep
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6th April 2020. - A Muslim person reading the Quran, the shot moves to the left behind the reader and reveals the Quran in her hands
Mexico City, Mexico - October 10, 2021: Aerial view of the sacred Basilica Virgin of Guadalupe with a lot of visitors during a sunny weekend.
Wide full length view 30s wife sit on kitchen counter top hugs beloved standing husband, young family laughing talking spend weekend time at new modern comfort house. Bank loan, happy marriage concept
Close up view face of lovely 30s happy smiling female vlogger gives love to followers, woman makes with fingers heart shape, symbol of devotion sign of sincere feelings. Volunteering, charity concept
A Ganesh Idol decorated with garlands
Enamored man woman happy couple in love looking at camera through tender heart of united hands. Webcam portrait of loving young spouses influencers sharing romantic story with audience in video blog
Spirituality and Religion Concept, Person Sitting on Desk to Making Pray on a Holy Bible in Church or House. Believe and Faith for Christian People. Dark Tone. Static Shot
Happy affectionate family single mum and cute little child daughter embracing bonding laughing together, young mother foster parent hugging small kid girl cuddling enjoy tender moment of love at home
Grandma, mom and daughter of sit on sofa at home smile look at camera. Cute girl touch cheeks of mom and elderly granny enjoy moment of tenderness. Three generations of women family portrait concept
Haridwar, Uttarakhand India April 06, 2021. A Dip of Spirituality and faith, Maha Kumbh 2021. Morning Time dip, Indian saints batting in Ganges of Ganga River and Worshipping their God. Apple prores
Daughter tight hug mother cancer patient show support give tenderness in hard period of rehab, mom shaved bald head close up back view. Unconditional love, life value, motivation to struggle concept
A person raises hands towards the sky and makes a prayer, Muslim prayer concept.
Head shot portrait young attractive woman standing alone at home with eyes closed put folded palms on chest feels grateful, express sincere feelings smiles look at camera. Believe and charity concept
Contemplative child closing and opening eyes to sky, macro close-up
The Holy land in search of God! Jesus Christ and the apostles
Affectionate mature family couple relaxing on cozy sofa, enjoying pleasant conversation, holding cups of hot tea. Loving happy middle aged man joking talking discussing with elderly smiling wife.
Caring young affectionate loving african american father playing toys with little cute biracial child daughter, sitting together on floor in modern living room, talking chatting communicating at home.
Three generations of relatives beautiful women, multi-generational family close up portrait concept, cute girl grandkid posing between 60s granny and loving mother smiling for camera laughs feel happy
Loving understanding middle aged wife or caregiver listening to senior husband helping with problem, old couple talking at home, mature woman comforting giving support to grey haired elder man patient
Close up caring adult son comes to older mom sit on sofa with cup, covering her with knitted warm scarf or plaid, cuddling express care, love, showing protection. Multigenerational family bond concept
Happy young woman embracing smiling middle aged woman, enjoying closeness sweet moment, posing for photo. Headshot portrait of bonding devoted two female generations family looking at camera.
motion background of a rotating bible clearly labelled
Affectionate couple in bed embracing each other, enjoying pleasant good morning, young loving woman tenderly stroking man by her finger lying on his shoulder, cuddling bonding touching skin, close up
Older woman sit on sofa, cover eyes with palms wait surprise prepared from grown up son, get flowers, gift box feels happy hugs him. Mother Day, life event celebration, birthday congratulation concept
An African woman, wearing a colorful head scarf, kneeling and praying in an empty church.
Honest responsible young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie raising hand, touching chest and taking vow, saying promise, looking at camera trustworthy reliable. indoor  isolated on pink background
close-up of a black labrador retriever dog. devoted brown eyes of a pet. smooth, well-groomed coat on the muzzle face
A hand slowly moves up eastern style chanting beads against a dark background with incense smoke rising in the foreground.
Happy Foster Family. Adorable Small Child Son Embrace Adoptive Daddy Cuddling Enjoy Tender Sweet Moment. Affectionate Little Kid Boy Hugging Father With Eyes Closed. Child Boy Hugging Foster Father.
Young dad kisses loves and plays with baby son 1960
religion, little Christian boy with faith and hope in heart with closed eyes clasped hands prays to God on his knees in room near bed against window
christianity, young woman together her son with closed eyes and folded hands with faith and hope in her heart praying to God kneeling by bed in room, religion concept
Tibet Nepal Kathmandu Buddhist monks pray Buddhism Tibetan monastery temple
woman hands in prayer in a church
Young man proposes marriage to his beautiful girl. Shot on RED Epic.
African American man looking up to the sky with HOPE and FAITH, spiritual mixed race person face opening eyes
Kolkata, India - October 16, 2018 : Young Hindu Priest worshipping Goddess Durga with sacred lamps under holy smoke, Durga aarati - sacred Durga Puja ritual - shot at night under colored light.
Man with his hands hugs a tree trunk, unity with nature, environmental protection
Man walking away from camera on the side walk holding the bible by his side.
A young couple watching and enjoying a cricket match on a mobile or smart phone.  Indian Husband and wife with cheeks painted with tricolor flag intensely watching a hockey game together in a home
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