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Depressed desperate man feeling worried about financial problem doing paperwork. Stressed businessman looking frustrated thinking of money debt, budget loss, bankruptcy sitting at home office desk.
Shocked frustrated african mixed race business man student feel stressed look at computer screen worried of problem read bad online news receive failed exam results concept sit at home office table
Silhouette of a sad man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide
Close up view troubled man bowing his head cover face with hands crying due life grief sorrow, personal troubles, alcohol abuse drug addicted desperate guy need help. Break up, health problems concept
Close up pensive deep in sad thoughts elderly man with cane sit indoors looking out the window think about disability feels lonely. Nostalgy, aging, Parkinson disease patient at nursing home concept
Male upset frustrated face afro american sad angry man african guy sitting on street outdoors feels irritated looking at phone checking late time in smartphone looking around waiting for someone
Stressed senior businessman in his messy office, he is overloaded with paperwork and screaming
Silhouette of Desperate Man Alone Using Pouring Rain, Vintage. Silhouette of a desperate man standing alone in the rain. Old film effect
Portrait of a mentally ill mad man. Scary evil many faces. Devil spiritual exorcism.
Siret Border, Romania - March  02, 2022: Ukrainian refugees Editorial stock video
Siret Border, Romania - March  02, 2022: Ukrainian refugees Editorial stock video
Portrait exhausted business man finishing phone talk at street. Tired businessman using mobile phone outdoor. Unhappy man looking away at modern street.
Depressed young businessman sitting on floor in kitchen. Portrait of anxious handsome man on kitchen floor having business or personal problems feeling stressed and desperate
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
Dismissed businessman frustrated and desperate sitting on staircase in business center. Unhappy young entrepreneur sitting on stairs worry about financial crisis and unemployment
Office Work Overtime. Workaholic Work In Internet Deadline.Frustrated Businessman Working Alone.Tired Worker Overworked On Computer.Tired Businessman In Night Office.Overwhelmed Exhausted Stressed Man
Disappointed young man sitting on couch thinking looking out the window feels moral badly after quarrel fight with wife, break up or divorce marriage split, unpleasant events in life suffering concept
Sad frustrated business executive overwhelmed by work, he is overloaded with paperwork and answering phone calls in the office
Stressed young man hearing awful news at mobile phone call conversation. Unhappy entrepreneur worker looking angry, listening complaints from client talking on smartphone or having business failure.
Tilting-down shot of African-American homeless man in Black hoodie sitting on ruins of demolished house on cold day with praying hands
Man feeling emotional pain sitting on kitchen floor feeling desperate and depression
a man in clothes falls back into the water. underwater shooting of a drowning man
Silhouette of desperate sad man in the dark in front of a window
Young mixed race diverse compassionate people supporting desperate unhappy man. Depressed male patient suffering from bullying, sharing personal problems at psychological therapy group meeting.
Portrait shot of sad desperate man crying during his work and usining  napkins to removing tears in the office . upset looking,Epidemic, problems, sadness, virus, coronavirus, sad, crisis,  problem
Sad hopeless man sitting in a hospital bed alone at night, he feels depressed and suffers from insomnia
Middle-aged man sitting thinking before looking up at the camera registering disbelief and surprise, starting backwards and then staring.
Desperate sad man in front of a window
 jobless business man suffering depressiont underground looking desperate in Emotional pain Mental health Unemployment and Human emotions concept steady camera shot in slow motion.
Dark monk mummy sits in ruins on snow. 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Mystical place and ghost. Dead man in mountains. Spooky zombie apocalypse. Nuclear winter. Scary animated short HD film.
Asian man suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine
Woman giving a take away container of food to a hungry homeless man sitting outside with a homeless and hungry cardboard sign
A mad male patient in straitjacket is going crazy in a mental hospital. Close up of mentally ill man with psychic disorders and bipolar disease. Concept of paranoia or schizophrenia and madness.
Young guy freelance business man at home working with laptop feels pain abdomen discomfort diarrhea liver problems appendicitis symptoms indigestion stomach spasm ache suffers from poisoning disease
Cape Town, South Africa - August 2020: Corona Virus Relief Funds in South Africa.Unemployment rate in Africa high. People waiting hours for 20 Dollars to survive for a month. Face Masks, Pandemic.
Emotional stressed unhappy young businessman in eyeglasses looking at laptop screen, feeling anxious of getting email notification with bad news, dismissal notice or dissatisfied with bad device work.
Young sad friends looking in empty fridge at home, view from inside. Group of multiethnic young people opening empty fridge feeling hungry and disappointed
Drowned man with long dark hair in the water sways in the muddy water lying face down in shallow water. Unrecognizable body in black clothes is washed ashore after a shipwreck. 50 fps 4k slow motion
Close-up portrait of scared man bulging eyes and covering mouth in fright reacting on horrible situation on home office apartment background in the evening
Unwell mature 70s grandfather take pill drinking water having health problem or chronic illness. Unhappy sick senior man holding painkiller to relieve pain sitting on couch. Medium shot on RED camera
Side view of indian male employee suffer from severe pain in stomach at workplace. Young manager working on laptop at desk and having belly ache in office
Tired frustrated business executive working late at night in the office, he is staring at the computer screen and receiving an error message
Young man with umbrella collecting water leaking from ceiling indoors. Real time
HANDHELD portrait of 50s Caucasian male farmer getting out of a pickup truck early in the morning
Sad unhappy mature male retiree sit on couch alone look at window with spring view feel abandoned depressed suffer of weakness ageing retirement problems. Upset elderly man grieving about passed youth
Worried upset senior old adult male doctor feels depressed regrets medical malpractice sitting alone in office. Desperate sad elder surgeon thinking of grief, suffering from burnout or guilt concept.
Portrait of a homeless man in his 40s or 50s with a beard holding a hot steaming beverage in a disposable white coffee cup sitting outside in the cold - dolly shot
Couple fighting in the kitchen, yelling at each other, man expressing aggression and violence on woman. Breaking up, cheating, divorce concept. BMPCC 4K
Siret Border, Romania - March  02, 2022: Ukrainian refugees Editorial stock video
Close up sad elderly man face looking out the window, yearning about past recollect memories. Lonely abandoned grey-haired bearded grandfather suffer about disorder or incurable senile disease concept
Homeless old man in dirty clothes sleeping on the street and asking for help
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Man touches temples suffering headache high blood pressure, meteopathy, tinnitus
Closeup of angry man. Italian fuy showing fear, rage and frustration. Slow motion
Angry stressed businessman wearing suit feeling mad about broken stuck laptop. Frustrated executive using computer outraged by financial market crash concept reads bad online news sits at office desk.
CLOSE UP: Man Putting His Hands With Handcuffed On A Table
Unhappy young man in glasses reading email with bad news, feeling stressed of getting bank loan rejection or dismissal notice, dissatisfied with mistake or having financial problems, working at office
Frustrated African American guy look at cell phone screen reads bad news in mobile message concept, feels shocked. Worried businessman lost money thinking over sudden problems after reading sms
Woman accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her, pushing him and yelling at him. Couple fighting at home. Breaking up, cheating, jealousy, divorce concept. Shallow DOF, Slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Desperate african american boy during parents quarrel closing ears at home. Afro preteen boy sitting on floor and covering ears with hands while mother and father arguing on background
Passing by man offering helping hand to street child, kindness and charity
Unemployment in the USA. Man became unemployed. Mature man is upset that he was fired. Displeased man sitting on the sofa. Indoor portrait
Sad stressed businessman working in his office, he is sitting under a lot of paperwork and he is overwhelmed by work
Portrait of Young Caucasian angry guy yells directly into the camera. Men's emotions on a white background. Slow motion. Close-up.
Homeless senior man with dirty clothes and old blanket wearing medical protection mask getting food from kind people and he is eating bread with happiness at the sidewalk
Offended upset worried desperate spanish woman wife feeling sad stress caring guilty husband arabic spaniard man guy consoles supports apologizes, married couple after conflict sits on home couch
Stressed businessman overloaded with paperwork in the office, he is screaming and feeling desperate
Portrait of young man looking confused over the news he received on his smart phone, the man showing a disappointed gesture
Riga, Latvia - 06/06/2019 EDITORIAL: Against the background of a TV, a man watches a sports channel and places bets using a mobile application. Concert of: At Home, At the Bar, Football, Sport.
A mad man hits himself on the head with a guitar. The guy breaks a guitar on his head on a blue background.
Close-up side portrait of the unhappy frustrated man with ginger beard and depression sadly leaning on the glass in the shower.
Senior in crisis in front of bathroom mirror, despair concept.
Drowned man with long dark hair in the water sways in the muddy water lying face down in shallow water. An unrecognizable body in black clothes is washed ashore after a shipwreck. 50 fps 4k slow motion.
Depressed Man Stay Sad Looking Concerned Wait Train Troubled and Disappointed (Ultra High Definition, UltraHD, Ultra HD, UHD, 4K, 3840x2160)
Portrait of a mentally ill mad man.
Poverty.Inequality.Water crisis. Close-up view of a young black african boy drinking water from a communal tap while people line up to collect water in plastic containers
Frustrated married couple feeling stressed about high mortgage. Document loan refusal having financial problems debt. Couple having financial problems
Furious man gesticulates with hands and horns driving on traffic jam. Crazy driver yelling from car desperately. Stress, traffic rush hour, anxious, madness, rudeness concepts
Exhausted and Stressed Businessman is Banging the Head Against the Wall
Sad desperate man crying while driving car
Drunk husband yells at a woman and beats his wife in the kitchen. The woman victim covers her face with her hands. Domestic violence and abuse
Disgruntled young man under an umbrella during a flood in the apartment
Suicide concept. Man with a gun wants to commit suicide
confused man office worker is talking on the phone in a large heaps of paper
Homeless senior man with dirty clothes and old blanket who sitting on the sidewalk is getting coin money from kindly people.
Closeup of asian man feel depressed and sitting at home
Back view of young desperate man sitting at hospital bed alone. Sick male patient sitting on bed at clinic upset for serious disease diagnosis feeling worried
Close up of sad lonely man sitting of ground stressed and tired in morning outdoors city, portrait of handsome African-American guy moving down head exhausted depressive mood sadness stress concept
Stressed shocked diverse workers office team frustrated about business failure reading bad news results or email looking at laptop, depressed upset colleagues having problem
Close-up underwater shot of a long-haired man in black clothes lying in the water and drowned surrounded by jellyfish. The concept of lost hope and suicide. 4k slow motion
Barber with hand glouse, scissors and comb in hand waiting for customer - concept of desperate sad small businesses
Stressed angry businessman opening envelope, reading banking credit loan refusal notification. Unhappy young man received bad news, irritated by mistake, feeling stressed about dismissal notice.
Lonely sad man looking for job online, unemployment and depression, problems. Desperate male searching information, life crisis frustration. Financial failure in internet games, bankruptcy troubles
A lonely man walking into a desert in slow motion.
Upset young family couple african american girl black wife sitting on floor holding her head with hands worried about resentment caucasian man screaming waving her hands in anger, quarrel concept
Sad stressed businessman working in his office, he is sitting under a lot of paperwork and he is overwhelmed by work
Close up view 35s man in casual shirt sit on sofa in living room at home feels unhappy due personal life troubles break up divorce marriage split, repenting guilty man, debt financial problems concept
Attractive young Asian man reading texting chatting  on his phone, bad news, sad crying expression, over grey
Sad stressed businessman working in his office, he is sitting under a lot of paperwork and he is overwhelmed by work
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