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Multiple packages of dairy food items are moving on a conveyor line at the factory. Bottles with milk are advancing on the factory conveyor at a dairy plant. Production conveyor belt at dairy factory.
Falling drop into coffee cup, super slow motion at 1000 fps.
Factory worker is placing the packaged box in a stack. A Worker is moving the packaged boxes using the industrial cart. Worker is transporting the packaged boxes into the storage facility. Dairy food
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
Slow Motion Amazing milk cows on the beautiful meadow
Milk Drop Dripping onto the White Liquid Surface Making Crown and Circular Ripples
Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring and Splashing Fresh Milk at 1000 fps.
little girl child drinking milk. healthy eating a child eating breakfast kid dream concept. daughter girl in kitchen drinks yogurt milk and kefir licks her lips. positive kid smiling having breakfast
Foodvideo footage shot in slow motion. Cheese is being grated on the plate of freshly-cooked Italian pasta. Chef grating hard cheese. Cooking seafood pasta. Shot in hd
Back of young farmer walking along cows line eating grass on farm (cowshed barn). Man checking work. Livestock farmers insurance. Summer sunshine rises. Organic nutrition. Healthy lifestyle. 4K
The process of cows getting milked at a dairy factory. Technologically advanced modern farm. An automatic cow milking machine is being used. Dairy Industry. Milking clusters working.
Sour cream with spoon, fresh greek yogurt close up
Water Drop Creating Ripple, Waves Of Water Drop, Ripple in water
Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day.
Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.
Aerial view of the herd of cows at green meadow near with river. Drone photo of plein air of river and green field with herd of cows. trees in the background.
Almonds Nuts Falling Into Liquid Yoghurt in 4K Super slow motion
Spoon Ice cream texture flavour chocolate, Closeup Top view Food concept.
Cows at the Milk Production Factory. A factory worker starts the Process of milking cows on machine. Automated equipment for milking cows on dairy farm. Agricultural business. Modern farm.
Establishing shot of Midwestern Countryside in the Fall season, view from above. Farm at Harvesting time, ripe corn field, herd cows grazing. Autumn Rural landscape. Sunny morning, golden hour
Slow motion Pouring milk in glass on wooden table. Healthy breakfast at the morning. Cereals and milk
Super Slow Motion Shot of Almonds Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Black cow licking young laughing man face by tongue. Close-up. Tender relationship between farmer and cows on modern dairy farm. Sunny day light. Farm worker enjoying favorite job on countryside. 4K
Abstract Grunge Color Ink Paint Spread Blast Explode Background. Colorful Chaos Liquid Turbulence. Movement
Cinematic macro top view shot of young male farmer is pouring fresh milk to filling a can used for biological dairy products industry in a cowshed stable of countryside farm with hay.
The silhouette of a farmer near a cow. In the field at sunset.
Woman mix grind almonds with water in blender
Rotating transporter is pouring fresh milk into bottles. Automated process of filling bottles with milk.
Woman squeezing almond milk from almond in kitchen at home
Pouring milk in white bowl with muesli cereals breakfast on rustic wooden background. Healthy granola, food clean eating, vegan diet, allergy-friendly, morning energy, weight loosing concept
Dairy food production line. Female factory workers at the industrial line packing cheese into plastic pack
Super slow motion of pouring milk into coffee drink. Filmed on very high speed cinema camera
Kiev Region, Ukraine - Februry 2017: Milk packaging line. Dairy products in packaging are moving along conveyor at dairy factory. Baby food packaging. Conveyor belt with packs of milk. Food packaging.
Cows Feeding in the Farm. Eating Hay in cowshed barn. Modern Dairy farm. Milk production. Livestock, Agriculture industry. Animals in the barn. Feeding calves in animal husbandry. Cows farm.
Worker Configures Dairy Food Production Factory Machine With Control Panel. Worker Manually Setting Up Industrial Machine At Milk Production Factory. Worker Adjusts Machine Automation. Dairy Food
Young attractive farmer caress black cow on dairy farm with brown cows eating grass on sunny background. Milky store business. Organic nutrition. Healthy lifestyle concept. Farmers insurance. 4K
At the supermarket: happy young woman in black jacket dances through goods and dairy products on the shelves. Whirling, having fun, positive
Aerial photography of cows. Dairy farm. Cattle on green field. Cow farm. Aerial photography of cattle in green field. Herd of cows. Dairy production farm. Aerial photography of herd of cows on farm
Dairy Cows grazing on green grass in spring, in Australia.
Spreading Vegan Butter On Rye Bread Without Dairy And Eggs. Closeup.
cows in field, grazing on grass and pasture in Australia, on a farming ranch. Cattle eating hay and silage. breeds include speckled park, Murray grey, angus, Brangus, hereford, wagyu, dairy cows.
Automated industrial line at modern dairy food production factory. Milk is sorted into plastic packages and got stamped automatically one by one. Advanced dairy products manufactire plant
Closeup shot of chef hand decorating ice cream with cherry and cream.
Meat production, aerial above grass-fed angus beef cattle in meadow, farm and sunset in distance
Cow Chews Gum From Grass,Slow motion. Close-up Of Cow Nose and Jaws. Cow Head On Blue Background
Super slow motion of pouring milk into coffee drink. Filmed on very high speed camera, 1000 fps.
Black and white funny cow chews. The animal is looking at the camera, closeup. 4K
Conveyor Belt Transporting Boxed Dairy Product At Automatic Production Plant. Conveyor Belt Automatic Process At A Dairy Production Factory. Automatic Conveyor Belt On A Modern Dairy Production.
Rotating transporter is pouring fresh milk into bottles. Automated process of filling bottles with milk. Plastic bottles are moving along the conveyor for filling
Aerial drone shot of cows grazing on pasture, landscape
Female factory worker presses button on computer screen at modern plant to start the industrial line
Industrial Dairy Factory Worker Moves Packaged Milk Cartons Production To Storage Facility. Worker With Production Packaged In Boxes On Pallet. Packaged Production Moved By Worker At Milk Plant
Bowl of sour cream on blue background, greek yogurt
Cows From a Dairy Farm Brought to Slaughter at a Meat Factory.Livestock Defenders Save Depleted Animals From The Slaughterhouse. Keep Our Planet. Animal Abuse. Сhipped Сattle.
Worker Placing Packaged Dairy Food Brought By Automated Conveyor In Box. Worker Handling Dairy Food Production Conveyor Line. Worker At Industrial Dairy Food Manufacturing Factory Conveyor Line
Curd Production. Cooking Cottage Cheese. Female workers in mask work at industrial line of dairy food production. Cheese pouring into vessel. Cheese factory. Creamy Texture. Dairy Food Industry.
Portrait of amusing energetic guy 30s listening to music and dancing at home kitchen, while cooking breakfast omelet in slow motion
Slow motion adding hemp seeds into oatmeal porridge bowl with bananasand black currants. Healthy breakfast, vegan food concept
Male hands in gloves cleaning cheese by brush in warehouse of milky farm. Dairy production. Successful agriculture business. High quality of compliance with international cheeses production standards.
Funny cows in the countryside walking in the meadow, summer day, farm
dairy products- cheese, milk, butter
Knife spreading butter on a piece of bread, close up view. Breakfast or lunch concept - 4K footage.
Orange Cows on Farm. Red cows eating hay in the stable at cowshed. Dairy cows on dairy farm, agriculture industry, farming and animal husbandry concept.
Cream Milk Splashing Macro Shot on Phantom Camera
Young smiling brunette man in grey apron looking at camera on husbandry. Cowshed barn interior, stall, cowhouse. Successful agriculture worker cleaning and feeding cows. Ecologically friendly farming.
Aerial view over the farm landscape with cows grazing on a green meadow. Cows on pasture. Herd of dairy cattle grazing fresh green grass on the field.
Portrait of a little boy. A happy child drinks milk or milk product from a glass. Proper and natural nutrition of children.
Taken from a drone, as cows graze in a field. Russia, Bashkortostan
Hot Coffee Mixing with Pouring Milk Cream. Filmed on High Speed Cinema Camera.
Super slow motion of pouring milk stream, macro shot. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Family, herd of black Angus cattle, cows, bulls calves graze in green meadow pasture field, dew on grass, under dramatic morning sunlight fog, mist
Authentic shot of happy mother and son with shopping cart are choosing food products to buy while going for groceries together in supermarket.
Pouring fresh milk in super slow motion, shooted with high speed cinema camera at 1000fps, 4K.
Stop motion animation of yogurt with granola and berries. Eating greek yogurt with crunchy oat honey granola, blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate seeds. Healthy food, healthy breakfast concept
Cheese head (round) in man's hands closeup. Dairy production farm interior. Hard goat cheeses, bri, suluguni. Delicious food. Milky store business. Healthy nutrition concept. Working male farmer.
Slow motion milk pouring in bowl of muesli breakfast cereals. Healthy food
Smear organic butter on bread. Soft butter spreading on slice of sourdough bread. Carbohydrates, fat concept
Milk white goat chews green grass in the field, full udder with milk, food for little kids, livestock raising on the farm, farming, walking pets on the ranch, healthy goat concept
Cow eating grass on the farm. Close up of a cow eating fresh green food in a barn. Organic cattle breeding. Black and white cows in a farm cowshed eating green grass
Batch Of Boxed Production Transportation At A Dairy Manufacturing Plant. Boxed Production Transportation By Two Male Workers. Boxed Production Transportation Using Industrial Pallet Jack
cheese fondue with bread and wine- french winter dish
Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring Cream into Ice Coffee at 1000 fps.
Closeup Scooping ice cream cookies & Cream, Food concept, Blank for design.
Dairy cows on milking machine. Automated equipment for milking cows dairy farm. Dairy cows at dairy factory.
stirring milk in a cheese dairy with a special mixer in a large vat. Pasteurization and mixing of cheese milk. Cheese production in a small family cheese dairy
Dairy Production Factory. Packaging Process. Huge Amounts of Dairy food Bottles Slowly Moving on the Conveyor Line. White and Red Wrapping. Dairy food Industrial Manufacturing line. Conveyor belt
Aerial top-down view flight over meadow with red Holstein Friesians cattle grazing showing their long shadows from sundown in grass field these cows are usually used for dairy production 4k quality
Factory conveyor is spinning and filling bottles with milk. Automated process of filling bottles with milk.
A farmer with a can of milk walks through a meadow, cows graze in the background
Super Slow Motion Shot of Fresh Strawberries Falling into Cream at 1000fps.
Automatic Conveyor Transportation Of Dairy Product Bottles To Next Production Phase. Production Of Dairy Food With Automatic Conveyor. Automatic Conveyor Manufacturing At Milk Industrial Factory
A Male Worker Takes And Stacks Milk Bottles Moving On The Conveyor. Dairy Food Production Line. Automated Process. Manual Labor. Plastic Packaging. Modern Machine. Inside A Manufacturing Facility.
Slow Motion Milk cows eating grass on beautiful meadow.
Eating Healthy Breakfast Bowl. Acai Smoothie, Granola, Seeds, Fresh Fruits. Clean Eating, Dieting, Detox, Vegetarian, Vegan Food Concept.
Vet or agricultural scientist in white coat and with tablet computer giving instructions to farm worker standing in farm cowshed and looking at dairy cows eating hay in stalls, side view
Super Slow Motion Shot of Hazelnuts Falling into Melted Chocolate at 1000 fps.
Automated industrial line of milk bottles at dairy production factory. Plastic bottles with blue caps moving on Conveyor line. Dairy Food industry. Modern dairy food manufacturing plant. Milk bottles.
Farm worker with clipboard showing cowshed with dairy cows eating hay to agricultural engineer in white coat using laptop. Two men walking down aisle between stalls and talking
Agriculture industry, farming, technology, people and animal husbandry concept. Mature man (farmer) looking on cellphone smartphone, cows at rotary parlour system on dairy farm on background. 4K
Dairy farm with milking cows eating hay in barn. Industrial modern breeding cattle
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