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Sun Flare,Change Future,Alarm Dream,Kids Celebration,Holiday Bye,Up Hold,Night Lockdown,Line Sunrise,Behind Sunshine,New Life,No War,Afraid Peace,Support Territory,Stop Conflict,Save Love,Protection
The stressed woman driver is sitting inside her car. Sad business woman is having headache has to make a stop after driving car in traffic jam on rush hour. Exhausted, overworked driver concept.
Sad worried young woman attractive face having psychological problem feeling anxiety depression, upset frustrated lonely lady thinking of grief troubled with unwanted pregnancy concept, close up view
Close-up of a woman's cheek with a tear sliding down it. A tear slowly descends on the distressed face of a young girl, macro
Silhouette Of Depressed Young Woman Sinking In Dark Deep Ocean Underwater Storm Black Water Loneliness Violence Psychological Disorders PTSD Sexual Physical Emotional Abuse Mental Illnes Disease 4K
little baby toddler newborn crying cry scream cries loudly
Girl is cry in corner. Violence against children in family. Family violence. Cry kid. Family violence concept. Girl is cry with fear. Child abuse. Sad family. Fear of child in dark. Kid cry in corner
Silhouette of a sad young girl sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
Portrait of upset sleepy little schoolgirl looking at camera with sadness and resentment in her eyes, lonely kid cute lady crying, wiping tear from her face with child hand, negative bad mood concept
Loving sad old mother sympathizing consoling upset depressed young daughter crying desperate about problem, caring senior mom giving support understanding empathy to stressed adult woman in tears
Close up one woman feminist face looking at camera stand street city. People feminism face portrait closeup. Confident serious. Adult young sad girl rebel. Independent lady fight strike revolution.
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Depressed Asian woman sitting alone on the bed in the dark with cuddle herself and crying. Loneliness sad female think grief trouble life problem in bedroom. Negative emotion and mental health concept
Silhouette Of Depressed Woman Sinking Into Underwater Grave Dark Deep Magic Ocean Sadness Loneliness Unhappy Sorrow Melancholy Misery Psychological Disorders Bipolar Disorder Mental Illnes Disease 4K
Portrait of homeless Ukrainian girl child kid in dirty torn clothes showing inscription massage text on map Hands Off Ukraine. Asking Stop aggression from Russia country. Crisis, war, no peace, help
Silhouette of a young girl sitting on the floor in the dark room, depression, pain. Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
Sad Young Woman Sliding Down the Wall of Her Apartment, Covering Face with Hands. Atmosphere of Depression, Trouble in Relationship, Death in the Family. Dramatic Bad News Cinematic Slow Motion Moment
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
Close up eyes of woman crying with tear on black background.

Revealing mother consoling crying newborn baby infant embracing good for transition
Sad depressed young woman feeling bad stressed worried anxious ashamed, upset nervous teen girl in trouble having problem regret unwanted pregnancy need psychological help sitting alone at home
child is crying in park in arms of mom. Mommy soothes baby. family mother and child with tears in their eyes hugs their mother, emotionally. loving young mother hugs and soothes her little daughter.
Mother with a child try to work on laptop computer at home
Asian girl kid sitting and crying on bed while parents having fighting or quarrel conflict at home. Child covering face and eyes with hands do not want to see the violence. Domestic problem in family.
Upset little african american preschool kid girl crying alone feeling bullied abused abandoned, sad offended lonely black child stressed or scared sitting on floor, children problems concept
Close up portrait of hardly crying caucasian little girl without tooth. tears streaming down her face.  Real human emotions. Children face wet from tears. 4k
Close up view face sad Asian woman sit on windowsill look outside into distance suffers, closed eyes cries. Divorce break up marriage split, cheated wife jealousy feelings, emotions of despair concept
Asian young mother with newborn baby hand holding baby hand feeling love in touch
Unhappy depressed teenager girl wears hood sits alone on bed thinking of problem. Sad sensitive lonely adolescent teen feeling worried and hurt at home. Teenage psychological trauma, complex concept.
Eyes of a crying girl with a trace of tears. The girl smiles happily and cries with happiness
A frustrated, angry, dominating male boss businessman shouting at an office corporate female employee worker. A demanding manager leader is furious annoyed as a woman colleague messed up the work.
Worried young mum comforting solacing upset crying teenage daughter at home. Caring parent adult mother consoling depressed adolescent child, talking to teen girl giving love, advice, support concept.
Bald after chemotherapy woman sit on bed bowing head feels hopeless and desperate due cancer incurable disease, malignant growth of tumour, loss of hope, unsuccessful ineffective treatment concept
sadness, cry - depressed black woman cries desperately alone
A woman is crying in the dark. Tears of a beautiful girl. 4k
Close up of young woman wiping tears from her face with paper tissue while looking at phone screen. Upset girl cant believe bad news reading on her smartphone and crying.
Head shot caring young african american mother lifting small kid daughter, comforting crying infant baby at home. Loving affectionate mixed race mum cuddling soothing little toddler child son.
Portrait of attractive woman doctor with a protective mask looking through the window and feeling very tired
Beautiful little girl crying, defenseless victim of kidnapping, child abuse
sad teenage girl crying at home feeling alone depressed teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Frustrated exhausted young mother babysitter closing ears feeling desperate stressed tired of noisy active screaming stubborn kid daughter tantrum jump on sofa annoyed about difficult child at home
A close shot of a beautiful Indian young woman solo traveler in traditional salwar kurta sitting in a moving metro train leaning on a window and looking outside
Silhouette of a sad young girl sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
domestic violence. little girl with bruises and abrasions on her face punished in the corner crying tears. domestic kid abuse fear concept. autistic child is punished and beaten afraid of fear
Worried loving african mother holding hand comforting upset little bullied kid daughter crying talking give support or apologizing, mom foster parent helping small child with problem sit on bed
Asian patient man lay seriously ill on bed in recovery room at hospital after surgery while wife sit and look after. Woman stressed, worried about husband symptom, hold hand and bend head down crying.
A Busy Mother Trying to Work Remotely
Blond naked woman sitting inside bathroom and cry loud. frustrated lady who was dumped by boyfriend or who got divorced. concept of depression and suicide.
Close Up Macro Zoom Shot of a Crying Eyes. Tears are Flowing Down. Young Beatiful brunette Female crying. Girl eyes having long nice Eyelashes. Close up of Caucasian woman crying with tear.
Portrait of a Cute boy with big tears running down his cheeks,child sits at the table at home and cries with his mouth wide open,tears are flowing with a screaming face.Child, not holding back his cry
Anxious young white woman with nervous feelings on bathroom. Caucasian girl holding a positive pregnancy test, crying after finding result. Pregnancy test kit in hands. Emotional female in restroom
African American little girl is crying and stand near her mother and look around with stay on her house. Concept of sad emotion of children should support by family.
Angry couple fighting and shouting at each other, crying girlfriend, angry girlfriend with her boyfriend. Fight, argue and cry. Cinematic Premium Video.
Sad Kid Abandoned, Sick Unhappy Stray Kid Depressed, Child Portrait, Girl not Playing, Miserable Children in Depression
Handsome man crying hugging love of his life
Two women crying hugging each other in winter in front of the ocean super slow motion
Newborn crying baby boy. New born child tired and hungry in bed under blue knitted blanket. Children cry. Bedding for kids. Infant screaming. Healthy little kid shortly after birth.
Young woman screaming and crying desperate closeup slow motion
Woman crying under the rain for lost job and financial problem caused by coronavirus
A close-up view of a sad soldier man is hugging his young daughter sitting at home before leaving the family
The girl is sitting at home. She is alone in her room. She seems extremely sad. Seems like she is going to cry
Djibouti / Djibouti - May 2 2014: barefoot poor girl crying and going to her mom.
Silhouette of desperate crying female behind glass, life problems, depression
The little girl in the pink dress is very angry and upset, frowning her brow and showing tongue. Bad mannered little girl with blond hair. Crying on the bed
Sad depressed young woman lying alone on sofa in fetal position, upset teen girl feeling tired lonely vulnerable and weak trying to sleep hiding thinking of problem suffer from grief trauma, top view
A young woman lies on the bed with her head under the pillow. Concept of depression or mental health problems.
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
Angry man breaking up with his girlfriend on a couch in the night at home
Mother working from home with baby toddler. Crying child and stressed woman. Stay home
Lovely Mother Working Remotely From Home While Hugging Kids. Mother is Stroking a Daughters.A Busy Mother Working Remotely With a Laptop and Doing Business Conversation on the Phone Sitting on a Couch
Sad Kid Abandoned in Ruins, Unhappy Stray Child, Depressed Poor Bullied Girl, Miserable Vagrant Homeless Children
Loving young adult daughter consoling talking to sad crying old senior mother in tears comforting embracing upset older mature woman in tears help parent with problem give support care to elderly mom
little teenager looking out of the window in bad weather, silhouette of a fragile teenager girl on the background of a large window
A Baby in Lies on the Bed and Cries. Child is Upset and Crying.
slow motion of asian woman heartbreaking crying with hands covering face. Sad lady sitting on a sofa in the living room alone. young girl tear depressed staying at home.
Close portrait of young muslim woman in hijab crying and looking at camera, armed soldier with weapon standing behind woman, war
Upset stressed abused little child crying rubbing eyes feel scared hurt sitting alone at home, sad lonely worried preschool kid girl being punished or bullied, having trauma, unhappy children concept
Baby boy crying in a baby chair and mom comforts him

HEBER, UT, UNITED STATES, JULY 1, 2019: new born baby on mothers chest right after birth. New mother holds brand new baby on her chest immediately following birth.
Close up of young beautiful black woman feeling very sad. Gorgeous girl in despair
Asian woman sit on sofa hold cellphone read unpleasant news bad sms feels upset start crying. Bank notice about debt, student unsuccessful exam pass, not hired of dream job. Moment of failure concept
close-up face of little upset child, divorce single father family, student daughter problem with school backpack, disappointment stress kid emotion, child education time, paren psychology of sadness.
Depressed worried sad indian girl sit alone at home concerned about problem, upset desperate young woman feeling weak frustrated lonely jealous anxious regret mistake or abortion concept, side view
a girl took off the lantern in light festival
Happy family. Mom holds baby hand. Protected baby, mom is a helping hand. Happy family concept. Kid hand in mom hand. Family protection. Happy kid, cute family. Mother love and fidelity. Mother Day
Teenage problems, insecure teen having life concerns, unplanned pregnancy and abortion decision concept. Upset African 20s girl deep in sad thoughts, thinks looks aside, feels stressed and unhappy
Close Up Macro Zoom Shot of a Crying Eyes. Tears are Flowing Down. Young Beatiful brunette woman crying. Girl eyes having long nice Eyelashes. Close up of Caucasian Female crying with tear.
Woman is crying. Close-up of face of an upset girl, she looks at camera and cries, tears flow down her face
sad teenage girl crying at home feeling alone depressed teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Front view of a sad girl reading cyber bullying phone message sitting on a couch in the night at home
Charming adult mother caressing and comforting her crying cute teenage daughter while sitting on the bed in bedroom. Loving mom embracing and soothing her sad depressed little girl in domestic room.
Medium snapshot of some tents in a Syrian refugee camp
Sweet Adorable cute baby infant crying
Birthday Surprise Women Girls Party Reception Baloons Car Keeping Social Distancing During Pandemic Coronavirus, Covid-19. Colorful Handwritten Message on Cardboard.
Desperate young woman crying at home and tearing photo with ex. Young unhappy girl sitting on sofa feeling broken hearted after breaking up with unfaithful husband.
Young Woman Looking Out of the Moving Car Window at Night. SLOW MOTION. Girl sitting on the back passenger seat of driving car. Night City Traffic on background.
Worried Young Mother Holding Crying Newborn Baby In Arms, Caring Millennial Mom Embracing And Soothing Her Upset Infant Son Or Daughter While Standing In Bedroom At Home, Slow Motion Footage
Mother working from home with baby toddler. Crying child and stressed woman. Stay home
Portrait Child Boy Looking at Camera. Young Serious Thoughtful Child Boy Close-up Macro Eyes Thinking. Sad Kid Boy Portrait. Face Serious Contemplative Child.  Kid Eyes Closeup Looking To Camera.
Sad, depressed young woman standing alone in the park.
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