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Lens blur, out of focus. A crowd of pedestrians is walking along the street against the background of passing cars. People walk around the big city. City life. Slow motion
High Angle Shot of a Crowded Pedestrian Crossing in Big City. Augmented Reality Shows Visual Representation of Connected People with the Internet World, Technology Around Us and Wi-Fi  Wave Network.
4K, Aerial view over a traffic cars and a crowd of pedestrian crossing street with a sunset light. Elevated view over an asian people walking in busiest road intersection. -Dan
Charming afro-american woman with smartphone read messages from boyfriend smiling in the tram. Public transport. Motion. Urban people.
Office going pedestrians using their phones while commuting. Commuters being on their mobile phones walking to office.
Girl is run along road. Childdream concept. Happy little girl at sunset. Kid run across field. Happy kid in field at sunset. Girl run along road at sunset. Happy family concept. Dream of child.
4K Timelapse high angle view of busy crowded pedestrian business people man and woman worker with tourist walking crossing street crosswalk with traffic driving cars at Shibuya, Tokyo City, Japan
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 10, 2019: 4K UHD time-lapse of Shibuya crossing, crowded people and car traffic transport across intersection. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, or Asian city life concept
Tokyo business walking
4K Time-lapse of Shibuya scramble crossing, crowded people walk, car traffic transport. High angle view, zoom out. Tokyo tourist attraction, Japan tourism, Asia transportation, Asian city life concept
Pedestrian street filled with people, blurred version of footage, showing anonymous citizens walking at Nanjing Road. Citizens and tourists stroll around famous shopping and dinning area of Shanghai
Times Square, New York, USA - Timelapse of busy Times Square as the sun sets
AFRICA,SOUTH AFRICA,CIRCA 2020.Epic aerial view of the magnificent Johannesburg City Centre at sunrise
Times Square New York City Night Timelapse. High dynamic range 4K super fine timelapse by raw photo files. Crazy busy people, traffic and LED walls of advertisements. 
New York, USA. July 9, 2019
4K Crowded asian people wear face mask walking in pedestrian walkway
3D Hud Sunset City of the future
TL/ZO Asia, China, Hong Kong, 11-15-2019, Zoom Out Time lapse of people crossing the road using Pedestrian crossing in central shopping district during evening rush hour, aerial view
8k Hyperlapse of crowd walking at  Ximending Shopping District. Tourists walk and visit the crowded street in central of Taipei. Taiwan
Jakarta-Indonesia, 25-02-2021:  Office workers are crossing the road to the busway stop in the city of Jakarta.
July 28, 2019 : Ginza, Tokyo, Japan 4K High Angle view cityscape of busy crowded pedestrian people man and woman walking cross intersection street crosswalk on downtown road in afternoon summer.
Group of social activists protesting silently standing in front of policemen. Young woman protestor staring at the policeman on duty.
Nov 2020 : Hong Kong ,China ,Asia : Drone fly over the busiest high way Gloucester road in Hong Kong in the rush hour
Aerial view of pedestrians in downtown in famous Shanghai China Nanjing road. Business economy, travel or industrial concept b-roll footage, drone aerial view in Shanghai China
Heavy, slow moving traffic jam at rush hour on a busy main road
New York City, United States - Mar 31, 2019: Crowded people, car traffic transportation and billboards displaying advertisement at night in Times Square. American lifestyle or modern city life concept
Times Square, New York, USA - Timelapse of busy Times Square mid afternoon
TL/ZI China, Hong Kong, 11-10-2019, Zoom In Time lapse of people crossing the road in the financial district, during evening rush hour, with traffic passing by.
Slow moving unrecognisable people at rush hour. Urban city life scene. Crowded crosswalk Anonymous crowd of pedestrians
SHIBUYA,  TOKYO,  JAPAN - CIRCA MARCH 2019 : Aerial view around SHIBUYA scramble crossing.  Busy crowded area in Tokyo.  Wide view slow motion shot.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - NOVEMBER 20, 2018: Cars Traffic and People Crowd at Times Square at Night. Vertical Panoramic Time Lapse
hollywood , california / United States - 06 14 2020: Large Black lives matter crowd
Cheerful diverse young man and woman talking in the tram having fun conversation laughing together inside public transport. Romantic. Date. Urban people.
Protestors demonstrating with smoke bombs in front of police force at night. Anti-government protest by a group of social activists group.
Large crowd of people cross the road at pedestrian crossing 4k
Bangalore, India - March 27, 2014 : High angle view on Majestic Kempegowda Bus Terminal time lapse at night tilt
8K Timelapse of Motorcycle Waterfall, Crowed of people are riding scooters on Taipei Bridge in Taiwan
HONG KONG – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019: Crowds of protesters wearing black clothes, protective helmets and gas masks run from police, as special forces move in with water cannon and tear gas
Elevated High Angle / Top Down Shot of the People Walking on Pedestrian Crossing of the Road. Big City with Crowd of People on the Crosswalk in the Evening.
Timelapse of busy crossroad at modern european city. Modern City at Night. Cars, Lights, Contemporary Buildings in front of Moscow City. Cinematic View of beautiful town at Night.
BEIRUT, LEBANON - 5 AUG 2020: Young men and women remove rubble from streets. A massive explosion caused by explosive materials destroyed the port of Beirut and damaged large parts of the city
Slow motion shot of people riding the bus. Commuters on public transport
4K Time lapse crowded of city people wear face mask walking on rush hour
Chengdu, Sichuan/China-March 4th 2020: slow motion of people wear protective mask walking in the street at Chunxi road commercial town as coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak
Busy street with people ,cars, trucks and Motorcycle in rush hour on a busy road in Nyanyan,Federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria west Africa.Shot on 05/06/2020
Anonymous crowd of customers cross a busy city intersection on a summer evening. Slow motion
business people Tokyo Japan walking moring
Busy crosswalk intersection. Crowds of both tourists and other city people cross diagonally through a bustling part of town. Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles
People walking on the crosswalk (Slow Motion Video) Shibuya in Summer
It's a slow motion video that people took on crosswalk in Shibuya Tokyo.
On the day of summer cloudy.
Morning commute. Busy street vehicle congestion transport car traffic jam rush highway city life. Congestion car moving slowly on road city traffic concept. Congestion crowded cars road traffic street
Istanbul, Turkey - October 2019: The shops and crowds of people inside the Egyptian Spice Bazaar of Eminonu district, the old city of istanbul
Lusaka, Zambia / Africa - June 24 2019 Local people in the market in Lusaka City in Zambia. Fruit and Vegetables being sold by a street vendor on Lusaka's streets.
Mumbai, India - March 19, 2014 : Busy traffic below Bandra West Skywalk time lapse
walk cross road
Rush hour in Hanoi, Vietnam, crowded traffic mess at intersection with cars, motorbikes, buses and many people. High angle, long shot.
Stock 4k. Time lapse or timelapse traffic from morning to night in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Multiple scenes time lapse footage of people, life, traffic from day to evening in the financial district
Highway cloverleaf interchange intersection (junction) with ramps, heavy traffic, aerial hyperlapse. A cloverleaf typical  two-level, four-way interchange.
Marathon running on the road. Top view shot
NEW YORK CITY - NOVEMBER 2016: Hyperlapse walk through crowd of people on Fifth Avenue and 57th street at dusk time in New York City, NY, USA
Sunset 3D City of the future
DELHI, INDIA - October 2017: Slowmotion dolly shot. Night view of Main bazar street in Delhi, India.
Crowd people street walking. Turkish people crowd istanbul life. Crowd of people istanbul city center beautiful city. soft focus
New York City, USA - April 6, 2018: Timelapse, time lapse of high angle, aerial view of NYC Herald Square midtown with crowd of people crossing crosswalk at night with tilt and shift effect
4K Time lapse cityscape group of busy crowd pedestrian people business man and woman tourism walking down the street crossing crosswalk with driving cars passing on downtown road at Tokyo City, Japan
Young beautiful woman crossing the road in traffic downtown of New York, America. Female walking through the crosswalk.
Day to Night Long Exposure Panning Down Timelapse of Hundreds of Cars passing by on Western Express Highway freeway of Mumbai during rush hour . Maharashtra, India.
SHANGHAI - MARCH 18, 2018: Unidentified Asian people fuss around, woman (model released) stay still, stare to smartphone. Time lapse shot of busy and crowded Nanjing Road
Mock up concept. Green screen billboard on the the highway against the background of the evening sky.
NEW YORK CITY, USA - June 20, 2019: Cars, Traffic and People Crowd Rushing at Times Square at Night. Panoramic Time Lapse.
UMEDA, OSAKA, JAPAN - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2019 : Aerial high angle view of zebra crossing near Osaka train station. Crowd of people at the street. Shot in busy rush hour. Wide slow motion.
Shibuya, Tokyo - JUNE 08, 2018 : Shibuya district at night with crowd passing crosswalk. Tokyo, Japan. 4K Timelapse
Paris, France - July 2019 : Cars stuck in traffic jam on the Place de l'Etoile near Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Crowd of business people crossing the street in downtown Singapore, Asia
Police cars at night. Police car chasing a car at night with fog background. 911 Emergency response police car speeding to scene of crime. Selective focus
NEW YORK CITY USA 01.01.19-People Crossing The Road On Busy Street In New York City ,Rush Hour Traffic,Manhattan. Cars Passing Through. People Walking Along Street Exploring The City. Sunny Day
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 13, 2019: 4K UHD Aerial view time-lapse of Ginza road intersection at night, with crowded people walking on zebra crossing and car traffic light trails
Traffic jam in the rush hour on highway. Cars on bridges and roads in Shanghai Downtown, China at night.
Young woman is Crossing the Large Road in Sunny Weather
HONG KONG – 1 JULY 2019: Protesters occupy streets of central Hong Kong during massive demonstration against extradition bill and China's encroachment in the city
Walking businessman in Tokyo
Crowd of businessman walking to work in Tokyo, JAPAN
The marvelous aerial architectural wonder of the busiest highway in the world the Shaik Zayed Road along with the towering skyscaper, 6-axis stabilized gimbal, Shotover F1, 8K, parallax.
Tokyo, Japan - Jan 11, 2019: Time-lapse of crowded people crossing road, car traffic at Kabukicho, entertainment night life district in Shinjuku Tokyo. Japan tourism or Asia tourist attraction concept

NEW YORK CITY, Circa 2017. Crowded Times Square, the greatest commercial intersection, tourist destination and entertainment center in Manhattan. NY, United States. Slow motion
UMEDA, OSAKA, JAPAN - CIRCA JULY 2019 : Aerial blurred view of zebra crossing near Osaka train station. Crowd of people at the street. Shot in busy rush hour. Slow motion.
The evening sun casts shadows of two people walking down Queen Street West in Toronto SLOW MOTION
Walking friends Crowd of people on street, crossing road, rush hour, Close up of Feet busy street in big city center in abstract ,4k
An aerial drone shot of India Gate in New Delhi, India
Aerial view of the magnificent Johannesburg City Centre at sunrise
Closeup view of human feet people walking on crowded street in slow motion movement of life people variety pedestrian active walk city life urban many legs shoes traveling persons crowd
TOKYO, JAPAN - CIRCA MARCH, 2018: Shibuya at night, time lapse view. Shibuya is known as one of the fashion centers of Japan, particularly for young people, and for nightlife.
JAKARTA, Indonesia - July 30, 2019: Top down view cars and motorcycle moving on traffic jam at rush hour in Jakarta city. Shot in 4k resolution from a drone flying upwards
High Angle Time Lapse Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Traffic. Evening in the Big City.
Delhi,India - 07/16/2018:Top shot of crowded old delhi market.
NEW YORK CITY, USA – JUNE 24, 2019: Manhattan rush hour, handheld view on NYC pedestrians on crowded zebra crossing and busy street traffic, summer day
Aerial Saint Petersburg historical cityscape Hermitage Imperial Palace sculpture facade, Main Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral. Road traffic. People walk cross the road. City life Russia. Promenade
High Angle Shot of the Famous Shibuya Pedestrian Scramble Crosswalk with Crowds of People Crossing and Cars Driving. Evening in the Big City.
Straight down aerial view of the Johannesburg City Centre, South Africa
ACCRA, GHANA - 9 JAN 2021: Accra Ghana Africa overhead Makola Street market. Historic downtown city center market. Retail and wholesale sales of produce, manufactured local and imported goods.
Traffic on the bridge through Crowed of people are riding scooters
Chicago, United States - Mar 18, 2019: Time-lapse of car traffic transportation on road and people walk on Magnificent Mile shopping street district. Commuter transport or American lifestyle concept
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