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Screening of passengers, travellers for Chinese Covid-19 coronavirus symptoms. Temperature checkpoints in International airports. People may be infected by deadly coronavirus examined, close up shot
Young female doctor in face mask is talking to male patient at home while man is couching during covid-19 pandemic. Healthcare, medics and medicine concept.
Sick young female standing outdoor and coughing and sneezing. Close up portrait of unwell beautiful Caucasian woman coughs and having pain in chest. Infection and virus. Health concept
View of a screen showing video from thermal imaging camera, detecting elevated body temperature of people walking in the airport or train station. Custom designed interface
slow motion of senior caucasian coronavirus covid-19 infected patient with medical mask lying on bed coughing heavily from pneumonia in quarantine room at hospital with doctor and medical team
Medical vials on the automatic production line of vaccines and injections. coronavirus.
Male pediatrician hold stethoscope exam cute little child girl patient visit doctor with mom, paediatrician listen kid heartbeat do pediatric checkup in hospital, children medical health care concept
Prevention of transmission Novel Coronavirus Covid-19  2019-nCoV. Screening passengers, travellers for Chinese virus symptoms. Temperature checkpoints in International airports. People may be infected
Busy hospital lobby with busy nurse, older patient on wheelchair, rear view sick patient sit, wait and cough, doctors walking at reception wearing medical mask healthcare concept.
Respiratory system infection. Lung inflammation. Pneumonia
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE, PORTRAIT, DOF: Female doctor wearing a facemask and suit stands outside in the golden sunset. Nurse wears a protective suit and mask during the COVID19 outbreak
Sleeping baby happy and carefree in bed hugging a teddy bear toy. Mother cover with a blanket her child. Happiness in sleep, children without coughing.
Cough, sneezing, runny nose. Woman at workplace in evening works at laptop coughs and wipes her nose with napkin. Cold, flu, allergy, coronavirus, covid-19 concept
lung oxygen and carbon dioxide release
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, PORTRAIT, DOF: Young nurse wearing a protective facemask and suit stands at a coronavirus safety checkpoint on sunny morning. Caucasian nurse during the covid-19 outbreak.
View of a screen showing video from thermal imaging camera, detecting elevated body temperature of people walking in the airport or train station. Coronavirus spread control
Ill allergic young woman sneezing in tissue blowing running nose. Sick girl got flu concept or caught cold, having allergy symptoms. Unhealthy lady suffer from seasonal virus disease. Close up view
Healthy iced lemon drink for detoxification poured in glasses. Iced lemon drink is a healthy beverage for detoxification. Some might drink lemon infused water with gin for cocktail.  Pouring concept.
Asian parents wear masks to their children because of transmissible infectious diseases indoor in the airport
Medical animation of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infected lungs causing diffuculty in breathing or pneumonia or othercovid-19 related lung disease. Realistic high quality 3d medical animation.
Portrait of old caucasian man getting cold and coughing at home
Caucasian woman spending time at home, sitting in living room wearing face mask and coughing or sneezing into arm, slow motion. Social distancing during Covid 19 Coronavirus quarantine lockdown
Pandemic COVID-19. Social distance. A woman in a medical mask rides on a public transport train. Reflection in the glass. Empty metro station. Czech Republic, Prague, metro Museum, 15.03.2020
The doctor next to a seriously ill woman. Viral infection is everywhere. The patient is wearing a protective mask. Coronavirus affects the respiratory system.
Health care and safety. Millennial woman coughing hardly at home
Young woman use phone sneezes coughs on the tram cold autumn day flu season disease fever grippe health illness infection influenza migraine sickness close up slow motion
mother help daughter to wearing face masks on new normal. covid 19 virus prevention in the city
Cough, sneezing, runny nose. Woman at workplace in evening coughs and wipes her nose with napkin. Cold, flu, allergy, coronavirus, covid-19 concept. Close-up
Telemedicine concept - Asian elder male doctor wear face mask and have video chat through cellsphone with patient at home
Sick woman suffer from sore throat, painful swallowing, tonsillitis, irritation. Female patient check thyroid gland by herself, rubbing with hand on her neck, laryngitis, bacterial infections diseases
Cute daughter helping mother dressed medical mask sitting on bed, trying to protect family from contagious diseases. Concept of coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic disease symptoms. Home quarantine.
Beautiful young woman walk coughs feel sick at outdoor fever cold allergy city beautiful disease female nose sneeze lady runny tissue air pollution adult illness influenza cough district slow motion
Asian man has a cough and sore throat. Health problem concept
Ill upset young woman blowing running nose got flu concept caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on bed, sick girl having health problem flue allergy symptoms coughing holding napkin alone in bedroom
African American girl has sore throat, holds by neck, became ill on street, close up. First symptoms of cold and flu virus, cough appeared. Woman covers mouth face hands, coughs outdoors in city
Hopeless Asian Chinese elder couple aware of 2019 ncv outbreak and smog situation wear preventing mask
Young woman sitting in car feesneeze holds a handkerchief sick seat belt fastens vehicle influenza health illness flu medical sickness problem business infection headache slow motion
Female having breathing difficulties in the city, polluted air, lack of oxygen
health, people, emotions, 4K and lifestyle concept - Man coughing really hard feeling without air, Handsome man with beard coughing a lot
Active medicinal substances are pressed into tablets and Packed in boxes for subsequent sale in pharmacies.
Ill woman  feeling sick, coughing, wearing protective mask against transmissible infectious diseases and as protection against the flu in public transport or subway. New coronavirus 2019-nCoV China
Unwell Man Coughing In Bed, Looking Miserable Off Work Sick, 4K.
Manufacture of medical masks. Medical mask on conveyor belt in the workshop of factory for production of medical clothing. Production of disposable medical clothing for protection against the virus.
Portrait of ill woman at home. Young woman coughing in bedroom. Close up of sick girl cough cold. Female person face with flu symptoms. Closeup of brunette woman squeezing
Doctor with full covered body use stethoscope to analysis sign and symptom of Covid-19 infected patient in closed room with biohazard banner. Nurse with PPE suit also record the data in the room.
Sick little girl wearing a medical mask against virus closeup lokking at camera - Concept of coronavirus protection
Shot of medical worker in protective suit screening passenger to check woman have temperature Covid-19 symptoms coronavirus checkpoints airports mask infection epidemic corona passengers slow motion
a little boy is sick, blows his nose. Flu, cold, infection, virus
Medical mask on conveyor belt in the workshop of factory for production of medical clothing. Production of disposable medical clothing for protection against the virus. Manufacture of medical masks.
CIRCA 1926 - In this animated film, feline firefighters use hoses and try to climb a drain pipe to save a crying cat from a burning building.
Cough syrup is poured into transparent spoon. woman doctor in white coat from brown transparent bottle pours medical drug liquid into plastic spoon. Treatment of a disease, sick person.
Animated global map showing confirmed covid-19 coronavirus cases spreading from infected Hubei province in China over the world. 3d rendering background 4K video with iconography and statistics.
Ill sick young woman sneezing in tissue, blowing runny nose. Millennial lady having flu coronavirus cold symptoms at home. Covid 19 virus infection, flu and seasonal allergy concept. Close up view
Sick Man Coughing, Cough
Young woman takes care of her sick husband coughing and blowing his nose with handkerchief while not feeling well and suffering from cold or flu infection under warm blanket on sofa at home.
Production of medical three-layer blue or white masks. New masks move on a conveyor belt. Face masks for the work of doctors with patients. Making protective masks during the coronavirus pandemic
Unhealthy business black man suffering allergy sneezing and coughing in paper napkin sitting in public tram driving to work of fall morning. Concept of sickness.
Young woman with with allergy symptom blowing nose standing in the park. Sick girl sneezing and blowing her nose into tissue due to allergy to tree pollen.
Black woman holding a mask nebulizer inhaling fumes medication into lungs. African sick lady inhaling through inhaler mask sitting on the couch with copy space. Self treatment of the respiratory tract
Sick Man Coughing, Cough
Portrait of sick aged man coughing lying in hospital bed. Senior male patient infected with covid-19 virus suffering from severe cough in hospital ward
asian man takes medicine or vitamin by water in living room at home
Asian child or kid girl sick and sneezing on nose with cold cough on tissue paper from influenza coronavirus and allergy weak or virus bacteria from PM 2.5 dust weather or smoke at hospital or home 4K
Glass medical bottles in pharmaceutical production for the production of vaccines and medical products. coronavirus.
Young ill man covered in blanket feeling bad while sitting on sofa at home. Bearded guy coughing loudly and having chills while getting sick. Concept of healthcare, illness and flu.
Droplets of breath or cough in the air
Close up man wearing Protective Face Mask use phone coughs hold suitcase COVID-19 coronavirus infection near airport pandemic disease virus male tourist epidemic air health illness slow motion
asthmatic gasps and uses the medicinal inhaler spray aerosol, asthma attack
Unhealthy tourists suffering from sneezing and coughing among people in public place. People cough at arrival area of international airport. Virus Covid-19 spread, epidemic alert
Close up portrait of unwell caucasian man standing at the street and covering mouth with hand while coughing and feeling sore throat. Virus infection concept
Social distancing stickers "Let's all do our part" spaced 6 feet apart on a shiny floor at the airport to help customers queue safely
Human lungs of glowing blue light particles point of human lungs model. Looping motion animated neurons in 3d virtual space.
asian senior man stays isolation at home for self quarantine due to epidemic of COVID19 - he looks out of window
Sick unhealthy young woman feel unwell coughing, ill girl suffer from flu or fever having health problems barking and sneezing, dressed yellow sweater, isolated on red studio background.
pregnant woman taking medicine painkiller pills pouring on female hand capsules from meds bottle. health care, medicare, pharmacy and treatment concept, close up view
Realistic 3d animation of disease process COVID-19 bringing to viral pneumonia. Lungs infection caused by virus. Lung cells alveoli infected by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Coughing woman feeling sore throat, symptom of flu, respiratory virus, cold
Close up young woman stand look at camera coughs feel sick at outdoor fever cold allergy city beautiful disease female nose sneeze lady runny tissue air pollution adult illness district slow motion
Portrait of an unhappy Indian guy coughing hard - common symptoms of Covid-19. A young attractive man coughs and keeps his fist near his mouth - Chinese coronavirus outbreaks in India
Beautiful young woman sick lying in bed. Nose stuffy, sneezes and coughs. Blows nose and hides under covers
World map of spreading coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic with country statistics and warning in pink color. 3d rendering animation concept background in 4K.
asian mature male professor put school closed sign on windows to prevent coronavirus spreading
Little girl makes inhalation with medical nebulizer while sitting on bed. Cute child is sick bronchitis or asthma and breathes through inhaler at home
Portrait of afro american woman ethnic girl standing outdoors on street in cold autumn weather feels illness coughs folds hand into fist closes mouth suffers from coronavirus pneumonia asthma symptoms
Whooping cough bacteria Bordetella pertussis, 3D animation. Gram-negative coccobacilli bacteria which cause children infection whooping cough
Close up view of young man having bad cough and chest pain at home. Handsome bearded guy in 30s being ill while sitting on sofa. Concept of healthcare and illness.
african american mother wearing  medical face mask for her daughter protection corona virus and flu outbreak on sofa quarantine at home . black mom and girl in surgical mask protect covid 19
Old man coughing, lying in bed, shortness of breath, symptom of bronchitis
Business woman with tired eyes goes on a train trip looking out the window. Young female in a disposable medical mask watching running buildings, poor neighborhoods, coronavirus destroys the economy
At the hospital waiting room, the nurse on duty is talking to the patient. Nurse and patient in medical masks. Patient is coughing.
Cough, Portrait of Sick Businessman Coughing
portrait. man in medical mask at the grocery store. pandemic.
Screening of passengers, travellers for Chinese coronavirus symptoms. Temperature checkpoints in International airports. People may be infected by deadly coronavirus examined, virus spread prevention
Male portrait sad african american man sick guy indoors coughing covering mouth with hand sore throat problems with breathing covid symptoms asthma allergy trouble coronavirus bad feeling illness
Sick one-year-old child lies in bed and coughs violently, covering her mouth with his hand during an attack. Children's seasonal viral and infectious diseases. Covid 19 quarantine
woman is suffering with cough and feeling bad on green screen chroma key background
Senior construction worker sick and coughing in renovating apartment. Portrait of aged builder male in yellow overall and hardhat feeling unwell and leaning on wall at construction site.
Rotating 360 degree hologram of human lungs. Glowing blue light particles point of human lungs model. Seamless looping motion animated neurons in 3d virtual space.
Head shot unhealthy unhappy millennial mixed race indian woman using paper tissue, suffering from runny nose sinusitis nasal infectious disease, feeling uncomfortable at home, first grippe symptoms.
Portrait of 20s young Asian woman having difficulty breathing in bedroom at night. Shortness of breath, asthma, difficult to breathe problems. Corona Virus symptoms.
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