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CIRCA 1953 - Joseph Stalin waves from the balcony of a tall building in Moscow, Russia.
CIRCA 1960 - Huge crowds gather in Caracas, Venezuela to show their support for President Betancourt, after communists made an attempt on his life.
HONG KONG – 1 JULY 2019: Protesters occupy streets of central Hong Kong during massive demonstration against extradition bill and China's encroachment in the city
CIRCA 1949 - Policemen pat down people attending a Paul Robeson concert in Peekskill, New York, where an anti-communist protest is expected.
Time lapse of windows light on a multi-storey apartment building from blue hour to night. Buildings with renovated exteriors near old communist era buildings, at night.
CIRCA 1960s - Footage and photographs of Mao Zedong celebrating the success of his cultural revolution in China.
Pangsang , Wa , Myanmar - 04 17 2019: United Wa State Army flex military muscle
North Korea capital city Pyongyang skyline, Panorama as seen from the Juche Tower in September 2018
CIRCA 1961 - The World Council of Churches meets in New Delhi, India, to discuss the issue of communist atheists.
The Hong Kong protest against the extradition law. The riot police release tear gas to disperse the protesters
CIRCA 1950 - Communist demonstrations and violent protests take place in Berlin, France, Tokyo and New York.
CIRCA 1958 - Fidel Castro and his men use mimeographs and radio broadcasts to spread communist propaganda through Cuba.
CIRCA 1964 - At a meeting of the UN's Security Council, American Ambassador Stevenson speaks on the importance of supporting southeast Asia.
1960's Onboard Vostok 1, Cosmonaut  & Soviet Air Force Pilot Yuri Gagarin becomes  first human to journey into outer space, a major milestone in the Space Race. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film
CIRCA 1958 - After USSR elections, Premier Bulganin steps down for Nikita Khrushchev to take his place in addition to being the communist party boss.
CIRCA 1945 - Nikita Khrushchev arrives in Paris by plane, and is met by President de Gaulle.
Tokyo , Japan - 10 03 2020: Uyghurs, Tibetans, And Hong Kongers At Joint Protest Against Communist Party of China
CIRCA 1950s - Chinese communist party leader Chairman Mao oversees a communist parade in Tiananmen Square, China.
CIRCA 1951 - Communists hold a small meeting in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1951 - Men applaud the arriving speakers at a communist conference in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1951 - Men gather for a large communist conference in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1951 - Speakers arrive at a communist conference in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1970s - A mass demonstration supports Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Mao Zedong, in China, in 1972.
CIRCA 1920s - Members of the Ku Klux Klan, wearing glory suits, parade, with American flags, crosses and a Klansman dressed as Uncle Sam. 1928.
CIRCA 1966 - President de Gaulle arrives at the Moscow Airport, where he is met by Russia's Premier Kosygin, President Podgorny, and cheering crowds.
LHASA, TIBET – JANUARY 2019: Soldier of the Chinese liberation army stands guard at main square in Lhasa in Tibet, with political billboard (showing current and former Chinese presidents)
Buzludja, Bulgaria. Dron top view on
one of the largest in Europe abandoned communist monuments in the Balkan mountains, Bulgaria. UFO dish style building. Hipster destination in a beautiful mountain.
CIRCA 1950s - Communist Soviet controlled North Korea invades the People's Republic of Korea in 1950, leaving many displaced Koreans in its wake.
CIRCA 1949 - Anti-communist Americans of eastern European descent protest outside the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.
CIRCA 1964 - US military advisors help ARVN soldiers invade North Vietnam.
CIRCA 1963 - American soldiers scramble to flee snipers after their helicopters crash in Vietnam.
CIRCA 1964 - US Navy planes are deployed in response to the sinking of Navy ships in the Gulf of Tonkin.
CIRCA 1963 - American soldiers travel by helicopter in Vietnam to get to villages that have been ransacked by the Viet Cong.
CIRCA 1963 - Fidel Castro arrives in Moscow by plane and is warmly greeted by Nikita Khrushchev.
CIRCA 1966 - A prefabricated wall is put up in place of the barbed wire constituting the Berlin Wall.
CIRCA 1963 - While President Diem tries to appease his people in Saigon, Madame Nhu says the Americans have no right to interfere.
CIRCA 1949 - Anti-communist protestors picket outside Carnegie Hall, where the Cultural and Scientific Conference for World Peace is held.
CIRCA 1950s - After postwar celebrations take place, armies of Soviet Russia's satellite nations march in parades celebrating Stalin.
CIRCA 1959 - Refugees from mainland China receive charitable food donations in Hong Kong.
CIRCA 1950s - Women work in a factory manufacturing clothes in South Korea in the 1950s.
View of the Titan park from the drone with multiple yellowed and red trees, reflecting sky, residential buildings, Bucharest, Romania
CIRCA 1963 - Fidel Castro gives a speech in Moscow's Red Square, attended by Nikita Khrushchev.
CIRCA 1964 - An increase in USAF and US Army forces in southeast Asia is given bipartisan support, in hopes of keeping the Vietnam War short.
CIRCA 1945 - Mao Zedong disembarks from an airplane in Chungking, China with Ambassador Patrick J. Hurley.
CIRCA 1966 - East German soldiers patrol the Berlin Wall as its barbed wire is torn down to be replaced by a prefabricated wall.
North Korea, HAMHUNG, streetlife on a normal weekday, September 2018
CIRCA 1953 - The young Faisal II ascends to the throne in Iraq.
CIRCA 1948 - Huge crowds cheer in Vatican City as Pope Pius XII appears for an Easter ceremony.
CIRCA 1948 - Composer Hanns Eisler and his wife leave New York by plane, leaving voluntarily ahead of deportation proceedings linked to communism.
CIRCA 1954 - Refugees from east Germany are processed and fed in west Berlin.
CIRCA 1958 - Cuba's President Batista is questioned about his response to Fidel Castro's guerrilla forces.
CIRCA 1939 - Finnish industry and the armed forces answer the call to fight back against the Soviets.
CIRCA 1958 - Fidel Castro's guerrilla forces grow in number and engage in combat.
CIRCA 1958 - Fidel Castro and his rebel forces make weapons in the jungles of Cuba.
CIRCA 1965 - Chairman Mao, Madame Sun Yat-Sen, Liu Shaoqi and Peng Zhen attend a political conference in China.
CIRCA 1980s - At his 1987 State of the Union Address, President Reagan emphasizes his desire to aid freedom fighters in Nicaragua.
CIRCA 1965 - Chairman Mao meets with former Chinese president Liu Shaoqi, party secretary Deng Xiaoping and Beijing's former Mayor Peng Zhen.
CIRCA 1954 - Refugees from east Germany are processed and fed in west Berlin.
CIRCA 1954 - French Union forces are able to establish a beachhead in Vietnam with American supplies.
HONG KONG – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019: Riot police vehicles and officers move in on running protesters during violent anti government demonstration in Hong Kong, deploying water cannon and tear gas
CIRCA 1950 - The US' Austin, China's Tingfu and Russia's Malik are key figures in a UN Security Council meeting that votes to intervene in Korea.
CIRCA 1951 - North Korean soldiers return a boy to UN officers and his family in South Korea after he had gone missing for 19 days.
Establishing Aerial View Shot of Berlin, Germany, capital city full of post communistic buildings
BEIJING, CHINA - 1 OCTOBER 2019: Chinese military personnel wave to excited crowds while driving their tanks through central Beijing (after attending army parade on Tiananmen Square)
CIRCA 1951 - A military parade is held in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1962 - In this animated film, a man and bird fight instead of dancing together on stage.
CIRCA 1953 - An aircraft carrier loaded with fighter planes departs from the US to France as part of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program.
CIRCA 1962 - In this animated film, a man and a bird fight while tied together to dance on stage.
CIRCA 1962 - A donkey and rooster dance the flamenco on stage until an angry call to the conductor insists on a change in music.
CIRCA 1951 - Men repurpose bricks with machines in the wreckage of a factory in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1951 - Tractors are manufactured at a factory in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1953 - French commandos teach Vietnam soldiers hand-to-hand combat and stealth tactics in a simulate attack.
CIRCA 1962 - In this animated film, a donkey and rooster dance on stage on banana peels to "the man on the flying trapeze."
CIRCA 1962 - In this animated film, a donkey and a rooster must bail themselves out of a small boat on a stage filled with water.
CIRCA 1949 - UN General Assembly president Carlos Romulo expresses that the United Nations must be a watchdog on all atomic activity.
Establishing Aerial View Shot of Berlin, Germany, Alexanderplatz, capital city, track left, soft sunset, light reflections in post communistic buildings
CIRCA 1953 - Senator McCarthy contends that despite Dwight Eisenhower's hopes and President Truman's denials, communism is a hot issue.
Aerial view of capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. Three architectural and iconic buildings of the communist era. Council of Ministers, presidency and party home.
1945 - President Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill meet at the Potsdam Conference in Kaiser Wilhelm's palace.
CIRCA 1951 - Exteriors of a munitions factory in Czechoslovakia.
CIRCA 1966 - Women model new fashions in Budapest, Hungary.
CIRCA 1951 - Czech soldiers march past government buildings in Prague.
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China - July 1st 2021: Official logo of 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China displayed in the park, in the evening.
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China - July 1st 2021: View on downtown office buildings with decorative illumination during 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China at night.
CIRCA 1962 - A dancing donkey and rooster must try to keep up with a conductor who keeps changing music to appease the theater manager.
Aerial View of Warsaw, block of flats in the Gocław district. Beautiful sunny day, shot in 5.2K CDNG, Warszawa, Poland, Polska
CIRCA 1962 - In this animated film, a donkey and a rooster eat the fruit out of a Carmen Miranda style hat while dancing on stage.
CIRCA 1949 - Soviet Foreign Minister Vyshinsky won't talk to the press about Russia's atomic bomb work, and does not want UN interference.
CIRCA 1940s - Europeans who fled Nazi Germany likewise feel compelled to flee communist-led regions to democratic ones.
CIRCA 1949 - With Soviet Russia advancing its atomic research, American power plants receive extra security.
CIRCA 1966 - Intercontinental and anti-aircraft missiles are driven through Red Square in Moscow as part of a military parade celebrating May Day.
CIRCA 1917 - With the October Revolution, Lenin and Trotsky usher in the age of the Bolsheviks in Russia.
CIRCA 1950s - Joseph Stalin oversees a May Day military parade in Red Square.
CIRCA 1970s - Party Workers screen a film of Mao Zedong and his supporters for Chinese peasants, in China, in 1972.
CIRCA 1950s - Korean women work in a factory manufacturing shoes in the 1950s.
CIRCA 1950s - Children are washed and cared for in an orphanage in post-war South Korea in the 1950s.
CIRCA 1930s - Poland is invaded by Nazis and Communists and the port city of Danzig is attacked by German warships in 1939.
CIRCA 1949 - Demonstrators gather to protest a concert in Peekskill, New York by communist sympathizer Paul Robeson.
CIRCA 1966 - MCA president Jule Styne and Mayor Yorty attend a ceremony honoring the beautification of Lankershim Boulevard in Los Angeles.
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