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Closed sign hang on the glass in pandemic time in 4K Slow motion 60fps
Asian business owner woman wearing face mask or small shop manager attaching business closed sign at shop entrance due to financial crisis from coronavirus covid-19 epidemic outbreak over the world.
cafe or restaurants and business reopen after coronavirus quarantine is over. woman with face mask turning a sign from closed to open on a door shop. small business after post covid lockdown. Spain
A man, a driver, a buyer opens the driver's seat door, gets behind the steering wheel of a new blue car and closes the door, then gets out of the car and closes the door. Closeup. Shallow depth of fie
Person opens the door, close-up, blurred background. Lights behind the door
Subway train arriving to empty metro station. Empty train in subway station. Closing train door and leaving the station. 3d visualization
Young man with mask closing the door of a store business during the coronavirus crisis. Crisis for the local business due to covid economic recession.
Businesswoman wearing face mask closing business activity-due to Coronavirus Crisis. Woman closing shop after Covid Economy recession. Coronavirus Economic Crisis.
Golden & Silver Safe UNLOCK 4K animation With Green screen background - Opening safe door The Vault Door 3D SAFE UNLOCK - Easy to USE - Money and security Animation Chroma key
Young female store owner closing shop during epidemic period. Good-looking woman florist in mask attaching paper with text "closed due to COVID-19" to window. Pandemic of coronavirus.
The woman opens the key lock of the door and leaves the room, a close-up static shot. Bright background behind the wooden door
A business owner puts a CLOSED sign on the front door due to the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.
Wood classic design door opening to white background, alpha matte. Z Depth channel. Animation.
Close-up hand of asia people carry, send or give postal mail to latin lady at door house in secure pickup service job from online shop store SME e-commerce with omni channel fast express post.
Close up at sunlight back view of silhouette young woman opens the curtains looking enjoying light and city view in the morning nature old city slow motion
Temporarily closed sign for Covid-19 in small business activity. Information notice sign about quarantine measures. Close up on a red closed placard in the window of a shop for coronavirus.
Courier Opens Delivery Van Side Door and Takes out Cardboard Box Package, Closes the Door and Goes on Delivering Postal Parcel. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K
The house key for unlocking a new house is plugged into the white door. The keychain is moving after the wind blows. house for sell concept.
Female Hand Pushing Elevator Button in Office Center or Hotel. Young Woman Pressing Lift Button Up. 4K Slowmotion.
Woman hand opening and close white wooden door in office. Holding door handle. Full HD video motion
Elegant elevator door made out of fine, brushed steel opens. The camera slowly moving towards it and entering the door, revealing a deep, dark, empty elevator shaft. Risky movement. Health hazard.
Through glass view of female business owner in safety mask hanging up sign with inscription closed on cafe door. Waitress in protective mask closing restaurant because of pandemic
Young business man with mask closing a small local store door during the coronavirus crisis
Close up of electric window roller shutters rising and open up to reveal trees. Mechanical shutters rolling up level by level. Smart home or shop or store. Storage loading dock room or trucks parking
White washing machine washes dirty colorful clothes. Washing clothing in domestic washing machine. Close up video of spinning drum washing machine.
Caucasian male wearing medical mask puts a Temporary closed due COVID-19 pandemic sign on a window. Coronavirus pandemic, small business shutdown
Disinfection, protection, prevention, housework, COVID 19, coronavirus, safety, sanitation concept. Slow motion: woman cleaning door handle with antiseptic disinfectant wet wipe - low angle close up
Smart home concept - close up of asian woman use mobile phone to open electronic lock
male asian businessman unlocking door using mobile phone application. Unlocks a modern office building. Scanning open smartphone with mock up screen app. smart electronic locks with keyless access
Close up of human turning abierto cerrado sign hanging on glass door of spanish cafe. Owner or seller turning open closed sign written in spanish on window of store
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, May 28th 2020: Man opening shop store after coronavirus lockdown, Sao Paulo, Brazil , covid 19, quarantine, isolation, social distance
The elevator doors open. Opening the door is an elevator. Metal doors smoothly open and close. Silver new elevator on the 1st floor 4k video.
Man silhouette back going to the light at night. Male silhouette going to bright light. Man silhouette walking to light in the darkness. Man open door light in dark. Escape concept
Chauffeur is closing the luxury car door.
Asian female florist shop owner closing store due to pandemic period. Young woman worker flipping sign "open" to "closed". Business during quarantine, economic crisis, safety measures, healthcare.
Beautiful Young Woman Opens Refrigerator Full of Organic Food and Grabs a Green Prepared Salad in a Plastic Reusable Box. Diet and Healthy Way of Life Concept. POV From Inside the Fridge.
A business owner changes the sign on the front door with the inscription OPEN to the CLOSED due to COVID-19 close-up
Men's hand opens wooden door in white room. Close up.
Camera Inside Kitchen Fridge: Handsome Man Opens Fridge Door, Looks inside and Disappointed Closes Door. Man Found Nothing for His Snack Time. Point of View POV Shot from Refrigerator full of Food
Open and close sign in spanish changed by a hand inside a glass door
Empty shop store fronts closed due Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, Metal roller shutter door of store in flea market is closed and locked in dark light, Economic downturn.
Happy Children Meet The Father Who Came From Work. Children Run To Their Father And Hug Him.
Shop store fronts closed due Coronavirus Pandemic lockdown, metal roller shutter door of store in flea market is closed and locked, economic downturn and epidemics caused stores closing down
Close up of young mixed race businesswoman wearing face mask pushing open door of office building during covid-19 pandemic - shot in slow motion
Shutter of the closed shop
Close-up of black car door handle opened by male Caucasian hand, man sitting into the salon and closing door. Car dealership, car business. Cinema 4k footage ProRes HQ.
The elevator doors open. Opening the door is an elevator. Metal doors smoothly open.
Apartment door bell being pressed. A woman presses a black doorbell with her finger on a white wall.
Closeup shot of man opening glass door and entering room and then leaving closing door-handle. Business life concept. man walking through door. 4k
A man takes a chrome shiny door knob and opens a modern beautiful glossy white door with a black glass insert and then closes it. Closeup. Shallow depth of field
Sensual Female Hand Opens Door to Luxury Apartment Or Hotel Room. Woman Slowly Walking Inside.
Finger Pressing Elevator Button Up in Office Center or Hotel. Progress Future Startup Concept Footage. 4K Slowmotion.
Worker put window sash into new installed frame. Close up of hand
Ringing Doorbell with Finger Man and Woman at Day Close Up
Close up of Caucasian beautiful happy woman waiter in mask changing table on door - closed-open at cafe in morning. Female opening bar early and smiling. Pretty vendor turning board and opens shop.
Shot back young woman is entering opening curtain lace hands raise standing in luxury apartment inspecting space feel happy apartment tourist trip holiday close up slow motion
Shadows of electric window shutters being opened - showing on parquet floor
Empty night city street, roller shutters at closed shop door.
Washing clothing in domestic washing machine in home. Close-up video of spinning drum washing machine.
African waiter in safety mask turning ouvert ferme sign on french cafe glass door. Afro staff of restaurant turning open closed sign in french closing because of covid-19 epidemic
Close-up of Young Woman Pressing Lift Button Down. Sensual Female Hand Pushing Elevator Car Button in Office Center Or Hotel.
A steady close up shot of a bakery store closing its steel roller doors.
Locking and then opening a safe - close up on dial - combination lock of a safe or vintage bank steel vault used by a person or bank teller or robber breaking in and stealing money and jewelry
Closed sign hanging on the glass during pandemic time in 4K Slow motion 60fps
close up light skin asian female hand grab on subway pole, hold on to pole handle  standing in subway train, virus contaminated surface, new normal covid-19 public transportation, out door risk
Woman housekeeper in mask wiping door knob with rag. Close up of maid in protective mask and rubber gloves disinfecting door doing house cleaning. Home cleaning service concept
Positive employees reopening flower shop after COVID-19 pandemic. Happy greenhouse workers hanging open again sign at door - small business people after quarantine 4k footage
slow motion of female hand touching wooden door, door opens
Business men coming into revolving doors in modern business center. Business people entering in lobby and walking on hallway in luxury hotel. France, Paris - November, 2018.
CLOSE UP Brand new blue car speeds down scenic switchback road running through the idyllic woods in Tre Cime. Sports car navigates a challenging serpentine route leading through the woods in Dolomites
Workers open the warehouse door
Cleaning chrome-plated bathrooms, bidets. polishing crane and handles. Cleaning in hotel. Close-up shot of maid from hotel staff wiping bath handles, bathtub in toilet at residential building . Shot
Close up man's hand to open digital door handle or electronics knob by finger scan for access to home security, Door wooden opening through interior living room house.
Closed Going Out Of Business Sign Placed At Store Front Window, 4K Recession.
4K Portrait happy couple in front of new home, taking the key from estate agent. Slow motion.
Cinematic mood shot of closed retail store shop due to coronavirus covid-19 pandemic , rainy look with raindrops on shop window
asian woman leaving home to work and locking door of apartment. white house with green front door; traditional house design. security safety lock concept.
Seller closing the blind of his business due to the crisis. COVID-19 recession
male hand opens the door of a black business class car. Silhouette of a woman in an elegant dress gets into a car
Close up of a building demolition
Store owner using keys to unlock and open door exterior of store with dim day lighting. Close up shot on 4k RED camera.
Small business owner smiling while turning the sign for the reopening of the place after the quarantine due to covid-19. Close up of woman’s hands holding sign now we are open support local business.
Opening old/traditional and mysterious classic wooden door. Magical.
Smiling son meeting his dad at the door in the evening. Concept of joy. Close-up of happy teenage son in casual clothes runnig to his father and hugging him. Young dad finally coming home from work.
Knocking Door with Male and Female Hand Close Up Banging on the Wooden Brown Door
Prison gate closing in front of window.
CLOSE UP: Sports car navigates a challenging serpentine route leading through the breathtaking Dolomites. Brand new blue car speeds down a scenic switchback road near the world famous Tre Cime.
LONDON - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2014, Busy London underground subway train station time-lapse. Platform and stairs packed with people train arrives, doors open and the crowds move to board train, doors close
a man opens the front door
The family cooks together. Mother and daughter put the pie in the oven and close the door. Watch and wait for homemade pizza cooking. Happy childhood, help your mother.
Women hand open door knob or opening the door
Coffee shop concept. The waitress is opening a coffee shop in bright. 4k Resolution.
Interior of a luxury new premium car. Close-up of the car door with wood trim and pink LED lighting, electric adjustment of the seats, power windows.
Close-up view of Old Elevator Open the Doors with Green Screen
Gorgeous young woman with purple hair stays on balcony holds cup of hot coffee or tea watching a beautiful urban view and then close eyes and enjoy relax breathing fresh freezing air of spring
CU closed sign hanging on the entrance door of a small cafe. Out of business. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLOW MOTION
Close shot of beautiful young Indian woman in traditional salwar kurta receives the parcel delivered at the doorstep of her apartment or residence by a delivery man and closes the door thereafter
Close-up of a Man in white shirt opening white door. Man pushes the door, enters a long corridor and walks towards a window.
Dark brown wooden door with metal handle and lock closes slowly without people participation at oppressive gloomy light closeup
Sunlight reflects in mechanical revolving door with golden framing and carpet operating in hotel close view slow motion. Concept hotel interior
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