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Housing agent is giving keys to buyers of new apartment, happy husband and wife are hugging and kissing, man is shaking hands with female realtor.
Serious african man asking for help concerned about problem or concentrating mind at work, religious mixed race male student worker sit with eyes closed put hands in prayer praying with hope concept
Muslim little girl in hijab and with her Muslim mother pray at home. Muslim mother and daughter pray together at home and then hug. Prayer concept.Close up.
After long separation loving 35s couple reunited, wife and husband missed very much go to meet each other hugging standing indoor feeling deep love and happiness. Love and long-awaited meeting concept
Painful cramp in stomach. Sick unhealthy girl clasping belly and suffering from severe abdominal pain, periods spasm, irritable bowel syndrome of diet. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Loving mother clasping hands in prayer for children, love and belief in god
Young female gamer esportsman player with blond hair taking off headset and clasping hands with black teammate after victory in video game match during professional esports tournament
Close-up portrait of a blue-eyed girl dressed in white dress. She is praying with her hands clasped on sunny summer day. Little child makes a cherished wish with closed eyes. Pray for peace in Ukraine
boy prays pulls hands to the sky against a blue sky. child concept faith religion and happy family. kid son hands to the side against the blue sky jew praying to god. worship lifestyle and gratitude
Hopeful afro-american woman holds hands in prayer to god close-up. Beautiful young peaceful lady meditating, praying for health, mindfulness and success.
Young caucasian businesswoman sad and desperate creams and shouts in front of mirror. Crying brunette woman in formal wear clasped her head in her hands in restroom of office building
Thoughtful african american senior woman sitting with hands clasped, looking away. retirement lifestyle, leisure time alone at home.
Public speaking at the round table during international negotiations
Opening zipper. Isolated 3d render
Happy Asian Grandmother on white background, The culture of Asian old women concept
Nervous esportsman gamer rubbing hands and adjusting headphones while preparing for professional gaming competition
Senior boss shake hand rewarding praising happy subordinate best worker, associates applauding supporting congratulating successful employee with promotion. Recognition, acknowledgement, award concept
Little cute girl dreaming in Park at sunset. Closed hands of child in prayer. Kid that stared at me in her and asks, closing the palm of your hand. Silhouette of a child. Girl praying to god in park
A little beautiful girl straightens a protective helmet while sitting on the grass in roller skates.
Latino beautiful sick girl in pajamas getting up from sleep in bedroom. Attractive young woman feel bad and painful after wake up on bed, having stomach ache or periods then clasping belly in morning.
A young woman sits in a niche, clasping her knees with her hands in a room with marble walls. The brunette is tired and upset, she has a depression
Slow motion of housing agent giving keys to buyers of new apartment, happy husband and wife are hugging and kissing, man is shaking hands with female realtor.
Coronavirus covid-19 Patient on bed in Quarantine Room at Hospital with Disease Control Doctors. Medical staff in the operating room end successful surgical procedure.
religion, little Christian boy with faith and hope in heart with closed eyes clasped hands prays to God on his knees in room near bed against window
Young African black woman praying to God
Young people in white T-shirts, hands clasped together in the center, together sharply raise their hands up against the background of the sun. The team put their hands together to combine forces.
Close up low angle shot of male volleyball players in circle putting their hands together. Winning, motivation, success and sport team spirit.
A group of young volleyball male players cheering and putting hands together before start playing the game.
Professional hairdresser, stylist combing hair of female client and using barrette for fixing hairdo in professional hair salon. Beauty and haircare concept
Side view of young black man and Caucasian woman standing in dark studio separated by flat sheet of laser light and holding hands
Veterinarian surgeons in operating room doing cat neutering
Animation of one line drawing of two hands hook each other their little fingers. Friendship in continuous line self drawing illustration. Promise concept animated illustration. Full length motion.
Mother Zipping her Sons Warm Waterproof Children Jacket. Little Child Boy Wearing Winter Attire. 2x Slow motion 60 fps 4K
Two friends shake hands as a sign of friendship, team, because together we have more strength and we are more united.
A little rollerball girl gets up from her knees after a fall, on an alley in a park with a fountain.
Hand opens the lock with a zipper, a pocket of a yellow women bag. Close-up.
three options handshake of two businessmen 4K unrecognizable close-up
Two businessmen negotiators with clasped male hands negotiate at table, opponents dialogue debate, applicant hr job interview, business rivals confrontation work challenge concept, close up view
Young man praying at sunset. He sits in profile to the camera hood, clasped his hands together in prayer
A spiritual African man worshiping God praying with HOPE and FAITH
Slow motion close up portrait of cute girl chewing gum and blowing a bubblegum bubble ballon on gray wall
A spiritual person praying to God worshiping the sacred
Closeup of the shaking legs and hands of a nervous or anxious man wearing black jeans and white shirt sitting on a chair
Hands of different age and multiracial background holding each other.
Positive excited dark skinned woman clasps hands with joy being in good mood dressed in casual clothes hears excellent news isolated over blue background. Optimistic carefree tender ethnic female
Girls are dancing at a concert. Girls are jumping and shaking their heads
Clasped hands to decide on the desk
Low angle shot of happy, excited young volleyball team of girls putting hands together before start the game. Team spirit, cheering, support and sport theme.
Happy child. The little boy closed his hands, closed his eyes in prayer. A lonely child in isolation, in hope.
Sliding open the slider on a light material
Animation of the zipper with luma mask.
Sad little girl, clutching her teddy bear. Intentionally desaturated.
little daughter girl makes a wish prayers bedtime religion concept. prayer lifestyle child indoors praying by bed in front of window
A week old baby panther chameleon walking or climbing up a green vine on a white background. The scientific name is Furcifer pardalis.
A PORTRAIT SHOT of a bearded caucasian man clasping his hands looking up into the camera and away whilst sitting on a yellow chair.
Hand wraps the steering wheel. A man drives a car, truck, tractor. Transport. Passenger transportation. Bus driver. Wrinkle hand. White hair. 4K Ultra HD. Reflection in the rearview mirror.
Little girl crying, with tears streaming down her face, clutching her teddy bear. Intentionally desaturated.
Assistant prepares surgical instruments before surgery
Buddhist monk with orange robe pray in temple with hands clasped
Girl is dancing at a show
woman holding at the door using the old knock door
Friendly friends clasp hands as a sign of strong friendship and teamwork.
Zipper on white material and only zipper with mask closes and opens.
Animation of zip fastener - video transition with mask included.
Ethnic handshake hands, loop animation. Agreement, contract, deal hand shake, peace. African American black and white human deal. Professional team work. White isolated background. 2d draw footage
Close-up of man's hands fastening a clasp on his jeans and the button
Close up of Adult man hand finger tapping on table. Waiting for something
A beautiful white Caucasian girl with red hair passes the horse in front. Secures the saddle, straightens his mount, hiding the straps, takes a saddle girth. Indoors, day,  medium shot
Hand in protective gloves holds brown paper pouch bags mockup with coffee beans wooden background 4K. Packaging for food delivery goods template. Kraft pack with clasp window tea leaves weight product
Close-up of travel backpack. Hands close suitcase. Person check quality of goods. Macro shot of unzipping and zipping bag.
SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP MACRO: Woman reveals cellulite on her legs by squeezing thigh. Female hands pinch the side of a Caucasians thigh and expose cellulite. Dangerous adipose tissue building up on leg.
1940s: Audience claps. Young woman runs from behind curtain. Bob Hope follows and wipes mouth. Man speaks.
Little baby education felt hand made book playing hands close up
nervous woman squeezes her hands on the table. Close-up of hands.
adult man hand finger tapping closeup ProRes 4:2:2 10bit footage
Devote man kneeling in the Church alone and praying, he is meditating with hands clasped: Christianity, religion and faith concept
An elderly woman prays with hands clasped together - green screen studio
A constipated woman sitting on the toilet. Menstrual cramps.
Cheerful glad Afro American woman wears casual turtleneck does winner gesture clasps hands and smiles broadly celebrates success wears casual clothes isolated over blue background. Triumph concept
A chameleon walks hesitantly over a leaf on the ground.
A set of lanyards and badges, metal pieces. Templates for design presentations green screen. vector illustration.
Buddhist monk with orange robe pray in temple with hands clasped
Metal zipper closes and opens.
Animation of zip fastener - video transition with mask included.
Business man opens black leather case with metal locks with numbers and shows its contents. Banker gives money at interest. Financial affairs. Black market. Investment. Corruption. Bribe. Blackmail
nervous mature asian business man being questioned by HR manager during job interview
Spiritual older man feeling the presence of God praying and feeling grateful
1930s: Young girls stand at table with hands clasped. Line of girl walks into room to join them. Nuns usher girls into room. Girls stand praying next to set table.
Happy child. The little boy closed his hands, closed his eyes in prayer. A lonely child in isolation, in hope.
Man Against Farm Fence Clasps Hands In Slow Motion
Old metal gate valve in the metal doors is pushed and opened the door out. Concept entrance to something new. Exit from old. New, better world.
Hopeful young african american woman sitting on bed with folded hands, saying morning worship. Faithful 30s mixed race lady praying God, asking for help or waiting for miracle alone in bedroom.
Female and man's hand against the background of a dark table. Top view of handshaking.
close up of african babies hands and feet wriggling and clasping mothers hand, whilst lying on back with no shirt on
Close up side view of hopeful young woman 20s holds hands in prayer to god. Beautiful peaceful caucasian lady meditating, praying for health, mindfulness and success. Improve mental health concept
Vintage thimbles and other metal tools for hand sewing closeup
Close up of clasping male hands, adult caucasian man using self-rubbing gestures to dissipate stress
Adult man making wish on sofa
Little girl learning seasons of the year with child hand made book
SaIling Vessel Rope
A full figure woman with fat back unfastens black bra using both hands
man praying to god with hands together Caribbean man praying with white background stock videos
biker girl rocker or punk in black leather jackets. Fastens with a zipper on the jacket. ready to go
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