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Exhausted or bored young sleepy woman falls down on sofa. Apathetic tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression concept
Head shot close up stressed young woman looking away, thinking of personal or health problems. Frustrated girl feeling lonely at home, suffering from depression, worrying about wrong decision.
Exhausted Or Bored Young Sleepy Woman Falls Down On Sofa. Apathetic Tired Lazy Lady Sleeping On Couch At Home Alone. Funny Girl Lying Asleep Feeling Lack Of Motivation, Fatigue Or Depression Concept
Exhausted young woman taking off glasses massaging dry irritable eyes. Tired overworked lady feeling eye strain after using computer working from home. Headache, visual fatigue and eyestrain concept.
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Funny lazy office worker napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes. Inefficient tired male employee pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sits at desk. Cheating to sleep concept
Close up exhausted frustrated young indian woman massaging nose bridge temples. Stressed unhealthy millennial mixed race girl feeling tired suffering from migraine, panic attack, high blood pressure.
Young woman doctor in white uniform and stethoscope on neck talk to older patient, discuss health concerns writes complaints, fill medical form. General check up, healthcare, medical insurance concept
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Senior adult woman holding painkiller pills on female hand pouring two capsules from meds bottle taking medicine, old elderly grandmother health care, pharmacy and treatment concept, close up view
Female doctor talk to old unhealthy male patient during visit in private clinic, show bottles with meds explain prescription, give professional consultation. Chronic disease treatment pharmacy concept
Tired comic male man manager pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sitting at desk laptop. Funny lazy office businessman student napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes glasses
Senior grandmother massaging hand suffering from joint pain. Older woman having rheumatoid arthritis. Elder adult lady touching wrist feeling hurt. Osteoarthritis geriatric disease concept. Close up
Prescription pill bottle falls on a pile of narcotics in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. The painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, addiction and overdoses.
Sick black woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed, holding belly, feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Tired young african mixed race businessman professional student take off eyeglasses massaging dry itchy irritated eyes feel eye strain concept headache fatigue after office computer work sit at desk
Back pain because of kidney infection, kidney disease, lightning, and redness mean pain.
Exhausted overloaded young man in casual shirt came home after work flopped down on sofa feels like squeezed lemon. Concept of after party, tired overworked person hard day, lack of energy, breakdown
Professional physical therapist helping elderly man to do exercise, mobility
Close-up man scratches a red rash on his stomach in close-up. Allergies and skin diseases
Young blonde girl student wearing glasses caucasian millennial woman working studying at laptop at home online feeling abdomen pain suffering from spasm stomach ache belly abdominal diarrhea disease
Office Syndrome. Close Up Shot. Salaryman working his computer suddenly he feeling pain in back and waist He try to relax and relieve by his hand. Slow Motion Shot.
Human Internal Digestive Organ Liver Anatomy Animation Concept. 3D
Asian elderly senior male grandpa sitting at sofa couch at home living room on quarantine in concept healthcare, chronic health issue or low back pain in retired older people.
Man has pain in the wrist, Human having pain in the injured hand. The concept with Healthcare And Medicine.
Nervous young woman embracing pillow, feeling unsure about hard decision, sitting alone on sofa. Depressed lady regretting mistake abortion, suffering from psychological problem trouble at home.
Close up rear back view woman sit at workplace experiences severe pain in neck, rubbing it to relieve muscle tension. Cervical osteochondrosis, tired overworked female, sedentary lifestyle concept
Prescription pills fall into a pile from a bottle in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. Painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, narcotic addiction and overdoses.
man with knee pain, hand massaging his painful knee. Health care and medical concept. health problems
Travel Concept. The masked woman is traveling to the doctor at the hospital. 4k Resolution.
young man suffering from back pain, have a backache, health problems
Macro shot of medications pills and drugs spilled out of pill container. Pills and drugs Pharmaceutical Industry. Probe lens shot Medicines.
Diabetic patient uses sensor and smartphone to remotely monitoring glucose level without blood. Modern medicine technology and healthcare
Head shot close up stressed young indian girl thinking of personal problem solution, suffering from tension head ache. Depressed worried millennial woman feeling insecure, regretting mistake.
Pain in the back. Backache. Back view of a woman having problems with the spine. Healthcare concept
Neck pain. Tired woman with painful in neck muscles. Health care and medical concept
Tired young woman irritated by bad daughter behavior. Active little preschool girl shouting grabbing moms hair. Exhausted mother holding head, suffering from strong headache, annoyed by loud child.
Stressed young woman lying on sofa, embracing belly, suffering from stomachache. Unhappy 20s girl having menstrual painful feelings, resting on sofa. Gastritis, abdominal or period pain concept.
Senior woman using laptop feeling discomfort from dry irritated fatigued eyes taking off glasses, older mature businesswoman tired of computer worker suffering from blurry vision eyestrain problem
Tired overworked workaholic indian female employee sit at workplace desk in modern office using laptop working on deadline task, urgent project feels exhausted. Over hours job, hard-working concept
Exhausted crying doctor/nurse in coronavirus protective gear N95 mask.Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.Fatalities grief.Frontline worker mental stress,burnout.Mental breakdown.Overworked healthcare provider
Unhappy middle aged 70s grey haired woman feeling lower lumbago spinal backpain while getting up from couch. Unhealthy senior mature retired grandmother suffering from osteoporosis arthritis.
Video of tired young woman suffering neck pain while sitting on the stool in the kitchen at home.
Three halves of the face of a young Caucasian woman close-up showing the result before and after rosacea treatment. Split screen. Pink background. The concept of couperose and rosacea.
Woman face. Portrait of gorgeous girl with beautiful hair and vitiligo smiling at camera, looking confident, straight her hair and enjoying urban city lifestyle. Real people series. Vitiligo concept
Senior adult talking to doctor on online videoconference, using smartphone for remote medical consultation. Woman with crutches chatting with specialist on telemedicine and telehealth call.
3d render of human pancreas system anatomy
Animation blood sugar levels meter on transparent background with alpha channel.
Tired young Black woman worker student take short pause in online work remove glasses massage nose bridge relax with closed eyes. Female employee overworked by pc feel fatigue suffer from eye strain
Young multiracial woman drinking water daily morning habit routine after morning exercises against large windows close view. Glass of still water healthy drink concept.
Stressed young female therapist feeling under pressure, worrying about professional mistake, working on computer at workplace. Overworked physician regrets wrong diagnosis or received bad news email.
Depressed young african american woman sit in bed wake up feel stress anxiety after bad sleep nightmare dream concept sit alone in bedroom, worried mixed-race lady suffer from insomnia in the morning
Elder couple looking at tablet screen in living room, enjoying free time together. Retired man with crutches and woman with digital device browsing internet to have leisure activity. Modern people
Unwell mature 70s grandfather take pill drinking water having health problem or chronic illness. Unhappy sick senior man holding painkiller to relieve pain sitting on couch. Medium shot on RED camera
Frustrated stressed upset young indian woman coping with headache migraine concept feel anxiety pain pressure, mental stress, panic attack touching aching sore head at home office, face close up view
Diabetic patient checks and measures blood glucose level using glucose meter. Treatment and control diabetes. Healthcare and diabetic lifestyle
Pain in neck. Close-up of bearded man in workplace, he experiences severe pain in neck, touches his neck with his hand and makes constrained head movements. Cervical osteochondrosis concept
Annoyed middle aged mature woman feel frustrated suffer from insomnia uncomfortable bad mattress lying awake in bed, upset senior old lady insomniac trying to sleep disturbed toss and turn in bedroom
A sick person wake up because he feeling back pain, he try to relax hisself and dissolve his pain by hand on back and neck. 4k Resolution.
Sick young woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed. Upset unhealthy teen girl holding belly feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in the morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Human Internal Digestive Organ Liver Anatomy Animation Concept. 3D
Tired african woman take off glasses resting from laptop work. American businesswoman suffers from dry irritable eyes after long notebook usage. Eye strain, conjunctivitis infection need drops concept
Young female nurse doctor caregiver holding medicine bottle explaining prescription prescribing drug to old elder grandmother patient at medical consultation, seniors healthcare and pharmacy concept
Epileptic seizure. A man struggles in convulsions while lying on the floor
Sick mature adult woman in pain hold belly stomach feel hurt abdomen ache gastritis pancreatitis symptom sit on bed, upset old senior lady suffer from indigestion flatulence abdominal problem concept
Exhausted young businessman professional taking off glasses massaging dry tired irritated eyes. Overworked worker feeling eye strain concept. Headache and fatigue after office work, computer syndrome.
Young beautiful woman rubs her eyes standing against the background of flowering trees. Allergy, rhinitis, eye diseases, sinus pressure pain.
Female feet and soles of the heel with heel pain in adult and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. foot inflammatory ligament disease.
Closeup of male arms holding her painful wrist caused by prolonged work on the computer, laptop. Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neurological disease concept. Numbness of the hand
Portrait of young African American business man student freelancer sitting in office home table feeling pain in neck tired expression time to take rest. Mixed race guy suffering from ache in shoulders
Back rear head shot shoulder view exhausted young indian woman massaging neck, suffering from pain or inflammation processes due to long sedentary computer work at home office, feeling unhealthy.
Close-up profile portrait of a young woman showing redness on her cheek. White background. The concept of rosacea and couperose
Close up of young beautiful woman working on laptop in modern office. Tired woman sitting at work feels chest pain.Coronavirus, virus, pandemic, covid-19, disease, epidemic, infection
Old senior woman grandma read drug prescription label pour two pills from medication bottle hold painkiller capsules on hand take medicine, elderly people healthcare, pharmacy concept, close up view
Tired overworked young african woman feel fatigue eye strain headache after computer work take off glasses, stressed mixed race female student suffer from pain in dry eyes, bad vision sight problem
Overwhelmed frustrated young woman feeling tired due to computer overuse, suffering from blurred eyesight, massaging temples and irritated eyes. Stressed overworked female freelancer having migraine.
Upset tired old mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure sit on bed
Young guy freelance business man at home working with laptop feels pain abdomen discomfort diarrhea liver problems appendicitis symptoms indigestion stomach spasm ache suffers from poisoning disease
Nurse female doctor use tonometer checking up measuring pressure of retired elderly female patient during visit at hospital, people wear face mask due corona virus pandemic outbreak, eldercare concept
Pain in wrist. Female hand touches wrist and tries to stretch joint. Tendinitis, synovitis, osteoarthritis, sprain, rheumatoid arthritis concept. Close-up
Portrait of caucasian woman having low back pain while walking up the stairs
A woman's legs are shown, she is suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency with mild cellulitis in her legs. In bed as she rest to relieve heaviness, swelling, pain and redness in the leg. Top view
Close up elderly senior retired woman massaging back, feeling muscles tension discomfort. Rear view unhealthy middle aged mature grandmother suffering from morning discomfort, arthritis concept.
Funny lazy office worker napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes. Inefficient tired female employee pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sits at desk. Cheating to sleep concept
Human Internal Digestive Organ Liver with Pancreas and Gallbladder Anatomy Animation Concept. 3D
Unhappy depressed woman crying lying on sofa suffering from insomnia, depression psychological problem, bipolar disorder loneliness, frustration anxiety. Stressed unhealthy lonely person feeling tired
Male boss finishing work on laptop and standing up then feeling strong pain in back.
Lower back pain. Red blinking on the backbone. Loopable. Luma matte. 3D rendering.
Close-up female legs in black leggings of unrecognizable slender active strong woman runner jogging running morning run training stops feeling knee pain ache suffers from damage joint problems injury
asthmatic gasps and uses the medicinal inhaler spray aerosol, asthma attack
The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain
Close up man with low back pain
Pain in right side. Female hand touches right side. Close-up
Educational model of human body of kidney in hands of doctor
Magnifying glass and germs show signs of illness, internal organs(intestine) are infected.
Tired CEO businessman in office, close up taking off glasses after office work, relieve dry irritated red eyes, chronic computer syndrome, bad weak vision problem, depressed executive entrepreneur
Portrait of senior adult looking at camera in living room, dealing with chronic disability and injury. Retired man with medical equipment to help with transportation and accessibility.
Menstrual pain, woman with stomachache suffering from pms at home, endometriosis, cystitis and other diseases of the urinary system, health problems concept
Close-up of an upset young woman sitting on the bed, rubs against her temple, with closed eyes suffers from headache, painful sensations, chronic fatigue, depression.
Senior man and woman looking at green screen on laptop. Elderly couple using blank copy space with isolated chroma key template and mock up background on computer. Technology on display
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