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Serene attractive young woman resting on couch taking deep breath of fresh air holding hands behind head, healthy calm lady relaxing on comfortable sofa napping feel stress free at home lounge alone
Calm young woman having healthy daytime nap dozing relaxing on couch with eyes closed hands behind head, peaceful girl sleeping breathing fresh air resting leaning on comfortable sofa at home
Blowing fresh cool air with the help of modern air conditioning technologies
Unrecognizable couple sitting together on couch at home, watching tv shows with chroma-key green screen and eating unhealthy food 4k footage template
Getting Goose Bumps at Sunset, Macro
Smiling satisfied young business woman finished computer work stretching sitting at workplace desk. Happy relaxed businesswoman feeling stress relief after job well done putting hands behind head.
Boring summer vacations at home: man sitting on the deckchair at home and pretending he is at the beach, he drinks some water
Pretty woman cooking soup on stove at kitchen. Close up of housewife preparing dinner at home. Young woman tasting soup on spoon at modern kitchen in slow motion
Calm happy healthy young man resting holding hand behind hand eyes closed lean on comfortable armchair, relaxed serene guy breathing fresh air lounge on chair enjoy stress free peaceful nap at home
Serene young woman relaxing on comfortable sofa with eyes closed wearing headphones. Pretty lady enjoys listening chill music audio sound meditating feeling no stress at home. Close up side view
Young caucasian couple extremely frustrated. Bored students are sitting in front of tv, switching channels with remote and eating unhealthy food, tired after hard day 4k footage
Young woman holding digital thermometer put hand on kid head check temperature caring of little lovely daughter lying on sofa with fluffy toy, corona virus symptoms, need medicare, medications concept
Happy relaxed young woman rest lounge lean on couch enjoy peaceful mood, healthy lazy calm girl dreaming breathing fresh air sit on comfortable sofa in living room on stress free cozy day at home
Portrait of couple of mature and old people enjoying summer at the beach looking to the sea smiling and having fun together with the sunset at the background. Two active seniors traveling outdoors.
Young asian woman 20s in casual pink clothes cap posing isolated on pastel purple violet background studio. People lifestyle concept. Dancing fooling around having fun expressive gesticulating hands
Water spray dust. Spraying mist effect of air gun sprayer droplets jet isolated on black background
Funny young emotional caucaian sport fan couple watching a game together, eating popcorn and pizza and reacting to their team playing 4k footage
2D animation, young boy sitting on the top of the hill at night, look at the moon and the city lights. Break time, anime style, lofi aesthetic, vaporwave. Looping animation, perfect for beats
Young indian business woman worker relax sit at office desk finished laptop computer work put hands behind head feel satisfied with work well done stress relief peace of mind concept chill at work
Water spray dust. Spraying mist effect of air gun isolated on black background.
Slow motion fancy vivid bright young brunette woman 20s years old wear striped shirt dance fool around have fun gesticulating with hands enjoy relax isolated on plain orange background studio portrait
Macro Shot of Fizzy Soft Drink with Ice, Bubbles, Mint and Lemon. Phantom Flex 1000fps
Friends chilling in private villa swimming pool, lie in the sun on inflatable flamingo, swan, floaties. Young people relax on party at luxury resort on sunny day. Bikini girls sunbathing. Slow motion.
4k Smiling businessman at home sitting on a table reading phone message or downloading an app for his mobile phone.
Young mixed race woman relaxing on comfortable sofa with closed eyes wearing headphones, asian girl enjoys listening chill music and audio sound relaxing at home. Top view in slow motion
Authentic Couple Spending Time at Home, Sitting on a Couch and Watching TV with Green Screen Mock Up Display in Their Stylish Loft Apartment. Man and Woman Streaming Movie or Show and Eating Popcorn.
Young woman wear hat wrapped in knitted plaid sit alone shivering from cold on sofa in unheated apartment without central heating due debt. Unhealthy female feeling discomfort try to warming up indoor
Calm relaxed african american young man resting napping on sofa with eyes closed at home, happy healthy guy breathing fresh air lounge on couch hands behind head enjoy stress free peaceful day
Attractive beautiful young asia female close eyes maditate at home self break stress relief from work, stay quarantine social distance in online yoga class community, wellness wellbeing lifestyle.
Happy young businessman wears suit taking break leaning on comfortable ergonomic office chair. Relaxed male executive puts hands behind head at workplace feels no stress after computer work well done.
Macro close-up,refreshing soda tonic fizzy water, lime in Glass, ice. Slice of lemon, mineral bubbles. Detox or thirst concept. Healthy, dietary nutrition. Cold lemonade mojito drink. Black background
Water spray dust. Spraying mist effect of air gun isolated on black background.
Calm young adult lady lounging on comfortable sofa in modern living room interior. Relaxed tired woman napping on couch hands behind head. Smiling girl feels no stress enjoying peaceful chill at home.
Dachshund is lying on bed, head sticking out from under covers, looking up. Dog crawls under blanket to hide from monster or owner who is going to do unpleasant procedure.
On the beach. A girl in a black hat lies on the beach and reads a book. Light breeze. Turquoise waves in the background. Summer chill. Vacation at the sea. Rest and pleasure. Holidays on the beach.
Tropical beach in Mauritius. Sandy beach with palms and blue transparent ocean. Aerial view
Aerial view of Shanghai downtown Lujiazui financial district drone top view cityscape. Cozy drone point of view footage. Tourism travel business financial concept. Skyscrapers city street urban view.
Friends came together and doing BBQ, celebrating together, drinking and talking, telling stories around fire, chill summer evening
Young people chilling on blanket on green lawn at summer park. Smiling couple having rest on picnic on green meadow. Young man and woman laughing outdoors
Happy young woman meditating at the seacoast. Girl practicing yoga on the beach at sunrise. Shallow DOF copy space sea background. Music for meditation creative concept
Water pump and water pipes. Water supply system.
Young happy couple having fun holding smartphone using mobile phone at home, laughing, playing game, doing online shopping in ecommerce app together, checking social media applications together.
Six carved pumpkins lie on the ground at night, the biggest and the scariest one comes to life and laughs hysterically until it explodes into pieces. Spooky Halloween-themed 3D animation.
Water pump and pipes. Transparent pipe to show water flows inside the water supply system.
Father and son fooling around watering each other from a hose on a hot summer day. Holidays in the countryside, summer holidays
Female is Commuting Home in a Backseat of a Taxi at Night. Passenger Chilling and Holding Her Hand Outside of Window while in a Car in Urban City Street with Working Neon Signs. Cinematic Footage.
Handsome office man in white t-shirt try to meditate with online guiding on laptop. Beginner in yoga practice checks when timer ends. Difficult to sit long time. Terrace on green forest background
Zoom in view of girl sitting on carpet near TV set and talking with android robot while resting at home in weekend
Timelapse of night sky in the forest. Milky way is visible between trees
watching tv close-up hand with remote control switches channels tv on background out of focus
A young girl sitting on a sofa watching a movie on TV.
Aerial revealing shot of an expedition of climbers ascending up a steep summit
Trendy happy black mixed race woman vlogger listeng music, dances and recording videostream video for social media at home. Creating dancing video using tiktok app. Vertical video.
MACRO: Young Caucasian woman having chills on her skin on cold and windy summer day. Goosebumps on white female arm on freezing day by the seashore.
Old TV Green Screen On Spooky Dark Road, Vintage Television Traveling Shot. Vintage television with a green screen left on a spooky dark road. Traveling shot
Ice cold mist blowing from freezer of refrigerated trailer of truck. Transporting food and drink both frozen and chilled. Technology used by food produce industry. Stacked steel metal trolley wheels.
Slow motion follow close up shot of woman dragging her hand on clean white bed gently. Can use for comfort, soft, relax concept.
Pouring Water over Ice Cubes, Lemon Slices and Mint Making Lemonade in 1000fps
Happy lazy young man relax daydream meditate sit on comfortable sofa at home in living room, calm guy rest breathing fresh air having nap with eyes closed feel peace of mind, no stress free relief
Healthy serene young woman leaning on cozy sofa taking deep breath of fresh clean air. Calm lady relaxing on comfortable couch, napping, enjoying no stress concept at home, close up side face view.
2D animation, anime girl takes a relaxing bath after a hard day. Chilling after school. Lofi, vaporwave, anime style
People cheering with drinks at outdoor picnic party. People’s hands raising toast with glasses of beer, enjoying outdoor picnic in nature. Man playing the guitar. Summertime, chilling. True friends
Two cute clean dachshund dogs in bathrobes and with towels wrapped around their heads after shower sit on sofa leaning against each other, they relax in spa weekend.
Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of industrial chiller plant room timelapse hyperlapse. Part of data center
Relaxed young woman lying on sofa in living room using smart phone. Lazy happy millennial lady customer surfing social media, shopping in app, playing mobile game, texting sms looking at cell at home.
Close up calm guy relax lean in comfy leather armchair closed eyes put hands behind head take break distracted from working on laptop. Breath fresh conditioned air inside of modern home office room
Pan around view of Asian woman leaning on hand and watching video on tablet while resting near TV in dark living room at home
Young Arabian man is watching TV laughing having fun sitting on sofa in dark house enjoying calm evening at home. People and modern entertainment concept.
Mindful young biracial woman breathing fresh air, feeling freedom or happiness indoors. Head shot close up peaceful lady meditating, doing yoga relaxation exercises, enjoying weekend time alone.
A man's hand directs the remote control to the air conditioner and presses the power button, the blinds are opened, the air conditioner drives cold air, then he turns it off. Close Up. Shallow depth
Blowing fresh cool air with the help of modern air conditioning technologies
Close up head shot side view happy peaceful millennial woman relaxing on cozy couch, listening to tranquil classical music in wireless headphones, enjoying lazy weekend hobby time alone at home.
Smiling young curly african american man 20s wears white t-shirt dance clenching fists waving rising gesticulating hands have fun enjoy celebrate isolated on plain yellow background studio portrait
Close up of the head of a mouflon ram on sunny day in autumn.
Friends chilling in private villa swimming pool, lie in the sun on inflatable flamingo, swan, floaties. Young people relax on party at luxury resort on sunny day. Bikini girls sunbathing. Slow motion.
Incredible close footage of a polar bear - most likely female - in Spitzbergen Svalbard, Norway. Cute bear chilling on an ice shelf. Beautiful bear on a piece of sea ice. Endangered species
Extremely bored and frustrated couple sitting on a sofa at home struggle to watch a terrible movie..
Young couple friends bearded man woman 20s in basic t-shirts posing isolated on yellow background studio. People lifestyle concept. Dancing fooling around having fun expressive gesticulating hands
Palm trees in blue sky in backlit summer sunlight, bottom up view. Green palm leaves sway in warm wind on tropical island. Travel vacation paradise at beach resort. Exotic tour, voucher to hot country
Happy calm african woman relaxing taking break holding hands behind head feel stress free relief sit at home office desk, healthy black girl student enjoy peace of mind dreaming breathing fresh air
Children play in swimming bath floating on donut float on sunny summer day, pool fun
Zoom out view of bearded man with hangover touching face and spitting out confetti while sitting on sofa in messy living room after party
Excited African American male fan screaming and spilling popcorn while watching match and celebrating goal of favorite team with friends in evening at home
Lazy domestic animal chilling on a girl's hands. Girl is working on a black laptop on sofa and big cat is laying down nearby. Homework, freelance. Work from home. Stay home. Coronavirus quarantine
Couple enjoying a cozy night in on the sofa watching tv
Girl is working on a black laptop on sofa and big cat is laying down nearby. Lazy domestic animal chilling on a girl's hands. Homework, freelance. Work from home. Stay home. Coronavirus quarantine
Group of multi-ethnic young friends chatting enjoying cocktails at rooftop day party smile happy having fun on weekend laughing sharing socializing togetherness celebration close up slow motion
Man and woman slumped in front of the tv.
Black men with popcorn screaming and giving high five then clinking glasses and bottles of beer while sitting on couch and watching match on TV at home
Man in the mittens smashes the ice on the ice. Slow motion. The camera moves behind the ice. A piece of ice is very beautifully broken about the icy with magical cracks. In the frame, a lot of
Calm serene young couple relaxing sitting on sofa at home with eyes shut. Smiling lazy husband and wife breathing fresh air, enjoying comfort, no stress in cozy living room holding hands behind head.
Portrait of bored and sad girl in stylish look drinking cocktail drink sitting on bar counter. Party time. Social life. Dolly shot.
Womens friendship and fun entertainment. Two funny energetic girlfriends relaxing in pool of luxury hotel, swimming on large inflatable lifebuoys, laughing splashing water, swinging legs waving hands
Young business student boss sits at table at paperwork, dances by hands, celebrates end of working day, throws documents in air to sides, actively moves in office at home, male portrait front view
Man walks into the living room and sits on a couch to watch tv
Crazy young man hipster is enjoying music through headphones dancing and having fun in office alone. Workplace and relaxation activities concept.
Side view peaceful young business owner stretching back muscles, relaxing at modern atelier boutique shop. Calm mindful creative designer decorator enjoying break pause moment in showroom or office.
Lofi Loop Animation Workers such as programmers will hear music while working.
Calm young man relaxing sitting in comfortable wooden chair enjoying lounge lifestyle on peaceful summer day holding hands behind head, breathing fresh air in cozy apartment. Rear back view.
Man Browses through Netflix Shows at Home
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