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Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
A pile of newly-produced tin cans is being mechanically relocated
Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day.
Red soda can pouring out white sugar on a bright blue background showing an example of how bad sugar and how we all eat to much sugar in health food concept. Slow motion
Food Waste. Compostable Food Scraps, time lapse.
Domestic waste for compost from fruits and vegetables.
Super slow motiion of opening a can of beer. Filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
At the Supermarket: Man in a Hurry Pushes Shopping Cart full of Items, He's Walking Through Different Section of the Big Bright Mall. Following / Moving Side view Footage. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K.
Food donations. Food with long shelf life rotating
Throwing away uneaten food at home. Household Food Waste. Over-Preparing — household food waste is the result of people cooking or serving too much food.  Composting, recyclable materials
Super Slow Motion of Pouring Fresh New Motor Oil into Car's Engine. Filmed on High Speed Cinema Camera at 1000 fps.
compost bin with organic waste, biodegradable material, organic recycling concept. food waste, greenhouse gas emissions.
4k Two Kittens waiting for food. Little striped cats siting on wooden floor, licking and looking up at camera
4K: Food Bank volunteers sorting food into boxes for hungry people and with social issues. Overhead View. Looking down from above,
Caucasian Man is Walking Outside His House in Order to Take Out Two Plastic Bags of Trash. One Garbage Bag is Sorted into Biological Food Waste, Other is Thrown into Recyclable Bottles Garbage Bin.
Cinematic macro top view shot of young male farmer is pouring fresh milk to filling a can used for biological dairy products industry in a cowshed stable of countryside farm with hay.
Hand woman chef Mixing Green Salad , Millet,Crab Stick In glass bowl. Breakfast fresh salad and clean vegetable can eat raw. Nutritious and enzymes in Salad mix leaves green vegetable can detox.
Happy Father Holding a Young Girl and Going to Throw Away an Empty Bottle and Food Waste into the Trash. They Use Correct Garbage Bins Because This Family is Sorting Waste and Helping the Environment.
Prepare for a natural disaster by putting together important items that will help you survive. Water, foods, shelter, light source, first aid kit are just a few of the items needed to survive
Happy pinup woman looks into an empty refrigerator, but the problem can be solved! Online ordering of goods from the supermarket. Animation of the appearance of goods. View from inside fridge
Food donation boxes going down a line of gloved volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Aluminum Cans transfer on Conveyor Belt System, Aluminum can factory process manufacturing, Business and Industrial
Sorting waste plastic bottles into recycling bins.
Housewife throws rotten vegetables in the trash. Reducing food loss and waste. Food waste or loss is food that is wasted or lost uneaten
 Tuna salad with lettuce, olives, spring onions, cherry tomato, avocado, corn and canned tuna. Pan Right. Close up.
vertical video line can factory industry manufacturing
Food waste. Compostable food scraps. Organic kitchen waste for compost with vegetables, fruits and varied food. Filling garbage bag timelapse
Opening misted wet can of beer sun backlight outdoors
Food donations. Food with long shelf life rotating, top view
Housewife throws in the trash uneaten spoiled vegetables and greens from the fridge. Food waste and food loss
Throwing food waste in the trash. Household food loss. Food spoilage at home occurs due to improper storage. A woman throws uneaten expired food out of the refrigerator.
Aspergillus, Mold fungi close-up, 
Aspergillus fungus produces dangerous toxins and can cause lung infection or food poisoning
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Uses Smartphone to Check Nutritional Value of the Canned Goods and Buy it. He's Standing with Shopping Cart in Canned Goods Section. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Seoul, Korea - November 27, 2015 : Gwangjang Market is a representative famous market visited by many tourists who can taste various traditional Korean foods
Close Up Shot of a Caucasian Male in Checkered Shirt Throwing Away Biological Food Waste into a Green Trash Bin. He Uses Correct Garbage Bin Because He is Sorting Waste and Helping the Environment.
A young housewife buys sauces in the supermarket products department. Preparing for a romantic dinner. Home kitchen
a thoroughbred Scottish Fold cat looks and licks its lips. Slowing down the movement of the cat's tongue. Hungry cat, eyes wide open
vertical video line can factory industry manufacturing
Time Lapse of the Shopping Cart Moving Between Various Aisles and Section in the Big Supermarket. Inside Trolley Various Healthy Items and Convenience Food. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
4K beer cans. aluminum soda cans energy drink loop background . tin recycling close up
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
CIRCA 1947 - In this animated film, a mouse drugs and kills a cat so his family can safely get cheese, but the cat's ghosts come back to haunt him.
Hand holding soda can pouring lots of sugar in metaphor of sugar content of a refresh drink in unhealthy nutrition, diet, sweet and carbonated drinks addiction and unhealthy food concept red backgroun
Stocking a pantry shelf with canned goods - 4K
Food waste from domestic kitchen responsible household disposal or food wastage in an environmentally friendly way by recycling. Pan
Factory transporter with tin cans filled with green peas. Food factory conveyor, automation concept.
Female hands in medical gloves giving Donation Box with food. Coronavirus Relief Funds and Donations. Food In Donation Box. Service quarantine pandemic coronavirus. Stop motion animation
Egg are rolling on the white table. Easter eggs background. Can be used as looped.
Conveyor complex is transporting fresh green peas
Factory worker at industrial workshop/Modern food technology/Food industry/Dairy factory/Automated production line/Packaging machine/Packaged food on computer controlled conveyor/Industrial equipment
A teaspoonful of psyllium powder over an aluminum can on the kitchen table. Falling husks in slow motion. Close-up. Natural supplements
MONTREAL, CANADA - AUGUST 2016: Shopping Inside Walmart - Professional Steadicam Shot (Aisle with canned food, dry snacks, baking flour etc.)
Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day.
CIRCA 2020 - U.S. army soldiers distribute food at a Lakewood, Washington food bank during the Covid-19 outbreak food shortage.
Dairy products - milk, cheese, cottage cheese on the background of cows in the barn
A man collects a food box for a donation to the poor during the Coronavirus pandemic. Various products in a box: cereals, butter, canned food in jars. Collection and delivery of grocery cartons.
Colorful bins for sorting garbage on the street. Collection, recycling and reuse of plastic, glass, paper and metal waste, tin cans. Sustainable waste management system
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Browses Through Shelf with Canned Goods, Chooses Tin Can and Places it into His Shopping Cart. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
CIRCA 2020 - U.S. army soldiers distribute food at a Lakewood, Washington food bank during the Covid-19 corona virus outbreak food shortage.
Food Loss and Waste. A man throws the uneaten food from a plate in the trash bin. Throwing away meal
red strawberry jam, raspberry in a jar
Opening a can of baked beans. British comfort food. Haricot beans, also known as navy beans, in tomato sauce in aluminum tin. Hand appearing opening can.
Spicy Anchovy Soup is traditional Korean food. Gijang, Busan, Korea is the most famous for anchovy, so you can try in various traditional Korean food made of anchovy.
Close up male hand open preserved tuna fish. Canned food stock. Corona virus crisis. Hunger concept
Portion of preserved Cranberries (rotating, 4K, seamless loopable)
Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day.
Naughty hungry dachshund turned over trash can with recyclable blue bag inside and crawled into it in search of food waste to eat them. Bad behavior and upbringing of dog left at home alone
Recycle empty cans and tin for food and drink. Aluminum soda cans and food jars. Sorted metal trash and garbage ready for recycling. Steel rubbish. Zero waste and no pollution.
teamwork environmental protection. people group happy family on collects garbage plastic and paper waste bottles trash. environmental happy family a ecology teamwork volunteers lifestyle awareness
Food Loss and Food Waste. Uneaten vegetables are thrown in the trash
Cans Of Food Being Stored Up On Shelf By Man At Home
Man customer comparing the ingredients of canned pet food to make a right choice
Confused charming overweight african woman with afro braids choosing between healthy and junk food in domestic kitchen. Black obese female on diet can't resist craving to eat tasty hamburger indoors.
Caucasian volunteer man,wearing protective medical bone and mask on his face, at home completes a donation box with food for gift to poor needy people during an epidemic coronavirus,social assistance.
Clip of a half-full shopping cart moving through a supermarket's produce aisle. You can clearly see fruits like pineapple, bananas, and grapes inside the cart. Shot in real time.
Hand opens metallic tin can of canned cats or dogs preserve. Lifts the metal cover. Healthy animal food concept. Top view. Close-up.
4k Dry food for kittens or puppies is poured into large white bowl on white background. Pets feed.
Farmer pours goat's milk into can, goat grazes in the background
Fat dachshund dog in dirty t-shirt and shorts is sitting on the couch and degrading, watching football or reality shows. TV remote control is on huge belly. Empty soda can, popcorn, and trash around
Food bank male volunteer portrait, man is holding a box of food to help people in poverty. male with t-shirt and mask hold donation charity vegetables. concept greenhouse, coronavirus pandemic
Growing vegetables in your backyard. Water a bed of young green peas from a watering can. Home gardening and growing organic food.
Empty cans in the production process pass through the production line. Conveyor belt in motion in the manufacture of canned food in cans. Conveyor belt with empty cans.
Foodbank volunteers help to sort tinned food and drinks for people in poverty and with social issues
Male Hand Takes a Tin Can from a Row from a Box. Close-up. Top View. No personality. Slowmo
Chef prepares diet lunch in kitchen. chef puts slices canned tuna on plate salad with arugula avocado grapefruit. Cooking delicious dish  vegetables and fruits. Healthy food vitamin for vegetarians
Close up striped kitten eats fresh canned cat food for small kittens at home. kitten licks its lips after eating. Advertising wet kitty food.
African american stylish woman observing canned foods section in grocery store. Supermarket customer. Marketplace. Customers, consumerism. Shopping concept.
Various canned fish and seafood in aluminum cans.
red cat eats from a plate of food. ginger cat eats from its plate cat food
Closeup of food packaging line/Packaged food on production line at factory/Enterprise for food production/Modern technology/Food processing plant/Food package on conveyor belt/Products manufacturing
Fermented preserved vegetables
Kitten eats from the hand. The kitten learns to eat meat. Complementary feeding of a kitten. The kitten eats meat for the first time.
Refreshing Soda Pop Can Drink Opening in Super Slow Motion
Metal food cans spinning from top down camera angle, light reflections
Man throws vegetable peeling, scraps and fruit peels in a compost bucket. Food waste reduce. Sorting of household waste, composting, recycling, zero waste
Scrap metal recycling. Aluminum drink cans, tin, steel, metal food cans. Zero waste. Recycle logo. Waste sorting bin. Recycling at home. Recyclable materials paper plastic glass metal
Food Waste and Kitchen Scraps. Organic waste recycling. Composting and conversion of food waste into energy. Organic food biodegradable waste
At the Supermarket: Handsome Man Browses Through Shelf with Canned Goods, Places Tin Can into His Shopping Cart. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Tomato soup is boiling in a pan. Boiling bubbles on tomato sauce. Close up, top view, macro food, 4K.
Transparent plastic bag being filled with juice through an opening. Factory worker smoothes out the bag for better filling of juice.
Alameda, CA - Nov 30, 2019: 4K HD video panning down Grocery store refrigerator section with plant based proteins similar to hamburger. Plant based proteins can be as healthy as animal based proteins.
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