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Hispanic latin girl college student using laptop computer watching distance online learning seminar class, remote university webinar or having virtual classroom meeting in university creative space.
Group of students learns at lecture room. Young people study in university or pupil sitting at school lesson. Teens listen to teacher and write at auditorium. Modern education indoors of college hall
Young happy smiling cheerful Indian latin guy Hispanic high school college university student standing in classroom campus laughing looking at camera. Headshot close up portrait.
Young black African woman university student learning online using laptop computer, taking notes, watching webinar or virtual education remote class studying outdoor sitting outside uni campus area.
Close up in slow motion of university high school graduates throwing their square academic tudor bonnet cap into the air graduation ceremony. Students Celebration of a MBA bachelor and master degree
University Library: Gifted Black Girl uses Laptop, Writes Notes for the Paper, Essay, Study for Class Assignment. Students Learning, Studying for Exams College. Side View Portrait with Bookshelves
Hispanic teen girl, latin young woman school college student wear headphones learn watching online webinar webcast class looking at laptop elearning distance course or video calling teacher by webcam.
Positive diverse group of young and stylish students going home after lecture on long corridor. Happy multiethnic students hugging walking in hallway of university building
Portrait of beautiful stylish african american woman smiling at camera looking confident. Wearing black clothes, urban city background. Real people series
Group of students learns at lecture room. Young people study in university or pupil sitting at school lesson. Teen raises hand and asks teacher at auditorium. Modern education indoors of college hall
University Library: Smart Beautiful Black Girl Standing Next to Bookshelf Holding and Reading Text Book, Doing Research for Her Class Assignment and Exam Preparations. Authentic Students Study and Suc
slow motion of group happy graduates students throw their caps into the air
Group of students, high school pupils gather in college library, discuss topics, work together on creative task, prepare for university test or exams use laptop. Education, study, modern tech concept
Happy positive latin teenage girl laughing at funny joke looking at camera in library. Cheerful hispanic teen school college student wear headphones having fun, smiling ethnic face close up portrait.
Cheerful students multi-racial group are talking walking with books in college hall showing thumbs-up laughing. Emotions, lifestyle and education concept.
Four mixed-race young students walking on sunny street communicating sharing stories laughing enjoying funny company. Smart generation. Campus, university, education.
Gen z millennial teenagers Asian guy and latin Hispanic girl using mobile cell phone applications. Diverse high school students testing startup business develop project. Collaborate diversity concept.
Indian business man student wearing face mask working on laptop safe distancing. Diverse people in facemasks using computers sitting at table with social distance sign in office coworking or campus.
Group of university students going for lecture. Smiling girls and boys with books walking through college corridor.
Excited young female student walk for first time through corridors of university campus. Beautiful happy woman, ready to learn and gain new experience. Higher education abroad or exchange
Happy multiracial young people friends talking laughing at group meeting sharing cafe table, diverse students drinking coffee having fun together enjoy multi-ethnic friendship pleasant conversation
University Library: Gifted Black Girl uses Laptop, Smart Classmate Explains and Helps Her with Class Assignment. Happy Diverse Students Talking, Learning, Studying Together for Exams
Portrait of smiling asian male student walking on corridor after classes. Positive young japanese college guy in glasses with backpack walking on university building hallway
Group of students studying together in the college library and smiling. Classmates smiling during group study on the university campus.
Happy mature professor helping student girl with her doubts while studying in class with friends. Smiling teacher in high school helping university student during exam.
Rear view of the university graduates student at Silhouette sunset goes on the road
Multiracial college university students group study together prepare project make notes, happy diverse young people team write essay summary learn in teamwork do creative research homework in library
Excited multiracial students graduates happy throw up the graduation caps in the college garden they are feeling great all together
Graduation Day Celebration, With Happy Black Graduate Female Hugged By Proud Father. In Slow Motion.
Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY
Aerial overhead 4K drone view of busy school or university as students leave campus. Modern architecture, education, yellow building, people walking. For commercials, b-roll, cutaways, ads, websites.
 Empty Auditorium With Wooden Desks And Chairs
Silhouette of Graduating Students Throwing Caps In The Air.
Empty high school classroom, no people
Pan across empty classroom in school or university - chairs and desks without anyone sitting vacant room elementary or high school during day off or summer break vacation - no students - camera move
Smiling male college student checking mobile phone in campus building. Side view of cheerful asian college guy surfing internet or chatting on smartphone standing near window in classroom
Headshot portrait of young happy smiling Latin Hispanic high school student girl holding backpack standing in modern college university high school campus. Education concept.
Focused diverse college university students team study together using laptop prepare for exam in library, multiethnic young people group talk looking at computer do online research project assignment
Depressed afro-american female student walking in college corridor. Portrait of stressed young college female failed exam and feeling worried and anxious having problems in university
Student girl with books walking to the university building. Happy and smiling, looking at the camera and walking forward.
Focused african black male student using laptop search information internet course study online e learning in app typing on computer make notes write essay prepare for test exam sit at library desk
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / USA - March 20, 2020: 2020 Coronavirus Covid 19 Disease Closed Empty Basketball Arena Gym Stadium University College Campus 4K
portrait of beautiful trendy african american woman smiling at camera looking confident running hand through hair enjoying urban city lifestyle real people series
Two black guys greet each other at a meeting. Outdoor portrait African students greeting and hugging, sun glare. Brotherhood and Equality Concept
young redhead business woman portrait smiling happy successful intern campus
Ann Arbor , Michigan , United States - 09 25 2021: University of Michigan College Campus, Aerial View on Beautiful Day
High aerial establishing shot of school, university, college campus with brick academic buildings and sports fields, tennis courts
Collage portrait of mix raced young professionals or students, happy young international group, man and woman smiling, happy people
University Campus in Columbia, Missouri - Orbiting Aerial Drone View
Collage portrait of mix raced young professionals or students, happy young international group, man and woman smiling, happy people
Oxford, United Kingdom. October 2019. Aerial view of the College Library. Remarkable architecture of University campuses - view from above. High quality 4k footage
Belmont University college campus grounds. Bell tower, mansion, tilt up to reveal Nashville skyline. Aerial drone shot.
Happy indian businessman holding coffee and laptop walking in office. Smiling male employee, business man executive going along modern office coworking space using computer.
Happy latin girl college student using laptop computer watching distance learning seminar class, remote university webinar or having virtual classroom meeting, studying online in university campus.
Portrait of contemplative young man during exam at high school, copy space. Smiling college student doing homework in class while looking away. Happy african young man preparing for exam in university
Latin indian businessman having virtual team meeting group call chatting with diverse people in customer support. Video conference call on computer with manager and employees. Side view.
Portrait of sad african female student walking through university corridor. Upset afro college woman having problems with education or failing examination walking indoors
Multiethnic group of young cheerful students walking and talking outdoors. Diverse college friends with backpacks and books walking in campus park after classes
AERIAL: Moving Backwards From Sir Howard Douglas Hall on the University of New Brunswick Fredericton Campus
Multi ethnic group of female and male college students walking outdoors on a university campus all on their mobile phones never looking at anything but their smart phones
University Library Study: Smart Caucasian Girl Sitting and Talented Hispanic Boy Sitting Cross-Legged On the Floor, Talk, Use Laptops, Collaborate and Discuss Paper, Study and Prepare for Exams
Young graduated girl holding her graduation degree in pride - convocation ceremony. Attractive Indian graduate posing towards the camera with a big smile on her face in graduation gown and hat - co...
Empty Classroom, Auditorium For Lectures At University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / USA - March 20, 2020: 2020 Coronavirus Covid 19 Disease Closed Empty Basketball Arena Gym Stadium University College Campus 4K
Ames , Iowa , United States - 06 12 2021: Iowa State University Bell Tower, Beardshear Hall, Campus Lawn, Beautiful Aerial Establishing Shot
Multiethnic university students sitting and reading book on campus grass. Portrait of three diverse classmates relaxing in park studying together reading textbook and writing notes
Portrait of smiling mature male tutor standing in busy university or college building with students- shot in slow motion
Happy hispanic ethnic young woman university teacher, smiling latin girl college student, professional tutor looking at camera laughing standing in classroom in front of whiteboard. Close up portrait.
Portrait of brunette woman in jacket, students life, latin american ethnicity, hispanic female, outdoor walking in park, generation z concept, happy creative people, medical coronavirus covid 19 mask
Portrait shot of the good looking Caucasian young woman standing in front of the camera and laughing.
Happy father and his student daughter wearing protective mask on graduation day embracing with each other. Girl in academic gown and cap hugging her father in front of the camera
High aerial of school college university campus athletic fields, grounds and school buildings in Lancaster Pennsylvania USA
Happy university teenager girl female student with arms raised. Young woman receiving good news on laptop. student celebrating exams, admission to College, business great results win success victory
Smiling young girl in glasses reading book in library of university
University of North Carolina campus grounds. Hospital Medical Center. Aerial reveal shot in summer. UNC.
Happy latin teen girl school college student wear headphones look at camera distance learn online on laptop computer in library at home. Zoom video call remote courses, education webinars. Portrait.
Happy latin young woman online tutor, remote school teacher or student talking to camera at virtual class making video call looking at web cam having distance meeting, recording video presentation.
Happy university female student holding books and dancing walking along corridor. Excited african college woman celebrating successful exam or test dancing in hallway
Hands of the Lecturer while he Gives Lecture to a Classroom Full Of Students. Young People Listening to a Lecture in the University.
Latin indian adult student wearing headset having virtual meeting online call training educational webinar chatting with female teacher at home office using laptop writing notes. Over shoulder view.
Back View of the Professor Giving Lecture on Computer Science to a Classroom Full of Multi Ethnic Students. Teacher Holds Laptop with Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence Infographics on the Screen.
Group of attractive mixed-race casual students walking home communicating after classes. Best friends talking during lessons. Student team. Adolescence.
Back view shot of handsome young student walking between book shelf. Happy boy student searches for his book in library. Slow motion
Math teacher writing equation or function on blackboard in school classroom. Student doing exercise on chalkboard in university or college. Woman teaching or studying. Close up with camera movement.
New Brunswick, NJ/United States - May 21, 2019: beautiful aerial shots of the Rutgers University campus in downtown New Brunswick, NJ.
Young african american student woman writing notes sitting on grass at university campus. Portrait of cheerful afro college female doing homework or preparing for exam outdoors
CHAMPAIGN URBANA, ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial over the University of Illinois college campus in Champaign Urbana Illinois.
Young happy asian vietnamese student using smartphone gadget social media mobile application on cell phone at desk in modern campus office smiling chatting and texting. Online work education tech.
Aerial above center of Chigago University with popular Quadrangle and lush trees
Graduation With Happy Black Graduate Female Hugged By Proud Mother. In Slow Motion.
DOHA, QATAR - CIRCA JAN 2019: Education City Complex timelapse hyperlapse launched by the Qatar Foundation in Doha. Faculty of Islamic Studies and mosque. It includes several western universities
Side view portrait of happy young Indian student chatting by mobile phone in university library. Teen guy wearing denim shirt and eyeglasses using social media application browsing on smartphone
Young adult girl student studying in nature in the park on the lawn using a laptop on a sunny summer day. Pretty and attractive female freelancer working at a distance online Distances. Relax and rest
Camera moving in empty school room. Interior of empty classroom with wooden desks and chairs for education. Modern class in school campus. School supplies lying on tables
Hispanic teen girl school pupil college student wear headphones learning online with teacher tutor waving hand using video conference call by webcam on laptop computer. Videoconference education.
Young smart asian chinese happy student man using apps holding gadget cell phone at desk in office smiling texting. Online learning work education mobile technology concept.
Two attractive Muslim females doctors or physicians wearing headscarves and aprons are smiling. Two happy Islamic undergraduate girl medical students or interns are standing outside a hospital
Group of young 17s happy multi ethnic college students smiling look at camera, posing in modern university library. Portrait of laughing friends different race and culture. Friendship, gen Z concept
University Park , PA , United States - 01 22 2022: Nittany Lion mascot for Penn State University. Beaver Stadium home of PSU football.
Young male mentor teacher tutor teaching helping asian female classmate intern with online computer project, diverse students talking using laptop explaining course work study together in library
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