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Handsome caucasian middle aged man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sun shine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy
Back view of unrecognizable man goes outto the balkone looks around breathes in fresh air enjoys a great morning feeling happy sun shine outdoors lifestyle casual
Handsome man face looking distance indoors. Closeup young businessman thinking about business problem at night office. Portrait of thoughtful business man touching chin in dark hotel room
Calm happy healthy young man resting holding hand behind hand eyes closed lean on comfortable armchair, relaxed serene guy breathing fresh air lounge on chair enjoy stress free peaceful nap at home
Businessperson Turn Off the Lights Living Office Room Thru the Entrance Door
male asian businessman unlocking door using mobile phone application. Unlocks a modern office building. Scanning open smartphone with mock up screen app. smart electronic locks with keyless access
Young Entrepreneur Walking Balcony Business Buildings Skyline Dubai Urban Panorama Success Contemplation Night Financial District Slow Motion Red Epic 8k
Cinematic Young Man Draws Curtains Open At Sunrise
A Young Handsome Man Smiles While he Sends a Voice Message Using His Smartphone, Balcony at Night with Tall Building Skyline Lights. Man With Phone Texting and Chatting with App. Technology. Copyspace
Dreaming european middle aged man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sun shine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy slow motion
Portrait of young business man posing at dark office. Closeup gorgeous man face smiling at camera indoors. Rich charming businessman touching shirt collar inside at night.
4K Man in bedroom doing internet search late at night, could be student or businessman working from hotel room
Businessman in suit carrying a suitcase man goes to reception of hotel and receives a key card from the room, business trip.
Company of grooms friends sitting, talking, holding and clinking glasses of alcoholic whiskey drinks in their hands. Male hands are holding glasses of cognac, brandy, close-up. Celebrate wedding day
Waiter making recommendation in a restaurant
Businessman sitting at table in hotel lobby, restaurant or cafe, working on laptop computer. Mature age, middle age, mid adult man in business casual, confident happy smiling.
Business men coming into revolving doors in modern business center. Business people entering in lobby and walking on hallway in luxury hotel. France, Paris - November, 2018.
Side view portrait relaxed hispanic business man standing at railing modern skyscraper office building looking away on city street thinking resting. Close up successful guy male on balcony terrace
Close-up of modern transparent passenger elevator shafts in luxury hotel. Busy on cellphone respectable businessman with travel bag entering lift cabin, starting it with guest card and going down
Portrait of happy mature man looks to the camera and smiles, great view with high-rise building at the background, sun shine, beautiful morning, fresh air close up slow motion
Portrait of ambitious business man straightening suit jacket indoors. Closeup confident top manager posing at camera in dark office. Handsome guy throwing head back at home interior.
Handsome caucasian young man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sunshine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy
Young businessman walking up to check-in table and talking to female worker in hotel  4k video American African woman looks with smile and talks to man, does work and stands at reception desk in
Slow motion, a backlit man walks along the corridor of an office or hotel to the glass doors, then stops and waits.
Personal driver is opening the car door for his client, hotel transfer services
Attractive young businesswoman is working with laptop in hotel lobby while people are talking and walking with luggage in background. Business and travelling concept.
VFX Futuristic Business Concept. Businessman Standing in Front of Animated Futuristic City with Rendered Skyscrapers and Office Buildings. Opportunity and Success in Information and Big Data Age.
Close-up of male hand using smartphone with mobile app to open door of hotel room. Midsection of businessman opening door with electronic lock by attaching cellphone and entering hotel room
Cinematic Young Man Draws Curtains Open At Sunrise
Stylish man sitting crossed legs in luxury hotel interior. Handsome guy contemplating something in dark office room. Rich boss looking aside indoors.
Crowd business people leave the office rooms. Legs of crowd people leaving the office rooms
Receptionist girl talking with arrived businessman and businesswoman guests about check-in in hotel and giving key card from room to man . Business, travel and people concept
Man Hand Open Light Pushing the Button from Office Wall
High angle view of businessman walking into hotel with luggage; Asian hotel worker meeting and greeting him in lobby
Businessman, young top manager goes to the top in the elevator and uses a screen tablet and rides in a panoramic Elevator in a office skyscraper.
Man's female hand presses elevator button to move up.Movement to success, career. index finger of hand presses elevator button, closing door. concept of success, career growth, upward advancement man.
Portrait of elegant business man posing in dark hotel room. Closeup handsome businessman turning head to camera indoors. Stylish male person looking ahead in office interior at night.
Calm young man relaxing sitting in comfortable wooden chair enjoying lounge lifestyle on peaceful summer day holding hands behind head, breathing fresh air in cozy apartment. Rear back view.
A receptionist or concierge man with uniform at front desk counter in lobby of hotel talking on the phone with guest about the service room. The staff employee working.
Young man pulling suitcase in modern airport terminal. Travelling guy wearing smart casual style clothes walking away with his luggage while waiting for transport. Rear view. Close-up
Happy business man arriving at hotel reception front desk, guest in corporate office lobby giving credit card to receptionist for payment of room. Manager talking to woman working as secretary
Hooded anonymous man silhouette standing in dark room looking out of panoramic window with illuminated night city view in background. Timelapse, 4K UHD. Zoom in.
businessman with a case in hand goes to the window in the office and looks at the city
Man Shutting Off the Light in the Office from the Switch on the Wall
Business man check out from hotel room. Traveller take suitcase from bed and go away, super slow motion shot. Window curtain slowly move down.
Mature businessman with smartphone in a hotel.
Rear view of businessman and businesswoman pulling suitcases and walking to check–in desk. Friendly female receptionist greeting guests and talking with them
Business people arriving in corporate office lobby wearing protective face mask, receptionist giving them directions
Silhouette of a man wears a jacket standing in front of the window of the hotel 120fps
Young businesswoman going along long narrow corridor with businessman in formal suit back view pov camera sliding. Partners in business suit clothing walk to meeting work indoors. Office style success
Close-up of male hands tying shoes, businessman going to meeting with business partners from hotel room. Dressing for business meeting, respectable appearance, formal clothing, dress code
Rear view of young businessman wearing dark suit entering hotel going through glass doors. Man carrying case luggage and briefcase. Tourist concept. 4k footage
The woman opens the door to businessman in the office closeup slow motion
Young man walking to the modern airport terminal for his flight. View from the back.
Businessman guest receives the key to the hotel room at the reception
Tracking with slowmo of young black woman and man with luggage walking up to hotel reception desk and talking to friendly Asian female receptionist
Handsome businessman walking corridor at hotel. Close up of business man walking at hotel corridor. Portrait of business man going in office hall
Close-up of male hands ringing call bell in hotel taking key card from receptionist while businessman is arriving and checking-in. Accommodation and people concept.
Close-up shot, a male hand presses a metal button to call the elevator after which it glows red. A man calls an lift in a hotel
Dolly shot of legs of businessman walking through hotel lobby pulling luggage and stop at reception desk. Business, travel and people concept
Businessman in lift. Male's hand pressing button to start moving inside the elevator. Man touches elevator button in hotel or high-rise building.
Silhouette of a Man wearing suit walking from a dark room towards a bright window in slow motion. Man stops, puts his hands on a table and looks pensive to the window.
Businesswoman paying for appartment in the hotel at the reception
Man's female hand presses elevator button to move up.Movement to success, career. index finger of hand presses elevator button, closing door. concept of success, career growth, upward advancement man.
Side view handsome guy using laptop in modern interior space. Smiling man receiving message on computer indoors. Young businessman chatting on netbook on couch in hotel room.
Young businessman with suitcase signing out of hotel leaving card key at reception. Smiling woman receptionist taking room key from guest leaving hotel
Close-up of handsome bearded businessman with travel bag using hotel guest's card while taking transparent lift up. Confident formally dressed male going elevator car up to check into hotel room
handshake American Arabic business male conference convention meeting travel
Saint-Petersburg, 15 sept. 2016. Young businessman guest with bag and suitcase arrives at the hotel and goes to the hotel reception to check-in. Lovely modern interior
Worried man complaining using a laptop sitting in a coffee shop
Crowd business people leave the office rooms, legs of peole moving
The groom and his friends drink whiskey
Businessman in Hotel Room Opening the Window Curtain, Man Looking Outside on the Window in the Morning
Young businessman getting ready facing mirror and adjusting his protection mask
Close Up Man Hand Turning on the Light from a Wall Switch in Office Room
Back view of businessman relax on the edge of the roof top swimming pool in luxury hotel with beautiful city. Summer vacation concept
Attractive man resting whirlpool bath indoor. Happy man relaxing in pool spa at wellness center. Smiling guy saying hi at spa hotel. Sexy businessman enjoying rest at spa hotel.
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - NOVEMBER 30, 2015: People stand and applaude during "Brand Awards 2015" ceremony. DOUBLETREE BY HILTON MOSCOW – MARINA hotel.
Silhouettes of unrecognizable businessman with briefcase and his business partner standing in dark hallway and exchanging handshake in agreement
Unrecognizable businessman dressing up in a hotel room. Man tying his shoelaces. Close up. Slow motion.
Asian businessman connect with travel Receptionist in airport lounge. Telephone operator to check hotel room Reserve. Mask and face shield to prevent COVID-19 infection. Concept Service business
Top View of Man Working on Laptop under Umbrella near Pool in Hotel or Vacation Resort in Tropical Country. Home Office, Male Web Shopping or Freelance Job Concept. 4K Extreme Wide Hand held Shot
Man expand both hands, open curtain, stand and look outside, sunny city seen blurred outdoors. Medium telephoto lens, half length view from back, black silhouette of guy in suit
Person Leaving the Apartment and Turning Off the Lights One by One. Businessman Leaving the Office and Closing the Lights.
Directly above view of businessmen and businesswoman sitting in the hotel lobby and sharing ideas
Tracking shot of Middle Eastern businessman in trendy suit arriving at hotel talking to manager getting key card walking with luggage. Tourism and accommodation concept.
Asian businessman connect with travel Receptionist in airport lounge. Telephone operator to check hotel room Reserve. Mask and face shield to prevent COVID-19 infection. Concept Service business
Camera following two businessmen walking along hotel lobby and discussing issues
We see a handshake between two businessmen. The agreement between them had been reached. One of them is an African American/Handshake of Two Businessman - is the Completion of the Transaction
Businessman guest talking with receptionist girl standing at desk in hotel reception and paying bill with credit card via contactless payment technology . Business, travel and people concept
Receptionist girl talking with arrived businessman about check-in at reception in hotel. Business, travel and people concept
Businessman Looking At City From Office
Business people walking in airport terminal lounge and checking departure time on smart watch
Serious man in blue shirt and blue tie working on laptop at night time in office
Young family in hotel. Beautiful couple in elegant clothing comes into the hotel room with suitcase. Tired woman and man falling on bed after the arrival to a hotel.
Businessman leaving modern house with a yellow suitcase. Moving camera following man talking on phone. Slow-motion.
Serious man using a laptop sitting in a coffee shop
Portrait of sensual man taking relaxed pose in armchair indoors. Young man propping head with hand in expensive hotel interior. Handsome gentleman straightening shirt in luxury office.
Portrait of happy business man relaxing at luxury hotel. Closeup young businessman using remote control tv at modern hotel. Relaxed man switching tv channels at armchair in apartment.
Young businessman looking mobile phone at luxury hotel. Business man relaxing phone at hotel room. Smiling guy scrolling smartphone in modern apartment.
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