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Yellow school bus. Top down birds eye aerial of kids children and students as they run and enter at bus stop. Public education transportation theme.
Close up portrait of young smart female volunteer in a medical mask is texting on the phone at bus stop. Quarantine COVID-19 in Europe. Coronavirus transmission in public transport.
Woman with smartphone is waiting for bus at bus stop.
Cheerful woman wearing casual clothes browsing internet or chatting in social networks. Pretty girl using smartphone while sitting at public transport stop. Bus riding at background
On bus stop mixed-races young people in medical masks standing waiting for transport use phone men and women tourists at train station traveller girls coronavirus social distance pandemic slow motion
Europe, Italy , Milan May 2021, new technological electrical station for the supply of clean energy during the public bus stop in Viale Zara
Seoul , South Korea - 09 15 2021: Ambulance 119 with turned on emergency flashing lights moving along Gangnam main street and bus stop at night
Billboard with a chroma key green screen on n bus stop at night. Time Lapse.
Close up portrait of smart scared female student in medical mask and gloves alone staying at public transport and looking to camera. Commute bus has few passengers.
Seoul , South Korea - 06 27 2021: Cars traffic on highway on sunny day in Seoul
Sao Paulo, Brazil, January 20, 2021. Evening time lapse of movement of people, and vehicles at the corner of Consolacao Street and Paulista Avenue, downtown Sao Paulo.
TTC public transit buses at large operations, maintenance and storage facility as multiple buses drive through parking lot; aerial
TTC public transit buses at large operations, maintenance and storage facility top down as bus drives through parking lot; aerial
Girl presses bus stop bell on the bus in slow motion. Red stop transport button
Happy Mixed-races young males and females people standing keeping safe social distance use phone on bus stop travelling street african american waiting outside vacation tourists slow motion
Portrait of serious African American handsome young male soldier in cap with backpack standing at street. Man militarian looking at camera at train station. Bus stop. Military uniform. Zooming in.
Portrait shot of beautiful Caucasian woman with fair hair looking at side, turning face to camera and smiling outdoors on sunny summer day. Happy female at street. Close up of cheerful lady.
School Bus With Happy Children Cartoon Characters Going To School. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With Background
Face young males and females people in medical mask standing in line at bus stop keeping safe social distance travelling street african american waiting outside vacation tourists slow motion
CIRCA 1970s - American Junior High School students exit a school bus, and their teacher quizzes them on school bus protocol in the 1970s.
Aerial tracking shot of yellow school bus past public school building. Students live in urban city homes and houses. Bus stop in town.
Cork, Ireland - 08/10/08: Day Timelapse of Cork Ireland, Cathedral, Main St. Patrick's street and bridge.
African American young handsome man soldier in military uniform and cap saying goodbye and blowing kisses to girlfriend. Male going to army. Outdoor. Guy and girl farewell.
Millennial man tourist with backpack and smartphone stand on public transport stop and waiting tram in modern city center. Travel concept.
East Greenwich, RI - circa October 2017: A public school bus drives down a residential street as it takes children to school.
Close up mixed-races young males and females people in medical mask standing in line at bus stop keeping safe social distance travelling street african american waiting vacation tourists slow motion
Warsaw, Poland - 04.12.2021: timelapse people are waiting for bus at public transport stop in historic city center in evening
Green screen on the side of a bus stop in a city center (Denfer-rochereau, Paris)
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, Circa May 2020;  bus stop during a coronavirus pandemic, covid 19, people in medical mask
Green screen on a bus stop in an downtown area
Green screen bus stop advertising, billboard ad next to a tree in a busy city center street of Paris during a sunny afternoon
Woman who uses a wheelchair, waiting for a bus at a bus stop
Green screen ad, bus stop advert in a street of a big town during a sunny afternoon
Moscow, Russia-September 2017:The concept of urban transport .Blue electric bus at the charging station.Modern train passing on the monorail. The concept of ecological future.
Portrait of beautiful Caucasian woman with fair hair looking at side, turning face to camera and smiling outdoors on sunny summer day. Happy female at street. Close up.
young asian man wearing medical mask for prevention from coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on street in the city. new normal concepts
June, 2017 Nairobi, Kenya:Gimbal shot through crowded streets in Nairobi at peak hour. Kenya, Africa
Person with a physical disability waiting for a bus at a bus stop
Caucasian young handsome man tourist in hat with backpack talking on telephone and smiling at train station on summer day. Attractive male traveller speaking on mobile phone at bus stop Cellphone call
Illuminated bus stop in residential area on the outskirts of the city at night. View through modern transparent shelter lonely young girl waiting public transport, coming to approaching tram
Public transportation vehicle doors open when stopped at a stop. A little boy gets off the bus with grandfather followed by a woman of African-American descent, people from the street get on the bus
Happy African American young couple in love meeting outdoor at bus stop after long trip. Coming back home from travel. Boyfriend and girlfriend meet. Guy hugging girl and talking nice. Love embrace.
Senior woman with cell phone waiting at bus stop
Tel Aviv, Israel - May 21, 2021: Bus riding. View from the back seat on the empty bus. Bus going straight ahead.
Gangneung, South Korea - Oct 15 2019 : GangBus stop on seaside beach with colorful sky at Jumunjin beach,
Mixed-races young males and females people im medical masks standing in line at bus stop. Keeping safe social distance. Multiethnic stylish men and women tourists outdoor waiting for transport.
Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces for Coronavirus. Disinfecting wet wipes to wipe surface on public transport vehicle. Stopping the spread of corona virus COVID-19.
Yellow school bus on the street
bus engine running and stopped
Cloe up of young happy African American couple in love meeting and hugging outdoors at street. Handsome man soldier coming back and embracing girlfriend. Militarian guy returning from army to girl.
Seoul , South Korea - 06 15 2020: people wearing mask at bus stop in Gangnam
Empty bus stop on beautiful sunny day, dolly forward
Street life in Rome, Italy/Bus stop with blurred people/Close up  bus doors with people coming down and rising
Malmo - Sweden august 16 2019: Renewable electricity to the electric buses in Malmo that gives you the opportunity to travel climate smart.
impatient black man snorts because the bus is late - corona virus epidemic
Green screen advert, bilboard on the side of a bus stop in the city center of Paris
BANGKOK, THAILAND - Circa November, 2021: Air conditioning orange bus arriving at bus stop, masked woman gets off bus number 16 with advertisement sticker on the side and walks up to the footpath
Bus stands at downtown bus stop woman with glasses taking public transportation clings to railing, looks at phone writes back to friends, browses social media occupie time during the long ride home
Two billboards on a busy street. One is located at the bus stop, the second is next to the road. Early morning on a sunny day
Joyful Caucasian young couple in medical masks meeting at train station and hugging on summer day. Happy handsome man meet beautiful woman at bus stop. Coming back from trip. Coronavirus pandemic.
NEW YORK - December, 19 2020: Slow motion hands man use phone with vertical green screen stand at night city street. Evening smartphone display application. Technology touchscreen cellular. Close up
3d model of passenger bus very fast driving on the highway. Futuristic city background. 3d rendering.
The doors of the passenger bus open at the bus stop. Shooting from inside the bus
Autonomous shuttle bus driving in bus station. The bus station equipped with solar panels for electric power. 3D rendering animation.
Guwahati, Assam, India. 8 May 2020.  Commuters wating for a city bus in a bus stand as they are maintaining social distancing, authorities eased restrictions, during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown.
CIRCA 1960s - A class officer keeps count of all the kids getting off the school bus in 1963.
Bristol, UK - October 07 2020: Time lapse of busy bus station in city at night
Incredible view of the empty Rialto Bridge seen from below while sailing on the empty grand canal, long exciting video of incredible historical value. During the 2021 lockdown for covid-19.
Aerial top down view of bus terminus is designated place where bus or coach starts or ends its scheduled route termini can be located at bus stations interchanges garages or bus stops 4k quality
ISTANBUL - JUL 8, 2021: Metro Bus Stop and Traffic. Traffic on the busiest highway E-5 in city. Out of focus. Traffic congestion is diminishing the quality of life in Istanbul.
Ljubljana / Slovenia - March 2020: Coronavirus COVID 19 quarantine, empty capital city of Ljubljana (Slovenia, Europe). Empty BUS stops, no passengers.
Seoul , South Korea - 05 22 2020: People take bus at Gangnam station at night.
Multiethnic males and females tourists walking together at bus stop and talking cheerfully on summer day. Group of mixed-races stylish happy men and women travellers strolling and having fun.
Young Attractive Bearded Man Standing on the Bus Stop. Sun is Shining. Man Using his Mobile Phone. Typing a Message. Checking Time on his Wristwatch. Waiting for his Tram. City Lifestyle.
Illuminated bus stop in residential area on the outskirts of the city at night. Young woman waiting for public transport inside modern transparent shelter, walking and messaging via smartphone
Sao Paulo, Brazil, March 16, 2021. Passengers board a bus, in Paulista Avenue, downtown Sao Paulo
Top down cars stopped at road. Aerial people crosswalk zebra. Pedestrians cross traffic highway. Business center street. Cityscape transportation. Kyiv city, Ukraine, Europe. Cinematic drone shot
TTC public transit bus leaves large operations, maintenance and storage facility and drives on road from top down; aerial
Ljubljana / Slovenia - March 2020: Coronavirus COVID 19 quarantine, empty capital city of Ljubljana (Slovenia, Europe). Empty BUS stops, no passengers.
JAKARTA, Indonesia - February 28, 2019: Time lapse of street view of Sudirman highway with skyscrapers and new pedestrian bridge in Jakarta city. Shot in 4k resolution
Ghana Accra central aerial view track backwards
Young man presses button to open automatic door on the bus. COVID-19 public transport as Infection pathway. Stop button on a bus rail 4k
Young beautiful Asian woman sitting on bench at bus stop using smartphone with internet for texting online message or social media. Pretty girl using mobile phone application order taxi in the city.
BANGKOK, THAILAND - Circa November, 2021: People get on and off the bus at bus stop during daytime with building and cafe on the other side of the road. Bus number 64 goes on route to Sanam Luang
Night bus station with billboard. White blank screen.
African American young handsome male soldier in uniform coming back home and meeting pretty happy girlfriend. Man in military clothes hugging and spinning beautiful girl outdoor. Close up.
Young black woman waiting for London bus
Prerequisite for in classroom instruction and the new normal during COVID19 pandemic is mask wearing as demonstrated by this mother and her children as she walks them to the school bus stop.
Green screen of advertising billboard on restaurants near river of twilight in Bangkok, Thailand. time lapse.
School bus stop paddle being turned off
Washington DC/ United States of America - 03/28/2019; Morning traffic on K Street Downtown with cars and pedestrians on their way to work.
transportation in Brisbane city Queensland  Australia
Bus stop along road outside Gothenburg.
Bogotá, Colombia - December 16, 2019: View of Transmilenio bus public transport system with commuter people walking and highway traffic in Bogota, Colombia
tree-lined avenue of the city with characteristic yellow tram passing through
Banstead, London, UK -03 15 2021: Digital vertical display by JCDecaux at an empty bus stop in a London suburb village, with Unicef official supplier of vaccine to children worldwide, during pandemic.
The bus pulls up to the stop, the glass doors open and a person enters the cabin. View from inside the bus. Faceless. Close-up of the yellow handrail. Blurred background. Abstraction. 4K.
Parramatta , NSW / Australia - 02 19 2020: Sydney Bus Depot in CBD
Self-driving shuttle bus driving through an intersection close to bus stop. People waiting at bus stop. 3D rendering animation.
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