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finance and accounting, calculating return on investment, company budget planning
Female hands of cardholder holding credit card making e bank online payment. Woman consumer paying for purchase in web store using laptop technology. Ecommerce website payments concept. Close up view
Depressed desperate man feeling worried about financial problem doing paperwork. Stressed businessman looking frustrated thinking of money debt, budget loss, bankruptcy sitting at home office desk.
Portrait of an adult rastroinoy woman working at a laptop. Tired Mature woman freelancer at the computer looking at the monitor. Remote work freelancer at home workplace.
Woman sit at workplace desk working, close up female hands using calculator laptop app calculate costs, pay through e-bank application. Business, household expenses, manage budget, accountancy concept
Stressed young woman calculating monthly home expenses, taxes, bank account balance and credit card bills payment, Income is not enough for expenses
Attractive latin female single mother overwhelmed with home finances needing help paying expenses in living cots stress paying bills problem credit card debts mortgage and bad financial situation.
The family financial crisis, business problems during Covid-19. Worried mother with child. Coronavirus, Quarantine, Social Distancing, Self-Isolation, Lockdown, Shelter in Place, Stay at home
Multiethnic couple filing tax return, preparing home budget. African American woman and Caucasian man checking utility bill and banking account. Married people preparing taxes and form
Focused businessman accountant doing calculation for online financial report at workplace. Serious man using calculator paying bill online holding paper sitting at home office desk. Accounting concept
Buyer Checks Paper Receipt On Shopping Supermarket. Customer Receipt Bill Expensive Total. Cash Register Money Spending On Hypermarket. Home Finance Budget.Woman Check Bill Grocery Store Shopping Cart
Buyer Checks Paper Receipt On Shopping Supermarket. Customer Receipt Bill Expensive Total. Cash Register Money Spending On Hypermarket. Home Finance Budget.Woman Check Bill Grocery Store Shopping Cart
piggy bank business standing on a pile of coins concept. A hand is putting a coin in a lifestyle piggy bank on a yellow background. saving money is an investment for the future. Banking investment and
Excited young man employee manager entrepreneur celebrating business success, promotion, professional achievement or reward, dancing alone in modern office, making yes gesture while nobody watching.
Multiethnic woman doing budget and counting money at home, girl checking dollars to pay utilities bill late at night. Young latin people reviewing invoice, planning family business and filing taxes
African woman sit at desk calculates costs using calculator and laptop, close up view. Female manage expenditures, control personal expenses, pay through e-bank app. Business accounting work concept
Exhausted frustrated young mixed race girl sitting on sofa at table with paper bills, feeling stressed about bank loan payments, thinking of unpaid taxes, financial problems, money bankruptcy concept.
CIRCA 1947 - In this musical, African-American couples dance to live jazz music.
Stop motion reduction of a pile of gold coins, reduced investment and reduced profits on a white isolated background.
African woman using calculator and laptop app calculate costs, incomes, expenses, estimate budget for project, accountant conduct financial inspection, summarize total sum. Finance management concept
Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund
Stressed young woman checking bills, taxes, bank account balance and calculating expenses in the living room at home
Family putting coins into piggy bank for the future savings.
Different colorful infographic elements, diagrams, data visualization on dark green background flat design 3D illustration
Man bankrupt arrears showing empty wallet with no money. Poverty finance business bankruptcy concept. Male debt businessman showing empty wallet. Financial crisis of getting into debt. no money on
Stop motion animation coin into a clear glass jar on wooden desk, Saving growth money concept.
Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept
Woman looking a check from a supermarket. Expense tracking and budgeting
African family with little daughter sit at table in kitchen, preschool 6s girl counts, puts coins in piggy bank, parents teaches child save money, think about future, manage personal savings concept
Focused serious young indian woman using computer accounting applications, calculating domestic utility bills, managing monthly budget finances, paying banking loan online, sitting at table in home.
CIRCA 1936 - In this drama film, the slave trade flourishes for centuries before abolition comes in the 1800s.
4k digital data globe,a scientific tech data network surrounding planet earth conveying connectivity,complexity and data flood of digital age.Business Data wall,Financial numbers.
Serious young couple husband and wife pay bills online on website app doing paperwork planning budget discuss finances calculate mortgage payments using laptop computer sit at kitchen table at home
Hands counting US Dollar bills or paying in cash on money background. Concept of investment, success, financial prospects or career advancement
On background man calculates writing in daily planner personal expenses and incomes, close up focus on piggy bank euro coins on table, symbol of budget managing, make savings and take care of tomorrow
Close up woman accountant working using calculator and laptop, graphs statistics on device screen. Make payments on-line through secure bank system, analyze company charges calculate expenses concept
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk
Family budgeting. Sales receipts for purchasing of the goods
Overjoyed young businessman in formal wear and glasses looking at laptop screen, excited by unbelievable good news. Happy emotional executive celebrating receiving attracted investment notification.
Focused serious young woman in eyewear sitting at coffee table at home, managing personal monthly budget in computer application. Concentrated lady calculating incomes outcomes utility bills.
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses
Serious female accountant sit on sofa at home holding pen writing calculation results, using e-bank app on laptop, prepare financial report, calculating money, planning managing family budget concept
Close up young woman summarizing monthly incomes and outcomes with calculator, checking electronic bills in e-banking computer application, managing expenditures and household money payments.
piggy bank saving business standing on a pile of coins concept. A hand is putting a coin in piggy bank. saving money is an investment for the future. Banking investment  business
CIRCA 1946 - In this comedy movie, a broadcaster is reunited with his girlfriend and kisses her in the middle of the radio station.
Woman content maker rec a blog about fashion, specific items of clothing and accessories. Gives beauty tips, talks about trends in various clothing markets, сelebrity сhoice and street fashion trends.
Stressed young couple calculating monthly home expenses, taxes, bank account balance and credit card bills payment, Income is not enough for expenses
Tax form 1040, pen, Piggy bank and calculator. on the desk.
Women using their phones for scanning to pay for coffee and cake on cafe. Mobile scanning system oline for pay money . Concept technology for pay by scan QR code.
Famous Talented Female Director in Chair Looks at Display talks with Assistant while Shooting Blockbuster. Green Screen Scene in Historical Drama. On Film Studio Set Crew Doing High Budget Movie
On Film Studio Set Shooting History Movie Green Screen Scene. Moving Cameraman on Railway Trolley Shooting Two Costumed Actors while Director Controls Process. Professional Crew on Big Budget Film
property investment icons over the Network connection on property background, Property investment concept.
Blank W-9 and Form 1040 U.S. individual income tax return with pen. Tax payment concept. Filing taxes document
Close-up male African American hands counting money. Unrecognizable young man calculating cash dollars indoors at home. Finance and richness concept
Sad woman working laptop computer at kitchen. Unhappy person use computer technology at home. Worried girl stress at freelance work at home workplace. Upset woman looking at laptop screen
Mature woman freelancer speaks on a smartphone at a computer and looks at the monitor. Portrait of an adult tired woman talking on the phone and working on a laptop. Remote work freelancer at home
CIRCA 1953 - In this sci-fi film, a scientist finds herself locked in a lab with an invisible alien.
Stop motion animation Raising of coins stacks on White background and coin into a clear glass jar, Money saving and economy Concept.
The auditor checks the financial statements and highlights the data with a marker.
Portrait of Cameraman on Railway Trolley Shooting Green Screne Scene. Professional Crew on Big Budget Filmmaking. On Film Studio Set Shooting Historical Movie Green Screen Scene. Slow Motion Arc Shot
CIRCA 1949 - In this action movie, a car is totaled in a racecar competition.
Stressed young couple calculating monthly home expenses, taxes, bank account balance and credit card bills payment, Income is not enough for expenses
Increase money animation. Earning dollar, increase in monetary gain  animation or rendering.
Curious smiling young man in glasses opening paper envelope, reading letter with good news. Happy handsome businessman received investment notification or banking loan approval or salary bonus.
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Serious mixed ethnicity young couple discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, interracial family planning expenses using calculator computer app managing budget money calculating finances taxes
African woman in glasses sit at workplace desk calculating domestic utility bills, planning budget using computer app, making online payments, summarizing monthly expenses. Accountancy work concept
Young woman customer doing internet shopping holding credit card makes retail purchase secure online payment concept typing on laptop at home. Millennial shopper paying on website ordering delivery.
Cute glass piggy bank stuffed with huge amounts of coins. Money fast grows inside the pig - a symbol of wealth, frugality and efficient invest planning. Perfect for business related purposes.
Businessman shows concept hologram Save money on his hand. Man in business suit with future technology screen and modern cosmic background
Euro money banknotes in white envelope, person's hand counting cash money, paper currency payment in envelope. Financial operations with cash money, easy and dirty money. Business scam, corruption and
young angry and worried man working with laptop at home looking at bills and paying bills in home finance concept
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept. Hands closeup.
Closed Going Out Of Business Sign Placed At Store Front Window, 4K Recession.
Woman wearing protective medical face mask buys food at supermarket or grocery shop. Female customer puts vegetables in shopping cart. Quarantine and isolation during covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
Serious couple talking holding papers discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, young family having problem with online banking payments disputing over high taxes expenses worried about loan debt
W-2 and 1040 Tax Form. Tax Payment Concept. Filing Taxes Document on Table in Office. Individual Income Tax Return
Finance statement report of company. revenue and profit statistics
Happy african american young couple paying bank loan bills online at home, millennial black husband holding papers doing paperwork payment with wife using laptop planning budget sit at desk at home
CIRCA 1956 - In this musical, teenagers dance to jukebox rock 'n roll at a diner.
Savings, money saving concept. Young woman is throwing money in the money box.
CIRCA 1962 - In this teen movie, teenagers dance to live rock music at an underground club.
CIRCA 1934 - In this western film, a posse on horseback pursues a stagecoach through an open desert valley.
Young couple calculating bills, taxes and expenses, counting mortgage rate making savings concept. Millennial husband and wife considering taking bank loan, investing money. Family financial economy.
Data analysis. Business chart. Financial technology. FinTech. Marketing. Management strategy.
Excited ethnic African American office workers rejoicing win shouting yes, man woman waving clapping hands. Employees received offer contract, business partners satisfied work result celebrate success
CIRCA 1950 - Parents in the wintry town of Pittsford, Vermont speak to others in the community to vote for a higher school budget.
Animated growing invoice total in Canadian Dollars including HST. Costs grow infinitely. Total in red.
4k Electric bill statement - Energy expense and finance concept
Portrait of an adult happy woman working on a laptop. Happy woman freelancer at the computer looks at the monitor. Remote work freelancer at home workplace.
Close up of executive hands doing accounting using calculator comparing document at office
4K Businessman giving presentation to colleagues in modern office (UK-Oct 2016)
Worried senior old couple stressed about paperwork discuss unpaid bank debt holding bills check expenses, retired aged family read loan payments documents talking at home anxious about money problems
CIRCA 1973 - In this horror film, a young woman screams as an unknown being approaches, and cops drive up to the scene.
Savings, money saving concept. Young man is throwing money in the money box.
Young man and woman having problems with documents, confused couple looking through papers sitting at home with laptop, checking unpaid bills, worried about overdue debt, searching legal help online
Upset stressed indian ethnic girl feel frustrated open envelope at home reading bad news receive paper post mail letter about financial problem, bank debt bill, failed exam test results or subpoena
CIRCA 1961 - In this sci-fi film, astronauts fly their spacecraft through a meteor shower and land on the moon.
Office woman using a mobile phone scan barcode and QR code for pay bill. The business woman is checking the information of the documents before making payments. Concept online payment.
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