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Aerial view. A group of women and girls carrying stuff on their heads, Mbale, Uganda
A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine aerial view
A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine aerial view
Aerial top down view of an excavator loading crushed stone into a dump truck in a crushed stone quarry
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
Portrait of upset young hipster guy in glasses sitting on couch at home under umbrella holding plastic bucket collecting water falling from ceiling
Slow motion close-up view of a small herd of zebras running out a waterhole.  Zebra Migration Botswana
Poverty.Inequality.Water crisis. Close-up of two young black African boys collecting dirty unsafe drinking water for domestic use.  Poor living conditions and no access to clean running water
heavy construction equipment store. excavator, bulldozer, grader, front loader. Aerial view
Camera tracks across frame as male plumber fixes leaky pipe on bathroom sink - shot in slow motion
Rear view of a father with his little son are fishing while sitting on a wooden pier by the pond
a large bucket excavator loads coal into a large dump truck 3
Yellow warning sign wet floor. Sign showing warning of caution wet floor and workerw cleaning hall floor of  business building.
the blade of a bulldozer digging the ground close-up
A large bucket wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine , Germany (aerial photography)
Concrete pours down mixer truck chute into large container through construction wire frame
Throwing away uneaten food at home. Household Food Waste. Over-Preparing — household food waste is the result of people cooking or serving too much food.  Composting, recyclable materials
Professional team of janitors vacuum cleaning carpet, wiping furniture and washing bathroom. Home cleaning service crew working in modern loft apartment
Upset woman calling roof repair service while water leaking from ceiling in pot
An Industrial Excavator On An Open Road Section Loads Rock And Earth On A Very Large Dump Truck, Loaded With Ore .The Excavator Bucket Drips And Loads The Ore.Panorama Of Construction Works.
Upset woman waiting for roof repair service looking at water dropping from ceiling into plastic buckets in kitchen. Housewife waiting for plumber to fix flood
Silhouette of an excavator that loads sand into a truck at sunset. Concept construction and heavy industry, machine will be used in heavy industry business. Slow motion footage.
Close up of janitor washing floor with mop and bucket in hospital ward. Cropped shot of nurse or cleaning staff mopping floor in clinic. Healthcare and hygiene concept
Slow motion shot : Woman grooming, shower and bathing little happy enjoy chihuahua dog in bucket outside home. Take care the dog in summer holiday.
A farmer with a can of milk walks through a meadow, cows graze in the background
Little defenseless puppies are sitting in a large bucket. Buy yourself a pet concept
Close up of janitor taking detergent spray from bucket cleaning apartment. Team of professional cleaner washing and disinfecting room in modern house. Home cleaning concept
Young male and female hands grab popcorn. Bowl of salty and sweet popcorn on yellow background. Top view
UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: Children fetching dirty drinking water for both domestic and animal use. African children using a large bottle to fill water from a dirty water source
Earth moving equipment. Yellow excavator digging the ground. Excavator bucket scoops up the soil on nature background. Slow motion.
A group of women and girls carrying water in yellow jerrycans on their heads Mbale, Uganda South Africa
Mountain biking with friends on a sunny day
Housewife throws rotten vegetables in the trash. Reducing food loss and waste. Food waste or loss is food that is wasted or lost uneaten
Macro view of Tasty french fries and crispy chicken nuggets with mustard and ketchup
excavator transferring a ground with a heavy bucket into the back side of the truck.
Popcorn falling out of a red-white striped bucket on a green background, nice background (4K,ultra high definition 2160p)
CIRCA 1926 - In this animated film, feline firefighters use a bucket brigade to put out a burning building, with help from a live-action little girl.
Front view tracking shot of children walking in neighborhood on Halloween / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Cropped shot of worker swearing safety overall holding mop cleaning floor in warehouse. Team of janitors with bucket washing floor in industrial storehouse
First person view of five diverse kids wearing cool Halloween costumes are talking different lollipops and candies out of bowl unrecognizable person holding in hands
Heavy Mining Machine that Extracts Coal Bucket Wheel Excavator Aerial Drone Long Shot Open Pit Mine
Top shot of a large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine aerial view
Housewife throws in the trash uneaten spoiled vegetables and greens from the fridge. Food waste and food loss
Cleaning the hospital floor in full protective clothing, difficult working conditions during an epidemic
Wildlife in Africa. Close-up aerial view of a breeding herd of elephants walking in the marshy grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Milking cows by hand
Crawler excavator working at the construction site. Construction machinery for excavating, loading, lifting and hauling of cargo on job sites. Aerial top view, 4K Video
A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine Sunset aerial view
Throwing food waste in the trash. Household food loss. Food spoilage at home occurs due to improper storage. A woman throws uneaten expired food out of the refrigerator.
Lilongwe, Malawi - 01 18 2019: 
  Woman and kids carrying buckets of water to local village
4k video of Woman housekeeper with mop and bucket with cleaning agents for cleaning floor at home, Floor care and cleaning services
Artist hands splashing purple paint from the bucket. Painter flow the watercolor or oil ink paint to the canvas or wall. Art work in process. Drops and of color liquid fly in the air isolated on white
Mature Woman At Home Mopping Up Water From Leaking Pipe
Fisherman in South East Asia dumping a bucket of overfished dead fish onto a pile of thousands of fish
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
Large digger bucket extracts soil from trench
Green Grapes Bunch Collected  Close Up in Bucket at Sunset Collected Autumn Time Wine Making Harvest Close up Natural Healthy Fruit
Face of poverty.  Poor Black African woman with no access to running water, drinks water while filling up buckets at a central tap to take to her house in an informal settlement (squatter camp)
Iron ore quarry open pit mining. Aerial view of excavators and machinery are loading ore into dump truck in quarry. Large industrial quarry
UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: African children filling up a plastic container at a water well in Rural Uganda, Africa
Wooden sauna bucket on the floor with a cold blue winter forest behind frosty window. Big snowflakes falling slowly from the sky covering lush coniferous trees. The contrast of temperature and climat
Following shot of four multiethnic teenagers wearing colorful Halloween costumes with plastic pumpkins in their hands running outdoors
Close up fresh cow milk pouring in bucket on dairy farm. Milk factory. Dairy products. Rural farming. Farming
Group of people toasting and drinking champagne on the restaurant terrace over sunset. Celebrating. Glasses with Sparkling Champagne over nature Background. Resort. Slow motion full hd 1080p
Miner or gold digger breaking rock by digging axe . Close up of pickaxe hitting rocks .  Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON Cinema Camera in slow motion.
Female hand picking popcorn from paper bucket closeup. Close up of woman eating pop corn at cinema. Movie food concept. Female hand taking popcorn in bucket at cinema
Tractor moves rubble to truck. Excavator-loader rakes rubble from pile at construction site and loads dump truck. Clearing site
Water crisis. poverty. Inequality.Drought.Two young black African boys carrying home dirty unsafe drinking water for domestic use.  Poor living conditions and no access to clean running water
Water crisis. Poverty. Inequality.Drought.Close-up of two young black African boys collecting dirty unsafe drinking water for domestic use.  Poor living conditions and no access to clean running water
Crawler Excavator Machine with lowered Shovel On Construction Site. The starry night sky in the background. Perfect for Heavy construction, demolition, digging, mining, landscaping, Forestry work.
Bucket of crispy golden chicken wings, legs and strips. Side view over orange background
Focus on bucket with detergents and nurse team cleaning ward in hospital on blurred background. Medical staff disinfecting empty recovery room in modern clinic
Pour white wine over clear glass glasses at sunset. HD, 1920x1080. slow motion
mixing building materials for painting walls, worker mixes blue and white paint in bucket with whisk and drill to renovate room, close-up
Excavator bucket scoops rubble. Yellow wheel loader picks up and moves crushed stone. Heavy machinery working on quarry or construction site. Onboard POV camera footage
Tracking medium front-view footage of girl working on farm carrying big bucket of ripe coffee berries smiling at camera while walking along harvesting coffee trees
Man throws vegetable peeling, scraps and fruit peels in a compost bucket. Food waste reduce. Sorting of household waste, composting, recycling, zero waste
Young man with umbrella collecting water leaking from ceiling indoors. Real time
Wheel loader scoops crushed stone or rubble into bucket, and then dumps into back of truck. Sequence of shots, POV view. Heavy machinery working on quarry, On board camera footage
Cleaning supplies ready to sanitize the workplace and home. Janitorial supplies. Disinfection and sterilization. Virus and health protection. Shot on RED camera in 4k.
Wheel loader with bucket in front load stone in crusher, aerial drone shot. Heavy machinery working on quarry with equipment for production of building materials such as gravel and sand
Young housewife wiping floor with cloth sitting near leaking washing machine and calling on smartphone for plumber. Woman having washer broken
Farmer pouring harvested red apples out of the bucket into large wooden containers in the orchard alley, close up. Picking harvested ripe organic apples in the apple tree garden in autumn . Heavy crop
mortar ingredients mixed in bucket for construction. plaster concrete cement sand drill
Aerial panning view of a large herd of Cape buffalo running across the plains of the Okavango Delta, Botswana
bucket-wheel excavator in open-cast mining pit in Germany
Animated characters in the aqua park. seahorses are filling the bucket with water. the filled bucket spills down and the slow motion shooting of the spilling water from the top.
Happy senior female passenger in a convertible car, close up
Abstract Liquid Paint Texture. Footage is an amazing organic background for visual effects and motion graphics. Paint Throws, bucket, Splash, Paint splatter.
Man Phoning Emergency Plumber After Water Leak At Home
CIRCA 1940s - British civilians make their way through ruins in the aftermath of a Nazi air raid, during World War 2, in 1940.
Open multicolor paint cans on grey background, top view
Slow motion Close up shot : Hand's woman grooming, shower and bathing little happy enjoy chihuahua dog in bucket outside home. Take care the dog in summer holiday.
Food Loss and Waste. A man throws the uneaten food from a plate in the trash bin. Throwing away meal
Two male service workers cutting down big tree branches with chainsaw from high chair lift platform.
Water dropping in bucket and dishes from ceiling, risk of shingles, damaged roof
Interesting Point of View of loading and dumping gravels into a truck, Industrial machinery at sand quarry. 4k footage
Seagull eating plastic in trash bucket to feed himself in polluted marine city, 4k
Senior man in straw hat opening stall door and feeding white goat and kid from bucket during work on ranch
Mini excavator digs a trench to lay pipes.
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