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Woman petting cat on sofa in living room. Female owner stroking grey kitten close-up. Furry pedigreed pet relaxing and purring. Little best friends. Happy domestic animals at home.
European man in face mask on city street under Covid-19 pandemic 4k. Europe infected, coronavirus flu epidemic. Human person masked against 2019-ncov corona virus. US people crowd sick with covid 19.
Lockdown in London, slow motion gimbal walk down Tower Bridge road during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, with lone walker and cyclist.
Europe Infect Corona Virus 2019-ncov. European Man. Face mask Covid-19. Subway Station. Epidemic Coronavirus Mers. Pandemic Flu Corona Virus. Vaccinated masked human. Train Metro. People Sick Covid 19
London victorian Suburb, aerial shot, golden hour, beautiful green area 4K
timelapse London skyline with illuminated Tower bridge in sunset time, UK
Adventurous Man Hiker standing in a cave with rocky mountains in background. Adventure Composite. 3d Rendering Peak. Aerial Image of landscape from British Columbia, Canada. Sunset Cloudy Sky
France Infect Corona Virus 2019 Ncov. American Man. Face Mask Covid-19. Subway Station USA. Epidemic Coronavirus. Pandemic Flu Corona Virus. Vaccinated masked Human. Train Metro. People Sick Covid 19.
America Infect Corona Virus 2019-Ncov. American Man. Face Mask Covid-19. Subway Station USA. Epidemic Coronavirus. Pandemic Flu Corona Virus. Vaccinated masked Human. Train Metro. People Sick Covid 19
Cinematic aerial footage of vineyards and Kelowna near Lake Okanagan. 4K 24FPS.
British Scottish fold cat is washing her tongue. happy cat washes, licks his paw. cat is lying. beautiful tabby cat. pet is resting in the room. Stay at home
Night time lapse of a busy road in London, UK with cars and buses zooming past and famous skyscrapers in the background
Map view of UK, Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland from above the clouds from space.
LONDON- FEBRUARY, 2019: Oxford Street circus, time lapse of rush hour from elevated view of world famous London landmark
Beautiful Snow Covered Landscape in Canadian Mountain Nature during winter sunny morning. Taken in Garibaldi Meadows, near Whistler and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.
Protester crowd carrying propaganda banner sign. Demonstration people move along central city street close up. Lots of rebels walk outdoor defending free speech civil right. Person fights, no violence
Woman Walking Along Suspension Bridge Alone in Picturesque Green Forest Setting. Lynn Canyon Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Surround by Rich Green Trees.
Beautiful Cinematic Shot of the Lions Gate Bridge during Sunset Moving from Side to Side in Vancouver Canada
Aerial Shot of classic British housing estate, English houses and homes from above
Golden Retriever and British Shorthair get along
Cat in sunglasses. Cat in glasses. Close-up of cat's faces in sunglasses. Cat take off sunglasses. British cat.
fishing bears of the Kuril lake
Shot of empty Gateway India with pigeons flying in the foreground and morning sun rising in the background during lockdown amid coronavirus/ COVID19 pandemic/ epidemic, Mumbai, India
Hazardous winter road driving conditions with heavy snow on the sea to sky highway 99 between Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
Cleaning theme, smart technology and pets. Automatic robot vacuum cleaner cleans the room, while gray Scotch kitten is played at home. Cat on robotic vacuum cleaner in house. Home automatic cleaning.
Manchester city aerial view. United Kingdom.
CIRCA 1960 - Queen Elizabeth II gives a speech from the throne in Westminster's House of Lords, declaring Britain's intent to build up western Europe.
Lockdown in London, two birds swoop in front of stunning slow motion gimbal pan of a sunrise sun flare through Tower Bridge at golden hour, during 2020's COVID-19 pandemic.
Aerial cityscape flythrough video of London and the River Thames with a view of London Tower Bridge and the Shard
Sleepy dark british cat with orange eyes stretching
Aerial shot of the Gateway of India in Mumbai during Covid-19 Lockdown in India
CIRCA 1936 - In this drama film, the slave trade flourishes for centuries before abolition comes in the 1800s.
Stunning Drone Aerial Shot Over the Vancouver Marina, Moving Closer to the Cityscape Skyscrapers Canada.
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk leads the Turkish army in WWI (narrated in 1958).
Establishing Aerial View Shot of London UK, United Kingdom, Tower Bridge at night, circling very close, Super clear image
Drifting through mysterious, lush green ancient rainforest, Vancouver Island British Columbia, Cathedral Grove - MacMillan Provincial Park, Canada. Giant trees, ferns, moss and Old Man's Beard lichens
Cleaning floor with cute cat in slow motion 4K. Person point of view of British breed cat on the stick in focus while sliding on home floor cleaning dust. Cat doesn't care.
Planes are waiting in line to leave for the airport runway. Video of the life of a crowded airport.
Lockdown Aerial view of Canary Wharf London financial, business and banking institutions
Low angle looking up point of view pov driving on car with panning on Grosvenor Place street with old historic architecture of terraced row houses against blue summer sky in Belgravia, London, UK
British Two pounds coin spinning in slow motion on a pile of pound sterling bank notes. UK financial system. British pound, international currency. Pound exchange rate fluctuation. British money
LONDON, circa 2019 - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson salutes the crowds in London, England, UK after becoming British Prime Minister
LONDON, circa 2020 - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II leaves Westminster Abbey, London, England, UK after a religious celebration of Commonwealth Day
Aerial footage over a classic British housing estate, English houses and homes from above
Picturesque View of Winding Glacial River from Above surrounded by Mountains. Aerial Drone Shot. Northern Rockies, British Columbia, Canada. 4K
Lockdown in London, beautiful Tower Bridge completely empty during the Coronavirus pandemic 2020, in morning sunrise light.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, zoom out timelapse view of Downtown buildings and boats on False Creek at dusk.
Golden retriever puppy running towards camera through forest trail
Glorious sunrise aerial view of British countryside
London Chelsea, angle shot of a residential area, beautiful English white traditional houses - 4K
Full Moon over a spooky cemetery with silhouette headstones and rolling low lying fog.
Floodwaters Cover Highway And Fields Due To Heavy Rains In Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. - aerial
close up action shot of a British Army Challenger 2 FV4034 Main Battle Tank on a military exercise, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire UK
Aerial footage of the British town of Middleton in Leeds West Yorkshire showing typical suburban housing estates with rows of houses, taken on a bright sunny day using a drone.
Aerial drone footage of the area in the Leeds City Centre known as The Leeds Dock, showing apartments and buildings along side the River Aire and canal on a bright sunny summers day
Beautiful female model walking down runway podium. Women on fashionable expo week. Haute couture catwalk, elegant people vogue. Beauty girl catwalks on fashion show stage, delicate person defile look.
London UK - November 2017: Aerial sunset view with sun flare Shard modern glass skyscraper London cityscape residential and commercial buildings England UK RED WEAPON
Herd of Male Red Deer Stags (cervus elaphus) during deer rut at sunset in beautiful golden sun light in fern and forest landscape and scenery, British wildlife in England, UK
United Kingdom flag video waving in wind Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Realistic Union Jack Flag background. British UK Flag Looping Closeup 1080p Full HD 1920X1080 footage. EU Brexit film
London, UK - April, 2019: Famous street in central London full of cars, taxis Black Cabs and red bus double decker. Busy central London street with buses and taxi. London taxi through the city
Cat on pink background close-up, Scottish Fold portrait. Domestic animal. Grey kitten licking glass. Furry pedigreed pet. Little best friends concept.
Drone Fly Through The Fog Forest Reveal, Pacific north west Inspire 2 old growth forest. BC Canada wilderness river. Fly above the clouds nanaimo. Nature wildlife stunning breathing calm
Cinematic close up shot of young serious determined responsible female patriot soldier in camouflage military uniform is saluting  and looking on horizon outdoors with british flag on background.
Cinematic close up shot of young serious determined responsible female patriot soldier in camouflage military uniform is looking in camera outdoors with british flag on background.
CIRCA 1930s - Indian and British soldiers violently crack down on a protest staged by Gandhi devotees.
Breakfast scrambled eggs, bread toast, tomatoes and beans on a plate. Top view. Tasty breakfast food
Bear walking in river looking for catching salmon. Grizzly bear foraging in fall fishing for salmon. Brown bear in costal British Columbia near Bute inlet and Campbell River in Strathcona.
Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom proudly fluttering in the breeze.
Cinematic close up shot of young determined responsible female patriot soldier in camouflage military uniform and cap is looking and smiling in camera outdoors with british flag on background.
Cinematic close up shot of young serious determined responsible female patriot soldier in camouflage military uniform is saluting  and looking on horizon outdoors with british flag on background.
London - November 2017: Aerial sunrise view London financial district rooftops city skyscrapers Gherkin and Cheesegrater urban streets commuter vehicles England UK
Lonesome Medieval Knight Marching Through Forest. Invaded, Colonizer, Crusader, Soldier, Warrior Wearing Body Armor, Helmet, Shield and Sword Traveling Through Mysterious Land Tracking Wide Front View
Bournemouth / United Kingdom (UK) - 05 05 2020: Aerial drone shot of Planes parked up on taxiway at Gatwick Airport because of COVID-19 lockdown. British Airways Aircraft Travel ban and job cuts cause
Through the gates of Buckingham Palace, an empty scene during lockdown pandemic in London.
LONDON, UK - April 11th 2020: Queen Elizabeth II of England, Thank you NHS, COVID-19 corona virus pandemic, Stay Home, Save Lives, screen sign information panel message, Piccadilly circus, London
Beautiful Gray British Cat Plays with a Ball on Floor. Playful, Active Pet. Thoroughbred cat with large brown eyes, long whiskers, and powerful paws. Pet games. 4k. 180fp
CIRCA 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II's coronation is overseen by archbishops of the Church of England in Westminster Abbey of London, England.
Golden retriever and British shorthair cat lying on the ground looking at tablet
View of Shannon Falls and water rushing down the canyon during a sunny winter day. Located in Squamish, North of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Nature Background Panorama. Slow Motion.
CIRCA 1947 - Occupying British forces impose martial law on Palestine after a flare up of Arab and Jewish conflicts.
Aerial drone shot tracking around the stunning Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, with the lake surrounding it and mountains in the background, and the reflection in the water.
Great spotted woodpecker / greater spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major) male hammering on tree stump
SELFIE: Awesome shot of mountains as man snowboards in the breathtaking Canadian backcountry. Extreme snowboarder shreds powder while carving between pine trees. Man heliboarding in British Columbia
MINSK, BELARUS - MAY 31, 2021: Slow-motion footage of Bentley Continental GT Cabrio drives on a highway. This British car is powered by W12 bi-turbo 6.0-l engine.
autumn scenic flock of birds starlings fly from tree
Aerial revealing shot of an expedition of climbers ascending up a steep summit
Pouring spice, red pepper on fried meat. Cooking traditional full English breakfast close-up. National British cuisine, french fries, fish and chips. American pub or cafe, fast food.
A working male brewer carries a keg filled with beer as he passes beer tanks. close-up. back view
4K Cheerful worker serving a customer who uses smartphone to pay in coffee shop. UK - April, 2016
Cinemagraph Continuous Loop Animation. View of the Calm Water on the Pacific Ocean Coast during a colorful cloudy sunset. Taken in White Rock, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Adorable white cat in sunglasses and an shirt, lies on a fabric hammock, on a yellow background.
Canada - February 2019: Aerial view of deforestation for Industrial production, mechanical gripper loading lumber on to truck for transportation Vancouver Island RED WEAPON
Aerial flyover shot of historical landmark Point Atkinson Lighthouse by day in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
London lockdown, Liverpool St Station, 8th April, 2020. Liverpool Street Station in the afternoon, the concourse is very quiet with only a few commuters. Coronavirus, Covid-19 outbreak.
Drone Aerial Shot flying towards Vancouver cityscape passing the Lions Gate Bridge
4K Happy group of friends chatting & having drinks in city coffee shop UK - April, 2016
ISTANBUL - CIRCA 2020: Warship underway in mist in the morning. Royal Navy Type 45 daring class destroyer HMS Dragon is part of the most powerful destroyer class ever built in the UK
LONDON, 27 OCT 2021 - Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street ahead of Prime Ministers Questions in Parliament on the day the 2021 Autumn Budget is presented in Parliament, London, England, UK
London, UK - April 21 2020: Coronavirus Outbreak London lockdown - Stay at Home advert on TfL bus shelter
Totem Poles Vancouver British Columbia Canada
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