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Top down aerial of cars drive at cross road. Nobody cityscape. Traffic highway transportation. Skyscrapers buildings at downtown streets. Business center of New York City, USA, North America
Generic electric car driving along a bridge or coastal highway with wind turbines in background. Realistic 3d animation.
Beautiful top view time-lapse of car traffic at roundabout lane and buildings. 4K drone aerial zoom out. Urban cityscape concept or abstract of advanced innovation, financial technology, energy power
Flying over the Marin Headlands to discover the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, US. This suspension bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of California. Shot on Red weapon 8K.
Hyperlapse time-lapse of car traffic transportation above circle roundabout road in Asian city. Drone aerial view fly in circle, high angle. Public transport or commuter city life concept
Self driving autonomous cars speeding through the bridge with technology scanning their speed. Artificial intelligence traffic surveillance system to provide safe driving avoid traffic jams. 4K aerial
Driving a Car on a Road in Norway at dawn
AERIAL: Spectacular Turning Overhead Shot of Judge Pregerson Highway showing multiple Roads, Bridges, Viaducts with little car traffic in Los Angeles, California on Beautiful Sunny Day
Beautiful top side view to the cars driving on multi-level highway on the sunny evening in Moscow. Picturesque aerial panorama of the road traffic and sunset city.
Aerial Close Up of Pacific Coast Highway Towards Big Creek Bridge in Northern California
 4K UHD Timelapse of car traffic at rush hour in São Paulo . Top view looking down at cars speeding by from walkway. Long exposure city life and transportation, concept background.
Aerial hyperlapse drone shot of fast moving freeway traffic at night showing cars and light streaks
August 28, 1963. Washington, DC. 'I Have a Dream Speech' delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps in front of the Lincoln memorial. 4K Overscan of Vintage  Archival Newsreel
Aerial view of Empty Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge and Turkish Flag. No People. 15 July Martyrs Bridge without people. Quarantine days. 4K Footage in Turkey
Rising drone shot reveals spectacular elevated highway and convergence of roads, bridges, viaducts in Shanghai at night, transportation and infrastructure development in urban China
Estaiada Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aerial landscape of Cable Stayed Bridge, Sao Paulo. Landmark of city. Famous Cable Bridge, landmark Sao Paulo. Cable Viaduct transportation scene, Sao Paulo city.
Aerial view of busy cars with traffic jam in the rush hour on highway road street on bridge in Bangkok Downtown, urban city in Asia, Thailand at sunset. Intersection junction. Toll gate in Rama 9
Aerial drone view of highway multi-level junction road with moving cars at sunset. Cars are moving on a multi-level road junction The concept of the urban. Suzhou city, China.
Future car lifestyle
Moving scenery seen through the windows of a vehicle at Seoul, South Korea
Aerial view of road junction with moving cars. Road interchange or highway intersection with busy urban traffic speeding on the road.
Transportation Estaiada's Bridge Aerial View. São Paulo, Brazil. Business City. Viaduct City Aerial View. City Landscape. Cable-stayed Viaduct of Sao Paulo. Downtown City Life Aerial Landscape. Bridge
Aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. USA. Daylight. Shot on Red weapon 8K.
Aerial view of the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge with traffic. This bridge connects the San Francisco peninsula to Marin County. US route 101 and SR 1 full of cars. Red 8K.
Aerial view of Seoul city at han river in Seoul,South Korea.
Time-lapse day to night,Of traffic on city streets at twilight, Timelapse of Bangkok Road roundabout with car Beautiful landmark in Business downtown in Thailand. Public transport Business District
Cityscape at sun light with cross highway, streets, skyscrapers aerial. Bridge traffic road with driving cars at summer sunny day. Philippines capital of Manila town at cinematic drone shot
Aerial Drone Footage: Long Haul Semi Trucks Driving on the Busy Highway in the Rural Region of Italy. Agricultural Crop Fields and Hills in the Background
jakarta city center sunny day busy traffic street road junction aerial topdown panorama 4k indonesia
3d model of black sport car on the bridge. Very fast driving. realistic 4K animation.
Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge at Sunset with Car traffic lights and City Skyline, Aerial Hyperlapse Motion Time Lapse slide
Aerial view of sunset on Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (15 July Martyrs Bridge). 4K Footage in Turkey
Cars driving onto Bridge towards City Skyline in Istanbul, Turkey over Bosphorus, Aerial birds eye view tilt up
SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 18, 2021:  Aerial drone pullback view of Sydney CBD with Sydney City, the Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge looking over Lavender Bay
Beautiful dawn view of Rainbow bridge with Taipei city, Taiwan(60P)
Flying over the Marin Headlands to discover the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, US. This suspension bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of California. Shot on Red weapon 8K.
Top down of bridge crossroad with cars, trucks aerial. Cityscape transportation. Downtown streets with buildings. Urban transport at traffic highway. Cinematic drone shot. New York city, USA, America
4K Hyper lapse Rising Drone Shot View Reveals Spectacular Elevated Highway and Convergence of Roads, Bridges, Viaducts in Shanghai Night, Transportation and Infrastructure Development China Timelapse.
Famous Bridge overpass over Pacific Coast Highway by Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles with light traffic in beautiful golden hour Sunset vibe, Aerial Dolly forward, Wide angle shot
Aerial view of Golden Gate bridge San Fransisco
Aerial Drone Flight top down View of freeway busy city rush hour heavy traffic jam highway.  Aerial view of the vehicular intersection,  traffic at peak hour with cars on the road, over the bridge.
Mumbai City Drone Shot with Bandra Worli Sea Link
Aerial top down view of traffic jam on a car bridge and moving train. 4K video
Rising drone shot reveals spectacular elevated highway and convergence of roads, bridges, viaducts in city at night, transportation and infrastructure development in urban area. 4K hyperlapse
3d model luxury black car on highway. Very fast driving. Realistic 4k animation.

The Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge or Ponte Estaiada cable stayed suspension bridge built over the Pinheiros River in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Aerial Hyper lapse
Meydan bridge in Dubai, futuristic bridge during sunset with urban skyline in the background; Modern city architectural roads and bridges concept
Engineer working on road construction, steel girder, web installed on bridge abutment, scaffolding as part of a new interchange for freeway system and extension, an excavator is running in background
Aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco, US. This suspension bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks of California. It connects the San Francisco peninsula to Marin County. Shot on Red
3d model of black futuristic car on the bridge. Very fast driving. Concept of future. Realistic 4k animation.
Modern White Delivery Van Driving Through on Bridge. Postal Auto Delivery Product Service. Concept Cargo and Supply. New E-commerce Deliver. Fast Electric Carrier Van Driving on Highway Side View Shot
A lot of trucks turn off the road and go around the ring. A column of trucks moving along the overpass to the bridge
Aerial drone view of highway multi-level junction road with moving car at sunset. Active movement of transport cars vehicles in different directions.The concept of the urban. China. Top down view.
Aerial video of the Golden Gate Bridge. Inspirational drone flight through the window of the red tower above the busy road. San Francisco downtown on the background at sunset. California, USA. 4K
a long bridge over the sea
Aerial shot of the Seven Mile Bridge in Florida which connects several of the Florida Keys on the way to Key West
Aerial drone view of highway multi-level junction road with moving car at sunset. Active movement of transport cars vehicles in different directions. China. Top down view, rotation shot.
Aerial: iconic Ada Bridge in Belgrade Serbia, cable bridge over Sava river
Traffic jam in the rush hour on highway. Cars on bridges and roads in Shanghai Downtown, China at night.
Bogazici Bridge from Istanbul Turkiye at Covid-19 Pandemic Curfew.
Aerial video of highway connected to Melbourne CBD in Australia
Transport interchange in a big city. Long traffic jam. A huge number of cars pass by. A large trucker's truck is visible. Muddy roads, heavy car exhaust. Bad ecology of the city of Almaty.
Aerial view of a self driving autonomous electric car driving along a bridge in to the sunset. E-mobility concept. Realistic high quality 3d animation.
Aerial view of Ludhiyana city, Punjab, India Drone shot of the beautiful Indian City. Ludhiana is a large industrial city in the north Indian state of Punjab.
Pennybacker Bridge Flyover 360 Bridge in Austin Texas on Colorado River (Aerial Drone View in 4k)
View of the mountains in West Virginia valley of highway intersection traffic circle road in Daleville town
saudi Arabia The beauty of Khobar, eastern Saudi Arabia
Big Sur California Arch driving inCabrillo Highway 1 coast road, pov south, tunnel
Traffic congestion during rush hour, traffic jams, traffic congestion during sunset
SHANGHAI, CHINA - MAY 5, 2017: Aerial view of Nanpu bridge highway junction. Cars moving by spiral, fog, sunny day.
Aerial view of Istanbul Bosphorus and Turkish Flag.Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (15 July Martyrs Bridge) and Historical Peninsula Landscape. 4K Footage in Turkey.
Time lapse aerial view of Washington, DC with the Jefferson Memorial, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. Transportation and city lifestyle concept.
Aerial view of empty highway interchange in Dubai downtown after epidemic lockdown. Cityscapes with appearing traffic on a bridge and streets. Roads and lanes crossroads without cars, Dubai, United
Traffic on the Hemus highway viaduct over Vitinya pass
The Pacific Ocean washes onto the beautiful seashore of California, not far south of Monterey. The Pacific Coast Highway runs over the Bixby Bridge and right along this incredibly scenic coast.
Aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cloudy fog soaring above the traffic on the red bridge over the green waters of the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco Bay, California, USA. Drone video
Fast flight highway fpv sport drone over highway asphalt road with driving car, automobile, truck. Extreme rotation flip flying bridge roadway with dramatic gray sky and autumn spring landscape field
night time illumination shenzhen downtown traffic street crossroad top view 4k timelapse china
Large-scale sea traffic viaduct bridge at sea under construction works in Lohas Park,Tseung Kwan O of Hong Kong city, Kowloon Aerial Top view
Time-lapse of car traffic transportation on highway road intersection in Bangkok city, Thailand. Public transport, commuter lifestyle, Asian city life concept. Zoom out then still, high angle view
Time lapse 4K Night to day and traffic.Capital of South Korea best landmark in Seoul,South Korea.
Modern Electric car drives on the bridge, looped video. Realistic 3D animation of a moving car. White electric car on road, highway, 4k video.
Aerial view from above of traffic on the elevated expressway with futuristic autonomous, driverless cars using artificial intelligence computer network and satellite gps for navigation
Future car lifestyle
Imigrantes Road, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Panorama landscape of Imigrantes highway road between mountains at sunny day. Transportation scene. Freeway road aerial view. Brazilian road landmark. Sea mountain.
Aerial view of traffic on major intersection in Bogota, the capital and largest city of Colombia, South America. Urban infrastructure, transportation and development concept.
Aerial Drone View of a Modern Luxury White Electric Crossover Driving on Urban Road during a Cloudy Day. Battery Powered Car Exits a Bridge on a Highway. Futuristic SUV with Autopilot.
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - FEBRUARY 7, 2020 : Time lapse: Kuala Lumpur city view overlooking the city skyline by the city attraction Saloma Link with busy pedestrian in Malaysia. Zoom in. Prores 4K
Establishing Aerial Panoramic Shot of Warsaw Cityscape, capital of Poland. Swietokrzyski Bridge and Downtown Skyline at Golden Sunset. 4K Panning Background Drone view Video with Copy Space
Driving view of Bixby Creek Bridge and Big Sur Area from Highway One in California. Vintage Film Look.
Aerial view of the Financial District in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Sunset. Famous skyscrapers and freeway full of cars. United states. Shot on Red Weapon 8K.
Cable-stayed bridge. High-speed track new modern futuristic highway Saint Petersburg roadway. Speed ​​diameter. Neva River. Active road junction traffic cars transportation. Logistics. Aerial forward
Aerial top view infrastructure architecture in Osaka City, Intersection highway, expressway and motorway, Aerial view overhead many car in interchange transportation Osaka City, Osaka, Kansai, Japan.
Hyperlapse or Dronelapse Aerial view of Traffic of car at Tsing ma bridge in Tsing yi area of Hong Kong at sunset. Day to night
Time lapse of driving a car in the city at night. Camera on the roof of the car. Hyperlapse in the evening in the center of the city on the highway. Abstract soft glowing lines.
Aerial: Rush hour traffic on the Fort Pitt Bridge that crosses the Monongahela River. In the background is downtown Pittsburgh skyline. Pennsylvania, USA
Drone flies under Sydney Sea Cliff Bridge and skims along the ocean
4K Timelapse - Long exposure shot of car moving on urban road at night. (POV #6)
3d model of black sport car on the bridge. Very fast driving. realistic 4K animation.
Key West: 7 Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, United States. Aerial view of bridge road and Islands near Key West, Florida Keys. Travel highway road. Freeway road. Viaductscene. Highway bridge coastal road.
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