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Close up of an young active sporty athlete smiling woman is taking a break after making running and jogging workout on a top of rock with seascape at sunset.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Breaking at 1000 fps.
Close up. It is raining outside. Raindrops break into a puddle. water drop on nature background.
Close up of a pie chart and hands. International team working on statistical data. Data analysis in a teamwork.
Young woman suffering from depression
Happy afro american man wear glasses relax with laptop looking away dreaming resting on sofa at home, smiling young mixed race guy lounge on couch with notebook feel satisfied concept, close up view
Cinematic inspirational video of young woman travelling by car or camper van, opens window to breathe fresh air of countryside, moves hand in wind. Sings melody of song, summertime vacation vibes
Cinematic inspirational video of young woman travelling by car or camper van, opens window to breathe fresh air of countryside, moves hand in wind. Sings melody of song, summertime vacation vibes
Close up view troubled man bowing his head cover face with hands crying due life grief sorrow, personal troubles, alcohol abuse drug addicted desperate guy need help. Break up, health problems concept
Old TV Set with Green Screen Explodes. You can Replace Green Screen with the Footage or Picture you Want with “Keying” effect in AE (check out tutorials).
Very Close-up.In a beautiful light, dried date fruit fall into the wooden plate in slow motion. Macro,Phantom Camera,900 fps video.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Breaking at 1000 fps.
Portrait of smiling overworked nurse in scrubs taking off face mask during break in busy hospital during health pandemic - shot in slow motion
Fitness healthy woman tired after strength training exercise at gym. Slow motion: Close up of tired female fit model with standing and relaxing after intense workout.
4K Loneliness young beautiful woman sitting by the window lying on the table and using smartphone with internet in cafe at night. Sad teenage girl looking out of the window to city street night lights
Depressed Asian woman sitting alone on the bed in the dark with cuddle herself and crying. Loneliness sad female think grief trouble life problem in bedroom. Negative emotion and mental health concept
Close up shot a young white male in sportsclothes taking a break from exercising and admiring the view of the city and nature at sunrise
Tracking Close Up of Middle Aged Tourist Couple Exploring City
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Cubes Flying Towards Camera at 1000fps.
Ship in storm. A lot of splashes. View from bridge. Ship climb up wave. Strong pitching. High waves hit ship. White foam on water. Very strong storm. Bow breaks waves
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Woman open dark curtains and look to neat sunrise at early hour, black half length silhouette of slender lady against window. She stretch out hands to unveil hangings, slowly and unhurried mood at day
Redwood national park, United States. Sun breaks through from the trunks of redwoods, forming the sunrays in the mist Camera moves between the huge trunks of redwoods
Young women work on computer with green mock-up screen. Girl in cozy clothes sitting in living room using laptop. Over shoulder camera shot. 4k video footage slow motion
Close-up on the Hands of the Girl Gamer Playing in the Video Game Using Keyboard. Female Hacker Breaks into System. Background with Cool Neon Lights. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Man Hand Cup of Hot Coffee and Using Smartphone Watching Green Screen Top View. Smartphone with Green Mock-up Screen Business Concept. Person Hand Stirring Coffee with Spoon on Table.
macro.Close up of a teaspoon of sugar that dips gently into a cup of italian break.creamy coffee
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Serious beautiful young woman sitting at table with laptop in cafe working online typing internet online communication technology business outdoors slow motion
Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Glassy droplets of ocean water fly away from spectacular tube wave crashing near a tropical beach in Teahupoo, Tahiti. Perfect barrel wave breaks and splashes into the blue sky.
Healthy calm tired attractive young woman serene face relax on comfortable sofa taking deep breath of fresh air rest on couch enjoy welfare peace of mind and no stress concept at home, close up view
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Young woman runner training in summer park. Close up fitness woman jogging outdoor. Tired girl jogger breathing after run marathon in park. Morning running concept
Espresso coffee drop into the filled Cup from the coffee machine in slow motion
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Crushing.
Stylish caucasian active hipster young woman in fashionable outfit using headphones listening to music gesturing having fun dancing break dance hip hop freestyle outdoors.
Cropped shot of professional doctor working at office desk using smartphone. Close up of practitioner surfing internet on mobile phone during break in clinic
World No Tobacco Day. The young man quit smoking for his good health. He broke a cigarette in two
Pouring coffee stream from professional machine in cup. Barista man making double espresso, using filter holder. Flowing fresh ground coffee. Drinking roasted black coffee in the morning
3d animation with a rubber duck in the industrial environment. The metal pneumatic press tries to squash up a cute yellow toy and fall apart on little pieces. Enormous resistant. Strong. Surprising.
Happy young pretty long-haired Asian female professional gamer wearing a gaming headset having fun playing online video games on a personal computer in room and raising fist up after winning the game.
Two white flowers sprout through a crack in the asphalt, time lapse,close up.
Two cheerful women resting talking drinking cocktail eating burger in summer cafe street sisters cafe casual city friendship models outdoors slow motion
Portrait of overworked nurse in scrubs putting on face mask after break in busy hospital during health pandemic - shot in slow motion
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Forceful barrel wave splashes beautiful crystal clear water everywhere around the sunny coast of Tahiti. Amazing shot of a large tube wave right when it breaks and crashes.
CU Caucasian female working from home, spills coffee on keyboard of her laptop. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Disappointed young man sitting on couch thinking looking out the window feels moral badly after quarrel fight with wife, break up or divorce marriage split, unpleasant events in life suffering concept
Close up handsome businessman drinking coffee and admire view standing by window in office
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Breaking at 1000 fps.
Close up view face sad Asian woman sit on windowsill look outside into distance suffers, closed eyes cries. Divorce break up marriage split, cheated wife jealousy feelings, emotions of despair concept
Closeup business woman looking laptop computer in home office. Smiling girl drinking tea near notebook indoor. Close up happy businesswoman smiling to laptop camera at remote workplace
dancing woman young talented street dancer performing freestyle hip hop moves enjoying modern dance expression close up
sad teenage girl crying at home feeling alone depressed teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Close-up Slow Motion of Espresso Pouring from Coffee Machine. Filmed on High Speed Cinematic Camera at 1000 fps.
Red Rose Ignites And Burns In Fire
Woman's Feet Walking on the Green Summer Grass with Field Flowers. Close-up Shot. Summer Time
Portrait of overworked nurse in scrubs putting on face mask taking break and looking out of window in busy hospital during health pandemic - shot in slow motion
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Glimmering barrel wave rushes past the camera on a sunny day in Tahiti. Big tube wave sprays sparkling drops of ocean water high in air while it approaches a remote island.
Elementary school kids spinning in a playground
Stressed Doctor or Nurse On Break Praying At Window Wearing Face Mask and Protective Glasses.
Top view. Empty coffee white mug switches and is filled with hot, aromatic coffee. Creative banner with a mockup cup.  Concept automatic coffee machine, smart house. Coffee break 4k stock footage
Professional Hip Hop break dancer . Stylish young man dancing with real strobe lights . Against colored background with triangle shape of led lights . Real decoration . Shot on RED EPIC Cinema Camera
4K Depressed Asian sad man sitting on bedroom floor with hugging the knees and looking away. Lonely sadness breaking up man sitting alone and listening music from headphone. Tired lost man being alone
Close-up shot of feet of modern female dancer dancing on a top of brick wall in the street. 4K
Ship in storm. A lot of splashes. View from bridge. Ship climb up wave. Strong pitching. High waves hit ship. White foam on water. Very strong storm. Bow breaks waves
Close up calm guy relax lean in comfy leather armchair closed eyes put hands behind head take break distracted from working on laptop. Breath fresh conditioned air inside of modern home office room
Various clocks looped as time flow concept animation
Medium closeup silhouetted and blurred view of a man choking a woman
Top view with zoom out on romantic couple on date, laying on roof of car or van, watch stars or sky in natural national park, secluded camping site in wilderness, concept relationship goals or
Prison or jail walkway with bars and jail cells in a row.
Angry man breaking up with his girlfriend on a couch in the night at home
Bottom up view of lush green foliage of trees with afternoon sun. Sun breaks through the branches of the trees. Walking through the beech forest with large green trees. Summer background. High quality
Castelfranco Emilia, Modena - 03 March 2021: an excellent espresso made with an inissia nespresso coffee machine
4K slow motion Black Basketball ball with Gold Metallic Line on cracked dark wall. Close-up sphere ball with dots. View front destruction. Futuristic sports concept. 3d rendering
Beautiful girl man walks through sunny field of sunflowers among tall yellow flowers. Agricultural landscape. Enjoy cinematic nature. Epic clouds. Happy life, tourist emotional film. Break out to rest
Calm young woman taking deep breath of fresh air meditating with eyes closed standing indoor, close up side profile view. Enjoy moment of peace, do mental relaxation exercises, feels no stress concept
Close up middle eastern ethnicity pensive woman sit on couch alone waits feels jealousy. Break up, marriage split, divorce, bullying and discrimination, unexpected pregnancy abortion decision concept
Taking bite of cheesecake with fork. Eating cheesecake
Mindful young biracial woman breathing fresh air, feeling freedom or happiness indoors. Head shot close up peaceful lady meditating, doing yoga relaxation exercises, enjoying weekend time alone.
Portrait of athletic perspiring guy resting after powerful workout training, African American bodybuilder man looking to camera
Unhappy depressed woman crying lying on sofa suffering from insomnia, depression psychological problem, bipolar disorder loneliness, frustration anxiety. Stressed unhealthy lonely person feeling tired
Hands of young man using smartphone in the street near shopping mall. Communication, online shopping, chat, social networking concept. Close up
Portrait of Business Woman Standing on the Wind with Hands Up. SLOW MOTION 4K DCi. Businesswoman enjoying the wind, feeling free. Stormy weather, autumn, winter, spring.
Woman accusing her boyfriend of cheating on her, pushing him and yelling at him. Couple fighting at home. Breaking up, cheating, jealousy, divorce concept. Shallow DOF, Slow motion, BMPCC 4K
Couple fighting in the kitchen, yelling at each other, man expressing aggression and violence on woman. Breaking up, cheating, divorce concept. BMPCC 4K
Top view moving up away ocean blue waves crash coastline cliff drone footage
Men's hands break brown sugar caramel candy cookies in the shape of a man. Close-up of survival game
Close-up of attractive young businesswoman walking on urban street and using modern smartphone outside, sunshine, slow motion
Man taking a deep breath
Close up head shot side view happy peaceful millennial woman relaxing on cozy couch, listening to tranquil classical music in wireless headphones, enjoying lazy weekend hobby time alone at home.
Protrait of Prominent Successful Senior Director Sitting in a Chair on a Break Looking at Camera Cheerfully. On the Studio Film Set with High End Equipment Professional Crew Shooting High Budget Movie
Breaking and spilling egg to glass.Female hands holding a cracked egg.Breaking an egg. Slow motion.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Exploding Crushed Ice Towards Camera at 1000fps.
young girl looks at sunset and prays, religious person, her hair is flying in wind in glare of the sun, to believe in goodness, a woman's dream of love, to think and ask for forgiveness from heaven
Strong migraine attack. Exhausted middle aged man suffering from headache, massaging his temples, close up portrait, slow motion

Cheer up, Dance business people group, teamwork of young asian, caucasian having fun, happy at office after project done, wear face mask protect to pandemic of covid. Celebrating success concept..
Portrait of tired Caucasian pretty woman doctor in hat and medical mask looking at camera. Close up of female physician. Medic or nurse in clinic. Indoor. Coronavirus concept. Protected.
Black Computer screen of an engineer developing software app using Personal Computer and typing code on screen. Programmer coding internet security system for GPS tracker. Close-Up.
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