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High barbed wire fence around prison or secret military base, detention facility
Overview of the electric chain-link fence with barbed wire of the prison on a rainy day. Drops of rain on the fence.
a high fence with barbed wire and spotlights. border fence.

slider view crime scene where detective hands with blue gloves put the gun as evidence of the crime in the plastic bag of scientific evidence to be delivered to csi
Barbed wire on the background of the gray sky. Illegal immigration concept, prison lifestyle, imprisonment, restricted area.
red and green light on subway turnstile. persons apply electronic touch card, people pass through opened doors. metro metal wicket control panel, paying for entrance
Aerial views of new home construction.
Through black hole. Space-time domain in deep space
Chain link fence and blue sky behind them. Slowly moving along iron fence boundary of the jail restricted area or wall of the military camp. Loopable 3d animation concept of freedom restriction.
Map of United States of America showing different states. Animated usa contiguous lower 48 u.s. state map  isolated green screen chroma key background. 4K USA map animated motion graphics animation.
Police red and white tape do not cross blocking city street at night - police patrol car with sirens flashing lights in background - demonstration, protest or crime scene - blurred background or bokeh
Entering Area 51 Sign On A Fence At The Military Base In The Nevada Desert At Sunset
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - Border patrol vehicle moves near the border wall at the US Mexico border at Imperial sand dunes, California.
Closeup of CCTV camera in a heavily guarded place with barbed wire fence, prison
USA - Mexico boundary - May 22, 2016: U.S.A. - Mexico Border, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez Border
boundary fence on sunset animation looped
South Korea and North Korea from space with moving clouds.
Roman Empire boundaries. Imperial on 3D rotating old historic world map. Historical maps border moving animation conquest graph chart age imperium greek western rome eastern byzantine medieval ancient
SOUTH CHINA SEA - JULY 2016: Flying towards a Chinese offshore oil drilling platform in the South China Sea, a strategic political and economic region with several conflicting territorial claims.
Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,Malaysia. Taken on February 2019. The Automatic Gate for Car Parking System.
Couple's kiss in slow motion. Silhouettes of people hugging. Erase boundaries of passion. Nothing will break us apart.
Woman who uses a wheelchair, waiting for a bus at a bus stop
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico - September 14, 2021: Late afternoon sun shines on the USA Mexico border wall as it winds through Tecate.
Map of Brazil, Brazil outline, Animated close up map of Brazil
Serious African American girl covers herself with her palm, confidently shows prohibitory gesture, stop and no signs, shakes her head. Young ethnic woman against violence, defends personal boundaries.
Barbed Wire Border Fence Silhouette Red Sky at Dusk Timelapse Barbed Wire Time Lapse
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - A low aerial along the U.S Mexican border wall fence.
Serious strong decisive African bearded young adult ethnic male puts palm in front of him, confidently shows stop gesture, against violence, demonstrate NO sign, distance, defends personal boundaries
Syrian refugee children educated in Turkey 12.05.2020
A close-up in slow motion, of hands of all races and colors stacked together one by one in unity and teamwork and then raised.
A camera movement with a telephoto lens on an old, rusted, wire fence in Warsaw Ghetto, a 4K (Sony S-Log) video clip, Warsaw, Poland.
Helpless Child Shaking A Metal Fence Trying To Escape. Silhouette of children hands on the window fence. Refugees or abandoned child. Mental Institution. Family violence. Fingers on the fence
INDIANA - CIRCA 2020s - Sign indicates the Indiana State line as a truck passes on a rural road.
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
Security camera over barbed wire fence, CCTV footage, surveillance, penitentiary
Person with a physical disability waiting for a bus at a bus stop
Rush hour metro metal wicket control panel with green lights, people paying for enter with touch cards
Wire barbed fence near jail restricted area and prison boundary barrier. View at the barb wall of the crime area or closed military camp. Closeup prohibited forbidden zone loopable 3d animation.
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - The American flag flies over the U.S. Mexico border wall in the California desert.
The Great Wall of China
Businessman with Asia hologram concept
Building without windows behind a barbed wire fence
HAZELDONK, NETHERLANDS – 6 MAY 2020: Europe infrastructure and transportation issues due to coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, huge traffic jam of cargo trucks at Dutch Belgian temporary border crossing
Several colored rolls of plastic mesh are in the store.
A Tennis Player slides across a clay tennis court and plays the shot in slow motion.
Canada Map A large group of people form to create a Canadian map. 4K Video Animation.
Chile digital map. Map of Chile in dotted style. Shape of the country filled with rectangles. Creative video.
Female patient during the preparation for cosmetology procedure | Beautician marking up face, drawing the correction lines before the plastic surgery, injecting fillers or botulinum toxin injection.
CIRCA 2019 - highlights of U.S. president Donald Trump touring the border wall with border patrol agents.
4k - Barbwire fence and amazing time lapse skies
Romania Map A large group of people form to create a Romanian map. 4K Video Animation.
Paraguay Map A large group of people form to create a Paraguay map. 4K Video Animation.
Female hand moving along the surface of grid. Arm of young woman touching metal wire fence. Girl walking during summer vacation and leading his fingers along the guard of bridge. Close up Slow motion
Portugal Map A large group of people form to create a Portugal map. 4K Video Animation.
Paju, South Korea - Korean flag hanged by the Koreans along the demarcation line that separate the North and South. On the flag written messages of unification for both country.
Chile Map A large group of people form to create a Chile map. 4K Video Animation.
Finland Map A large group of people form to create a Finland map. 4K Video Animation.
Drive along white dotted line on city asphalt road
Close up of man driver in mask talking to guard in booth. Security employee wearing safety mask writing down information about male in car before opening gates for entrance
2D Map of state Maine, Maine map white outline, Animated close up map of Maine USA
2D Map of state Minnesota, Minnesota map white outline, Animated close up map of Minnesota USA
Map of Turkey, Turkey map white outline, Animated close up map of Turkey
Animated Outline Map of Costa Rica with Provinces in a Black background
Road works with excavations marked with barriers and orange flashing warning lamps. Blocked street for traffic due to renovation.
Car parking barrier gate.
3D CGI Map of Middle East & United Arab Emirates Borders Traced With Mountain Relief & Depth of Field
HEBRON, WEST BANK – NOVEMBER 7 2021: Protective cover and garbage in the bazaar of Hebron (allegedly thrown by Israeli settlers that live above) in central Hebron, a contested area in the West Bank
Thingvellir is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. Aerial view marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - The American flag flies over the U.S. Mexico border wall in the California desert as a border patrol passes beneath.
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - Aerial over a border patrol vehicle standing guard near the border wall at the US Mexico border at Tecate.
The parking barrier bar lifts automatically when the ticket is taken.
Frozen trees and ice formations at Tettegouche state park North Shore Minnesota Lake Superior shore winter
Duluth, port city in Minnesota with the shore of Lake Superior completely frozen
Winter landscape Frozen shore of lake superior in North Shore Minnesota
4K Texas State Flag Drone Aerial Sunset San Antonio Skyline Texas Star
Riots in the Street and Old Television Green Screen. Fire Flames Rising from a Burning Van near a Wall with Barbed Wire Fence and Retro TV Set with Green Screen. Dolly Shot. 4K Resolution.
Glassy Lake Canoe POV With Sky Reflection
Park fence icon animation best simple object on green screen background
HEBRON, WEST BANK – NOVEMBER 7 2021: Walking through historic bazaar in central Hebron, a contentious area claimed by both Israeli settlers and local Palestinians
SAUDI ARABIA – DECEMBER 2019: Construction trucks drive past traffic sign on Jeddah to Jordan highway in Saudi Arabia
Side on view of a 3D cricket ball slowly rolling on the spot. Shiny red cricket ball in a continuous roll perfect for sports advertising. 4K clip at 30fps for smooth motion with an alpha matte.
Chiang Khan , Loei , Thailand - 01 01 2022: Two ladies on their bicycles stopping to buy some street Thai food along the Walking Street, Chiang Khan in Loei, Thailand.
World Map. Satellite (tilted perspective) projection. Loopable rotating map of the world. Trendy footage.
Close up of U.S police tape
Dewsbury, West Yorkshire / United Kingdom (UK) - 01 02 2019: Children on council estate in urban park
Brazil map with all states or provinces glowing neon outline in and out animation.
ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP, JORDAN - NOVEMBER 2016: Syrian refugee kids pose for the camera inside the Zaatari camp in Jordan
Boundary of restinga vegetation forest and Maranhenses sheets. Lencois Maranhenes, Maranhao, Brazil. Natural paradisiac scenery. Lencois Maranhenses, Maranhao, Brazil. Border of restinga forest.
Rotating high-altitude to shoot clear and transparent waves hitting the beach
Aerial drone flying along the United States Mexico border fence, showing gap
happy mother refugee reunited with little son kissing her near fence barbed wire on the border
Aerial view of clear boundary between green wildlife jungle and densely populated metropolis city. Bird's eye top view from drone of Hong Kong modern skyscrapers district. Big City infrastructure
BOUNDARY word intro 4K animation on Black Background - Animated Title - Boundary word Glitch Style ( 12 different styles ) Boundary lettering Glitchy Package on Black Background
Barbed wire fence that separates the area of the villagers in Thailand The foreground is a concrete fence post and old wood with termites eating into a deep.
South Africa, Cape Town - May 31 2016: Robben Island Prison precinct, sunset Timelapse of sun setting and clouds moving overhead, Prison barbed wire fence silhouetted
CIRCA 2010s - U.S.-Mexico border - Forward aerial along the U.S Mexican border wall fence reveals the town of Nogales.
A slow motion shot of a camera moving through a buttercup meadow at sunset
People Going Through Entrance In Subway Using Tickets On Turngate. Bangkok MRT, Thailand. HD, 1920x1080.
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