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Super slow motion of beautiful healthy long smooth flowing brown hair.
ears of wheat on the field a during sunset. wheat agriculture harvesting agribusiness concept. walk in large wheat field. large harvest of wheat in summer on the field landscape lifestyle
World map focused on est europe. Ukraine war and russian invasion concept. Ukrainian border with blinking target. Ukraine in blue, Russia in red, rest of the world in grey.
Shehyni, Lviv region, February 27, 2022. Queue at the Ukrainian-Polish border. The war in Ukraine. Shehyni border crossing. War in Ukraine, Lines, refugees on the border, fear
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Ukrainian soldiers with backpacks and weapons march in formation. Ukrainian army prepares for Russian invasion
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: A column of armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian army is driving along a snow-covered road. Preparations for the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Animated map of the of Russian troops in the Ukraine  Zoom out effect.
Set of Animated Hand Drawn Highlighter Elements, doodle arrows, circles, check marks, frames, borders and elements for selecting text. White design elements isolated on black background.
Ukrainian War Civilian Soldier Man Holding Ukraine Flag amid Destruction Devastation Piece Talks Rebuilding Renew Violence Invasion Resistance Concept
Caucasian Female Proceeds Through Automated Passport Border Control with Identity Face Recognition Scanner at International Airport. Footage Showing Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning Process.
Bright connections and charts forming a network over Middle East map. Animation of the Earth with augmented reality elements, text boxes, interfaces and graphs.
EU, USA and Russian flags with chess pieces symbolizing the conflict and control of Ukraine
Family of two parents and two kids with luggage walking down the airport terminal, all wearing protective masks, back view, slow motion
Set of Accent and Underline Elements. White Highlight Elements, Hand drawn circles, frames, dividers, arrows, dots, underlines, dots, curves. Doodle loop animation with Alpha channel.
Empty airport terminal, no people. Pandemic, covid-19 lockdown concept. Airport departure lounge with no people in it
Siret Border, Romania - March  02, 2022: Ukrainian refugees Editorial stock video
Ukraine war Animated conflict map of Russia invasion of Ukraine, the movement of troops. as of February 24, 2022, UHD 4K 3D Renderd
Valentine’s day concept background, balloon heart shape with gift box.
Sailing yacht in wind waves at Arran Island sea bay in Scotland. Amazing seascape at Brodick port city. Lonely sail boar race at sun shine with fluffy clouds. Serene water scape and transportation
Beautiful abstract beige floral 4k video background. Sun shadows and reflections of trees, green leaves and daisy flowers on sunny surface of wall
Ukrainian refugee mother with child crossing border.
Animated map of the of Russian troops in the Ukraine
Funny studio portrait of cute smiling puppy dog border collie isolated on white background. New lovely member of family little dog gazing and waiting for reward. Pet care and animals concept
Dorohusk , Europe , Poland - 03 11 2022: Refugees from Ukraine. Children are looking for toys from humanitarian aid. Close Up. Manor house in Dorohusk at the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing in Dorohu
Aerial view of Nogales border area showing border fence separating the United States of America and Mexico with U.S. Border and Customs Protection patrolling border area with their vehicles
Saudi Arabia technology network, KSA Digital map, Riyadh Hi-Tech business
Ukraine war map, Animated map of Russia invasion of Ukraine, the movement of troops. as of February 24, 2022, UHD 4K 3D Renderd
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Soldiers climb into the tank turret, put on a helmet, and prepare to go into battle. Ukrainian army prepares to defend against Russian invasion.
Family vacation. Mother and father holding hands of their children and walking down the airport corridor to flight, everyone wearing protective medical masks, slow motion
Siret Border, Romania - March  02, 2022: Ukrainian refugees Editorial stock video
Drone flight at the full length of the world famous Victoria Falls, right at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. The flight starts in Zimbabwe and ends in Zambia.
Planet Earth from Space European Union Countries highlighted teal glow, 2020 political borders and counties, city lights, animation 3d illustration
The Victoria Falls at the Border of Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa. The Great Victoria Falls One of the Most Beautiful Wonders of the World. Aerial Shot From Above. Camera Moves Forward
Animation grunge - brush stroke. Abstract hand - painted element. Grunge brush strokes animation. Underline and border design. Seamless looping background. 4K
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2015: Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive in Greece coming from Turkey on island of Chios.
Monochrome universal countdown film leader. Countdown clock from 10 to 0. Design element of old cinema
ink paint white brush stroke transition animation
Volunteers distributing blankets and other donations to refugees on the Ukrainian border.
4k light sunny yellow gradient seamless looped animated background. Abstract random moves text frame, minimal straight diamond border. Polygonal bright geometric pattern. Endless pure transition shape
Yacht sailing on open sea at windy day aerial. Sun shine over white sail boat at ocean bay. Sailboat cruise at serene seascape. Amazing ship racing at summer sunny day. Cinematic drone shot
Silhouette of Miners leaving the Coal Mine in Patagonia, Argentina.
Generic Unmarked International Airport Airfield Night Timelapse with Moving Lights from Commercial Jet Airliners near San Francisco California United States of America
Toronto, Canada in lockdown. A eerily deserted, empty downtown street during the covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Cold and grey day.
Hand drawn border frame animation.
Animated border design.
Virtual reality. Futuristic VR head-up display design. Sci-Fi helmet HUD, GUI,UI. Futuristic display with data, speedometer and statistics panel. Cockpit of futuristic autonomous car. High tech screen
4K UHD Cinemagraph / seamless video loop of a mountain river in the Austrian alps with a vibrant evening sky, close to the German border in autumn. The water is rushing along colorful fall trees.
Animated neon glowing frame background. Colorful laser show seamless loop 4K border. Futuristic light effect isolated on black. VJ backdrop for club, show, music video, presentation. 3D animation
Animated map of the of Russian troops in the Ukraine. Zoom out effect.
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Tanks with tankers turn around and go to the training ground
Squares neon blue light in black hall room. Abstract sci fi geometric background. Corridor. Futuristic concept. Glowing in concrete floor room with reflections. Moving forward. 3d animation loop of 4K
Caucasian male wearing medical mask puts a Temporary closed due COVID-19 pandemic sign on a window. Coronavirus pandemic, small business shutdown
High barbed wire fence around prison or secret military base, detention facility
Close up American flag waving on sunset with soft focus, Slow Motion. Concept of Memorial Day or 4th of July, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Celebrate USA, American Election. America Concept.
Infinite Looped Gatsby Art deco 20's style animated Frame Tunnel. Gold modern early 20th century ornament builds up and appears on black background. Glamorous template for opener, titles or text
Reflections of green leaves of trees. Natural sun shadows overlay on white texture of old weathered wall background. Abstract 4k video backdrop.
Unrecognizable lawyer's hand works with papers and law books in courtroom or office. Concept of justice and law, attorney or court judge
Sarnia, Ontario ,Canada February 11 2022 Convoy of Truckers protest blocking Canada USA border due COVID vaccine mandate
Signs, marks and lines on rolling film. Noise, grain and dust tape effect. Sepia colors. Vintage, retro strip intro. High contrast. Perforation holes on border. Dynamic Film burn effect 4K footage
Authentic Super 8 frame scanned from film for overlays and vintage effects.
African map with yellow lines. Animation of the Earth with bright connections representing aerial, maritime, ground routes and country borders.
Medyka, Poland, March 2022: Refugees from Ukraine escaping from war. Ukrainian refugees on crossing the border to Poland. Ukrainians fleeing the war. Polish policeman trying to help refugees.
Abstract 3D illustration background motion transformation with Zen white gray dots lines on plexus pattern of future innovation technology digital business network connection
Young happy woman train her border collie dog in snowy winter forest. Doggy wrap itself in blue scarf. Best friends play and having fun. Joyful game and tame. Purebred dog get ready for exhibition.
Scratched Damaged 35mm Footage. Animation of a blank loopable old vintage damaged 8mm film tape. Film Grime Overlay
Thanksgiving Day. Pumpkin, Squash. Happy Thanksgiving Day wooden Table Background decorated with pumpkins, corn comb, candles and autumn leaves garland. Holiday Autumn festival scene, Fall, Harvest 4K
4k dark blue seamless looped animation background. Layout 3d dynamic flyer cover. Blank minimal polygonal backdrop. Business corporate concept digital image. Place for white logo, birthday party text
Looped cartoon ocean waves on green screen background animation.
Sun reflection at sailboat on ocean bay aerial. Summer sea cruise on ship at green mountains island of Arran on yachts with passengers. Scotland sea coast water with vessel. Cinematic drone shot
Super slow motion of pouring red wine from bottle into goblet. Shot on high speed cinema camera with 1000fps 4K resolution.
Neon circle lights abstract background for colorful vortex concept. Bright shiny round border for presentation slide. Seamless loop.
An old stone lookout fort amongst the houses built on the sides of the mountains in the historical Faifa region of Saudi Arabia (aerial view) Al Dayer Jizan Region, Saudi Arabia.
Circle border sand template. Abstract cycle ring animation. 4k Ultra HD exclusive particle flow video backdrop. Dust floating round on black background. Gold dust flying in a circular motion.
Paint Brush Transition Reveal with Alpha Channel - Transparency. Transition Disappears in the Same Direction as Appearing. Perfect for Motion Graphic, Slide Show, Fade, Matte, Reveal
Set of Animated White Brush Strokes, Hand Drawn Paint Stains, Blots, Splashes with Paper Texture. Silhouettes of watercolor stains on a black background. Grunge dirty shapes, artistic element for text
Flying over the Great Wall of China
Home Video Videocassette Recorder, VCR. 8mm 16mm 35mm Square Film Frame VHS defects, artifacts and noise. Flickering tape cassette. Static TV noise. Retro vintage background for Overlay.
POV awesome shot of hipster man or millennial freelancer write blog post or work on remote office project on laptop, while drinking coffee from adventure metal mug and pet dog on pier on lake
Nurse in a medical mask and glasses measures the patient's temperature with a non-contact infrared thermometer.
POV driving on Texan gravel service road for the border wall between USA and Mexico; near McCallen Texas on a sunny day; concepts of national defense, border security, and Trump's build the wall
Portrait of smiling young woman kissing doggy in a field. Dog lover stylish girl wearing sunglasses hugging her doggy during they walk. Concept of friendship and hipster lifestyle
Flying to UAE from many destinations. Dubai opens borders for tourists. Airplane trip on the map.HUD with digital data code.Good for tourist company, airways advertisement.
HAZELDONK, NETHERLANDS – 6 MAY 2020: Europe infrastructure and transportation issues due to coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, huge traffic jam of cargo trucks at Dutch Belgian border crossing
a high fence with barbed wire and spotlights. border fence.
Refugees Running In Cornfield. Young migrant couple escaping from the war with plastic bag in their hands. Refugees trying to cross border in search of better life in Europe (EU).
Saudi Arabia Map Hologram Effect, KSA Digital global map, Riyadh zoom out
Animated map of the of Russian troops in the Ukraine
NICE, FRANCE - MARCH, 2022: I Love Nice sign at the beach
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2016: Refugee families from Syria and Iraq arriving by rubber boat on island in Greece.
Wine. Red wine pouring from neck of bottle in wine glass over dark background. Rose wine pouring from the bottle. Slow motion
Fabric tearing transition. Peeling transitions with alpha. VFX
Flickering We Are Hiring Join Our Team Lettering Glowing Light Neon Sign With Motion Dotted And Dashed Border Line On Dark Blue Brick Wall Separated Background 10 Seconds / Loopabe
Melting a film frame in a projector on a red 4K background
Amazon rainforest burning under smoke in sunny day in Acre, Brazil near the border with Bolivia. Concept of deforestation, fire, environmental damage and crime in the largest rainforest on the planet.
Border collie running and standing on her hind legs on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.

Animation of the United States map with bright connections and city lights. Yellow lines representing aerial, maritime, ground routes, state and country borders. Locked. Blue.
Paper burning in flames, with matte
Kehl, Germany - Mar 16, 2020: Truck driver in Mercedes-Benz Actros wearing a protection mask shows OK sign during the border crossing Strasbourg Kehl crisis measures against the novel coronavirus
Vintage looping film strip melting background. Videotape with scratches and stains. Old camera roll animation.
Two Cute Excited Border Collie waiting for human do a trick. Head of black and white and red border collie
The Earth is connected by air, land and sea. Futuristic animation of Earth with bright connections and city lights. Europe and Asia aerial, maritime, ground routes and country borders.
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