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Close-up of blows on hot metal, sparks flying in different directions. The blacksmith holds the workpiece with one hand with tongs, and with the other a hammer with which he forges the product
Glass blower production handmade slowmotion
Carpenter blowing sawdust away from handcrafted wood plank on workbench outside the garage atelier. Artisan working wearing safety protections . Build home creative ideas, slow motion blurred subject
Sick office manager suffering bad allergic feeling sneezing using paper tissues trying to work. Overworked employee portrait.
It's quitting time! Work day is done and it feels so good. Manager dances as the whistle blows. Ecommerce warehouse manager. Shot in 4k.
Ill upset young woman blowing running nose got flu concept caught cold sneezing in tissue sit on bed, sick girl having health problem flue allergy symptoms coughing holding napkin alone in bedroom
Ill sick young woman sneezing in tissue, blowing runny nose. Millennial lady having flu coronavirus cold symptoms at home. Covid 19 virus infection, flu and seasonal allergy concept. Close up view
A man is spraying ecowool insulation in the attic of a house. Insulation of the attic or floor in the house
Portrait of young redhead woman working with computer laptop in office at summer during heatwave. The temperature is hot and the hair conditioner is broken. The girl sweats and feels exhausted
Slow motion macro top view of glass blower working  with flame on a handmade glass from precious crystal in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of handmade,high quality,artisan, made in Italy,glass blower
Young Asian male carpenter in safety goggles and gloves rubbing and blowing off dust on the backrest of a finished wooden chair and cleaning dust from his gloves by clapping hands in the wood workshop
Charming young female blogger influencer shooting video, making live stream conference at home. Pretty Asian woman vlogger talking to camera with followers, viewers and blowing kiss. Greeting.
Office worker sneezing suffering from allergy sitting at workplace. Sick and tired bank employee having a cold being at work.
Animal costume in the park. Person in funny dragon costume walking in the city in bright summer day. Blow-up suit of a dinosaur outdoors.
Slow motion macro of experienced glass blower working with flame on a handmade wine glass from crystal in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of handmade, high quality, artisan, made in Italy,glass blower
Slow motion macro of glass blower working with flame on a handmade art piece of glass from precious crystal in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of handmade, quality, artisan, made in Italy, glass blow
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 20 OCTOBER, 2019:Tired caucasian office worker sneezing from allergy blowing nose using napkins working on laptop computer in the company. Hardworking businessperson suffers
Sick bearded man in the office suffering fever or virus sneezing allergy and blowing his nose at desktop computer. Illness and tireness concept.
Group Of Young Caucasian Office Workers Surprising Their Pretty Co-Worker With an Office Birthday Party, Bringing Her a Fancy Cake and a Party Hat. Birthday Girl is Surprised and Beyond Happy, Smiling
Mind blowing information. Girls world falling apart as she realises everyone hid truth. Slow-motion shocked and overwhelmed woman making explosion gesture as her head gonna explode
Woodworker blowing dust from wooden plank and examining it while working in carpentry workshop
Slow motion of a leaf blower used to clean leaves in a yard
Low angle of a female lifeguard on a stand watching over swimmers at a public pool. The teen blows her whistle while working a summer job lifeguarding. Action shot represents employment and safety.
profession, people, carpentry, woodwork and people concept - carpenter working with plane and wood plank at workshop
Head shot portrait woman sit on couch look at camera start video conference greeting blows send air kisses glad to see parents talking during virtual meeting use video call, modern technology concept
The process of shaping a crystal glass products.  Close-up shooting of the process of shaping a crystal glass products. Hot glowing crystal glass. Glassblowing.
Dinosaur costume doing some funny walking on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Handsome caucasian man working on personal computer in contemporary office. Sick business employee sneezing allergy suffering cold using napkins at table.
Exhausted caucasian business manager coughing suffering cold and allergy blowing his nose with paper tissues trying to work on desktop computer in the office.
Caucasian female hairdresser blow drying her client hair at the hair salon
Person using a blowtorch on a factory, construction a boat slow motion
Sport activity, martial arts, young people and combat training, children practice in extreme sports in fitness gym. Hispanic boy fighting in ring, latino child punching at bag, boxing with trainer
View over head on of caucasian woman lying on the bed at home. Girl holding tablet computer with green screen while watching something. Chroma key. 4k video footage slow motion
Happy young Hispanic woman model blowing kiss into photographer's camera on set of photo studio
A Gardener clearing Leaves with a Backpack Leaf Blower. Low Angle View.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 20 OCTOBER, 2019:Sick office manager coughing suffering fever high temperature using paper napkins blowing nose sitting at desktop computer. Allergy. Bad condition.
Production Worker / Machine Adjuster Adjusts the Automatic Injection Molding Machine to Start Production of Molding Housing for the Headlamps in Automotive Factory
Small business of a young man.
Man blowing fall leaves from the garden with leaf blower in slow motion.
Snow-covered man cleans the road in winter with blower, snow removal equipment
Middle aged male worker using remote control system and blowing off dust from plastic block while sitting on workbench near robotic arm milling machine
office male worker with portable charging and a fan is cooled in a hot office. Air conditioner breakdown.
Switching on an air ventilator for humidity control in room. Fresh air.
Professional woman Asian barber, after cutting a caucasian, white European clientele, blow her hair with a hair dryer in a modern beauty salon.
Overworked young business man suffering bad feeling or cold coughing at working desk. Poor ill employee sneezing allergy using paper tissues sitting in the office.
Glass blower production handmade slowmotion
Sick business woman working on laptop, cover nose sneeze into paper napkin feels unhealthy, allergic person suffers from seasonal allergy, need treatment and rest, deadline during sick-leave concept
Traditional glass blowing process inhandmade glass studio. Glassblower keep the glassblowing pipe in gass furnace stove. Shining yellow flames.
Butane gas burner flame burning from nozzle against black background. Welding tool with burner flame. Blue and Orange Flame from a butane blow torch. Closeup of butane burner.
asian woman fluttering cloth and hang after washed. house work concept.
Sick muslim woman working on laptop at home, coughing and blowing her nose. Remote work and health care concept, slow motion
Orange snowplow vehicle featured in winter road sand
Businessman suffering from summer heat in office home, sitting in stuffy room. Annoyed jaded worker man uses notebooks to freshen himself up with paper documents, air conditioning problems.
Office worker rushes to office late for meeting, loses drops documents on sidewalk on street near business center, wind blows papers to sides carries away, manager catches picks up files from ground
Slow motion of experienced glass blower working on a handmade wine glass from precious crystal in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of handmade, high quality, artisan, made in Italy,glass blower
Passional kisses,hot caresses, oral sex- making sex
Caucasian glassblower free blowing glass at glassblowing factory 4k
Close up portrait of joyful African American young professional male cook baker in uniform blowing candle on mini cupcake celebrating birthday in festive mood making a wish, b-day concept
Unhealthy female african employee coughing or sneezing while working in workplace in office. Portrait of afro-american businesswoman blowing nose in paper tissue sitting at workplace
Close-up hand rubs a wooden product with sandpaper, slow motion
Slow Motion Portrait of Happy Successful Cheering Businessman Blowing Bubblegum Bubble. Having Fun Making Bubbles at Office. Businessman Series. 4K UHD 4096x2160.
Tensed and annoyed, distressed young male employer feel pressured and intense, holding breath, making blow gesture, head gonna explode from crazy nonsense conversation, pink background
Side view close up of a senior adult African American man during cookery class in a restaurant kitchen, smelling a dish with his eyes closed and blowing on a spoon before taking a taste, in slow
Man using electric powered leaf blower to blow autumn leaves from grass lawn. Landscape worker clearing fall leaves from residential yard.
Close-up face of a man with a hood on his head. Fast speed floats on a boat on the sea, a strong wind is blowing and the boat is swinging on the waves. 3840x2160, 4k
Female dog groomer blow-drying miniature schnauzer in dog parlor
Portrait of young business woman in suit with blonde hair standing on the urban business district street. Skyscraper background. Business, finance, banking. Girl looking at camera.
Blowing Leaves Toward Camera Slow Motion. a low angle view of a lady using a leaf blower to move the fall leaves off the lawn toward the camera view
Two multiracial business men colleagues standing in office looking out window on break talking suffer from stuffy high temperature, afro american man with caucasian guy correcting collar from heat
Adult upset businessman feeling stress, guy crying sobbing, wiping his nose with napkin handkerchief, close up people grief emotions. Office worker male comically funny suffering sitting at home
Super Slow motion Carpenter man blow dust on wood board after doing carpentry.
A shepherdes his goats across the hot, arid, desert. Dust blows in the wind.
KYIV, UKRAINE - August 2020: Funny dragon costume. Active person wearing blow-up dragon suit walking in the city park. Carnival demonstration.
Beautiful blonde making up her lips by red lipstick while the wind blows her hair on the street
Closeup of businessman with open laptop and making notes with cup and incense . High quality 4k footage
Big dragon in blow-up costume. Person dressed in funny orange costume walks on stadium in a sunny day.
Portrait of afro delivery guy standing outdoors and sneezing in tissue feeling sick and working during coivd-19 pandemic. Ill african courier virus carrier feeling unwell and working
snowblower in winter
A special forces commander in a black uniform gives orders on a walkie-talkie against the background of a sunny summer natural landscape. A light wind blows across his face.The middle plan.
Portrait of young business woman in suit with blonde hair blowing in wind walking on the urban business district street. Skyscraper background. Business, finance, banking. Girl looking at camera.
An elderly farmer walks through a cornfield. Agricultural business. He wears a cowboy hat, a blue striped shirt. Hands pushes the high stalks of corn to pass. Slow motion, view back. 4K
car service, repair, maintenance and people concept - mechanic man with wrench and lamp working at workshop
Sick business woman with flu blowing nose in tissue
Tired unhealthy young man employee suffering cold sneezing allergy working long hours in the office. Bad feeling.
Allergic ill african woman blowing running nose got flu caught cold sneezing in tissue working from home on laptop sit on sofa, sick black girl having allergy symptoms coughing holding handkerchief
Close up of torch melting glass or plastic pipe on manufacturing plant. Industrial worker blowing glass tube with flame at factory. Optic fibre and glassblowing industry concept
Scientist in white gloves blowing air with pipette into pool with fish embryos
Glass blower production handmade slowmotion
Glass blower production handmade slowmotion
Slow motion macro of glass blower working with flame on a handmade art piece of glass from precious crystal in a workshop.Shot in 8K.Concept of handmade, quality, artisan, made in Italy, glass blowing
Slow motion macro close up of experienced glass blower working on a handmade wine glass from crystal in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of handmade, high quality, artisan, made in Italy,glass blower
Allergy and health problems for young woman sneezing in office while using laptop computer
attractive sick woman at desk blowing her nose and coughing coronavirus cover-19
Glassblower free blowing glass at glassblowing factory 4k
Exploding File Cabinet (Office Workload). Animation.
Business woman celebrating 27 years and doing a party with colleagues in her office. A friend with mobile phone takes pictures of her blowing out candles on birthday cake. Wide shot
Hairdresser is blow drying wet hair in sections. The client is red-haired woman at the beauty salon. Making a hairstyle
Office Fight - angry office workers come to blows at work. High quality HD video footage
Sad businessman celebrating a lonely birthday in the office, he is blowing a candle on a small cake
Carpenter blowing sawdust away from handcrafted wood plank on workbench. Artisan worki . Build home creative ideas. High quality 4k footage
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