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Glowing bright night lights of european cities turn off and dim abruptly as seen from the space. Power outage blackout or International Earth Hour WWF event concept. 3d animation in 4K.
City Blackout. Power outage in an area of high rise apartment buildings.
City Blackout. Power outage in large city. Energy crisis, climate change, disatsers, economic recession concept. Location: Los Angeles, California.
Power outage blackout in a suburban neighborhood. Close telephoto view of apartment windows in a big residential building.

Relevant to coronavirus, covid-19, sars-cov-2 corona virus viral outbreak.
Aerial view of power outage blackout in suburban neighborhood.

Relevant to coronavirus, covid-19, sars-cov-2 corona virus viral outbreak.
Camera moving along the corridor in data center with server equipment, the lights turning off until total darkness, then red light suddenly lights up in danger. Photorealistic 3D render animation.
4k Close-up Of A Tungsten Light Bulb Switching On And Off. Energy, Electricity, Innovation Concept.
Continental night lights of american cities turn off abruptly as seen from the space. Concept of power outage or international Earth Hour event. 3d animation in 4K.
Blackout in North America. Huge Outage Hits North America and Surrounding Area. Power Outage Across All Continent.
Blackout in Europe. Huge Outage Hits Europe and Surrounding Area. Power Outage Across All Continent.
Close up view of young african american girl in glasses looking to camera while standing at demonstration at night street. Crowd of protesters at background. Concept of strike. Black Lives Matter.
Electricity: High voltage power lines, Time Lapse at Sunrise with pylons in Silhouette and Colorful Sky
Tracking shot. Hi-tech UPS battery room at large data center.
Camera slowly moving along the narrow corridor in data center with server equipment on both sides, the lights gradually turning off until total darkness. Photorealistic 3D render animation.
Blackout in the big city. Aerial.
Data center server room power off blackout
Thunder storm outside window with lightning strike rain and gale force winds
Modern server computer equipment turns on after power outage, blackout. Power on in the server room, the normal operation of the servers.
Critical Blackout in Server Room. Electricity Failure in Modern Data Center Cloud Computing.  4k Ultra HD.
Power is returned after a continental power outage as seen from space. North America version.
CIRCA 1945 - Blackouts in America are ended on V-E Day, and crowds take to the streets to celebrate (narrated in 1963).
Blackout Future Modern City 4k. Power Outage In A High Rise Apartment Complex. Location: Hong Kong.
Blackout in Asia. Huge Outage Hits Asia and Surrounding Area. Power Outage Across All Continent.
Blackout in server room
Angry couple getting cold at home suffering a power outage sitting on a couch in the night
Power Failure in Datacenter. Blackout in Server Room. Electricity Problem in Modern Data Center Storage. 4k UHD.
A simulated continental power outage as seen from space. North America version.
Flashlight beam moving into total darkness. Ray of light pointing to multiple spots finding its way.
Woman Extinguishing Candle, Macro
Blackout in server room.Creative business web telecommunication, internet technology connection, cloud computing and networking connectivity concept: terminal monitor in  datacenter. 3d render
Shaky camera following footsteps of unrecognizable man going along the walkway in the dark
Blackout Aerial. Industrial Greenhouse Power Outage or Closing Down. Illustrating energy crisis, economy recession or the end of a productive day.
CIRCA 1945 - Crowds swarm outside the White House to hear President Truman declare victory over Japan (narrated in 1963).
4K Energy Supply Graphs Showing Blackout over Huge City 3D Animation Concept for massive blackouts caused by energy electricity overload, short circuits or terrorist attacks.
Blinking lights in house windows. Circuit short. Problems with electricity at the building. Timelapse in night time
Data Center server web of connections, cloud storage, multimedia icons, and cyber security icons walk through visualization
A woman with a flashlight walks downstairs in a dark house at nighttime.
Afro-american young IT specialist woman using digital pad opening rack door of server cabinet analyzing statistics information cooperating in data center.
CIRCA 1940 - In this Frank Capra documentary, children are evacuated from London in anticipation of a Nazi attack.
City Skyscrapers Blackout
4K Huge City Metropolis Power Outage Blackout
Real city 4K Sony FDR-AX1 footage composite
Power Outage / City Blackout / Earth Globe / Earth from Space. Massive power outage blackout strikes USA and Canada. Global energy crisis. (av23293c)
Couple suffering power outage while watch tv claiming on phone and solving problem in the night at home
4K Huge City Metropolis Power Outage Blackout
Real city 4K Sony FDR-AX1 footage composite
Ominous shadow of dark cloud falls over coal power station in South Africa. Orbit aerial view of power plant, coal stockpile, green summer landscape, smoke rising from six cooling tower chimneys
4K Crime Morgue. Dead Body Closed in Black Bag
Woman suffering water leaks at home with a broken umbrella. Bad insurance concept
Close up view of multi ethnic protesters starting to clapp while standing freezed up with raising clenched fist. Demonstartions against police brutality and racism at night street. Black Lives Matter.
Server Room Blackout then Electricity Comes Back 3D Animation
Man installing cassette roller blinds on windows
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, a dog only feels comfortable kissing his girlfriend with the blackout curtains down.
Team of server technicians coworking at high tech digital room. Blackout in data center. Sudden power failure or electricity issues in server room cyber security.
Data center server room network
Blackout in data center switching off servers
4k (4096x2304) City Skyscrapers Blackout
Unhappy Asian young student having a hard time study abroad, self study at home, unhappy student upset with homework on table in living room, problems in college, failure and success university life
Young slender woman come to window, stretch hands up, wake up in sunny morning, silhouetted shot. Girl walk from bed to half-open curtains, look to low sun, yawning and pandiculate, lazy weekend time
Half-length silhouette of young adult woman against window, closing curtains at early morning time. Day break and dim first light outside, girl shut blackout fabric and room become dark
Night Cities from the Satellite. USA. NASA Photo. HD 1080.
4K Morgue Dead Body, Mortician Place Blank Tag on Foot
Los Angeles , California / United States - 10 21 2019: Tesla Powerwall Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Unit on House Wall
Caucasian IT engineer working on laptop turning off digital server room typing keyboard in panic trying to solve problem. Data center blackout. Power failure.
Street lamp power outage blackout.A city street lamp post suddenly goes out after a power failure.
4K Big City Skyscrapers Power Outage-Blackout - City of London, financial district
10 seconds countdown animation on cyberspace background.
Electrical engineer servicing pylon electrical faults in snowstorm blizzard
Creepy Mysterious Found Footage, Night Vision Camera
A Litter Asian girl sitting in room conner and crying after Punished by the blackout.
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, a caterpillar zooms around on a retread and fireflies put out their lights for a wartime blackout.
Modern working server room with rack servers. Cloud computing in datacenter, information storage. Blackout in server room, dos attack, hacking
CIRCA 1942 - In this animated film, a turtle participates in a wartime blackout by pulling into his shell and fireflies turn their bulbs on and off.
Man use both hands and quickly close blind curtains, room become dark, half-length silhouetted view from behind. Late wakeup because of jet lag on business trip. Sunny green city outdoors seen blurred
3d smoke explosion, shock wave effect, shockwave, ignition, magical effect isolated on black background
4k Halloween Horror Clown Man with Balloon
Electric grid transformer substation high voltage electricity infrastructure of power lines
Group of people approaching camera in the dark hallway
4k Halloween Horror Clown Man with Balloon
Angry woman warmly clothed in a cold home sitting on a couch in the night
Silhouette of a fashion model female walking along a dark corridor in high hills shoes, SLOW MOTION
Frustrated couple reading unpaid receipt suffering power outage at home in the night
Heavy snowstorm over national power lines causing blackout power shortage
4K Crime Morgue. Mortician Covers Dead Body
Night Cities from the Satellite. Europe. NASA Photo. HD 1080.
Dark shutters on a gleam of sunlight. The camera moves down the blinds. Solar light through closed blinds. Concept: secrecy, loneliness, quarantine
Tilt down of three human outlines stepping along the dark tunnel in slow motion
backlight silhouette of mystery man standing in front of car light beams
Crowd of protesters with banners protesting against police brutality and chanting. Crop view of young people with carton placard Black Lives Matter, No Justice No Peace walking and shouting
Creepy Mysterious Found Footage, Night Vision Camera
Tungsten lightbulb flickering with power problems
IT technician in data center working on laptop suddenly deactivating server room. Worried specialist typing code on keyboard turning on power cheering up laughing of failure.
Massive power outage strike the eastern United States.  High production value 3D animation created in MAYA.
Shot of male inline walking along hostel corridor, static camera
Wind turbine no rotation during calm weather. Black out and energy crisis. Aerial view.
low angle view of man feet walking into dark night. mystical fog background. light beams
old transformer electricity close-up. high voltage transformer electric booth. concept energy electricity. energy supply of electricity to production. old transformer voltage
A classic lamp with a shade. Turning the light off and on. Living room with wallpaper. Electricity saving. Earth Hour.
CIRCA 1942 - During a blackout drill in New York City, streetlamps and traffic lights are doused, and blackout curtains are lowered.
2021-2022 Global Energy Crisis Related Terms Seamless Background Loop.
Caracas/Venezuela, May 1, 2019: Workers claims for higher salaries and the resignation of Nicolas Maduro on international working day in Caracas, Venezuela
Frustrated friends suffering a blackout during tv sports match at home
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