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A flock of swallows flying freely, a group of birds made in 3D
White-tailed eagle is a bird of prey in the hawk family.  In flight, the bird holds its broad wings horizontally. The white-tailed eagle is the fourth largest bird of prey in Europe.
Aerial view of forest in Sweden at sunrise. Drone shot flying over spruce conifer treetops, nature background footage in 4K resolution
A set of 7 footages. Flock of crows isolated on white background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Nature pattern for design. Visual element for compositing.
Seagull bird flying slow motion with sunset.
Top down view of autumn forest, fall woodland aerial shot. Drone fly over pine trees and yellow treetops. Zoom out and spin colorful texture in nature. Flight over woods, natural background in motion
Wild migratory birds takes off in the great sunrise background. Ramsar Convention on wetlands. Flying to swamp for overwintering. Greater white-fronted goose. Izunuma lake, Miyagi, Tohoku, Japan
DOVES Flying Pack 4K animation on Green screen Background - Realistic Flock of birds flying - Multiple animations - Pigeons Flying
Flying through fluffy cumulus clouds towards moon at night - loopable
Flight above epic large flock of pelicans birds flying over blue lake in natural environment. Arnitology, birdwatching Beautiful migratory birds over sea water. Wildlife scenic nature landscape.
flock of birds flying in the sky crows. chaos of death concept. group of birds flying in the sky. black crows in a group circling against the sky. migration movement of birds from fly warm countries
Seagull is flying in beautiful blue sky, Slow Motion.
A flock of pigeons flying freely, spreading white wings. Concept of peace and freedom. Releasing Pigeons.
clear on a green screen a flock of black birds flying high in the sky
Flying Over Rocky Coastline alongside Cliffside with Blue North Atlantic Ocean Water Towards the Sun During Sunset. Bird Eye View 4K Cinematic Drone Footage. Soar Above Sea Coast From Up in the Air
Colorful butterflies flying loop random in the scene on white and black background. 3D rendering(Alpha matte)
isolated seagull flying loop, alpha channel, can change the background.symbol of freedom. Big seagull soaring over the Mediterranean sea.birds flies in strong winds.3d animation of flying bird loop
Real Humming Bird with Alpha Channel Matte mask in 4K
Zoom out of Turkey through clouds to see the Earth from space.
fire phoenix bird flying animation for intro
Pigeons flying near Gateway of India Mumbai Maharashtra during sunrise
Empty street in Stockholm city, Sweden aerial top down view. Quarantined city, empty abandoned streets during corona virus outbreak. Drone shot flying over buildings, parked cars and street
Aerial view of residential houses at spring (may). Establishing shot of american neighborhood, suburb.  Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunlight, from above.
flock of birds taking off from a tree, a flock of crows black bird dry tree. a huge flock of birds takes off from a dry tree slow motion video. flock of birds take off. surprise fun fright concept
WILDLIFE black animal design seagull flying on Green screen Slow motion shot of pigeons flying on green screen and on white isolated on a green background in studio shot background flying butterflies
Flock Of Birds On Green Screen. Flock of crows flying in an imperfect formation. Slow motion, Birds flying in formation. Migrating Greater birds
Aerial top down 4k view of white car driving on country road in forest in the evening at twilight. Cinematic drone shot flying over gravel road in pine tree forest
Animation of a white pigeon taking off in slow motion in a green screen background, used in sky background composition
Seagulls silhouettes flying in slow motion close to camera with sea at the background at sunset
Seagulls flying against the blue sky. Flock of birds floating on air currents of wind. Big seagull soaring over the Mediterranean sea. Greece. Slow motion. HD
This slow motion macro video shows a beautiful Allen's humming bird feeding on blooming anigozanthos red kangaroo paw plants and then flying off.
Map view of UK, Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland from above the clouds from space.
Stockfootage of a large flock of flying Birds in the sky - Swarm of Starlings flying in formation - Download Video in 4K
A condor (Vultur gryphus) flies in the Colca Canyon in Arequipa. Peru.
Flock of sparrow birds flying on green screen.
Four options of startled crows taking flight and flying away off-screen, with green background. Each flock differs in number of birds and how they fly away.
Wild geese flying in V formation - Close up tracking long shot
Pack of 7 different flock of crows - multiple options at different angles, on green screen background. Pre keyed for compositing as VFX effects.
Flying pigeons in an isolated green screen. slow motion
Flying in the clouds flying in the clouds. The clouds are moving on camera. Flying through the cloud
Shot of empty Gateway India with pigeons flying in the foreground and morning sun rising in the background during lockdown amid coronavirus/ COVID19 pandemic/ epidemic, Mumbai, India
4K aerial of flying over a beautiful green forest in a rural landscape, Vermont, USA
White-tailed Sea Eagle flying over a lake in slow motion.
Hawk soaring high in the sky with blue sky and clouds. Slow motion.
Zoom out of the Middle East through clouds to see the Earth from space.
Birds Flying in Loop Animation on Green screen background - Multiple types - Birds Flying Package ( Crop and use )
Flock of black birds flying on the green screen
Aerial view of Golf course. Establishing shot, drone flying over golf club. Early morning, summertime, sunlight
Two flying dove, pigeon on sky. People - newlyweds releasing white birds slowmotion.
blurred mysterious silhouette woman walks along pier. hair, dress flying wind, enjoy nature waves blue water. Back view. Seagulls fly over lake Lago di Garda sailboat floats. old town Riva Del Italy
Pink flamingos in the lake. A flock of pink flamingos against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape. Wildlife video filming.
An atmospheric bird's-eye view of a rich, green forest, aerial and dynamic
Golden Eagle with Brown Plumage Flying above Rugged and Mountainous Surroundings
Flock of pigeons flying around the Izmir Clock Tower at the Konak Square in Izmir, Turkey. Slow motion
Bats Animation - Halloween Black Bats Flying 4K animation on Green screen background - Flock of Bats flying on Chroma key background
Spectacular straight down aerial view of a flock of Greater Flamingos flying across the Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana
Slow motion of white fluffy feathers falling and flying over black background
Flying away birds silhouettes among the treetops, evening sky in the background, autumn time
Pigeons flying in the blue sky, Slow motion.
The leader leads a flock of cranes during the migration of birds to the south, against the cloudy sky.
autumn scenic flock of birds starlings fly from tree
overhead aerial cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC centered 4K and 1080 HD
Looped cartoon flowers garden with beautiful butterflies and cute little birds flying in the pink purple sky animation.
Flock of sparrows in flight for compositing onto your footage. Includes two flock options with 5 or 17 birds, on a green background. Also includes an individual sparrow flying in place.
Three options of a flock of birds (sparrows) flying or swooping across the frame, with green background.
fishing boats coming back to the harbour at sunset, France
Silhouettes of Seagull bird flying slow motion with sea at the background at sunset.
Aerial flying forward view of Doha boat harbour with skyscrapers and West Bay business district in the background, futuristic capital city of Qatar, corniche on the waterfront
Toronto, Ontario  Canada - March 21, 2021: Aerial view around the CN Tower during golden hour with Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario in the background, Ontario, Canada
monarch butterflies flying from left to right on white and black background. 3D rendering(Alpha mate)
Seagull is flying in beautiful blue sky, Slow Motion.
Zoom out of Dubai through clouds to see the Earth from space. Also showing global growth network and exporting.
Seagulls flying above a head. at harbour. slow motion. good at background.
Birds flying slow motion on the magical blue sky background. Flock flying in an imperfect formation. Big flock of birds.
Empty street in Stockholm city, Sweden aerial top down view. Quarantined city, empty abandoned streets during corona virus outbreak. Drone shot flying over buildings, parked cars and street
Flying through fluffy cumulus clouds towards moon at night - loopable
A flock of cranes flying under blue sky, migratory birds, panorama, diagonal composition
Unrecognizable woman shows shadow theater and doing a flying bird with her hands. Shadows on a white wall are blurry and out of focus. Theater for children leisure and entertainment at home.
A flock of seagulls flying in the cloudless sky with a bright sun behind. Beautiful birds with long wings and sunrise in the background. High quality 4k footage
Great Green Macaw parrots flying in the air during sunny day in jungle, close up track shot
Sydney - Bird Eye View over CBD
A flock of black birds flies from left to right to the green screen
Flying eagle green screen pack
Zoom out of Europe through clouds to see the Earth from space.
African Fish Eagle flying majestically in slow motion at Lake Naivasha Kenya during a boat safari
flock of birds flying green screen like video clips
4K Fire form flying eagle animation on black background.Flying eagle fire effect.Eagle in fire
A flock of wild geese flying in the sky. 3D rendering animation with green background. Migrating wild geese, used for synthesis into natural scene
Flock of birds, Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) surrounding their sleeping tree. France
isolated seagull flying loop top view ,alpha footage,high angle view.symbol of freedom. Big seagull soaring over the Mediterranean sea.birds fly in strong winds
bird fly in seamless loop
Cinematic establishing shot: Flock of birds moves from trees up in sky
Large flock of birds flying in slow motion. Nature background of silhouettes of birds
Great horned owl in the wind slow motion night time
Aerial view of Bangkok downtown. Real estate development Asia. Flying over Bangkok, Thailand.
Aerial view of petrochemical plant at sunset. Drone shot flying over facility, flock of birds in sky at beautiful day
Chasing a flying flock of pelicans over a lake with reflections of birds during sunset
Aerial view of residential houses at summer. Establishing shot of American neighborhood, suburb, house.  Real estate, drone shots, sunrise, sunlight, from above
Beautiful Stonechat female bird on branch singing flying away slow motion
A Hornbill flying at eye level view over the rain forest mountain Khaoyai Nation park ,Thailand
Black crows fly in the clear sky from right to left then disappear. Smooth unhurried flight of blackbirds over the horizon Chromakey isolated footage. Black ravens appearing
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