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Washington, DC / USA - June 3, 2020: Thousands of people join a Black Lives Matter march near the White House. The National Guard blocks protesters from moving to Lafayette Park.
Nervous young woman embracing pillow, feeling unsure about hard decision, sitting alone on sofa. Depressed lady regretting mistake abortion, suffering from psychological problem trouble at home.
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Disappointed young man sitting on couch thinking looking out the window feels moral badly after quarrel fight with wife, break up or divorce marriage split, unpleasant events in life suffering concept
Red Rose Ignites And Burns In Fire
Cute dog Beagle with sad eyes lies at home in the children's room on the floor, blinks and prepares for bed. The puppy is resting, lying stretched out in the rays of the sunset. Slow motion
Cheating husband. Couple issue. Infidelity betrayal. Disloyal man using mobile phone for chatting to lover lying in bed with sleeping wife late at night in dark blue light.
Close-up of the muzzle: a Cute Beagle dog with sad eyes is lying on the floor at home, blinking and getting ready for bed. The puppy is resting, lying in the rays of the sunset.
Young bearded man taking off mask, changing fake personalities, showing different facial expressions of happiness sadness rage amazement, various funny grimaces. studio shot isolated gray background
Young couple with smartphones in their beds turned
Quarrel on date on 8 march, valentine day or international women day. Young asian girl arguing with guy because of cheating. Woman screaming and beating man with bouquet of flowers for treason.
Detective filming the fact of adultery on video. cheated spouse removing his wife with his lover on a smartphone
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Upset woman sitting on couch alone remembers about quarrel with boyfriend feels offended desperate outraged, restless girl having problems in personal life suffers break up, misunderstanding in family
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled, pensive wife looking at sleeping husband frustrated by sexual problems, difficulties in relationships, thinking of breaking up divorce
Close-up macro depth of field: details of the dog's eyes, nose, mouth that blinks and waits for the owner. Beautiful red dog Beagle eye. Soft warm light, slow motion, close-up. 4K. Red Epic
White Plush Bear Toy Is Thrown On The Floor In A Dark Room
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled
Young couple lying in bed and man cheating on woman chatting on smartphone. Side view of boyfriend texting on mobile phone lying with girlfriend in bed
Close up view vietnamese young woman sitting on sofa alone feels depressed looking unhappy suffers having mental pain goes through divorce cheated by boyfriend, unwell bad condition, break up concept
Woman beating her boyfriend during the date. Bad date, problem, relationship concept. Filmed on RED 4K, 10 bit color.
Internet anxiety. Night insomnia. Social media. Disturbed woman using mobile phone sitting on bed with sleeping husband late in home bedroom.
Scared woman in a nightgown runs down the street, running away from home.
Married couple sort their relations. Wife check phone of husband makes claim, he justifies himself for sms in social network or call history. Distrust, jealousy, reveal betrayal in messages concept
Back View of African Boyfriend Looking At Other Woman Walking With His Irritated Girlfriend Outdoor. Relationship Problems, Unfaithfulness and cheating concept
Nervous woman breathing deeply leaning on wall, calming down after quarrel
Desperate young woman crying at home and tearing photo with ex. Young unhappy girl sitting on sofa feeling broken hearted after breaking up with unfaithful husband.
Upset desperate woman crying at home, attractive betrayed girlfriend tearing photo with ex, feeling hopeless after breaking up with unfaithful boyfriend, broken hearted wife starting new life
Back view of young man walking with girlfriend and looking at another woman passing by. Guy cheater eye flirting with woman during romantic date with wife
Bad guy scratching the car door with a screwdriver in the parking lot on the street. Damage of property from revenge for treason or betrayal, or threat. Auto insurance fraud or vandalism.
Multiple personality concept. young woman afro hairstyle acting different emotions, taking off mask changing facial expressions of happiness sadness amazement, showing various grimaces.indoor isolated
Adultery. Love triangle. Lovers secretly holding hands
Depressed crying young woman wife in tears despair upset about family fights misunderstandings with husband feel frustrated offended sad after conflict tired of bad relationships or marriage problems
Suspicious jealous woman checking boyfriend's cellphone, finding out about man betrayal and crying while man sleeping in bed. Beautiful woman in tears feeling rejected and betrayed after man cheat.
After quarrel aged spouses sitting separately and not talking, crisis in relationships, divorce, break up concept. Mature wife sit at table turned away from husband thinking about problems in marriage
London, UK - 11 20 2021: Young activist couple hugging on Bridge Street in Westminster holding signs, ‘Cop Has Failed’ and ‘Betrayed By My Government’, for an Insulate Britain protest.
The arrest of Jesus by the Temple guards in the Garden of Gethsemane. Biblical scene. Slow motion footage
Angry annoyed female gestures with annoyance, screams loudly, express irritation, reproaches partner in betrayal, isolated over pink studio wall. Stop it. Concept of anger and negative human emotions.
Insecure frightened young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie biting nails, feeling worried nervous about serious troubles, stress and anxiety disorder concept. indoor studio   isolated on pink background
CIRCA 1945 - Norwegian leader Vidkun Quisling is sentenced to death for his collaborationism with the Nazis.
In despair, a married man drops his wedding ring on a dark table - concept: divorce, breakup, separation, cheating, infidelity, darkness
Violent quarrel in the family. Domestic conflict, husband and wife swear and yell at each other.
Upset scared girl in dress biting nails, feeling nervous before important occasion, in anticipation of bad event, anxiety disorder and nervousness. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
mistress and married couple, love of three people, secret, adultery and lie, artistic shot
A girl breaks a paper heart
Worried brunette woman feeling nervous, thinking of breaking up or divorce, wears sweater, isolated on pink background. Anxious doubtful girl, suffering from depression, worrying about wrong decision
Infidelity concept. Spy view of multiethnic naked couple sitting in bed and making love, seeing camera and start moving away, feeling afraid and embarrassed, tracking shot, slow motion
Woman Reading Conversation While Man Sleeps. Female Does Not Trust Her Boyfriend Jealous. Couple European Appearance. Concept of Family Life, Young Couple Living Together, Mistrust, Jealousy and
Stressed lady with shaking hands taking off ring, divorce, relations break up
Father says goodbye to his son and asks for forgiveness. An idle son's smile at the end.
Married young multi-ethnic couple lying in the bed back to back at night and typing or scrolling on smartphones. Young unhappy couple problem in bedroom, quarrel between lovers. Divorce, marriage
Angry Italian girlfriend taking a bouquet of flowers and hitting a man with them furiously in front of a busy market in Rome.
Young couple with smartphones in their beds turned
A young woman or wife is typing a text message on her mobile or smartphone or cellphone. Insecure couple sitting on a couch while a man is trying to have a peek into the girl's phone.
Wife incoming call, husband sleeping on bed after night with mistress, betrayal
Couple fighting, woman throwing out her husband clothes from terrace, super slow motion 240fps
Worried Indian woman sit on armchair looks concerned, feels depressed due life troubles break up, divorce, thinks about abortion suffering alone at home. Psychological problem, regret, mistake concept
Couple fighting, woman throwing out clothes from terrace, super slow motion 240fps
Doubtful man silhouette. Future opportunity. Ambition motivation. Tomorrow perspective. Dark outline of confused guy looking back forward in flicker light isolated on white copy space background.
betrayal, jealousy - young man surprises his girlfriend kissing another
Levitating stone sculpture of connected male and female heads breaking apart.
Young afro-american couple arguing outdoors, lies in relationships, breakup
BETRAY word intro 4K animation on Black Background - Animated Title - Betray word Glitch Style ( 12 different styles ) Betray lettering Glitchy Package on Black Background
Husband is cheating. Wife calling at the wrong time.
Husband caught wife cheating on him, throws flower in disappointment, betrayal
Shocked unhappy woman hear unexpected bad news. Emotional millennial female stressed out, worried with problems, betrayal, accident. Portrait of young lady in panic. Studio shot on beige background
silhouette of sensual unrecognizable woman in lingerie in bedroom against window with sunset sunlight. brurred footage
Woman chatting with lover while boyfriend is sleeping
Blonde girl is going out from two handsome men on a river coast. She can not choosing between them, love triangle
Thoughtful worried man sitting on the side of bed with sleeping woman at background, doubtful upset husband thinking of breaking up divorce, feeling unsure frustrated obsessed about family problem
Close up of wife reading her husband’s phone messages with frustrated face expression
CIRCA 1939 - In this Frank Capra documentary narrated by Walter Huston, Polish POWs are executed by the Nazis and cried over by women.
Drug or alcohol addict woman sitting alone on couch at home close up view, sad girl has mental problems, feeling badly, need psychological help or rehab, adolescence crisis, hormonal imbalance concept
Close-up portrait of sad broken woman and her husband asking for forgiveness. Problems in the relationship between man and woman. Betrayal, mistrust, breakup concept. Misunderstanding in family.
Man Chatting on Phone While Girl is Sleeping. Man Using Phone in Bed. Girl Sleeping in bed. Shot on RED
Married young multi-ethnic couple lying in the bed back to back at night and typing or scrolling on smartphones. Indoor. Top view
Young couple in bed using phone lying backs to each other. Relationship difficulties
Male holding family portrait, thinking about break-up and crying, depression
Young woman spying at mobile phone of her husband while standing in the studio. Shot in 4k resolution with green screen background
Angry woman throwing out male clothes from terrace, super slow motion 240fps
Celebrity couple in car hiding with hand from magazine photographers cameras
Infidelity In Marriage. Cheating Husband Texting On Phone During Romantic Dinner With Wife Sitting In Fancy Restaurant At Night. Girlfriend Suspecting Affair While Boyfriend Using Smartphone
Panning across the ancient Caesarea amphitheater in Israel
Dramatic break up Couple separating their hands at sunset, love story ending, family break-up at valentines day,closeup
CIRCA 1942 - In this western film, a posse catches a cowboy on horseback and his friends betray him.
Perfidious woman pours rat poison into hated person glass
Couple fighting, woman throwing out clothes from terrace
Lovely romantic couple had a fight, laying together in bed, silently using their phones. Glancing with love at each other. Bad mood, being online, modern communication. Cozy light bedroom. Love story.
Man talking on phone, lying to wife while spending time with mistress in hotel
In high quality format young man holding hand of wrong girl on a summers day
woman is leaving man and giving to him new lover, love of three, marriage and adultery
Young attractive lonely girl can't sleep because of insomnia. Apatic woman staring at the ceiling and looking at empty place in bed. Top view.
Young husband embracing offended stressed wife, apologizing for misunderstanding indoors. Worried millennial man feeling guilty, asking forgiveness, saying sorry to crying girlfriend, apology concept.
Kidnapped woman sitting and threatened by man with knife in hands in abandoned building.
Woman hugging one man holding hand of another, sitting on bench, betrayal
Man with bouquet of tulips watching his girlfriend flirting with another man
Woman spying loving couple walking on outdoor date, jealous ex-girlfriend
Young couple hugging at park, chatting on smartphones, lack of communication
Husband and pregnant wife arguing, man slapping woman on face, domestic violence
Husband call on phone, dishonest wife waking up and kissing lover, betrayal
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