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Zoom out view of door opening into sunlit old tomb and revealing holy cross on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on easter morning
Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem Easter
Authentic shot of a pensive young woman is touching a glass with her hand while looking through the window and smiling.
Concept: life, dreams, hope, new beginning, environment, quarantine, covid-19
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up silhouette sunlight dream of happiness
Silhouette of a sad man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide
Close up portrait 25s African American woman show heart sign make symbol with hands feels grateful smile looks at camera standing indoors. Love support demonstration, volunteering, donation, good deed
Smiling sincere kind young caucasian woman holding folded hands on heart chest, feeling deeply thankful at home. Happy inspired beautiful millennial lady showing gratitude, expressing appreciation.
Shot of Religious Asian Muslim Man teaching his little son to pray to God in Sujud position.For praise and glorify Allah.Innocent child has been practicing by father.Concept of Muslim people praying.
Doors Opening in the Dark Room to the Bright Light. Right Choice Concept. Beautiful 3d Animation Moving Into Central Doorway. Alpha matte . 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160.
LONDON, circa 2021 - Extinction Rebellion supporters gather around London's Soho District, during a 2-week demonstration against Climate Change, under the name "The Impossible Rebellion"
Serious african man asking for help concerned about problem or concentrating mind at work, religious mixed race male student worker sit with eyes closed put hands in prayer praying with hope concept
Kid Looking Up at Sky in Nature. Portrait Little Girl Praying Looking Up at Sky With Hope and Faith, Contemplative Child Face, Closeup. Girl Looks-up God Believer Prayer, Passionate Dreamer Divine.
Tilt down view of bloody hand of Jesus Christ nailed to wooden cross during execution
View from behind unrecognizable brunette man back view businessman guy in formal shirt tourist standing in city outdoors looking at urban buildings enjoying sunset sunlight male silhouette in sun rays
Young boy praying to God. Religious Mixed race child looking at sky with HOPE and FAITH
African woman face looking at sky
A panoramic view of the restored model of the Second Temple at dusk, which stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, between 516 BCE and 70 CE. Some elements are from OpenStreetMap.
Jesus is walking on the grass, touching the ears with his hands. Close-up. There are traces of a crucifixion on the hands. High quality 4k footage
Senior man opening eyes looking at sky with hope and faith.
Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up
Jews praying. Orthodox Jew holding the Bible facing the Western wall while praying. Other religious men in background praying to the Kotel. Wailing wall Jerusalem: Jerusalem, Israel – Nov 22, 2021
Portrait of joyful young man squinting eyes with keeping fingers crossed and begging god please. Concept of emotions
Zoom out view of door opening into weathered tomb of Jesus Christ and revealing cross in sunlight on day of resurrection on Easter day
People raise their hands to worship God./Film old film.
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up sunlight silhouette dream of happiness
Unrecognizable Family Praying Holding Hands Sitting In Circle Indoors, Cropped Shot. People Saying Prayers. Religion And Hope Concept. Closeup, Slow Motion
Senior, happy lady thanking God for heard prayers. Close up of smiling face
Mortar and pestle witchcraft alchemy still life selective focus, witch craft pharmacy and medicine. Spiritual occultism chemistry, magic alchemy and ritual arrangement.
Kid looking up at the sky in nature. Little girl praying looking up at purple sky with hope, close-up.
Man falls to his knees cries and prays
Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation
incense in a woman hand, incense smoke on a black background.
Young woman face opening eyes in meditation and contemplation loooking up at the sky with hope and faith
Spiritual older man putting hand on chest.
loving mother and her son with folded hands together and closed eyes with strong faith in their hearts pray to God, before going to bed kneeling by side of bed in room
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream religion concept. hand in the sun close-up silhouette dream of happiness sunlight
Entrance with queue of visitors to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque timelapse hyperlapse located in Abu Dhabi - capital city of United Arab Emirates. It is largest mosque in UAE. Blue cloudy sky
Opening of Holy Bible, closeup
Muslim little girl in hijab and with her Muslim mother pray at home. Muslim mother and daughter pray together at home and then hug. Prayer concept.Close up.
video of clouds stretch over cross
Aerial view tremendous monument of Christ in twilight. Drone flyby pass near crop stone head illuminate in twilight and overlooking Tagus river and 25th april bridge with driving cars.
Woman looking up to the sky with hope and faith, contemplative close-up girl face
Close up of Asian Buddhist Incense Sticks
Ramadan Kareem Month Arabic Words Greetings with Golden Moon and Hanging Start,Eid Moubarak Opener on Black Background
Muğla, Turkey-06.01.2021:A Muslim mother and her little daughter pray in a hijab mosque. Little girl and her mother praying to god.Islam, religion and worship concept.
Closeup of Jesus walking on sand at Sea of Galilee - Shot on RED camera
The rooster crowing, the countryside in the mountains illuminated by the rising sun
Contemplative man closing eyes. Close-up face portrait of mixed race person meditating outside
Newborn baby baptism in Holy water. Baptism in the font. Sacrament of baptism. Child and God. Christening candle Holy water font. The priest baptize. in the church
Religious ritual at holiest site israel. Jew pray for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah blessing holidays. Crowd of Jewish people praying at the holy western wall big rock in the old city of Jerusalem
Young Male Praying in front of Seamless White Background
Jesus sits on a hill among the ears with children and reads a book, scripture. Sun is shining.
OROPA, BIELLA, ITALY - JULY 7, 2018: people, children and adults are sitting on a benches in a catholic old church, looking at the altar and wall paintings. Shrine of Oropa, Sanctuary, in the
Followers and Disciples at Jesus Sermon
BRISTOL, UK, circa 2020 - Over 20,000 students take to the streets of Bristol, UK to demonstrate against Climate Change during a School Strike for Climate
Jesus dying on the cross at sunset. High quality 4k footage
Jesus Christ crucified at Golgotha hill outside ancient Jerusalem. The Crucifixion of Christ with Stormy clouds time lapse. Vintage film look, 4k video
Black african man sitting on floor praying for divine help, asking for god guidance during crisis
Jesus Christ on the cross, 3d render
Golgotha hill outside ancient Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was crucified. Holy Cross with mystical clouds and rays of light.
Woman prays with her hands crossed over Bible for God blessing in dark room. Faith and love in God.Christian prayer over Bible. Woman worshiping Christian God. Catholic faith.Girl prays in an epidemic
Young kind woman nurse daughter caregiver holding stroking hand of old elder man patient close up view, senior grandparent care, two generations support concept, grandparent healthcare and hope
Girl opening eyes to sky and smiling. Young woman opens eyes with HOPE and FAITH
Woman praying looking up with hands open to sky silhouette beautiful sunset
Two Mans Praying, Two Muslim Worship inside the Mosque, Muslim
Woman cutting word IMPOSSIBLE to read POSSIBLE.  Female hand using scissor to express motivation and encouragement objective. Concept of think positive, self belief and success of achievement
Heaven's Gate, animation
Elderly Turkish muslim man wearing prayer cap prays to Allah by raising his hands at his home on his prayer rug in Ramadan month
20s woman standing against white brick studio wall background put folded palms on heart. Sign and symbol of love, sincere grateful kind person express candid feelings. Benevolence and charity concept
Close up shot Religious Muslim man praying in the mosque
The priest in the church holds a cross in hands and gives a farewell to a young couple
Religion: Pope walks through the Vatican garden at sunset. Slow motion
Girl folded her hands in prayer silhouette at sunset. woman praying on her knees. slow motion video. Girl folded her hands in prayer pray to lifestyle God. the girl praying asks forgiveness for sins
A Jewish soldier prayer With Talit and weapon on deserted building in sunset
Golden stairway to gates of heaven opening against magical sunset and flying doves
Golden stairway to gates of heaven with flying angels against cloudy sky and white doves, 4K
Loving mother clasping hands in prayer for children, love and belief in god
A young Muslim prayer praying inside a mosque
a colorful outline changing color as it rotates in the shape of a cross, looped video.
Jesus passes thorns - Shot on RED camera
Fluffy white 3D animated angel wings with fairy tale beautiful feathers flapping on a green screen background
The cross of Jesus in nature at sunset for praise and worship. High quality 4k footage
Doors opening. Right choice. Alpha mask
Aerial top down mustical ancient maze of stone circles idol in center on top of mountain. Megalithic historical pagan place of power. Rock garden. Old faith place of rites. Epic landscape. Sunny day
portrait of a middle-aged Muslim man in traditional Muslim Men Prayer Hats attire praying in his home
Young man sitting and kneeling in church confessing sins to pastor inside a confessional
Young Woman Looking Forward at the Sky
Education in the Orthodox faith of children in Mea Shearim . Kindergarten group on a walk, Jerusalem, Israel - 7 may 2021
4k Slow motion of Human hands open palm up worship. Eucharist Therapy Bless God Helping Repent Catholic Easter Lent Mind Pray. Christian Religion concept background. fighting and victory for god.
Close-up man face smiling looking up to sky.
Old Wooden Crucifix on Forgotten Grave in Cemetery Deep in the Woods
Back view of young woman with photocamera looking at hand on sunshine background outdoors. Religious concept. Young modern woman looking at sunbeam through fingers. Closeup sunlight through woman hand
man praying with hand on bible at church on Sunday stock footage
Silhouette of young woman praying with closed eyes in nature at sunset. Religion, spiritual and nature concept.
Empty Tomb With Crucifixion At Sunrise - Resurrection Concept
Portrait of plague doctor with crow-like mask and red eyes isolated on black smoke background. Creepy mask, halloween, historical terrible costume concept. Epidemic
Mary hugs Jesus after parting. Strong hugs. Touching moment. High quality 4k footage
Jesus stands in the background of the mountains, raised his hands, looks into the sky and shouts. The wind is blowing, the sun is shining.
Contemplative thoughtful man standing outside smiling feeling spiritual
Human hands open palm up worship. Eucharist Therapy Bless God Helping Repent Catholic Easter Lent Mind Pray. Christian Religion concept background. fighting and victory for god. Footage B roll sunset.
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