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Close-up hand asia woman people work in small sme coffee cafe shop store owner use cashless wifi qr code nfc scan app smart pos reader sale in take out food drink order in urban city life contactless.
Relaxed young woman using smart phone surfing social media, checking news, playing mobile games or texting messages sitting on sofa. Millennial lady spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Smiling mature businessman holding smartphone standing in office. Middle aged manager ceo using cell phone mobile apps. Digital technology applications and solutions for business corporate development
Depressed desperate man feeling worried about financial problem doing paperwork. Stressed businessman looking frustrated thinking of money debt, budget loss, bankruptcy sitting at home office desk.
Woman sit at workplace desk working, close up female hands using calculator laptop app calculate costs, pay through e-bank application. Business, household expenses, manage budget, accountancy concept
Hands with a mobile phone, checking stock market data. Scrolling through, touching stock market graph on a touch screen device close up
Business finance and income statement, accounting, statistics concept. Financial analysis business plan
Attractive latin female single mother overwhelmed with home finances needing help paying expenses in living cots stress paying bills problem credit card debts mortgage and bad financial situation.
African woman sit at desk calculates costs using calculator and laptop, close up view. Female manage expenditures, control personal expenses, pay through e-bank app. Business accounting work concept
Close up of african female hands holding smartphone. Happy mixed race female enjoy online chat, internet purchase, browse web, download new cool freeware application. Modern wireless tech user concept
4k Happy and cheerful businessman checking stock market data at a stock exchange floor.
Multiethnic couple filing tax return, preparing home budget. African American woman and Caucasian man checking utility bill and banking account. Married people preparing taxes and form
Exhausted frustrated young mixed race girl sitting on sofa at table with paper bills, feeling stressed about bank loan payments, thinking of unpaid taxes, financial problems, money bankruptcy concept.
Close up concentrated young businessman in formal wear carefully reading contract terms of conditions, putting signature on paper. Focused executive ceo signing report after checking information.
Focused businessman accountant doing calculation for online financial report at workplace. Serious man using calculator paying bill online holding paper sitting at home office desk. Accounting concept
Financial Analyst Buy Stock on Invest Market Close-up. Working Business Man on Checking Data. Person Use Phone Analyze Growth Stocks Fund. Professional Looking on Touch Screen Monitor. Concept Digital
Stressed young woman checking bills, taxes, bank account balance and calculating expenses in the living room at home
Scanning a QR code. Smartphone screen close up. The app scans the QR code. Checking the QR code of the vaccination certificate
Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund
Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept
Close up young woman summarizing monthly incomes and outcomes with calculator, checking electronic bills in e-banking computer application, managing expenditures and household money payments.
Focused serious young indian woman using computer accounting applications, calculating domestic utility bills, managing monthly budget finances, paying banking loan online, sitting at table in home.
Satisfied gen z mixed race lady credit card holder use phone to pay online buy consumer goods order services on ecommerce websites from home. Happy young black woman make safe transaction at ebank app
Multiethnic woman doing budget and counting money at home, girl checking dollars to pay utilities bill late at night. Young latin people reviewing invoice, planning family business and filing taxes
Using a mobile phone to pay for a bill using the online bank account. Banking online using a smartphone
Older grey haired grandma enjoy using mobile app sit on sofa, senior lady texting typing message hold smart phone look at cellphone screen browsing social media at home, old people tech users concept
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk
Serious female accountant sit on sofa at home holding pen writing calculation results, using e-bank app on laptop, prepare financial report, calculating money, planning managing family budget concept
Asian woman sit at desk hold cellphone typing message receive sms from bank feels incredible happy. Girl makes yes I did it gesture look very excited. Achievement, got hired, lottery money win concept
Old hr manager checking female job applicant cv resume at job interview meeting. Senior employer wearing face mask reading seeker employment application. Social distance and safety at work concept.
Young Black woman accountant use calculator to check sums in annual report smile satisfied with good result of budgeting work. Female entrepreneur calculate earnings expenses enjoy profitable business
Serious young couple husband and wife pay bills online on website app doing paperwork planning budget discuss finances calculate mortgage payments using laptop computer sit at kitchen table at home
Tax form 1040, pen, Piggy bank and calculator. on the desk.
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses
Curious smiling young man in glasses opening paper envelope, reading letter with good news. Happy handsome businessman received investment notification or banking loan approval or salary bonus.
Close up of Afro-American businessman entering his pin code on keyboard of ATM, banking service, finance and people concept. Transfer, cash withdrawal. Soft selective focus
Focused serious young woman in eyewear sitting at coffee table at home, managing personal monthly budget in computer application. Concentrated lady calculating incomes outcomes utility bills.
Hands with a mobile phone, checking stock market data. Scrolling through, touching stock market graph on a touch screen device close up handheld shot
Checking bank accounts balance using the banking app on a smartphone. Internet finance, modern online bank services for smart payments, accounting, savings, and investments.
1980s: Routing number and account number on check. Man works at computer. Computer tapes rotate. Machine sorts checks.
Close up hand african american man use credit card terminal store machine hand commerce shopping money technology retail paying business typing buy market cashier customer banking slow motion
African ethnicity female manager prepare financial report making presentation writes notes or corrections do paperwork seated at modern workplace in office alone. Banking, management, finances concept
Printing us dollars seamless loop, Idea for Transfer money, Saving money, monetary inflation, cash flow, stimulus check, Value of US Dollars.
Giving Employee Payroll Cheque Or Money Paycheck
Close up head shot stressed nervous young indian ethnic woman having troubles with financial operations, entering wrong payment information from credit banking card into mobile phone application.
Slow motion effect, Caucasian businessman dressed in formal suit browsing network website using modern smartphone gadget. Middle aged man using mobile phone outdoors in city
Serious couple talking holding papers discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, young family having problem with online banking payments disputing over high taxes expenses worried about loan debt
Young couple calculating bills, taxes and expenses, counting mortgage rate making savings concept. Millennial husband and wife considering taking bank loan, investing money. Family financial economy.
Senior hr recruiter checking female job applicant cv talking at job interview meeting. Old employer wearing face mask reading seeker employment application. Social distance and safety at work concept.
Business woman prepare writing a check. Paycheck concept. Payment by cheque
Business man writes a bank check.
Stressed senior couple use e-bank app on laptop check utilities, feels shocked about unpaid taxes bank debt, having conflict discuss money overspend, high domestic bills, financial problems concept
Animated growing invoice total in Canadian Dollars including HST. Costs grow infinitely. Total in red.
Online wallet, accessing bank account online, financials, mobile banking. Computer screen close-up
Man use calculator calculates incomes and expenses, pay for loan, entering data results in laptop application, documents, invoices, utility bills lie on table, close up. Manage family budget concept
Smiling older mature business woman employer hr manager staffing holding cv checking male candidate resume asking questions during job interview office meeting, work placement and recruitment concept
Serious mixed ethnicity young couple discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, interracial family planning expenses using calculator computer app managing budget money calculating finances taxes
macro close-up detail of young business woman filling a banking cheque check writingwith luxury fountain pen the requested data in the luxury first class checkbook
Close-up of african american black man's hand removing a credit card from a cash dispenser. Young man using an ATM machine inside the bank.
Young man and woman having problems with documents, confused couple looking through papers sitting at home with laptop, checking unpaid bills, worried about overdue debt, searching legal help online
Finance statement report of company. revenue and profit statistics
Happy african american young couple paying bank loan bills online at home, millennial black husband holding papers doing paperwork payment with wife using laptop planning budget sit at desk at home
Discussion About Statistical Data
Worried old age businesswoman receive bad phone message refusal answer on cooperation offer reneging on deal breach of contract with partner. Nervous aged lady entrepreneur get bank email about debt
Happy senior middle aged woman holding financial documents using laptop for internet banking, smiling old mature lady paying bill with online application on laptop working on computer doing paperwork
Worried senior old couple stressed about paperwork discuss unpaid bank debt holding bills check expenses, retired aged family read loan payments documents talking at home anxious about money problems
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
Close up of executive hands doing accounting using calculator comparing document at office
Businessman working with tablet on the online stock market trading
Stressed young woman checking bills, taxes, bank account balance and calculating expenses in the living room at home
Young Indian latin family couple sitting together on sofa at home using laptop computer reading bank papers bills paying calculating loan debt taxes payments online. Wife and husband planning budget.
Businessman sitting at desk, he is using a calculator and checking a financial report, hands close up
Head shot happy middle aged 70s retired woman holding paper letter, feeling excited by good news. Euphoric senior female client celebrating bank loan approve or last mortgage payment indoors.
African married young couple holding papers read received correspondence letter document sit at apartment in kitchen, manage family finances, discuss money spend, expenses, get info about taxes refund
Spouses spend time on rented home kitchen look at pc screen laughing receive e-mail from bank feels excited, loan accept, on-line betting win, lottery victory. Moment of sincere happy emotions concept
African woman in glasses sit at workplace desk calculating domestic utility bills, planning budget using computer app, making online payments, summarizing monthly expenses. Accountancy work concept
Focused Lawyer Manager With Corporate Financial Audit Report Document. Trader Freelancer Work Stock Market Data.Creative Employee Analyzing Paperwork. Lawyer Businessman Working In Office On Workplace
Close-up view of black hand inserting a credit card into an ATM machine. African american man using a cash machine withdrawing money in a bank.
Happy young family couple talking bonding laughing using laptop computer looking at screen doing internet shopping together at home, smiling man and woman buying goods online on website in kitchen
Elderly hoary man sit at table at home in front notebook holding paper letter reading about pension rate growth, got good news from bank taking off glasses consider information smile feels satisfied
Upset young woman feeling stressed about financial debt checking bills at home. Frustrated lady doing paperwork sitting on sofa thinking of unpaid tax, bank loan, money problem or bankruptcy concept.
Close-up of a man's hand filling out a 1,000 dollars'Bank check.
Serious focused 30s man stand alone in domestic modern cozy kitchen working on wireless computer writes data, check written agreement document. Do remote business, telecommute, prepare report concept
Young man using his phone or smartphone and holding credit card. He is using credit card to buy product in the internet online. Media wall with a lot of footages
Focused businesswoman doing paperwork working online on laptop sit at home office desk, female entrepreneur professional freelancer using computer software pay bills in app typing at modern workplace
a young African american man chatting with his mobile phone outside the street  and feels excited with what he is seeing on his phone
Happy 35s married couple analyzing paperwork planning and discuss budget, reading good news, hold document letter. Family checking paper pay domestic bills, satisfied with money income or taxes refund
Conceptual composition. Balance sheet form on the background of financial documents, close-up
Young manager checks and signs office documents.
Close up view unrecognizable female hands using modern wireless laptop and calculator manage finances personal expenses make e-payment use e-bank app. Accountant do telecommute work from home concept
Thoughtful young african man looking through reading paper document, feeling stressed about banking loan money debt notification. Depressed biracial guy frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice.
Excited young businessman in eyeglasses reading message with good news on smartphone. Happy euphoric male user looking at cellphone screen, celebrating online win, mobile victory success concept.
Young couple using two smartphones talk laugh, man and woman customers holding phones in hands shopping in app checking social media, mobile technology lifestyle and addiction concept, close up view
African female accountant sit at desk use calculator calculates finances feels stressed about mistake in financial document. Lack of money, bookkeeper experiences troubles due error in report concept
Couple sit on couch holding paper documents discuss loan agreement details term and conditions use e-bank app on computer. Pay utility domestic bills on-line easy remote payment, modern tech concept
Serious senior mature couple talking disputing holding paper bills checking finances expenses, older middle aged family reading bank loan payments documents at home worried about debt money problems
Business team are checking financial charts and graphs, pointing and working with tablet and laptop, writing notes at office wooden desk. Hands top view. Slow motion. redepic
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations on mobile phone. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept. Woman's hands closeup.
Relaxed young woman using smart phone surfing social media, checking news, playing mobile games or texting messages sitting on sofa. pretty woman spending time at home with smartphone. copy space shot
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